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Exquisite Jhene Aiko Braids to Inspire Your Braided Hair Journey

Every once in a while we surf the internet to take notes from our favorite celebrities regarding fashion and style. This trend has given rise to many unique styles being accepted among common people. And seriously, at present, those glamorous looks are not confined to the red carpets only!

However, some celebrities still become iconic by carrying super popular hairstyles with poise. If you hear the name box braids, you do not directly think of a celebrity hairstyle because these braids are common among our folks. But from time to time, our celebrities have proven that these braids look just as gorgeous at fancy events as they look in our daily lives.

One such diva is Jhene Aiko, who has taken over the world of music with her amazing voice. The American singer is also well known for her fashion and styles, especially the way she rocks regular box braids with elegance.

Jhene’s hair and hairstyles have been the talk of the town many times, and her fans always love to cherish a classic Jhene Aiko moment by recreating her hair looks. Jhene’s braids are awesome just like her, and this is why today we are going to talk about the most dazzling braids Jhene Aiko has carried with grace throughout the years

So keep reading to know more!

What Kind of Braids Does Jhene Wear?

Jhene is known for wearing her hair in a particular braided style, which is our very own knotless jumbo braids. Seriously, there’s nothing extra going on and our diva likes to keep it simple yet sophisticated.

Switching to other types of hairstyles is also preferred by her, but there’s no doubt about the fact that Jhene loves her box braids. She even opts for different tied-up hairstyles with her box braids, so you know that she’s serious about her braids in every way possible!

How to Do Braids Like Jhene at Home?

If you are a fan of protective hairstyles, then you already know how to do box braids quite easily. So here we are going to give you a short guide on doing Jhene Aiko braids. Let’s get started!

First of all, create mini sections out of your natural hair. Start with one section of hair from the bottom. Apply your hair gel to the roots and comb out your hair all proper and smooth. Start braiding the natural hair and after braiding just twice, opt for adding your braiding hair.

Add pieces of braiding hair until you reach the desired size. After that, just continue braiding down the length. If you feel like your braid is becoming thinner, you can add extra pieces of braiding hair to make things even.

Tie the ends of your braid with a rubber band. Continue the same process of braiding for the rest of your hair. Once all that’s done, it’s time to make your ends curly for that perfect Jhene Aiko style.

Take your purple flexi rods. Grab multiple braids together and then roll up their ends using your flexi rod, tucking the end underneath the rest of the hair. Once all the ends have been wrapped up by flexi rods, immerse them in hot water for sealing the style.

Use a towel to squeeze out the excess water. Follow the same process for the rest of your flexi rods. After that, apply hair mousse to the hair around your scalp and style your edges.

Take your blow dryer and use it on top of your head as well as your ends with the flexi rods. Blow-dry the ends until they become almost dry. Then take off your flexi rods one by one.

You will find that your ends have gotten the perfect curls like Jhene Aiko’s braids. Apply mousse to these parts and use your blow dryer again. Finally, apply oil to your scalp, and your Jhene braids are all set to go!

5 Jhene Aiko Braided Hairstyles for Every Occasion

Doing braids like Jhene Aiko will become easier if you have pictures of her braided hair at hand. However, we know it requires a lot of time and research to find those perfect braids. So we went ahead and made the task easier for you!

Ahead are some of the most alluring hairstyles from Jhene Aiko with her perfect box braids that you are surely going to love. To recreate those hair looks, let’s dive into the details together!

Jumbo Knotless

Jumbo Knotless

Jhene’s classic braided look consists of the perfect jumbo knotless braids that she loves to wear every now and then. These braids do not have knots at the roots, and she loves to wear them big and bold.

You can do the partings similar to the ones of Jhene’s in order to perfectly recreate her braided hairstyle. Another thing about Jhene is she usually likes to flaunt the length of her braids, so we suggest keeping the braids long and also curling the ends afterward.

Knotless box braids are quite popular among ladies and you will find many tutorials on doing them. The braiding method we mentioned above will help you recreate Jhene’s braid to perfection, so try out that one as well!

Small Box Braids

Small Box Braids

Apart from the classic jumbo ones, Jhene also loves the small box braided hair look. She usually wears them in a side-part style and loves to do a subtle half-up look with her small box braids.

Here is a picture to show you what we’re talking about. The great news is that Jhene has actually worn her hair like this more than once and on different occasions. She took this hairstyle with her to fancy as well as casual events, giving us the confidence to be ourselves wherever we go!

So if you’re just searching for a versatile hair styling inspiration that will keep you elegantly comfortable all the time, this one is your pick!

Short Pigtails

Short Pigtails

After taking your braids off, do you ever feel like switching to a casual style with just your natural hair? Well, if you do, Jhene is here to make that transition easier for you!

In this picture, she is wearing a super-casual side part hairstyle consisting of two small pigtails that look like puffs. The pigtails are accompanied by two braids on the sides that are done neatly and have a casual appeal to them. All in all, this one can be a great pick for hangouts and casual wear.

Braided Bun

Braided Bun

If we ask you what’s the most common tied-up hairstyle that you have made out of your braided hair, then surely the top buns will top your list. It’s because making top buns out of your box braided hair is super-easy and requires only minutes. So it’s easy to assume that our box braids lover Jhene has also given those gorgeous top buns a proper try.

Looking at this picture, all we can notice is glamour and beauty. It’s amazing how Jhene took a regular hairstyle and made it look all dazzling for a fancy event. There’s nothing extra going on yet the hair looks super chic. So why not give it a try already?

With Headwrap

With Headwrap

Many of us love to wear headwraps with our braids based on our mood and vibe. Well, it seems like Jhene is also no different, so here is a picture from her gallery to step up your headwrap game.

Jhene went for a super cute look with her headwrap in this picture and made a style on the side to accompany her box braids. You can pick the headwrap in your preferred color and pattern if you want to, and create a look like this quite easily on your own!

Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail

Cornrow Stitch Braids

Cornrow Stitch Braids



Now that you know how to rock your own Jhene Aiko braids, let’s make the task even easier by answering the last few questions regarding Jhene’s hair.

What kind of hair does Jhene Aiko have?

Jhene’s hair is quite curly, and you will find pictures on her social media to prove that point. She has pictures of her with her real and natural hair which looks just as gorgeous as her braided hair!

Who is Jhene’s hairstylist for braids?

Jazmine Harris is Jhene Aiko’s hairstylist when it comes to her braids, and she has been working with Jhene since 2017.

Final Words

Jhene is a pure diva when it comes to her singing career, and so is her style. Her amazing styling ideas have made her the dream celebrity of many ladies out there, and we love the way she has taken the regular box braids to the next level with charm and elegance.

We hope this article has quenched your thirst for getting to know Jhene’s braided hairstyles better. Try out these styles as soon as you can to prove how amazing of a fangirl you are! Make sure to opt for different tied-up looks with your box braided hair every now and then, and wear your braids with confidence and grace whenever you step outside!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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