Lemonade Braids

32 Popular Lemonade Braids Hairstyles & Styling Tips

Why Lemonade Braids? This question might sound simple, but it begs to answer not one, but two major questions regarding this hairstyle.

First, we’ll address: why is it called Lemonade Braids?

The answer draws itself from the popular Beyoncé song titled “Lemonade”, where she is seen wearing this fabulous hairstyle.

Although the style had been adored by many fans after the release of the music video, in recent times its popularity has skyrocketed in the world of fashion due to its diverse styling potentials.

The second question we’ll address is: why should you pick Lemonade Braids as your next hairstyle?

You can apply this hairstyle for a number of reasons: it’s stylish & fancy, all-around a protective hairstyle and it requires little maintenance.

Additionally, you can fuse it up with other prominent hairstyles or hair-color to produce new & authentic hairstyles. This way, you can become a pioneering stylist by creating new designs!

And lastly, as we answered a couple of basic questions above, in a similar manner we are going to address all the necessary information regarding Lemonade Braids. While doing so, we will tell you how to DIY & undo Lemonade Braids, care guide, and offer a wide range of ideas for you to choose from.

So grab a glass full of lemonades and scroll through this article for Lemonades!


What Are Lemonade Braids?

Hair Type For Lemonade-Braid

While the reason behind naming it such a way might be simple, defining what Lemon Braids are is not so easy.

Because Lemonade Braids do not belong to one vintage root, rather they are the hybrids of a few styles and consist of significant borrowed features.

For example, there are Cornrows in-between the Braids, with mostly fixed & laid down edges. Sometimes feed-in hair is involved if you have shorter hair, and keeping loose ends offers a Bohemian touch.

On top of everything, Bo Derek’s iconic braids are the overshadowing theme, with long hair swept to the side of your head.

So you can see the styling possibilities and openings since there is a lot of stuff going on all at once. You can simply modify or change any one or two variables and might end up with a completely new version of Lemonade Braids!

Don’t Break The Lemonade Law!

Although Lemonade Braids are hybrids of existing styling patterns, it does follow one significant rule – we call it the Lemonade Law.

The Lemonade Law is the way you wear your hair, mainly focusing on the direction. To follow this rule, you’ll have to draw your hairline on one side of your head and sweep it the other side.

Having this swept aside hair will ensure that you are following the Lemonade Law. If you can tick this rule box properly, then you can claim your hairstyle to be the most authentic Lemonade Braids!

Hair Types For Lemonade Braids

Lemonade Braids are usually made with longer and naturally curly hair. Doing this style should protect your natural curls from damage or breakage of any sort.

Also, it’ll help to strengthen your hair roots and pave way for new hair growth. Overall, this is the ideal hair if you want to maintain long and curly hair without much hassle.

It is generally suited for curly long hair doesn’t mean you can’t try it if you don’t match these criteria. Because using hair extensions can function as a perfect substitute for longer hair.

Along with this, curling your straight hair will add the necessary texture for braiding, and you can then move on to turning them into Beyoncé’s Lemonades!

How To Do Lemonade Braids: Diy

How to do Lemonade Braids


Doing Lemonade Braids is often a costly process as professional stylists charge a handsome amount for this hectic task. So, we offer you this alternative where you can prepare and style your Lemonade Braids at home!


Preparation is always a vital step while doing braids, and Lemonade Braids are no exception.

A dry scalp can be the most harmful foundation for braids, so it leaves you in a tricky situation when you require a proper wash before the styling process.

So we recommend you to use African Royale Brx Braid Spray On Shampoo & deep conditioner afterward. [check out the list of products later in this article]

As these are specifically targeted for dry scalps, they help to provide nourishment and lay a great foundation for diving into the next step.

Note: It is wise to blow-dry your hair properly after the wash. Because leaving behind damp hair can risk hair damage and jeopardize your braiding process.

