Leonardo DiCaprio Haircut

Leonardo DiCaprio Haircut: 18 Timeless Hairstyles That Would Never Go Out of Style

When you want to talk about the Leonardo DiCaprio haircut, the word you’ll end up using the most is “iconic”. His hairstyles over the years really have been legendary.

Starting from the 90s to throughout the 2000s, 2010s, and now the present time, he has had immensely popular and influential hairstyles one after another.

For example, there was a time when you could not go out on the streets without seeing at least one young man with the haircut from Titanic. Even before that, there were The Basketball Diaries and Romeo + Juliet and after that, there have been The Aviator, Inception, and The Great Gatsby.

And, these are only the movies. Even outside the movie set, he has rocked plenty of absolutely amazing hairstyles.

Out of all these hairstyles, our goal is to offer you the best of the best. So, stick with this article to learn about the most stunning Leonard DiCaprio hairstyles.

18 Leonardo DiCaprio Haircut Ideas for Modern Men

Leonardo DiCaprio has exciting hairstyles for all types of hair lengths and for all kinds of occasions. We present 18 different styles that will cater to everyone’s needs and tastes. Go through this list and find out which hairstyle suits you the most.

Side Part with Long Fringe

Side Part With Long Fringe

We are starting with one of the most iconic Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyles. Leo rocked the world in the 90s with this haircut. It would not be exaggerated to call the fame of this hairstyle a global phenomenon.

Leo was also aware of the craze for this hairstyle. He kept going back to this style in that era. Quite a few movies also cashed in on the success of this style and throughout the 90s he appeared in movies with this haircut.

The style itself is pretty simple. You will need long hair on the front. You just have to create a side partition and sweep your hair in the opposite direction. Then, the long fringe should come down to your eyes on that side.

Matured Side-Parted Comb Over

Matured Side Parted Comb Over

We jump from a side part style from the past to the side part style of the present. This one is also an equally charming haircut and has been one of the looks for Leo in recent years.

It is a basic side-parted style. Leo just combs his hair and keeps it really slick. He also gives his hair at the front a bit of height, kind of like a pompadour. Now that he is more mature, this hairstyle suits him perfectly.

However, that does not mean that younger men can not go for this style. Especially if you are attending a formal event, you won’t find too many better hairstyles than this one.

Spiked Up Style

Spiked Up Style

This is a sharp and cool Leonardo DiCaprio haircut from the 2000s. He was carrying this style around the time he appeared in Martin Scorsese’s The Departed.

To get the spiky style like Leo, you have to shorten the sides. And, you have to spike up your front and top hair using a hair product. Because of the shortened sides, you are bringing more focus to your spikes on top.

Leo just followed the basics of the spiked up style but it did wonders for him. That just shows how a simple hairstyle can have a huge impact. It all depends on the person carrying the style.

Leonardo DiCaprio Undercut

Leonardo DiCaprio Undercut

We now have a hairstyle that was adopted by a really young Leo DiCaprio. It was a really bold and striking style if you consider the time. Also, we might be calling this the Leonardo DiCaprio undercut, but this is not like the modern undercut style.

Leo shortened the hair on the sides and the back like the usual undercut. But, he did not completely shave it off or make it really short like modern undercuts.

For the front and top, Leo brushed up most of his hair and let a couple of strands fall down on his forehead. This little tweak created a really cool contrast and elevated the overall look. Next time you want an undercut; you can go for the Leonardo DiCaprio undercut.

Titanic’s Slick Back Hair

Titanics Slick Back Hair

This Leonardo DiCaprio 90s haircut is well-known to people all over the globe. Leo won literally everyone’s heart when he appeared with this hairstyle in Titanic.

There can be actual research done on why this hairstyle received the huge amount of love it did. Leo just brushes back all his hair and goes for the simple slick back style. But, he did look absolutely dreamy with this hairstyle.

