Lil Durk’s Haircut: All You Need To Know About The Rapper’s Infamous Dreadlocks

While the Chicago based rapper and musician is known for his affiliation with late rapper King Von and the talent he has brought upon the music industry, Lil Durk has also swept the fans off their feet with his luscious dreadlocks over the years, which is the topic we will be exploring to the fullest in this article.

This article will feature everything one needs to know about Lil Durk’s dreadlocks. From providing recommendations one may try out to mentioning a basic tutorial, we hope this write-up contains materials that will allow our users to have a better understanding of Lil Durk’s hair as well as his hairstyles. Make sure to stick around until the end if you’re one of his fans or just a hair fanatic, as we believe the content will definitely change your life for the better.

A closer look: Learning more about Lil Durk’s haircut

A Closer Look At Lil Durk Haircut

One of the very few things apart from his career that has been going rather well for Lil Durk is his hair journey. Even before growing out his flawless bleach infused dreadlocks, Lil Durk’s hair had the density most hair fanatics can only dream of having. His hair type seems to be on the kinkier side, as it contains a massive amount of texture as well as fullness. Kinkier hair also tends to be more resilient against experiments and tight hairdos, which could be one of the reasons why the hair strands of Lil Durk’s only got fuller and more defined with each year.

Apart from that, since Lil Durk’s hair type is natural, it tends to grow in an uncertain way. The locs he wears are called type 4 freeform locs, a specific type of dreadlocks that are grown and curated without any manipulation during the growth process.

Lil Durk Hairstyles That Will Change Your Hair Game

Now that you have a better understanding of Lil Durk’s hair type and the qualities one’s hair might need in order to recreate them, we hope you’re ready to check out the designs that the rapper has worn over the years. From a number 3 buzz cut with waves to duotone dreadlocks, here are 11 hairstyles that Lil Durk has experimented with which have class, elegance, and the perfect amount of volume!

Buzz Cut With Waves

Buzz Cut With Waves

If you want to beat the heat of summer, give this look a try. Not only is it low maintenance, but it has the ultimate features to take anyone by surprise. A buzz cut will make your hair look thicker, cleaner and increase the contrast. The waves will give it distinct features to stand out from a regular buzzcut.

Apart from the visuals, this haircut will give your facial features the wow factor. Not only will you have a face shape that is more narrow than usual, but you’ll notice more of your jawline and cheekbones after getting this haircut.

Patterned Braids

Patterned Braids

While we can’t say that this look is easy to create, we can definitely say that it’s the most chic one on this list. A look that can be pulled off by those with medium to long hair, this hairdo will definitely give you the attention you’ve always been seeking. The box braids give the look a unique appearance, and the dreads sole purpose is to show off the length of one’s hair.

Furthermore, this look is as adaptable as they come, mainly since it can be worn at casual gatherings as well as high-end events for creating unforgettable memories.

Long Spiral Dreadlocks

Long Spiral Dreadlocks

Growing dreadlocks requires a lot of care and attention to detail, which isn’t something most can’t do. This entry caters to those. Whether you’re running late to a party or feeling under the weather, this look won’t require much for maximum success. All you need is a reliable amount of patience, as most features will appear on their own. While the middle part is the only portion that will need manipulation at first, it will definitely get easier as the dreads grow in length.

Middle Part Twisted Dreads

Middle Part Twisted Dreads

If you have a knack towards fashion and regularly keep up with the latest trends, you’re probably not new to this variation. For those wondering, middle part dreadlocks have been trending since 2019 and have only grown in terms of popularity. The twisted framing dreads can be created by either using a pencil or by using hair gel. Even though the latter can be done at home, we believe that you will definitely get the best possible outcome by reaching out to a hairdresser.

Additionally, you may add highlights to the ends of your dreads to make the hair more appealing on the eyes. While bleaching is recommended, you can definitely change the color of the highlights and replace it for a tone that is less vibrant.