Style: Divine, Cornrow, Seal, Edge Control

For your comfort, we have divided the styling process into four major steps that’ll help you remember where you are and what you should do next. Below are the detailed instructions for the process:

  1. With your blown-out hair, divide it into four sections.
  2. For each section, use SamBraid Hair Extension to do feed-ins that’ll extend your braids’ length.
  3. Part your hair in straight lines using this comb and apply African Pride Black Castor Miracle Extra Hold using a toothbrush for a better grip of your hair.
  4. Start braiding with your original hair. After a few inches, feed-in your hair extensions.
  5. Feeding in your hair extensions in a Cornrow ensures the styling integrity of the braids.
    [Note: Take a small piece of hair extension and wrap it around your original hair. As you keep adding the feed-in hairs, gradually increase the volume from the start to finish.]
  6. Similarly, you have to do all the feed-ins using the hair extensions. On average, you may want to do 6 cornrows on the back, 3-4 on each side, and 8-10 cornrows on the top.
    Make sure your cornrows follow the same direction and pass the Lemonade Law.
  7. After the cornrows, continue the braiding till the end of your hair extensions.
  8. Finally, grab a large cup with some hot water in it, and dip the ends of your braids. Since these are synthetic braids, hot water will seal the ends that will prevent the braids from coming off.
  9. Apply edge control on the loose hair over your forehead. Grab a brush and round them off for the perfect finish!

For a detailed understanding of the DIY process, you can check out this video.

Additionally, you can have your hair colored for an eccentric look, but for that, to work you’ll have to buy extensions that match them.

Also, you can use different beads of your choice that can enhance your look and take your styling to the next level!

Lemonade Braids Care Guide

Completing your Lemonade Braids is one large step forward, but at the same time, you must realize that properly taking care of your braids is equally important.

We often get asked this question: How do you take care of your Lemonade Braids?

To answer this question, we offer you the all-encompassing guide that will help you keep your Lemonade Braids fresh and agile while keeping your scalp healthy!


When your Lemonade Braids are done and rested for a week or two, you’ll notice that it has started to smell & itch. That is because it has built up some residue and your scalp demands a proper cleaning.

You can use the same shampoo that you used before styling. It will clean out your Lemonade Braids properly. DO REMEMBER that this shampoo requires rinsing after application.

We recommend this because using shampoos that do not require rinsing cannot clean as neatly as this shampoo does. It also helps shine up your braids and make them look as good as new!


Your hairdresser may have told you not to wash your Lemonade Braids for a month or two, in order for your braids to toughen out. But one question is often asked: How do you make Lemonade Braids stop itching?

To address both of these issues, you can use the Jamaican Mango No More Itch Gro Spray which will help you avoid washing but still keep your head clean by simply spraying it over your scalp and hair.

The process only takes a few minutes, but this lightweight spray should give you relief from all the itchiness, smell, and dirt that was built on your hair.


Conditioning your Lemonade Braids is a great way to keep your braids soft and moisturized. Applying the Cantu Shea Butter Hydrating Conditioning Mist should hydrate your braids and remove dryness from your scalp.


Applying oil to your scalp while carrying Lemonade Braids is essential to provide nourishment to your hair roots. African Pride Black Miracle Braid Cleansing Rinse is although categorized as oil, it does everything that shampoo, conditioner, and oil are supposed to do.

Applying it and rinsing it off should clean your hair residue, remove itchiness, allow hair growth, and moisturize your scalp. It is an all-round product that you can use for your regular braids-care needs.


Using the SheaMoisture Curl Mousse will control your frizz and smooth the curls of your Lemonade Braids. It won’t weigh your hair down as it doesn’t leave any residue behind.

Satin Cap

Wearing a silk or satin cap with your Lemonade Braids drastically reduces hair damage and breakage. Because the cap minimizes the friction between your braids and bedsheet which is often the cause of tangling and breaking of curly hair.

Renewing Lemonade Braids

If you follow our care guide given above, it should make your Lemonade Braids look as good as new. You only need to wash, condition & oil your braids regularly.

Apart from these, you can trim off the flyaway of your frills. Spray the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in conditioning mist after trimming and tuck-in the flyaways. This maintains the integrity of your Lemonade Braids and makes them look neat & tidy.

Brush off your edges with the edge control you’ve used while styling and sharpen up your look. You can follow this video for an in-depth guide on renewing your Lemonade Braids.

When all of these procedures are done, your Lemonade Braids should look flawless and pristine!

Undoing Your Lemonade Braids

Undoing your Lemonade Braids is a process that’ll get difficult over time. Because as time passes, your braids will become harder and more difficult to negotiate with.

We now share with you three approaches you can take while undoing your Lemonade Braids:

Approach 1: Cut Off Your Braids

This probably is the easiest of the three approaches, as it’ll save you a lot of time and patience. All you need to do is to locate the point where you started the feed-ins and cut off from that point using scissors.

