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16 Famous Alicia Keys Braids Hairstyles to Follow and Recreate

The 2000s was a golden time for music, as many of our legendary singers came up with their record-breaking songs during this period. Starting from Beyoncé to Britney Spears, the list goes on and on. But we’re here to talk about one of the most influential voices from that time who won the hearts of millions and proved that she was here to mark her success. Yes, we’re talking about our very own Alicia Keys!

Alicia has been in the limelight for several years because of her successful music career. The ‘Fallin’ star has won several Grammys and she held her position on several top charts for the fantastic music she produced. Apart from her voice and talent, Alicia is also praised for her sense of fashion and styling. And this is why you will find many young ladies trying to recreate her looks from time to time.

If you ask us, we’re going to say that Alicia is literally the queen of cornrows when it comes to her hairstyles. This is one of the most distinguishing facts about her that made her style quite popular. Alicia has rocked many events with her amazing braided hair, and she inspired many women out there to try out creative braiding styles on their hair.

So as hairstyling enthusiasts, we simply cannot go on with our lives without talking about the famous hairstyles that Alicia has worn with grace. To all the Alicia Keys fans, if you want to know how to recreate her super-charming hair looks, then keep reading ahead to get the best ideas!

What’s So Unique about Alicia’s Hairstyles?

Unique Alicia’s Hairstyles

Alicia’s style has been about cornrows and beads for quite a long time now. She has taken the regular cornrows to the next level by trying them out in different interesting ways. Seriously, you won’t find a lack of inspiration when you browse through the internet to fangirl over her cornrows. Apart from that, she has made one of the styles most popular that you can see many black girls wearing at present: it’s the beads!

The singer loves to wear different types of beads with her braids, and she has made this style a trademark of hers. Starting from the regular transparent beads to the classic wooden beads, Alicia has worn them all and created scopes for the perfect recreation of those styles.

Alicia generally loves to wear her braids long, but she also prefers to change the style on different occasions. The changes are quite minor, like upgrading the way the hair is parted or trying out a tied-up style. No matter which ones she opts for, she always looks like a diva!

The Queen Loves Her Braids!

It doesn’t require much explanation that Alicia loves to wear braided hairstyles because she has worn them to so many places! But if you’re wondering why she is such a big fan of braided styles, then the answer has been given by the diva herself.

In an interview with Glamour UK, she expressed her love for her heritage and exclaimed that braids make her feel like royalty. Her braided styles are so beloved to her because of the connection she feels with her African culture. Apart from that, Alicia was hugely influenced by her surroundings during her early days, which gave her the unique fashion sense she bears with elegance.

Alicia has tried out different types of hairstyles, but her braids are what make her unique. We love how she embraced the cultural values of her antecedents, and that is the beauty of wearing your hair with pride in our opinion.

How To Do Braids Like Alicia Keys?

Well, the process is quite simple if you ask us. You just need to know how to create partings in interesting ways, and then your regular cornrows will do the job quite well.

If you are visiting the salon to get your braids done, then you can just show your hairdresser one of your favorite braided hairstyles of Alicia, and wait till she makes them perfect. Or else, just grab your rat tail comb and hair gel and do the braids for yourself!

You can choose braiding hair according to your preference, and do the cornrows in interesting styles like opposite patterns, or snake patterns, or opt for the famous stitch braids. Don’t forget to grab your beads beforehand in order to give your hair a proper Alicia Keys style. And we also suggest picking bandanas. Why? Well, let’s answer it ahead!

16 Alicia Keys Braids Ideas to Look Like a Superstar

The story of Alicia loving her braids is fascinating, and it drives us towards embracing the beauty of our natural hair while trying out beautiful braiding styles that portray our heritage. If you are an enthusiast of braided hairstyles then you can recreate those looks by simply taking a look at them. But if you are a beginner, keep practicing or simply visit the salon to get your braids done like Alicia.

If you are still thinking about which Alicia Keys hairstyle with braids is going to be the best pick for you, then worry no more. Ahead are some of the most stylish braided styles from the diva that we have hand-picked for you. Let’s check them out together!

Zigzag Cornrows

Zigzag Cornrows

Alicia probably loves the zigzag style when it comes to cornrows because she has worn them several times. Just the creativity in parting the hair separates one style from the other.

