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6 Stunning Jay Z Dreads Hairstyles to Set Trends For Men in 2022

Jay Z is one of those rappers in the industry who has achieved everything. From selling 50 million albums to carrying out multiple effective business ventures, it seems as if Jay Z was meant for living the high life and achieving success was inevitable for the Hip Hop sensation.

Apart from his never-ending amount of fame in the music industry, Jay Z is a fashion icon. It’s not really a surprising fact as the “Empire State of Mind” artist founded and came out with his own clothing brand in the late 90s, shortly after he started making a name for himself as an artist.

While the clothing brand that solely specializes in streetwear has seen better days, it was a major hit in the early 2000s. Well known musicians such as Usher and Beyonce were regular representatives of the brand in 2006, which played a crucial role behind the brands overwhelming success without a doubt. As of 2022, Rocawear has annual sales over a whopping 700 million USD, which is no short of exceptional.

In addition to his major contribution to the fashion industry, Jay Z is known for his timeless taste in fashion and his fascination towards the beauty behind suits. He is also known for his newfound dreads, which will be the main subject of today’s article.

Today’s article will comprise an in-depth analysis of the billionaire rapper’s modern and chic freeform hairstyle that is always sought after as it can only be possessed by very few.

A Deep Dive into Jay Z’s Haircut Over the Years

Jay z Haircut Changes Over the Years

While he wore the same triple zero buzz cut for the past few decades, the multi Grammy winner now wears freeform locs.
The hairdo is as natural as it comes, and pairs extremely well with the physical appearance as well as the persona that the American rapper has. His hair type is 4b, which might be a common find amongst those who have afro hair. It is an excellent choice for the bold, as parting one’s hair this way will rarely go unnoticed. While the dreads were initially meant for casual occasions, it can also be worn at high-end events, which was proved by the man himself when he wore Congo dreads to this year’s Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars.

Why Did Jay Z Grow Dreads?

When photos emerged of his new hairstyle, fans were met with tons of confusion, especially since the rapper rarely ever changed his hairdo. Prior to achieving the look that caught the world off guard and made a significant impact in the media, the prominent rapper and businessman was known for his iconic triple zero buzz cut. He had worn the same look for so long that it eventually became a part of his identity.

The initial reason why Jay Z grew out his hair is pretty simple: he was recording an album that was taking way too long, so much so that the rapper had to erase any hope that he had towards receiving a haircut.

As the hair kept getting lengthier, it kept growing on Jay Z. Eventually, the rapper decided to leave his hair be, and grow it out gracefully. Since it commenced right before 2020, when everyone was staying in and protecting themselves from contracting COVID, it couldn’t have happened at a more convenient time.

6 Jay Z Dreads Hairstyles to Redefine Your Taste in Fashion

Jay Z never fails to leave a mark with anything he comes up with, so it wasn’t shocking when the hip hop artist chose the flashiest yet most sophisticated look for his hair. Not only does the hair look magnificent on its own, but it fits like a glove with the rapper’s personality as well as his accomplishments.

Moving on, here are the very many hair variations you should definitely check out if you’re eagerly waiting to change your dreads.

Congo Dreads

Congo Dreads

This is perhaps the most elegant hairdo on this list. It contains a little bit of everything, which makes it eligible for any outfit as well as occasion. It is usually achieved by wrapping two dreads together to form one, mainly to give the hairstyle more volume and tighter locs.

Jay Z wore this at the most recent Academy Awards and definitely caught the attention of many. To increase the appeal, he paired the hair up with a classy, jet black tuxedo. While there were loads of highlights and a massive lowlight at the event, this was definitely one of the positive outcomes of the Oscars 2022.

Free form Locs with High Blends

Free Form Locs with High Blends

A fade or even blends definitely make things easier when hair is being grown out, which could be the reason why Jay Z resorted to this hairstyle in the first place. Moreover, blends also look more natural and sophisticated than an average fade, making it more suitable for those that are relatively older. In addition, blends also increase the definition of each loc, making them look thicker and darker as a result.