If that is not possible (which happens in most cases), then you have to leave a few inches from the root, based on the amount of time that has passed since the braiding. Then you can cut off your Lemonade Braids and release your original hair.

Approach 2: Unravel Your Braids

This approach is the most lengthy and a good test of your patience. For this to work, you’ll have to start unraveling each of your braids individually with your bare hands.

Remember that, starting the untangling from your feed-ins will ensure a proper revelation of your original hair. After untangling, repeat this step for each of your Lemonade Braids.

Note: This approach works better with relatively recent braids. Some braid enthusiasts prefer cutting off that unraveling since this becomes very challenging with time and hair residue.

Approach 3: Cut & Unravel

This approach is a mixture of the first two. In this approach, you’ll have to roughly assume the length of your original hair. Then cut off your Lemonade Braids around 6 inches below that assumed length just to be safe.

From there you can start to unravel the braids, it will eventually expose your original hair and you’ll be done undoing your Lemonade Braids.

You can follow either of these three approaches, based on whichever suits your needs the best. You can use Mousse to help you in the process.

List of Products

We have mentioned the products you can use earlier in this article. Here we have listed them together for your ease:

  • Shampoo: African Royale Brx Braid Spray On Shampoo
  • Spray: Jamaican Mango No More Itch Gro Spray
  • Leave-in Conditioner: Cantu Shea Butter Hydrating Leave-in Conditioning Mist
  • Oil/Scalp Cleanser: African Pride Black Castor Miracle Braid & Scalp Cleansing Rinse
  • Mousse: SheaMoisture Curl Mousse
  • Edge Control: African Pride Black Castor Miracle Extra Hold
  • Comb: Rat Tail Combs Hair Clips Set
  • Satin Cap: Awefeel Double-Layer Satin Sleep Cap

Note that, not all of the products above are necessary for you to purchase. You might already own most of them or equivalent ones at home. These are only the ideal guidelines that you can follow.

Just make sure to match the descriptions of your existing products with the given ones to ensure that your hair is receiving the best treatment possible.

Popular Lemonade Braids Styles

When you search for Lemonade Braids ideas, you’ll be riddled with tons of styling potentials thrown at you! For your ease to pick from the most stylish and trendiest, we have selected these 32 hairstyles.

That’s not all! We have incorporated a Kids Lemonade Braids section so that your kid can twin with you wherever you go! So keep scrolling for your next Lemonade Braids hairstyle!

Ponytail Lemonade Braids

Ponytail Lemonade Braids


Get an eccentric look with your Lemonade Braids by creating a long and stylish ponytail over your head!

And to ensure it follows the Lemonade Rule, you can start the ponytail higher up your nape and direct it upwards. With the ponytail overhead, sweep it aside and have the most beautiful Lemonade Braids with a ponytail!

Ghana Lemonade Braids

Ghana Lemonade Braids


The Ghanaian rendition of Lemonade Braids pays homage to the cultural richness of Ghana. It is one of the most beautiful hairstyles one could ever think of.

With chestnut-colored braids, you can style them by creating a couple of layers. You have to part your hair on one side of your head and sweep them toward opposite sides.

Then, pick half of the braids from the front and separate them from the rest, and carpet them over the rest of the hair.

Tie this group at your nape, and this will complete the styling process of Ghana Lemonade Braids.

Medium Lemonade Braids

Medium Lemonade Braids


If you feel like longer Lemonade Braids are quite hectic to carry, maintain or even install, then you can opt for a medium one.

You have to style it exactly the way you would do with your longer Lemonade Braids, but you’ll stop braiding as soon as they reach your shoulder. Cut the rest of the feed-ins off, and you’ll have Lemonade Braids that are smart and easy to carry around!

Side Lemonade Braids

Side Lemonade Braids


Side Lemonade Braids are the most vintage form of these styling patterns. Part your hair on one side, make cornrows toward opposite directions, and let the longer portion flow down from one side of your forehead.

To add to this look, you can pick colored hair extensions that can work nicely with your natural black hair. So buy extensions with the color of your choice, and Lemonade away!

Cornrow Lemonade Braids

Cornrow Lemonade Braids


Design your Lemonade Braids with creative cornrow patterns on your head! Guide your rows to drive toward opposite sides so that it creates an ‘X’ shaped junction right over your forehead.