This classic Alicia Keys hairstyle with the subtle zigzag cornrows is quite popular. She went for different types of beads for her braids, but the transparent ones are simply giving us the glam vibe. This one can be a great pick for fancy or formal occasions.

With Red Beads

With Red Beads

What better way to complement your outfit than wearing beads that match the color of your attire? Well, Alicia surely has rocked that look with her red jacket, so now it’s your time to give it a try.

In this picture, the diva has an interesting hairstyle consisting of a middle part along with creatively styled cornrows on the top of her head. The eye-catching part of this entire style is the addition of red, white, and transparent beads, as they have simply given a touch of glam to the style.

Side Swept

Side Swept

The diva has worn her long cornrows in creative styles, along with the most popular side-swept look that we totally love. Here is a picture to inspire you!

The long cornrows on her hair have been assembled at one side to create that side-swept look. We love the black braids as they are super shiny and complement her vibe. All in all, this one can be a great pick for regular wear!

With Gold Hair Rings

With Gold Hair Rings

Alicia knows how to wear her hair in creative ways to make her beads and hair rings stand out in the crowd. It’s all about choosing the right techniques to make your braids look special while showcasing the beauty of your beads at the same time.

In this picture, Alicia’s beautiful cornrows have been accompanied by intricately designed gold hair rings and wooden beads that match the vibe of her hair. She has also worn black and brown beads to create a stylish aura with her braids.

Creative Patterns

Creative Patterns

A great thing about cornrows is that you can wear them in endlessly creative ways, so Alicia has taken full advantage of that benefit. This picture proves what we are talking about.

The braids in this style are so mesmerizingly creative that we simply cannot skip without praising the skill of her hairstylist. From the classic snake pattern to the regular cornrows, everything is fabulous and the amazing partings do not even require any explanation. This one is a must-try for all the braid lovers out there!

Curly Braids

Curly Braids

With protective hairstyles, you can get all stylish by trying out different techniques to make the best out of your braids. Such as the one Alicia went for in this picture, which was simply giving it a curly appearance.

The middle part hair with the intricately done cornrows looks so beautiful and neat. However, we love how the braids have been given a curly style to make it feel like her hair is curly like that. Although Alicia has worn this on the red carpet, we feel like this style is also going to be a great choice for you if you are planning a vacation at the beach!

Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail

Making a ponytail out of your box braided hair is quite a regular thing to do. But if you want to spice things up, choose colorful braiding hair for your braids this time, and then turn them into an attractive ponytail.

In this picture, Alicia is wearing box braids in the shades of orange, yellow, pink, and brown. Apart from the fact that the braids look super colorful and vibrant, we love how the ponytail has been styled on the front side. Plus, the untied ends also look super stylish.

Stitch Braids

Stitch Braids

One of the most iconic looks of Alicia is the time when she wore stitch braids along with a compact and cute bun. This style is quite beautiful and it can be easily recreated by expert braiders.

Consisting of big stitch braids that lead up to a braided bun, this hairstyle is definitely perfect for formal events. One of the most praiseworthy elements of this hairstyle is the baby hairs at the front that have been styled creatively to complete the look. For those with short hair, this style can be a great pick!

Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids

The queen of braided hairstyles has tried out so many braided looks that it becomes hard to keep track of those beautiful styles. But we are here to save you the hassle, so here is another amazing hairstyle with Fulani braids that Alicia carried with perfection.

This medium-length hairstyle consists of beautifully done Fulani braids that look quite attractive. The ends of her braids have been adorned with wooden beads in different shades that are giving her an aesthetic vibe. Especially those orange beads are working as highlights for sure!

With Bandana

With Bandana

One of the most stylish ways to adorn your braids is to wear a bandana, and you can choose different prints and patterns while doing so. From baddies to cuties, anyone can have their perfect bandana moment. Remember when we mentioned picking a bandana before getting your Alicia Keys braids done? Well, it’s because Alicia has incorporated a bandana with her braids, so what’s stopping you from trying it out as well?

This perfect bandana that Alicia is wearing with her long braids looks super modish. To match the vibe of her bandana, she has added patterned wooden beads at the ends of her braids. All in all, this is a smart style that can be tried by all the beautiful ladies out there!

Braids and Curls

Braids And Curls

Sometimes your braids do not have to be all braided up. You can just combine a tied and untied style at the same time, and your hair will be ready for a casual event without even giving much effort. Alicia understood the assignment quite well, which is reflected in this hairstyle that she tried out.

