Lil Yachty Braids

Lil Yachty Braids: The Complete Guide for This Rapper’s Hairstyles

Lil Yachty braids are as unique and individualistic as the rapper himself. Since the day he arrived on the hip-hop scene with songs like “One Night”, “Minnesota”, and “Broccoli”, people have been impressed with his braids.

After achieving mainstream popularity, he has not gone for any style other than braids. Just think about him and you would find that you can’t imagine Lil Yachty without braids.

Even with his braids, he has not experimented too many times. However, there are a couple of braids styles that he has tried out.

Each one of these Lil Yachty hairstyles has been absolute bangers, just like his music. He brings some interesting twists on his braids that make them stand apart from the rest.

In this article, we will break down these amazing styles and talk about them in detail. So, read till the end to learn about the best braids styles of Lil Yachty.

9 Exciting Lil Yachty Braids Styles You Should Try

We have picked and compiled 9 of the most stunning braids styles of Lil Yachty for you. Go through this list to find out which style you vibe with the most.

Lil Yachty Red Braids

Lil Yachty Red Braids

Red braids have been the signature Lil Yachty hairstyle throughout his career. Even before he became a rapper or even had braids, he used to dye his hair red as a young man.

This red color has been a constant companion in his journey. Maybe that’s why for a long period of time we haven’t seen him with any other hair color. However, if I were you, I wouldn’t necessarily dye my hair red and would choose another color that’s more meaningful to me.

As for braiding your hair, you can go for simple box braids. I’d also recommend the two strand twist or three strand twist styles if your hair is still too short for braids.

Red Braids with Beads

Red Braids With Beads

This one is the Lil Yachty braids style. Without a doubt, this is his most widely recognized hairstyle. It’s probably the one Lil Yachty hairstyle you were aware of even before you started reading this article.

You should dye your hair before you start braiding if you want to keep it colored for a long time. If it’s a short-term commitment, then you can first braid your hair and then use a temporary hair color spray.

Lil Yachty also keeps his braids thin and has a good number of them. So, you have to divide your hair into many sections. When you are done braiding all the sections, you can attach the beads. Lil Yachty usually prefers transparent beads.

Lil Yachty Black Braids

Lil Yachty Black Braids

The Lil Yachty black braids style surprised a lot of people when he first appeared with it. They were just shocked that he had finally ditched the red color and went with his natural hair color.

He again surprised his fans when he attached diamond beads to his black braids. I am very much aware that it’s not a viable option for most people. You can just attach white beads if you want as that would create a cool contrast.

Lil Yachty also went for thicker braids this time. They were lesser in number as well. So, you won’t have to create that many sections for this one.

Braids with Bandana

Braids With Bandana

Lil Yachty seems to be a huge fan of bandanas. Back when he had red braids and even now, he seems to wear a bandana pretty frequently. It actually makes sense because wearing a bandana is one of the easiest ways of making your braids more striking.

There are two ways he styles his braids with a bandana. One is when he wears it just over his braids. Then, the braids come out from underneath the bandana.

The other style is when he wears it higher and lets a couple of his braids stick out from the top of the bandana. He has tried beads with both of these styles as well.

French Braids

French Braids

If you are looking for Lil Yachty without braids, this style is the closest thing you will find. This is unlike any other Lil Yachty braids styles and he pulls it off really well.

To get this style, you only need to have two long braids. First, you have to create a partition straight down the middle. Then, you need two braids at the front. Both braids will start from the partition, go sideways, go halfway around your head and then fall at the back.

I would also keep my front hairline tidy and crisp for this style. The rest of that hair that’s not braided should be slick and close to the scalp.

Braided Pigtails

Braided Pigtails

This is a unique Lil Yachty hairstyle that he has come up with just by tying up his braids in a certain way. I can’t be entirely sure if he intentionally wanted to create a pigtail-inspired style. But, the style certainly looks like that.

You have to create a middle partition for this style as well. Then, you have to take all the braids from one side and tie them up on that side of your head. Do the same for the other side as well.

There will be a couple of loose braids at the front and the back of your head. Also, this style works better with beads because then it has more texture and character.

Tied Beads on the Sides

Tied Beads On The Sides

You have to attach beads to your braids for this style. Beads are necessary to create this distinct look. Also, make sure that there are 4-5 beads for each braid.

You have to create a middle partition to begin. Then, you have to create scalp braids that go sideways. Just like French braids, these braids will go from the partition to the opposite side of your head.

Finally, you have to take all your braids from one side and tie them together, kind of like the pigtail style. But, you have to tie them in a way so that only the beads are dangling from both sides.

Loose Top Knot

Loose Top Knot

This Lil Yachty braids style is really easy to get. Despite being a simple style, it actually is quite impactful and can give you an attractive look.

It is basically a top knot style where you take all of your hair and tie them right at the top of your head. But, you would not tie all your braids for this style.

Few braids need to be free. Lil Yachty styles it in a way that there are loose braids on the sides and the back. If you want, you can let a few of them fall from the front to your forehead.

Multi-Colored Beads

Multi Colored Beads

This is the last Lil Yachty braids style on my list. This one includes beads as well. For this style, it’s better if you have thin braids and there are a lot of them.

The more braids you have, the better you will look. Also, the braids need to be longer. At the end of each braid, you will attach multiple beads and they will be of different colors.

You can just create a middle partition and let these colorful beads hang down from both sides. Feel free to choose any color you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have already mentioned how popular Lil Yachty braids are. So, it’s not a surprise that there are tons of questions that are frequently asked about his braids. We’ll answer a few of them in this section.

How to get Lil Yachty Braids?

Well, you have seen from the list that there are a couple of Lil Yachty braids styles you can choose from. But, most of them include box braids and attaching beads to your braids. Check out this video to have a basic idea of how to braid your hair and attach beads.

Why did Lil Yachty ditch his red braids?

Lil Yachty has stopped dying his braids red, which he was doing for a long time. He said in an interview that dying his hair frequently was actually damaging his hair a lot. That’s why he stopped doing it before his hair got severely and irreparably damaged.

Final Words

Through this article, I have shown you the best braided hairstyles of Lil Yachty. It is now up to you to decide which styles you want to adopt.

When you have braids, you have to be extra careful about maintenance. You can’t avoid providing the care that your braids need. I have a few suggestions that you can follow.

You must avoid making your braids too tight. If your braids are too tight, that can seriously damage your hair and might even cause permanent hair loss.

You also have to regularly hydrate and moisturize your scalp. Oiling your scalp is also a very positive practice. However, whatever moisturizer or oil you are using, make sure that those suit your hair and scalp.

Finally, sleep on a silk or satin surface. Also, wear a durag while sleeping to keep your braids fresh. Just follow these recommendations and rock your Lil Yachty inspired braids with confidence.

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