Freeform Dreads

24 Freeform Dreads Ideas To Fabulously Liberate Your Hair

Having curly or kinky hair is often confining and liberating at the same time. How may you ask? The answer is simple: it’s limiting in the sense that you won’t be able to get all the hairstyles quickly like the straighter hair types, and your hair will be more prone to breakage & damage.

But on the other hand, you’ll be able to endorse some of the most gorgeous hairstyles that are unique to only curly & kinky hair and pay homage to your traditions & culture.

A study by the National Library of Medicine shows that approximately 94.9% of African descendants have a certain degree of curly hair, which tells you a lot about the number of people who have to face such dilemmas regarding hairstyles.

We are here to provide the answer, and it is – get yourself some freeform dreads! These are easy to do, low-maintenance, and uphold your roots over your head with supreme pride.

If you follow our article thoroughly, you’ll be able to learn what these hairstyles actually are. In the end, you’ll be surprised to see such an-easy going hairstyle can give you the utmost comfort & confidence while making you look exquisitely charming!

What Are Freeform Dreads?

Freeform dreads go by a lot of names across locality and culture. Some call it freeform locs or freedom dreams, but they all have one thing in common – free.

Such hairstyles are native to African culture & heritage, so getting them as a regular style will keep you connected to your roots & traditions. It’ll also help these practices survive the pangs of time, and show the world how aesthetically soothing your cultural past is!

It borrows the name from its style of formation, where you let the dreads grow freely over your head. You may use a ribbon to guide the shape, but in general there’s nothing much you need to do in order to get to the results.

The dreads form by themselves freely, giving you a naturally authentic look because it takes unique shape for every individual. Thus, such locs are free from all the restrictions, reflect on your unbound spirit and allow you to style your hair diversely & beautifully.

12 Freeform Dreads For Men

Take a look at our 12 prime picks of free forming dreads that any male with curly hair can try out to upgrade their look!

Marley Freeform

Marley Freeform

The classic Bob Marley freeforms are at the top of our list for men. Follow in the footsteps of this reggae guru to generate the most remarkable effect on whoever may meet you or just see you.

Carefully twist the top dreads while starting out and let it grow freely afterwards, and in a few months you’ll end up carrying this iconic style that might live through a few decades more!

The Anime Freestyle

The Anime Freestyle

This hairstyle seems to be taken out of an anime character’s fashion journal, like the famous L from Deathnote or similar. Who said such hairstyles should be restricted only to people with straight hair?

With your medium length dreads, spread them across your head to create a spiky look. Use hair balms or gels if they don’t hold tight, and after a few weeks of growth your hair should automatically remain in that desired position.

Hedgehog Locs

Hedgehog Locs

If you’re a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog and want this liking to be known to the general public through your appearance, this is then the first-class choice for achieving that feat.

You’ll be needing longer dreads that have formed freely and have reached your mid-back. With thinner ends and thicker root areas, all you’ll need is a ribbon to tie them backwards. The core strength of your dreads will keep them straight that’ll make your hair look like a hedgehog!

Freeform Crown Dreads

Freeform Crown Dreads

Give a tribute to your culturally rich heritage by endorsing this special & unique hairstyle. Wear it like a giant crown over your head because you’re a king of fashion and you deserve all the respect & admiration for your taste.

Wrap your long dreads that you formed freely over your head. Use some of the thinner dreads to tie up the wrapped portion on top instead of using some hair bands. Altogether, it’ll generate the most appealing style that you could ever think of!

The Tied Roots

The Tied Roots

This is one of the bolder styles in our list that’ll radiate an edgy message on behalf of your personality. Your hair will look like roots turned into aggressive horns but in the most sensational way.

For this style to work, you’ll be needing very thick dreads, freely formed over your head. Due to the thickness, your dreads will be short in number. Pick the top half of the dread and tie them backwards of your head, and the rest will be loose beneath it, and it’ll complete the look.

Hanging Freedom

Hanging Freedom

This hairstyle in particular resembles the Marley style greatly, but the major difference is in the approach of forming your freestyle dreads. Instead of going for thicker roots and thinner tips, you’ll be doing the exact opposite.

Such a hairstyle will significantly boost your looks to a new level. And at the same time, it’ll protect the tips of your dreads better than the thinner ones due to a higher density at the damage-prone areas.

Angelic Freeform Locs

Angelic Freeform Locs

Freeform locs are for everyone, even if you feel you aren’t old enough to be part of the younger generation trends. Since these styles are initially drawn from the cultural past of the African people, you can make yourself look spiritually angelic with your grayed or silver hair.

You have to make thinner dreads and let them loose parallelly on either side of your head. The roots don’t necessarily need to be twisted, and as a whole it’ll give you a holy look for your everyday ongoings.

Mr. Short & Cool

Mr Short And Cool

This is another styling idea for grayed out hair, but any color of hair can emit the same alluring effect on women. Instead of going long, this time we’re going short with freeform locs spiked all over your head.

Pair it up with some thick beard and put on your badass goggles to finalize the look. Trust me, carrying such a dashing hairstyle is going to land you any girl you want, and they’ll surely compliment you on your cool & composed look!