A neat & clean Lemonade Braids hairstyle that is easy to handle and can be a part of your everyday look.

Small Lemonade Braids

Small Lemonade Braids

Want easy-going Lemonade Braids that are trendy and fashionable as well? The Small Lemonade Braids is the smart & cute answer to this need.

Hair divided into three distinct sections, your cornrows will travel in an oval-shaped path. The braids will hang loose right below the height of your ears and circle back towards the front. Be it a long journey or a birthday party, this hairstyle can be your daily companion.

Jumbo Lemonade Braids

Jumbo Lemonade Braids


Feed your braids in with large volumes of hair extensions along with the cornrows, and end up with this fabulous set of Jumbo Lemonade Braids!

You can use burgundy colored feed-ins to add an edge to your look, and on top of that wrap a golden chain around your hanging braid. You can easily become the most vogueish person in your friend circle with this look!

Lemonade Braids With Beads

Lemonade Braids With Beads


Enhance your Lemonade Braids by adding beads to each braid! Beads can vary in size, color or material they are made with. You may also add rings or colored chains around one or two braids to complete the look!

Long Lemonade Braids

Long Lemonade Braids


Most of the Lemonade Braids are long in height, with thinner braid tips. Cornrows made in two to three groups and then braided, your hair should reach below your waist to fit the perfect length!

French Lemonade Braids

French Lemonade Braids

Go French with your Lemonade Braids by fusing it with the French braiding pattern! Use blonde-colored feed-ins to make your French Lemonade Braids look more authentic and alluring!

Lemonade Tribal Braids

Lemonade Tribal Braids


Your Lemonade Braids can be tailored in a number of ways, and a creative approach in this regard is going for the Tribal look.

With the combination of thick and thin cornrows building up towards your temple and generating thick braids from there, you can achieve tribal aesthetics.

You can add even more to this look by wrapping a braid around the roots of the rest and making them into a high-climbing ponytail!

Beyonce Lemonade Braids

Beyonce Lemonade Braids


Beyonce is the mother of all Lemonade Braids, and this style is the classic version that you’ve all seen in the “Lemonade” music video.

Cornrows fed-in with thin, blonde extensions, her Lemonade Braids lie towards the back and climb all the way down to the waist. Decorate it with rings and you’ll finally have Beyonce’s beautiful Lemonade Braids!

Goddess Medium Lemonade Braids

Goddess Medium Lemonade Braids


A hybrid between Lemonade Braids and Goddess style can generate the most magnificently artistic hairstyle you could ever dream of!

Thin & Thick cornrows laid directed to the crown and some neatly set edges, the hair after the ponytail knot are left unbraided. Rather, they are flaunted overhead with the most beautiful natural curls and give birth to an exquisite hairstyle.

Lemonade Braids With Color

Lemonade Braids can be interpreted in a lot of ways in terms of styling, and adding color to the mix only increases the richness of its design potential.

Lemonade Braids Blue Highlights

Lemonade Braids Blue Highlights

Did you know that you can add an extra dimension to your Lemonade Braids by simply adding some color to one or two braids?

All you have to do is use colored feed-ins with a couple of braids. You can use blue-colored extensions because blue paired with natural black creates an aesthetically soothing effect for your Lemonade Braids.

Multi-colored Lemonade Braids

Multi Colored Lemonade Braids


If adding one color to your Lemonade mixer doesn’t do your trick, then why don’t you go for two? Add blue and cyan-colored hair extensions for feed-in and be the proud owner of this ultra-modern Lemonade look!

RGB Lemonade Boho Braids

RGB Lemonade Boho Braids

Are you a gamer-girl and want to express your passion through your hairstyle, that should not only speak about your gaming but also speak about you?

Then the RGB-colored Lemonade Braids with a hint of Boho is the look you should settle for! Randomly picked braids with a transition of colors raining down your hair can be your next edgy hairstyle today!

Waterfall Lemonade Braids

Waterfall Lemonade Braids

Get the most flashy and dashing Lemonade Braids by adding vibrant light blue colored feed-ins for the bottom half of your braiding process.

Brushed-back Lemonade Braids of this color will radiate the aura of the most graceful waterfall running down your hair. This is hands down one of the best Lemonade Braided hairstyles you could find in the world of fashion.

