J Cole Dreads

J Cole Dreads: All You Need To Know About His Hairstyles

J Cole is undoubtedly among one of the few rappers of our generation who managed to create ripples across the globe with his work. Hence the inspiration he left in the music industry paved the way for J Cole’s Hairstyle to become a thing of its own. J Cole’s dreads are among one many celebrity hairstyles that people can’t get enough of talking about.

Thus, in today’s article, we will be discussing in-depth the cultural significance J Cole’s Haircut holds, how he started his journey of growing dreads, the many variations of his hair over the years, and how you can get yourself a J Cole hairstyle!

We hope to see you stick by us till the very end of this article. We wish you all the best in finding the answers you originally hoped to find in this article you read. Hence, without further Ado, let’s just jump into it!

How J Cole’s Dreads Stand Out From The Crowd?

J Cole Dreads Stand Out From The Crowd

Dreads have been quite popular among various rappers and singers in the music industry, however, not many people have pulled it off as well as J Cole has. This might explain the very sole reason why you are here reading this article to get a better glimpse at understanding J Cole’s hair.

Unlike the dreads we usually see on celebrities or normal people, J Cole’s dreads are not manipulated into looking as amazing as they do. J Cole’s dreads are what we call semi-free form dreads.

As of now, hair stylists claim J Cole’s dreads are semi-free form and are not manipulated artificially through styling or even combing. He simply allows his hair to rest free to grow organically without any prior planning to structure his hair.

He simply washes his hair and applies oil to his scalp. There are no pattern maintaining techniques or parting systems used to alter his hair growth. Everything that we see from his dreads is all natural and he lets the natural progression of his hair growth take its course.

If you look closely at the current status of his locs, you can see that they vary in thickness and length and have varying knots on them. This is due to no manipulation taking place so everything you see is healthy and just the natural pattern of how he allowed his hair to grow.

How Long Did It Take J Cole To Achieve His Dreads?

We all remember the time when J Cole started out as a young rapper. His distinguishable quality was mostly him having a simple traditional fade and a clean short back and side.

However, a lot has changed since then and now we see J Cole be the person he is now. His head is full of long dreads that took him 8 years to develop.

In this section of the article, we want to focus more on how long it took J Cole to achieve the dreads of his dreams and how his hair has been evolving throughout the years.

The Evolution Of J Cole’s Dreads Over The Years

Evolution Of J Cole Dreads

Just like styling any hair, the process of perfecting complex styles and cuts like dreads requires patience, dedication, and a lot of willpower. Your hair will not start looking good the day you decide to style it. Grooming and staying consistent play a huge part.

In this section of the article, we will simply be discussing how J Cole managed to pull off his current hyped dreads through the years and the evolution his dreads went through all this time.


J Cole Dreads 2007 To 2012

During his inception as a freshman, he had a simple fresh traditional fade. During this time he was more into making mixtapes and being underground.


J Cole Dreads 2014 To 2015

Years after his inception, when he started to make a name for himself in the music industry, his talent wasn’t the only one the people were sleeping on. J Cole had just started to grow out his hair and he had what mostly looked like an afro.

However, it was evident he wanted more than an afro as with time we could notice his hair started to loc.

His journey towards having dreads started this time along as he was seen twisting the afro section of his hair to create the foundations of dreads.

It was also during this time when Rihanna first noticed the initial works towards J cole’s dreads and suggested he get some Aloe vera on his hair.


J Cole Dreads 2016 To 2019

His prime time was his era to shine in his music career as well as let his hair loose and steal the spotlight. It was evident by this time that J Cole was going for dreads as his locs started twisting.

He was getting more and more news coverage on his hair in certain interviews, covers, and even in his own music videos. His dreads were short but thick enough to meet the definition of high density.


J Cole Dreads 2016 To Current

As of now, J Cole has really long and thick dreads that interfere with his vision whenever he is playing a Basketball game for Rwanda Patriots Basketball Club. Hence, he mostly ties them up when he needs to.

Regardless of the high maintenance he now needs to keep an eye on, J Cole has definitely been rocking his dreads to this day and we cannot wait to see what else he has in stores for his dreads in the future!

How To Achieve J Cole Dreads By Yourself

Doing a complicated hairstyle such as this is no easy task.

If you have read the previous section of this article attentively then you would realize by now that there is no easy way to achieve good things.

J Cole dreads aren’t the usual celebrity-hyped hairstyles that you can get by simply showing your barber a picture of the hair. It calls for a hair stylist, and a lot of hair grooming, and ultimately will require one to stay committed to getting these dreads.

Although it’s not as easy as making a simple cup of tea, I believe a few pointers and an in-depth guide on getting preparations for the dreads will surely make it much easier for you to get this hairstyle for yourself.

However, before you read our instructions, remember our disclaimer, to get the J Cole dreads, you will need to be dedicated and committed to this.

On the other hand, you will probably not be able to nail it as well as you may want to because hair condition and type also are major factors here.

Now, instead of loitering around how cool J Cole looks in his signature dreads, let’s jump right into how you can work your way towards similar dreads like his!

How To Do It?

So have you decided to follow your idol J Cole and get yourself something similar by styling and grooming your hair naturally and healthily? If so, getting locs that are semi-free form is your way to go.

If you want to do it totally by yourself, then you can. There are many blogs and videos online that can help you get started with your semi-freeform locs.

It is not mandatory that you see a loctician for this since semi-freeform locs do not require much manipulation, it’s still the better advice if you do opt for consulting one.

Having your locs closely monitored and looked after by professionals will surely bring sweeter results!

As you may have noticed in our evolution of how J Cole’s journey to his dreads started, he had an afro cut initially which stood as the foundation for his locs later on.

The growth of his locs followed from the afro styling and was allowed to grow at its own pace, hence the reason why some twists were varying in sizes and lengths.

Although letting the growth come naturally is the core highlight, do remember that you still need to manage and look after the parting system.

This is so that you do not allow different locs to combine and complicate the look. You may simply opt to pull your hair apart from each other in that case.

All in all, patience is key, it doesn’t matter whether you have taken the best hair care routine or if you have been the most careless.

In the end, you should never expect an exact replica of J Cole’s hair pattern on yourself because that is not how hair growth works when it happens naturally.

Your hairline, your hair type, and how your locs decide to freely grow are all important factors. Hence, all you have to do is give yourself time and allow your hair to take its place naturally along the way.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, J Cole Hairstyle is trending for a reason. Not everyone does it with as much suaveness as he has, even getting comments from Rihanna.

Hence, if you are fully committed to inspiring from his look, we urge you to get started and have full faith in your decision. In the end, we all know that the biggest charm about J Cole’s dreads comes from his dedication!

Also, if you are ever unhappy with your dreads or steer clear away from pursuing a similar look, always remember that J Cole’s dreads not only reflect his creativity as a person but also his personal integrity. Thus, never think twice before being yourself!

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