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11 Timeless Machine Gun Kelly [MGK] Haircuts To Give Your Hair An Edgier Flair

Sometimes, getting a hair transplant is all that it takes to play an influential role in the hair industry. Although the success stories have increased in numbers over the years, one of the first stories was of Machine Gun Kelly, whose story just keeps getting better and better with each day. In fact, with the amount of hairstyles he has worn over the years, we feel as if it’d be best to pay homage to him to showcase our admiration.

Therefore, in this article, we will thoroughly be covering every hairstyle that the hip hop star has worn over the past few years. We will include materials that will not only focus on the visuals of each haircut variation, but also include information that will make the recreational process easier for the followers. The latter part of this article will tackle queries regarding the rapper’s haircut in order to achieve the optimal understanding.

11 Machine Gun Kelly [MGK] Haircut Ideas To Crank Up The Boldness in 2024

One of the things we love about Machine Gun Kelly is how expressive he is and how open he is to experimenting with fashion trends. He always seems to expand the limit of his comfort zone by stepping out of it every now and then. He does so by wearing new hairstyles, different outfits, flashy accessories and incorporating new tattoos to his body.

Moving on, with each year came a new hairstyle for the global hip hop sensation, which seems like a win-win for him as well as the audience. Not only did he display each of them remarkably, but his confidence also encouraged his fanbase to do the same.

Machine Gun Kelly often goes product free when styling his hair. While it may have something to do with the procedure that he has received, we also believe that going product free and occasionally using

texturizing powder really brings out the best in his hair. Not only does it look grease free, but it also looks extremely thick and natural in terms of appearance.

Moreover, if you feel as if you’re one of his admirers or are on the verge of becoming one, here are some of our favorite haircuts that Machine Gun Kelly has displayed over the years that you too can look into!

Beach Blonde Modern Mullet

Beach Blonde Modern Mullet

Worn on bleached hair, this look comprises the components of a classic mullet with a modern touch. Similarly to the classic mullet, this hairstyle has the perfect amount of highlights and is paired up with sides that consist of blends. However, unlike the classic look, it contains a more grease-free appearance, which may have occurred due to the product free styling procedure. It’s an excellent move to make as it is clearly bringing out the best version of the hair in terms of volume and density.

Moreover, although it is for anyone and everyone, perhaps the look will suit you more if you have a laid back approach to living life and believe in making bold moves to change your physical appearance.

Duo Tone Messy Swoop

Duo Tone Messy Swoop


When he initially changed his hair up and resorted to this look, we were rather pessimistic about the final results that it got. However, as the weeks passed by, we realized how inaccurate our take must have been.

While the look is a bit too messy for our liking, we believe that it suits those that believe in experimenting with hair just as much as Machine Gun Kelly does. It consists of darker roots followed by bleached ends, which can be accurately mirrored by using a blow dryer.

The appearance of the hair may change the overall presence you contain in a favorable manner, as the messy texture combined with the lengthy nature of this hairdo can narrow down one’s facial structure.

Triple-Zero Buzz Cut

Triple Zero Buzz Cut

Worn by the rapper before he was blessed with a head full of hair, this hairstyle is for everyone and anyone, as long as it enhances their confidence.

Even though a triple zero buzz cut is often suitable for those that are seeking a logical solution to eliminate their hair shedding journey, it can also be worn by those seeking a more masculine kind of hairdo. It will make one’s presence more intimidating and stay in place the whole time.
It will also make plenty of room for carrying out new outfit ideas, so don’t hesitate to give this look a try if you’re one of the creative ones.

Relaxed M-Shaped Curtain Hairstyle

Relaxed M Shaped Curtain Hairstyle

Since MGK is always very open about the love he has for the pop-punk era, we weren’t surprised when he was bringing back specific popular hairdos that shaped up fashion trends in the past. One of the very many hairstyles that he has opened multiple doors for is the curtain hairstyle.

Also known as the eBoy haircut, this hair is perfect for those seeking a look that is trendy, versatile, and can be paired up with any clothing item. Appearance-wise, the cuticles look relatively healthy as opposed to most of the entries on this list, further adding to the hairstyle’s overall appeal.

Short Length Faux Hawk with Mid Taper Fade

Short Length Faux Hawk With Mid Taper Fade

Faux hawk is for the rebels, which could be a reason why the rapper chose to rock this hair in the first place. It offers the hair tons of control, a firm hold, and enhances its presentability by supplying the shaft with an ideal amount of uneven texture.

Moreover, for creating this look, one may either choose a matte-infused approach through the assistance of hair clay and texturizing powder, or go for a look that is as shiny as a new pin. They may achieve the latter variation by using a dime sized amount of water based hair wax on each shaft and finalize the look through the use of a detangling comb.

Messy Quiff

Messy Quiff

Although the rapper’s preference in hairstyles have changed in terms of length, he also left a few desirable looks for those with short hair. A messy quiff is probably one of the most generous hairstyles that has been created by the hairdressing industry. It speaks maturity but also leaves some room for creativity. While the haircut will bring to the table a limited amount of flexibility, one can always change the color of their hair with zero to little drawbacks to recreate the impression it might carry in a room full of people.