Free & Super-thick Locs

Free And Super Thick Locs

Go a few extra Cs with these free and super-duper thicccccc locs that are as strong as ropes and long up to your waist. It’s going to show your committed nature with the combination of superior taste in the most comfortable manner.

You just need to make your dreads extra dense in the initial phase and let them grow out in this manner. You’ll have less dreads to deal with and generate more effect on every admirer.

The Spaghetti Freeform

The Spaghetti Freeform

If you’re a soccer fan, then you must know Trent Alexander-Arnold’s iconic freeform locs that generate the looks of spaghetti on top of your head. It’s a must-try dread style for shorter hair with thinner dreads.

You can easily achieve it by locking your hair into narrow dreads and letting them hang on each side. Some of them can even cover your forehead and it’ll create the most dynamics of hairstyles with your curly hair!

Freeform Dynamic Style

Freeform Dynamic Style

This dynamic freeform style is a hybrid of styles & trends for your hair. Shorter locs on top and longer on the side, you’ll require very little time to complete your look. To add to the look, you can initially bleach your hair carefully and then start the twisting process.

In a few weeks time, you’ll see the results start to take place. Cut the top dreads in short and tie each end with a ribbon. In total, you’ll look like a rapper from high-end music production with almost zero effort on hair maintenance.

Riverflow Freedom Locs

Riverflow Freedom Locs

This particular hairstyle is the epitome of freeforming locs. It, as they say, flows freely like a river. It’s so liberating with such long hair that you’ll be shocked to witness the level of comfort it can give you.

Your dreads don’t need to be of identical thickness, it can be arbitrary which ensures less time behind twisting them. In the end when they grow out long enough, you can decorate each dread with accessories of your liking, ranging from ribbons to rings that carry any significance to you.

12 Freeform Dreadlocks For Women

These 12 styles that women with kinky/curly hair can apply on themselves that’s guaranteed to generate a jaw-dropping effect and make you look more gorgeous than ever!

The Elegant Freeform

The Elegant Freeform

Let your elegance flow through this aesthetically superior freeform hairstyle. At regular times it’ll just be the dreaded strands hanging down over your shoulders, but right before a party you can easily go through a rapid transformation.

Simply twist your dreads over one side of your head like a head warmer. Secure them in place with spikes or clips. You’ll be radiating drop dead gorgeous when you walk in, and everyone is sure to fall in love with the way you look.

Let Loose Locs

Let Loose Locs

Go all bonkers with your locs by letting them grow freely and hang loosely over your head. This style demands little to no maintenance but yet has the potential to produce the most stunning looks!

Additionally you can style it up by attaching hair accessories at the loc ends like crystal beads or tied up ribbons. Be it indoors or outdoors, you’ll make everyone’s day brighter with your funky looking dreads any time of the day!

Turban Dreadlocks

Turban Dreadlocks

Romp up your looks with this unique & significantly stylish dreadlock hairstyle where you’ll be wearing your dreads like a fancy turban. The most effective party-style for thin dreads which should only take half an hour to put on.

Your dreads will flow from one side of your head to the other. Thinner dreads will be better suited for such mode of styling. You can add accessories like earrings at the front of the turban to make your look even more appealing!

Long Locs With Accessories

Long Locs With Accessories

This particular hairstyle in the list takes a very long time to form, but the outcome is worth the wait. These long locs will make you look tantalizingly ravishing and are of very low maintenance compared to the others.

Your dreads should be made wavy as the foundation of this look. Wrap a few ribbons around the locs matching the color of your dress. Put on a fedora or a regular hat on top to complete the look, and be exquisite on your day out with the girls!

Freedom Roots

Freedom Roots

Let your spirit’s freedom be known to all by paying homage to your origin. Your dreads will look like medium roots with this particular hairstyle, and adding color to them should increase their captivating ability even more.

With locs grown up to your mid back, twist them in order to generate a wavy texture. Wear most of the roots on one side of your head and randomize the colored locs with the non-colored ones. The admiration you’ll receive for this hairstyle will escalate your self-esteem by a mile!

Thin & Long Freeform Dreads

Thin And Long Freeform Dreads

Make your dreads thin & long for an arresting effect with this hairstyle. It has a lot of styling potential based on how you wear it, what you wear with it and what you apply on it.

For example, you can attach rings or pendants to the locs matching with the ones you’re wearing. You can create an ocean wave over your forehead to make a gentle flow of hair. Lastly, you can apply hair shiner on the dreads to make them look glossy, and overall affect your looks in the most positive way!

Low-slung Locs

Low Slung Locs

If you’re a minimalist and do not prefer going over the top with your freeform dreads, then this is a must-try hairstyle for you. With short to medium-long hair, you can easily pull off this astonishing look effortlessly!

It’s pretty easy to do since all you have to do is let your dreads naturally flow out over your head. You can even add blue highlights very subtly to your locs and it’ll make the overall style even more luscious.

Free Little Twisters

Free Little Twisters

Turn your dreads into little twisters all over your head and be next in line to be the trendiest hair stylist in popular culture! You’ll find your friends & family adore you for this naturally beautiful hairstyle that has the potential to be transformed into something more in the future!