This unique hairstyle consists of cornrows at one side that is halfway done. After that, the cornrows have been given a cool style which you can recreate by using silver hair rings. The rest of her hair has been given a curly look that is elegant enough to rock any fancy event. You can pick this hairstyle for a night out at the club, and it can be a great choice for a concert as well.

Braided Pigtails

Braided Pigtails

Who doesn’t like to take a tour back at their childhood days? In our childhood, we always loved to wear braided pigtails and regular ponytails. If you want to try out one of those hairstyles with a bit of twist, then you can take inspiration from this hairstyle that Alicia has worn in this picture.

It consists of an interesting style on top of her head that has been adorned with gold hair rings. Leading to two beautiful braided pigtails, this style reminds us of the time when our mothers used to try out creative braids on our hair. You can secure the end of your pigtails like the way Alicia did, and you will look like a fairy for sure!

Rhinestone Braid

Rhinestone Braid

Quite recently, Alicia posted a picture of her hairstyle on Instagram which took over the internet with its beauty. It was a three-strand braided ponytail with a touch of glamour, and we just can’t get enough of this hairstyle!

We’ve seen many black girls trying out the rhinestone ponytail on their birthdays, and this hairstyle in the picture surely resembles that style! Alicia chose the gold and silver rhinestones to match the vibe of her outfit, and we love every single detail of this style. The braid looks super voluminous, and her polished look is totally something out of this world!

Curled Ends

Curled Ends

Alicia has always shared a special bond with her mother, as she grew up watching the most important woman in her life trying to give her the best life she could. This picture is a celebration of their bond, so we had to include this particular hairstyle in our list.

Alicia’s beautiful braids in this picture really complement the vibe of what she’s wearing. We love how she has gone for the curly ends with her braids as it’s giving her hair a fuller look. The braids look gorgeous, and so do the people in the picture!

Braided Bubbles

Braided Bubbles

Our beautiful diva has set the bar too high for braided hairstyles because she has literally created variations that we wonder if anyone has ever tried before! From simple to intricate, the styling options have been infinite, and this picture is a great example of that.

The braided style that Alicia is holding in this picture doesn’t even require any explanation of how beautiful it is. All of her braided hair have been assembled together to create a bubble style. This bubble braided ponytail is super chic, and you can give it a definite try at any upcoming fancy event.

Four Braids

Four Braids

Have you ever gone the extra length with your braids and tried out a look with more than two big braids in a single style? Well, if you feel like trying out one now, then take a look at this amazing hairstyle that Alicia has totally rocked.

This style that comes with four amazing braids is super extra. All of the braids are equally voluminous and look pretty stylish. They are accompanied by small braids at the front as well, and the baby hairs have also been styled to give her a complete hair look.


The amazing braided hairstyles that Alicia has tried out from time to time will require an entire book to be appreciated. These are so classy and stylish that we feel like trying them out asap! But before that, let’s take a look at some of the answers to your common questions regarding Alicia Key and her hair.

What type of hair does Alicia have?

Alicia’s curl pattern falls between 3b and 3c. So if you have similar hair, you can easily opt for the styles that we have mentioned above.

Which other types of hairstyles have Alicia tried?

Although Alicia is mostly famous for her amazing braids apart from her beautiful voice, she has also tried out other forms of hairstyles. Alicia has rocked finger waves, bangs, straight hair, and many other styles. She literally is the queen, isn’t she?

Final Words

Alicia Keys has won the hearts of millions of her fans through hard work and dedication. She is an inspiration to many aspiring singers out there, and the fashion statement she has created has inspired many young ladies. Alongside that, the way she embraces her culture and loves to showcase it through the creative braids she wears is really admirable.

We always love a beautifully done braided hairstyle, and what better way to get creative at it than following the styles Alicia has presented to us? She proved to us that the beauty of your hair should not be limited to the regular options only-rather you can go all bold and big by selecting creative options when it comes to your braids.

So the next time you visit the salon or opt for a DIY hairstyling session at home, don’t forget to give these amazing hairstyles we have mentioned above a try. As Alicia fans, it is our pleasure to recommend those to you, and now it’s your time to be the perfect superstar like your favorite girl Alicia!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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