If you are attending a party or an event where you need to keep everything formal but you want a hairstyle with a bit of zing and pizazz, then this is definitely the style for you.

Butch Cut

Butch Cut

This is probably as short as a Leonardo DiCaprio haircut goes. So, this style is for all of you who prefer to have short hairstyles.

The butch cut is actually a military inspired haircut. There are tactical advantages of having short hair for military personnel. For common people like us, this style just gives a sharp and intense look.

You can easily give yourself this haircut by just using an electric trimmer. In a butch cut, you need to have the same hair length all around your head. So, attach the correct guard and then trim all your hair. The ideal length would be ¼ to 3/8 inches.

Side-Parted Long Wavy Hair

Site Parted Long Wavy Hair

Let’s now look at one of the longer Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyles. He has actually had a few amazing long hairstyles over the years. However, we have picked this particular style from his movie Gangs of New York.

Apart from his stellar performance in the film, this stunning hairstyle has also caught the eyes of the audience. It turns out that when Leo grows out his hair, it gets a bit wavy.

So, all he needed to do was create a side partition and keep the flowy nature of his wavy hair. A bit of facial hair also goes really well with this hairstyle.

Curtained Hair

Curtained Hair

It’s time for another Leonardo DiCaprio 90s haircut. This was also an immensely popular style and he carried this style in multiple films in the 90s.

To get this style, you have to first create a partition straight in the middle. Then, hair from both sides of the partition needs to come down to your face and go beyond your eyes.

However, your hair should not go further than your lips. Your hair from both sides will basically frame your face and work like a curtain for your face. That is where the name of this style comes from.

Quiff Style

Quiff Style

This is a Leonardo DiCaprio haircut that he has not tried out too many times. We think that it’s a shame because he really rocks the quiff style.

For this style, your hair on the sides and the back will have an average length. You will need longer hair at the front. You have to brush up your front hair and make it face upwards.

There needs to be a curve from the top to the front area. It should appear like the height is gradually increasing. It is actually a nice alternative to spiky styles and might even feel fresher and more unique to some men.

90s Bowl Cut

90s Bowl Cut

As you can guess from the title, it is the 90s version of the bowl cut. We do not want to repeat ourselves and keep saying how this 90s Leo haircut was also popular.

It just feels like he made no wrong choices in that period. He just kept churning out amazing hairstyles that were loved and appreciated by all.

The difference between this style and a usual bowl cut is that you don’t go for the perfect “bowl shape” in this one. There will be a slight middle partition as well. As your hair falls down on your forehead, it will be slightly divided in the mid-point.

Man Bun with Thick Beard

Man Bun With Thick Beard

Now, let’s get back to one of the current Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyles. As he has gone for long hair in recent years, it is not a surprise that Leo has tried out the man bun as well.

He actually pulls it off really well. The man bun is a quite trendy hairstyle but not everyone can carry it successfully. Leo however just completely owns the look.

All you need to do for this style is brush back all your hair and tie them at the back of your head. Also, do not shave if you have a thick beard because a man bun will look even better with it.

Retro Mid-Part Style

Retro Mid Part Style

Mid-parted hairstyles have always been popular among men throughout history. But, recently it seems like it has achieved a new level of fame and attention.

From K-pop icons to Hollywood celebrities to Instagram/TikTok influencers, everyone is trying out their version of the mid-part style. So, this would be the perfect time to give Leonardo DiCaprio’s retro variant a try.

To attain this style, your middle partition should not go all the way through. It should just be in the front. You also need to give the front hair on both sides a bit of height and a slight twist.

Messy Wet Look

Messy Wet Look

You are now looking at one of the most laid back and relaxed Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyles. This is a really attractive style for a casual occasion.

You would need Leo’s signature long fringe for this style as well. Your long hair at the front needs to go beyond your eyes on one side. A slight side partition at the front can be added as well, but it’s not mandatory.