Hot Pink Locks

Hot Pink Locks

In recent times, Machine Gun Kelly has really been able to embrace the art of experimenting with hair color. While the bleached hair dye was completely in sync with his outspoken personality, we believe that the hot pink hair dye paired with his characteristics just as well.

Although his rebellious attitude played a crucial role behind the decision making process of this outcome, we also believe that Machine Gun Kelly wanted to express his admiration for the pop-punk era once again.

Moreover, to recreate this hair, perhaps the only complex thing one needs to do is install a hair dye. For the color, you can either directly repeat the same color that was used by Machine Gun Kelly, or can even give it your own touch by picking a color that matches your personality.

Laid Back Vanilla Blonde Swoop

Laid Back Vanilla Blonde Swoop

Showcased by MGK at the VMAs 2020, this look comprises the same physical appearance as one of the first two entries on this list, but offers a more care-free styling procedure. The strands are perfected through the use of a matte styling product, and is sealed with hairspray. The pre-styling routine follows the incorporation of sea salt spray, which tends to give the hair just the right amount of flexibility and height.

Furthermore, the vanilla blonde highlights collaborated with the stress-free nature of this look might make it suitable for people that have a rather edgy taste in fashion, but it can also be remarkable life changing for those that need to give their hair a fresh start.

Modern Slick Back

Modern Slick Back

Who doesn’t love a modern slick back? It brings to the table elegance, stays firm at all times, and is no short of volume, which is a trio most stylists sought after. The color of MGK’s hair is clearly amping up the final impression of the look, mainly since haircuts as full as modern slick backs find their best form under vibrant colors, a category in which bleached hair is a fan favorite.

Apart from the characteristics the hairdo has, we believe hair powder was used on the strands in an attempt to enhance the density of the hair and give the overall look a more natural appearance.

Samurai Top Knot

Samurai Top Knot

A samurai top knot was every fashionista’s go-to hairstyle once upon a time, and Machine Gun Kelly was one of the many admirers of it. It offers a sophisticated impression, mainly due to how polished the hair is at all times. While it does come with a complex hair care routine, the styling routine it contains is rather simple and time-friendly. The shaved sides add to the contrast of the hair color, which can be an advantage to those with vibrant color schemes. Those that aren’t too comfortable with the sides may even replace the bald fade with a blended fade to retain some of the length.

Messy Shag Haircut

Messy Shag Haircut

Probably the most recent hairdo that Machine Gun Kelly has worn amongst the entries, this hairdo speaks volumes, literally. The messiness behind the layout enhances the texture of the strands, and gives it tons of density if it were to transform into a combover. The longer strands of hair located on each side of the hairline are extremely effective with bringing out certain facial features of the wearer. For instance, this haircut is significantly slimming down MGK’s face shape, making more room for the cheekbones, and other distinctive features to stand out.

A Closer Investigation on MGK’s Influence on Setting New Trends

Machine Gun Kelly has always been known for his knack and talent towards music. However, in recent years, he has achieved a new kind of recognition that is solely based on his unique taste in fashion. Whether it’s through the accessories he wears, the somewhat bold rituals he follows, or the luscious hairstyles he shows off, his appearance always has the perfect amount of edginess, making him the perfect candidate for an upcoming fashion icon.

Apart from his rise in popularity in the fashion industry, Machine Gun Kelly is also a fan favorite amongst the hairdressers as well as in the hair industry. While he did have a hair transplant, he gained a massive amount of followers due to how open he was regarding the procedure.

Moreover, he has also given the hairdressing industry a new hairstyle every other month for the past few years since his hair transplant, which surely adds to his positive reception.

Frequently Asked Questions

This part of the segment will tackle questions that are commonly wondered about regarding the haircut of Machine Gun Kelly in order to assist the readers who are planning on recreating one of his looks. We hope to meet all the queries you have in an effective manner, as your satisfaction always remains one of our top priorities.

Question: What did Machine Gun Kelly do to his hair?

Answer: Machine Gun Kelly got a follicular unit transplant, which involves taking existing follicles from the donor area and shifting them to the area that needs improvement. Machine Gun Kelly’s doctor replenished the follicles near his hairline by removing a strip of follicles that used to surround a certain section at the back.

Question: What is the natural color of Machine Gun Kelly’s hair? 

Answer: Although the rapper is a big fan of bleaching his hair and regularly partakes in the activity, his natural hair color is light brown, which was showcased when photos from his time in highschool surfaced on the web.

Question: How do I style my hair like Machine Gun Kelly? 

Answer: Judging by most of his looks, perhaps you won’t need much to recreate his hair. While the singer regularly uses texturizing powder to enhance the thickness of his hairstyle, no other hair product makes a contribution. He always resorts to looks that are grease free and have tons of density and offer a natural appearance, which is easier to replicate than it seems.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, we think that Machine Gun Kelly couldn’t have done more justice to himself as well as victims of hair loss by pulling off the ranges of hairstyles that he has had over the years. Not only is he encouraging those that are suffering from what he faced years ago to seek a fresh start, but he’s also opening doors for the public to have a more open-minded approach to normalizing certain modifications as helpful as hair transplants. We also appreciate the amount of haircuts that he’s had over the span of a decade, as it caters to all hair types.

That’s all, folks! We hope you have enjoyed this write-up as much as we did during the process of creating it. Whose haircut would you like us to cover next? Let us know in the comments below!

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