Side Part Dreads

Side Part Dreads

Dreads look more voluminous when they’re showcased with a side part. Since all the strands are on one side, hair tends to look much more full. It also tends to shape up one’s face in a favorable manner, which could be great for those in need of defined cheekbones and a tighter jawline.

Furthermore, this hairstyle caters to every outfit and event, so don’t hesitate before wearing it to a casual kick back as well as a big shot event.

Medium Length Dreads with Bandana

Medium Length Dreads with Bandana

Bandanas and dreads go hand in hand. Not only does the pair look good, but it can also be a lifesaver to those that are running out of patience. It controls the hair and maintains the texture of it during bad hair days, which tend to occur frequently when hair is longer.

Moreover, headbands and bandanas are extremely versatile and look good when worn with everything, so make sure to wear the funkiest outfit you have in your wardrobe to match the wavelength of the accessories.

Modern Faux Dreads with Tight Locs

Modern Faux Dreads with Tight Locs

This hair variation is for those that are extremely laid back and a breath of fresh air to be around. The uneven and messy nature of the dreads make them extremely easy to maintain and even easier to wear. Whether you’re dressing up for a party or a barbecue at your best friend’s place, the grace this variation contains will hardly ever fail to make its presence known.

Pushed back Dreads with Thin Scarf

Pushed Back Dreads with Thin Scarf

Maintaining the natural form of the dreads is very important, which could be one of the reasons why Jay Z wore a headband. It also keeps the hair away from collecting an excessive amount of natural oil and grease, which could weigh the hair down. Accessories like scarves and hats are excellent to wear to dismiss the chances of and control bad hair days, which isn’t something we’re big fans of.

How to Maintain Jay Z’s Dreads: Quick and Easy Steps

While Jay Z’s iconic look can only be accurately mirrored by a few, taking care of it is relatively easier.

Once you’ve successfully mimicked the dreads, you should invest in a reliable container of conditioner. Using a nourishing conditioner will allow you to maintain the consistency of the texture and allow the locs to remain healthy till it’s fully grown out.

Moreover, make sure to use hot water to wash the hair and close out the process by rinsing the hair with cool water. Warm water will remove excessive buildup from the scalp, which might hamper the texture as well as the growth of the locs if it stays on the scalp for too long. The cold water, on the other hand, will wash the locs without stripping it of the moisture that it contains, which will result in shiny and healthy follicles.

Lastly, make sure to invest in hats, headbands, and even beanies before growing your hair out. While the use of it won’t be as necessary always, they’ll be a reliable sidekick during bad hair days and awkward phases. Using headbands will also help the free form locs with protecting its natural shape and growth process, which will increase the longevity of the locs.


Since this hairstyle is extremely rare to find, we did all we could to find useful materials for this article in order to help you with acquiring more knowledge. To take it a step further, we have addressed some queries related to Jay Z’s hair that are mentioned below.

What is Jay Z’s hairstyle called?
The artist who has had 13 solo platinum albums caught us by surprise when he showcased his newfound freeform locs that he’d been growing for 3 years now. His hair type is 4b, which is an admirable hair to have to recreate this look.

Who inspired Jay Z to wear the Congo dreads?
While Jay Z solely grew his hair out due to the ritual he has when recording new albums, which involves not getting a haircut till the album is done, loads of people also believe that the hip hop connoisseur was also paying homage to famous artist, Jean Michel Basquiat. They came up with this theory since everyone’s well aware of how fond Jay Z is of the overly talented artists and his illustrations.

Is Jay Z’s hair real?
For a while, fans believed that Jay Z was wearing a hairpiece. However, the rapper denied all the claims shortly afterwards, saying that he was trying to embrace his natural hair by letting it grow. Also, his schedule was so packed during the first stages that he simply had no time for a shape up, let alone a haircut.


All in all, we hope you find this article helpful, especially if you’re looking forward to recreating the dreads of the revolutionary hip hop artist. Let your hair grow and leave it alone so that it can grow naturally and create its own shape. Rinse it with a conditioner on a regular basis so that the locs can be supported with an exceptional amount of moisture when getting longer. To avoid bad hair days, incorporate accessories like hats to retain its shape and pattern.

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