Elegant Lemonade Braids

Elegant Lemonade Braids

Party suit-up with the most elegant form of Lemonade Braids out there. Style it with cornrows in a conventional way, but the decoration is where it starts to differentiate from the former.

Added rings, wrapped around golden chains, micro pendants that speak your taste or belief – these are some of the ideas for accessories that can go into this style of hair. Just make sure to match the color of the accessories before you go dazzling into your party!

Flawless Lemonade Braids

Flawless Lemonade Braids


The Flawless Lemonade Braids are created distinctly with immense patience and care. This delicate approach will be clearly visible in your cornrows and braids.

The neat and seamless braid volumes guarantee that you can wear this hairstyle anywhere you desire, from a family gathering to your everyday college. Just make sure you follow the Lemon Law properly!

Lemonade Braids With Buns

Making buns out of your braids while doing the Lemonade is a remarkable way of taking this style to a new level. Here are some of the bun ideas that you can try out with this unique hairstyle:

Lemonade Braids with a Rainbow Bun

Lemonade Braids with Rainbow Bun


Decorate your Lemonade Braids with a rainbow-colored gigantic bun on top of your head! Plan the colors ahead while doing your cornrows, and eventually do a few braids with the same colors.

This way, make braids using all the seven colors of the rainbow and have them made into the crown bun on top of your head. Tie the bun with a couple of braids containing your original color, and finish styling your Rainbow Bunned Lemonade Braids!

Artistic Lemonade Cornrows with Top Bun

Lemonade Cornrows Top Bun


Give your Lemonade Braids the artsiest look by rounding up your cornrows in a circular journey towards your crown.

There, make a bun out of your braids and have the cornrows in front separated by a couple of lines of vertical cornrows. Decorate them with ornaments like rings and your artistic journey with Lemonade Braids should be complete!

Lemonade Bun with Beads

Lemonade Bun with Beads


Crank up your medium-sized Lemonade Braids by placing a bun on top of your head and attaching beads to the loose braids in the front.

You can match the beads with the ornaments you are going to wear, or the color of your dress. When combined together, your Lemonade Braids should give you a fancy outlook.

Long Lemonade Bunned Cornrows

Long Lemonade Bunned Cornrows


This hairstyle is a hybrid of Lemonade Braids with long hair, decorative cornrows, and a braided bun. This fusion hairstyle works perfectly well for long hair and manages to add a festive touch to your look.

Bohemian-Lemonade Braids with a Bun

Bohemian Lemonade Braids with Bun

When you have the option to go big with your hair, why settle for less? This hybrid Lemonade Braids hairstyle offers you a fabulous choice – a mixture of braids & Bohemian locs evenly, with cornrows building up to a bun on the crown.

Be it a holiday program or a friend’s birthday, if you walk out of your door wearing this gorgeous variant of Lemonade Braids, you are sure to turn a few heads.

Large Bun Lemonade Braids

Large Bun Lemonade Braids


Make the biggest braided bun your group has ever seen with your Lemonade Braids! Styling it will test your patience, but once you’ve reached the end of your styling process, you’ll carry the most magnificent crown of Lemonade Braided Bun over your head!

The Kids Section: Lemonade Braids For Kids

Kids are the future of our world of fashion, and their desire to look fashionable only confirms this statement. So whether your kid wants to prepare for their class party, or wants to look dashing at a birthday program, you can style them with these fantastic Lemonade Braids ideas!

Lemonade Braids with a Bun & Beads

Lemonade Braids with Bun & Braids

Make your kid the most stylish in town with these sets of braiding styles! A big bun on top creatively organized individual braids with lots of beads hanging at the ends. A fun and protective hairstyle to make your kid’s day!

Lemonade Kids Braid with Two Ponytails

Lemonade Kids Braid with Two Ponytails


Test your kids’ fashion potential with neatly laid down Lemonade Braids with a couple of ponytails on the top.

Create the hairline on the side of the head and push out two ponytails on each side. Let one tail down at the front and another down at the back. Complete this fabulous look by adding crystal beads on the ponytail ends as well as a few individual braids.

Kids Lemonade Braids with a Goddess Touch

Kids Goddess Lemonade Braids


A touch of Goddess is all that your kid’s Lemonade Braids needs! By leaving the ends of each braid loose and curled, your kid can flaunt their fabulous hair at the kids’ party.

