Juice Wrld Dreads

The Evolution of Juice Wrld Dreads and How to Have Dreads Like Him

There are very few celebrities who can claim to have dreadlocks that are as loved as Juice Wrld dreads. The news of his death came as a shock to everyone and created a huge hole in the music industry.

Juice Wrld, whose birth name is Jarad Anthony Higgins, has left behind a huge number of fans. Despite the posthumously released albums, his fans miss him and his music profoundly.

His fans also loved and appreciated his fashion sense and his appearance, especially his dreads. Even two years after his death, people are still styling their dreads like him as a tribute and to commemorate him.

This article will cater to the fans of his dreads. We will describe in detail the evolution of his dreads, and how to actually have dreads like him.

So, stick to this article to learn everything you need to know about Juice Wrld dreads.

The Evolution of Juice Wrld Dreads

Evolution of Juice Wrld Dreads

Let’s look at how Juice Wrld started his dreads journey, and how his dreads reached the stage they did. You can also follow these steps and have dreads like this pioneer of emo rap and SoundCloud rap.

Before having dreads, Juice Wrld had the juice box haircut. He was inspired by Tupac Shakur to have that hairstyle. It is not surprising, because his name is also inspired by Tupac’s film Juice.

We now need to mention his hair type. Juice Wrld’s hair type is most probably 4B, with a slight chance of it being 4C. That gives him a huge advantage, because this type of hair locks up pretty easily. So, consider yourself really lucky if you have type 4 hair.

He started his dreadlock journey through the twisting with gel process. It is a pretty common way to begin, and most men have found success with this process. He continued this process until his dreads got some length.

Then, he just went for freeform dreads. That means there was almost no manipulation, and he just left his hair to lock up. Because of his hair type, his hair would lock up pretty fast anyway. That is why his dreads are not symmetrical, and all have different lengths.

In the next stage, his dreads started to congo up. That means the roots of two or more dreadlocks fuse together and the whole thing turns into one dreadlock. But, of course they would be separated at the top, and just share the same root.

On the left side of Juice Wrld’s head, there is a famous congo of a few dreadlocks. He probably encouraged that by tying up those dreads together, or even by using a crochet. This became the most recognizable feature of Juice Wrld dreads.

At the time of his death, this was the stage Juice Wrld dreads were in. So, he had mid-length dreads with a congo on the left. He also dyed his dreads various colors throughout his journey. In fact, let’s look at a couple of them in the next section.

5 Juice Wrld Inspired Colors for Your Dreads

Due to the unfortunately short life he had, we could not witness too many experiments with Juice Wrld dreads. However, he has frequently dyed his dreads with some banging colors. We are presenting 5 exciting colors for you to try out.

Juice Wrld Blue Dreads

Juice Wrld Blue Dreads

This is one of the most iconic colors that Juice Wrld has adopted. There are actually two ways that he had dyed his dreads blue.

One way is when he colored his dreads blue almost all the way through. He went for a deep shade of blue for that style. The contrast with the rest of his naturally black hair makes this color work for him.

The other variant is when he only colored the tips of his dreads blue, and the rest was mostly bleached. We prefer this variant, as this is a more striking style. But, you may choose any variant of the Juice Wrld blue dreads.

Mossy Green Dreads

Mossy Green Dreads

Juice Wrld tried out this color before he had mainstream success. He was pretty young and was only making songs for SoundCloud.

He has gone for the mossy green color, which is a really cool shade of green. His dreads did not have too much length when he had this color. His hair might have just begun to congo up at this stage.

Also, he has dyed the dreads almost all the way through. He didn’t do that too much at the later part of his life. We would also recommend just dying the tips if you want to go for this color.

Bleached Dreads

Bleached Dreads

This is the most recognizable hair color that Juice Wrld had. If you search for a picture of him online, you will most probably find him with this color.

This color is also present in the album covers. Just look at the covers of Death Race for Love, Legends Never Die, and Fighting Demons, and you will see that his hair is bleached in all these.

He bleached his dreads about half way through, and his natural hair color also is visible. This contrast looks most striking on the congo he has on his left side. You can also try out bleaching your dreads in a similar way.

Fiery Red Dreads

Fiery Red Dreads

Another hair color that Juice Wrld adopted when he was younger. At this stage, his hair had a bit more length than he did with the mossy green hair.

Similar to the green color, he dyed his dreads red all the way through. He chose a shade of red that was a bit close to brown. There is actually an advantage of choosing this shade.

When the color starts fading eventually, your dreads will have a reddish, brownish, rusty color. That rusty look on your dreads can bring an extra edge to your whole appearance.

Multi-Colored Dreads

Multi Colored Dreads

We have already mentioned a two-toned style when we talked about the blue and bleached duo. There is another funky multi-colored style that Juice Wrld rocked.

For this style, you need to dye the tips of your dreads with a shade that falls somewhere between pink and purple. If we’re being all technical about it, this shade probably is Fandango or Fuchsia.

Just above this color, the dreads will have the bleached color. He also did a fun thing by keeping a few dreadlocks just bleached, and a few the above mentioned shade. These two colors mixing with the natural black creates a really cool color combination.

How to Style Your Dreads Like Juice Wrld?

This is a tutorial for those of you who have mid-length dreads, and who want to style their dreads like Juice Wrld. We have a step-by-step process for you. Just follow these easy steps and you will get the look you desire.

Step 1

First, you need to moisturize your dreads. Just a spray bottle filled with water would do. Whenever in this process you feel your hair needs moisturizing, just spray some water. That will make the whole thing much easier.

Step 2

Juice Wrld had freeform dreads which do not have a maintained look. So, it would be great if you have not re-twisted your dreads in a while. If the roots of your dreads are separated, you can comb the roots to bring that un-maintained look.

Step 3

Next, you have to work on the congo. You need to take a couple of the dreadlocks from the left side of your head and tie them together with a band. It would be best if you take a few from the top, few from the side, and few from the crown area.

Step 4

Now, pinch the roots of these dreadlocks together. Remember that you have to turn all these roots into one. The easiest and fastest way to do that is using a crochet needle. Just give the roots a twist and make them bundle up together. Then, keep poking with the needle for a couple of minutes, so that the roots get stuck with each other and become one. Also, give the congo a bit of height.

Step 5  

Finally, you need to dye your hair to make your dreads exactly like Juice Wrld. You can choose any color from the list we provided. You might go for the classic Juice Wrld blue dreads, or just bleach your dreads. You can use hair wax if you don’t want to permanently dye, and want to keep the style for a short amount of time.

Final Words

With all the information you have, you can now be considered as an expert of Juice Wrld dreads. You know how his dreads evolved over time, how to style dreads like him, and some really amazing colors to try out.

We would like to remind you again that having dreads is a journey. It is completely understandable to feel impatient when you are just starting, or even in the initial stages.

But, do remember that it is bound to take some time. So, try to keep patience and have fun in all the stages of this journey. One way of doing that could be trying a different color for different stages, like what Juice Wrld did.

We want to wish you all the best for your dreadlock journey. Keep in mind everything you have learned from this article, and you can have amazing dreads and pay homage to an extremely talented music artist.

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