You now have to apply a good amount of wax or gel, make your hair wet, and bring that messy look. Make sure all your hairs are going in different directions and there’s no symmetry.

Front Fringe

Front Fringe

We have yet another Leonardo DiCaprio 90s haircut. This might actually be the first hairstyle that had drawn people’s attention to him. He had it in the early 90s and he was really young back then.

It’s a really easy style to get. You need slightly long hair at the front and you have to brush down your hair to make it fall on your forehead.

You can have thin hair strands and your hair shouldn’t go beyond your eyebrows. So, your fringe doesn’t have to be as long or voluminous as modern fringe or bangs styles.

Brush Up Style

Brush Up Style

This one is another simple yet impactful hairstyle. You can adopt this style with both short and mid-length hair.

The title of this style itself explains how to get it. You just have to brush all your hair and make them face up, especially the front and top hair.

Remember that your hair doesn’t need to be sharp like the spiked up style. Also, you might have to use a hair product to make sure that your hair stays up.

Tousled Top

Tousled Top


This is like a variant of the messy wet style, but it’s even messier and more chaotic. You won’t need a long fringe for this one. You can go for it with slightly short hair as well.

There will be no partition whatsoever for this style. You also do not have to apply any product to make it wet. You can just create a messy look with your fingers.

Literally anyone can try out this style. If you are looking for a hairstyle that gives you a chill and fun vibe, then this is it.

Mid-Parted Long Hair

Mid Parted Long Hair


It is another Leonardo DiCaprio haircut that is taken straight from a movie. This style is from the film The Man in the Iron Mask where Leo plays King Louis XIV.

This is a really cool way of styling your long wavy hair. You need to create a middle partition that goes from the front to the mid-top area.

Make a few hair strands fall on your face from both sides. The rest of the long hair can just freely fall and go even beyond your shoulders.

Suave Pompadour

Suave Pompadour

The last Leonardo DiCaprio haircut on this list is one of the most dependable styles for modern men. Whenever contemporary men are looking for a dapper style, they would go for the pompadour half of the time.

It’s classy, it’s slick, and it’s elegant. It is just the sort of sophisticated hairstyle you would want for a formal occasion.

It is also a pretty versatile hairstyle and you won’t feel out of place with it in a casual hangout as well. So, think of the pompadour as one of the best friends of men.

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of interest people have in Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair is almost surreal. There are tons of questions that are asked everyday on the internet about his hair. We’ll answer a few of them in this section.

How to get Leonardo DiCaprio’s haircut from The Great Gatsby?

Firstly, it will help a lot if you have blonde hair. It is basically a side part style, but with a bit more texture than usual. When you are creating the side partition, you need to give your hair a bit of height and it needs to fall down on the other side.

Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair receding?

At the age Leo is at right now, it should not come as a surprise that his hair is slightly receding. However, it seems like only his front hairline is receding a bit. He has a fine volume of hair at the top, crown, and other areas.

What is Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair type?

Leo’s hair seems to be straight most of the time. But, whenever he grows out his hair, his hair appears to show some waves. So, our guess is that his hair type is 1C or 2A.

Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair real?

Yes, whatever hair you are seeing on Leo’s head is natural and his real hair. He is not wearing a wig. In fact, there has not even been any report of him going through a hair transplant.

Final Thoughts

When you go through a celebrity’s hairstyles, you might feel like it’s a hit-or-miss situation. Not all of their hairstyles always work. Luckily that is not the case with Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyles.

All of his hairstyles have proven to be hits. Also, we have only given you the crème de la crème of his hairstyles. That makes things much easier for you.

You now know that you can pick any Leonardo DiCaprio haircut and you’re pretty much guaranteed success. So, there should be much less hesitation on your part.

All you need to do now is figure out which hairstyle is most suitable for you. In our list, we have discussed in detail what is for whom.

Just think about what kind of vibe or appearance you want your hairstyle to give you. Once you have figured that out, you’d automatically choose the right style for you.

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