Lemonade Kids Braids with Two Buns

Lemonade Kids Braids Two Buns


What is better than one bun? Two buns!

Make your kid’s Lemonade Braids more fancy creating two buns on each side of the head. These buns have to be made out of braids for a smooth & seamless look.

Bohemian Lemonade Braids for Kids

Bohemian Lemonade Braids for Kids

If your kid has the most natural curls, then you can give her the most beautiful Lemonade Braids by fusing them with a Bohemian touch.

With cornrows on the head, you can start a couple of braids from two of the cornrows and leave the ends of the braids loose. After securing the braids, your kid will end up with a fascinating Bohemian Lemonade Braid look!

Kids Lemonade Bun & Tail Braids

Kids Lemonade Bun & Tail Braids

Give your kid a unique Lemonade Braids look by pairing it with a bun on the top of their head and a ponytail laid down in front.

You can style up the ponytail by adding some red beads to each of the braids. Plant the cornrows directed towards the bun and the rest towards the ponytail, and your kid will love you even more for gifting them with this wonderful hairstyle!

Fancy Lemonade Braids for Kids

Fancy Lemonade Braids for Kids


Does your kid have an upcoming class party soon? Confused about which hairstyle to pick for her so that she steals the spotlight?

Then you can select this variant of Lemonade Braids for their hairstyle. With three ribboned buns – one on top of the head, one on the crown, and one on the nape, your kid will be the star of the party!

Lemonade Braids Inquiries & FAQS

Many braiding enthusiasts roam around the internet to find answers to some of the most basic queries regarding the Lemonade Braids. This section seeks to satisfy all those needs with a straw of answers for a glass of Lemonade.

  • How long do Lemonade Braids last?
    It actually depends on your approach. In general, Lemonade Braids last up to four to six weeks, depending on the treatment you are giving to your hair.
  • Do people still get Lemonade Braids?
    Of course, people still get Lemonade Braids! This is one of the most visually soothing, aesthetically tasteful, and currently trendy in the world of fashion.Getting these done should immediately name you the fancy styling queen in the town.
  • How do you sleep with Lemonade Braids?
    As we’ve mentioned, you sleep with Lemonade Braids with Satin caps on, as it will minimize hair damage and breakage.
  • Is Lemonade Braids a protective hairstyle?
    Yes, Lemonade Braids are mostly protective hairstyles. Because they tend to group together hair strands that strengthen them as well as their roots.Also, the styling process requires proper care that ensures nourishment and nutrition for your hair. So the answer is a big YES.
  • How many packs of hair do you need for Lemonade Braids?
    Lemonade Braids are usually longer in length, but that mostly depends on your preference.But in general, Lemonade Braids require four to six-packs of hair to get properly done.You can still seek advice from expert stylists for a precise number based on your preference.
  • Can you swim in Lemonade Braids?
    This is a tricky question, but the short answer is: YES.It is tricky because you’ll have to make sure to wash your hair right after you’ve gotten out of the pool. It is preferred that you use shampoo and rinse thoroughly.But it should be done carefully so that the process doesn’t harm your braids.Or you can simply use a swimming cap made specifically for braids. Keary Extra Large Swim Cap for Braids should do you the trick.
  • How long do Lemonade Braids take to install?
    It actually depends on your hair length and the length of braids that you are going for.But generally, doing Lemonade Braids requires around three to six hours.
  • How much do Lemonade Braids cost?
    Doing Lemonade Braids can cost you from $100 to even a throbbing $300 based on how much product and hair extension you might need.So we ask you to check out our DIY section to skip this cost and do it yourself at home with the minimum expense.
Final Thoughts

Braiding is always a fun experience, and when it comes to Lemonade Braids, it goes up an extra level! An all-round protective, beautiful and trendy hairstyle for your arsenal, you can pick Lemonade Braids over any other hairstyle out there!

This article is composed to cater to all your styling needs regarding Lemonade Braids. It covers a lot of basic questions as well as offers you elaborate styling and care guides. It also has a wide array of Lemonade Braids styles to choose from, both for you and your kid!

Our recommendation would be to pick a style that translates your inner beauty through your Lemonade Braids which would serve you at all fronts. Be it a party or a casual meeting, if you pick a style from our article and properly follow the care routines, you’ll never have to look back.

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