Short Twisty Duo Tone Dreads

Short Twisty Duo Tone Dreads

Another option that is open for those growing out their dreads, these short multi color dreads will not only make you stand out, but will be just as easy to maintain. The hardest part of this variation is the box braids, which are present underneath the dreadlocks, mainly due to how time consuming it might be.

The next step will require the use of hair gel in hopes of readjusting and twisting the natural dreadlocks. While the ends do contain highlights, it isn’t necessary. We feel that a natural color will stand out more than energetic colors for this variation.

Dreadlocks for Short Hair

Dreadlocks For Short Hair

Containing visuals that are relatively glossier, this hairdo is excellent for special occasions. The gelled up short locs are always in place and just about lengthy enough to look presentable, but can also be switched up for a look that contains matte hair products.

Moreover, the uneven nature of this hairstyle can definitely shape up one’s face for the better. When wearing these dreads, one will definitely notice their distinct facial features more.

Box Braids Under Dreadlocks

Box Braids Under Dreadlocks

This look is something that most would call perfectly balanced. The roots have more contrast as opposed to the dreadlocks, which are eye-grabbing. The box braids mixed with the dreadlocks is also a combination that is extremely rare to this day, which only shows how difficult it could be for one to pull off such a hairstyle.

Furthermore, when creating this look, make sure to visit a hairdresser. While we would love to encourage people to bleach their hair and create the dreadlocks as well as the box braids at home, getting assistance from a professional will definitely be a safer bet as opposed to the former.

Two tone Freeform Locs

Two Tone Freeform Locs

If you’ve grown out your dreadlocks and are seeking a hairdo that reeks of calamity, this is the one for you. The locs look extremely playful due to the texture they attain. While the twists were created through the use of hair gel, you can also use hair wax to create the form.

Make sure the roots are a bit darker than the locs, mainly so that the disconnection pans out well and allows you to have an influential impact at parties and gatherings.

Bleached Dreadlocks

Bleached Dreadlocks

This is the hair that Lil Durk is rocking at the moment. It involves fully bleached hair, which could be harmful for the scalp, but will definitely enhance the appearance of anyone’s dreads. While the procedure of creating this look will definitely take quite some time, make sure to go to a stylist for best results and for reliability. Bleaching at home can also be a good idea, but shouldn’t be experimented with alone, especially if done by a novice.

The twisted strands can be achieved through manual manipulation with the use of hair gel, but can also be done with micro equipment such as spiral rods for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

When all is said and done, there are very few who can recreate the renowned dreadlocks that Lil Durk has been rocking for the past few years. However, if you were to use the right equipment and go to the right hairdresser, perhaps you can change the outcome.

Moving on, since a major concern of ours is providing the most beneficial information, mentioned below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Lil Durk’s hairstyle on the web.

Question: Is Lil Durk’s hair natural? 

Answer: Fortunately, the dreads of Lil Durk are as natural as they come. While the texture of his hair has been enhanced through the use of hair gel, the texture, density, and definition are natural.

Question: Why did Lil Durk shave his head? 

Answer: After his arrest, fans were surprised when Lil Durk shaved his naturally flawless dreads. It was revealed later that the rapper didn’t want to deal with the stress of growing out his dreadlock while he was serving time.

Question: How do I get dreadlocks like Lil Durk?

Answer: If your hair type is 4b, remain patient and grow it out. You may use pencils and spiral rods to create the twisty pattern for the dreadlocks. For the glossy appearance, use a water based hair pomade or hair gel.


Now that you have all the things you need to recreate Lil Durk’s hairstyle, we hope you put your best foot forward when making an attempt. Since the process of recreating his dreadlocks will be rather difficult, make sure to reach out to a professional for advice and for assistance.

Furthermore, since the hair needs to be as strong and as lengthy as possible for achieving ideal results, make sure to use hydrating shampoo and nourishing conditioner. You may also invest in a container of hair gel if your preferences cater to hairstyles that are short in terms of length.

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