Create small & thin twists with your curly hair and tie a final wrap with the strongest hair strands. You can wear it on a regular basis as a casual hairstyle at home or at school!

The Thick Diadem Locs

The Thick Diadem Locs

This one is specifically for the beautiful queens who only lacked a diadem on top of their heads. Get some of the thickest dreads possible to start out this look and reinforce the ends with dread extensions.

Once there, knot up the dreads over your head and the ends will climb down as high as your forehead in front. It’ll look like an enchanting tiara on your head, and you’ll be the only ingredient that completes the party on weekends!

Long Dreads With Chapeau

Long Dreads With Chapeau

This is a fusion dread look that should require quite some time to complete due to the length of your hair. Let the locs reach below your hip in the first place, and reaching there should complete the initial stage of this brilliant look!

Afterwards, take a few dreads from around the top area and roll them up to be worn like a chapeau. Between the hat & the long thin dreads, you’ll radiate the energy of freedom & aestheticism – all at the same time!

Medium Freeforms With Sapphire Highlights

Medium Freeforms With Sapphire Highlight

This hairstyle is a reflection of the root dreads but it takes that style to a next level if you’re adventurous enough. Much like the original one, this one too requires medium length locs that are wavy to begin with.

The extra feature that this style has is the stunning sapphire highlight. You have no idea how drastically it can improve your look by adding a serene quality to your style. You’ll look like a fashionable lady with the most calmingly charming appearance to melt everyone’s heart!

The Tall & Thick Freedom Hat

The Tall And Thick Freedom Hat

The last hairstyle on our list is one of the most emphatic hairstyles you may ever come across regardless of dreads or not. Made with some of the thickest freely formed locs, you’ll never want another hairstyle if you get used to the spectacular beauty this style makes you into!

With your very thick dreads, you’ll want to wrap them among themselves before having them sit firmly on top of your head. This step is necessary for them to hold tightly and not fall apart. This sumptuous hairstyle is definitely a must-try style recommended by our fashion experts!

Advantages & Disadvantages

Since we’ve scrolled through all the fashionable variations of freely formed dreads, it’s time for us to take a look into some profits & losses of this particular type of hairstyle. Keeping these at the back of your mind while picking a style should prepare you for the experience you’re going to have if you choose to go for any of them.


The positive aspects of such dreads outweigh the negatives, and they are discussed hereafter.


Freeform dreads are very low in maintenance due to the nature of the hairstyles. Vice has debunked the myth that such dread-owners aren’t clean and don’t shower regularly, which is completely absurd.

It has nothing to do with cleanliness, it’s just the fact that you wouldn’t be needing a lot of hair products and it causes the prominent product-sellers to vilify such styles as it hurts their business.

Easy To Do

These styles are very easy to do, the only ingredient you need is time. Let your hair grow, dreads form and you’ll be all set for diverse styles with your free locs!

Protective Style

Much like most other dreads, these styles too are protective of your curly & kinky hair. It protects your hair from vulnerability by strengthening up the strands with natural residue that eventually forms into dreads.


Like all good things, nothing is perfect and so is this type of dread. The few minor shortcomings are briefly discussed here.

Time Consuming

It takes time to form the free dreads since such a process is a little lengthy in general. You won’t be able to decide on a hairstyle from our list and go straight to doing it if you don’t have pre-formed locs.

Limited Control Over Style

Due to the liberating nature of such dreads, your styling potential would be limiting to some extent. You won’t get to try out all of the hairstyles you may come across on the internet that people with straighter hair types can conveniently put on, but this is the ground you have to accept nonetheless.

Cleaning Requires Specialized Products

You’ll be easily able to wash your hair, but thorough cleansing may require specialized products such as dry conditioner or hair balm.


Let’s further clarify some of our confusions regarding this unique & easy-going hairstyle to ease your way into the process in a better manner.

Q: How long do freeform dreads take to form?

A: It generally depends on the growth rate of your hair which is unique for every individual. But overall it takes between three to six to have your free locs form out.

Q: Are free form dreads better?

A: Better or worse is relative and depends on what you’re intending for. It’s definitely better in the sense that you won’t have to spend much time maintaining it and can style it in various ways quite easily.

Q: Do freeform dreads fall out?

A: No, they don’t, rather they do the exact opposite since it’s a protective hairstyle. It helps you prevent hair fall and hair damage.

Q: How often do you Retwist freeform dreads?

A: It’s not mandatory for you to retwist your dreads of this category, but if you want a finer finish, then you can retwist them every six to eight weeks depending on where your locs are in progression.

Q: Do dreads smell?

A: No, they don’t if you maintain your basic hygiene. It’s a common misconception about dreads and regularly showering and washing your hair will ensure you an odor-free dread experience.


Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, we hope you’ve been able to gather comprehensive knowledge about freeform dreads. Apart from the most revered hairstyles of this class, this article should enrich your conception with the additional sections regarding this style.

You at the moment hold the power to enhance your styling potential by applying any of the hairstyles of your liking from our list. Picking any of them should guarantee you a way into the fashionable world of popular trends and make you look irresistibly charming!

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