Top 21 Long Hair With Curtain Bangs Styles In 2022

Are you looking for a versatile yet classic hairstyle for your long hair? Look no further, long hair with curtain bangs hairstyles are here to save the day!

Time flies by, but you can bet on one thing; classics always make a return. Such is the case with curtain bangs with long hair.

It is so understated how amazing they look! They are low maintenance and go with almost any length of hair actually. But we are specifically talking about curtain bangs with long hair here.

The excellent feature of framing your face with a fringe is one of the cleanest things that ensures the return of curtain bangs every few years. We are in 2022, and it’s making a comeback yet again.

We are going all out to present you with the best curtain bangs styles for your long hair. Even if you have medium hair, there is something for you as well. We will also chew over how you can get your calm and comfy curtain bangs at home.

Sit back, relax, and let us help you with different styles of curtain bangs that will definitely go with your excellent taste!

A Glance At Long Hair With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a thing from the 60s and 70s. It was when those bangs turned into a trend, credit goes to some Hollywood actresses rocking this magnificent style.

To define it, curtain bangs truly justify the name. They are indeed like curtains. Most of the time, the bangs are middle-parted and swept to the sides. Just as a curtain frames a window when parted in the middle, curtain bangs frame your face and eyes in the same manner.

Curtain bangs with long hair can also have a wide range of variations. The hair can be layered, highlighted, sides length can vary, etc. Sometimes you can even go a greater length and combine your curtain bangs with a ponytail. How amazing is that!

Now, let’s get into the minute details for your long hair with curtain bangs.

Long Hair With Curtain Bangs: DIY At Home

Curtain bangs are one of the easiest haircuts you can give to yourself. Yet, they are some of the spiciest you can find.

To get your curtain bangs, you will need only two tools:

  • a flat comb
  • a pair of hair cutting scissors

We are going to discuss how to cut your curtain bangs in 3 easy steps. Follow these steps and you will achieve a neat-looking curtain bang that will make you want to see yourself in a mirror every few seconds!

Step 1: Detangling

Doing any haircut is far easier when you do it on clean and detangled hair. For curtain bangs, you should get your hair cleaned and dried out. Curtain bangs are recommended to do on completely dry hair.

Step 2: Sectioning

This step requires you to be precise and careful. To begin, use your comb to part your hair down the middle of your head. To make it sharp and clean, you may repeat the process multiple times.

Locate the center point of your head first. Now, make a triangle from the center point on top of the head to the front.

Place your flat comb on your head’s center point and the arch of one eyebrow so that the comb makes a straight alignment. Then comb those sections of hair diagonally. Do the same for the opposite side.

Finally, comb that triangular section’s hair down and let it naturally fall in front of your face to complete this step,

Step 3: Cutting

In this step, you are going to cut your bangs. First, comb down your sectioned hair. Make a cut 2 inches below your chin. Make sure that the cut is straight.

Now, middle-part your bang again. Take one part and move it across your face diagonally. Hold the end of your strand keeping 1 inch below your fingers and make a cut below them keeping it straight. Repeat the process with your other part.

Let your bangs fall in front of your face again. At this point, you should feather your bangs to make them look natural. This will help them blend with your hair seamlessly.

And there you have it!

Curtain Bangs With Long Hair: 21 Clean And Classic Styles

Long Layers

Curtain bangs with long hair look so cute and effortless that you can never go wrong with any of the styles. And we have brought to you those styles to pick up from!

As we mentioned earlier, any length of hair looks excellent with curtain bangs. And although our focus is on long hair with curtain bangs, we love to be inclusive and added a few styles for other lengths of hair as well.

Let’s explore the styles!

Long Layers

Long Shag

Long layers with curtain bangs, a diamond! This is a timeless curtain bangs style that has a record of disappointing no one.

Your long layers merge with curtain bangs so seamlessly that you present yourself in a constant manner. It frames your face so sophisticatedly that no one is able to turn their eyes away from it!

To experiment with your bang’s length, you may keep it shorter or even longer than your chin’s length. The layers assist you with completing the look, any way you want.

Long Shag

Long Shag


Long shags is yet another classic style. Combining curtain bangs with shags gives birth to a layered style built in a certain way.

Shag cut is a style where the layers make your hair look full. The layers center around your crown, and then the bangs tend to be on the thin and short side.

Long shag with curtain bangs thus presents you with a look that makes your head seem full with layered hair. We recommend this style to everyone because the curtain bangs almost always look spot on for people with any face shape.

Long Wavy Hair

Long Wavy Hair

Curtain bangs look excellent on long wavy hair. In fact, it is one of the simplest ways to add something extra to your wondrous waves!

In the case of long wavy hair with curtain bangs, your bang’s length may vary depending on how long your hair is. You may also layer your wavy hair to introduce a voluminous look to it.

The choice is entirely yours!

Center-Parted Long Hair

Center Parted Long Hair

This is the most traditional form of long hair with curtain bangs.

Bangs are usually middle-parted or center-parted. And it is exactly what is happening in center-parted long hair with curtain bangs.

Depending on the length of your hair, you may just go with a simple curtain bang and break everyone’s heart on the fly with that absolutely glamorous look of yours!

Swoopy Long Hair

Swoopy Long Hair

Swoopy long hair with curtain bangs is where a wonderful mixture happens!

The swoopy haircut is a result of excellent smooth feathered layers. The appearance gives you a feeling that the hair is always moving.

When you add curtain bangs to that movement, you create a great juxtaposition. And you can even blend those bangs any time you want and end up with two hairstyles in one.

Having multiple hairstyles that you can change at any moment has never been easier!

With Long Highlighted Hair

With Long Highlighted Hair

Feeling a bit bored with just long hair? Why not add curtain bangs to it, and while you are at it, throw in some highlights as well!

On its own, curtain bangs with long hair are a classic that one can never go wrong with. But it is always delightful to see some colors on that lengthy hair.

You may go bold and add highlights to all your hair, or you can be minimalistic and add some brightness to your bangs only and some layers adjacent to it.

Freedom is always there!

Long Blonde Balayage

Long Blonde Balayage

Long blonde balayage with curtain bangs is another style with highlighted curtain bangs. The technique is different from the balayage which guarantees a unique look.

Balayage style requires the hair lightener to be hand-painted directly onto your hair. It is a work of art. And when you add curtain bangs to it, the textures tell an exclusive story.

Sometimes, only the curtain bangs are balayage-d. And there can be other colors in place of blonde.

This whole thing adds a modern feel to the entire curtain bangs experience!

Long Layers

Long Layers

Curtain Bangs and long layers is a variation that mainly focuses on long layers. Curtain bangs act as an anchor while your long hair gets layered.

Long layers and curtain bangs are co-independent in this style, to be precise. Your bangs have to be a bit longer than your chin length to go with the long layers.

The flowy looks of long layers with curtain bangs offer an amazing opportunity to look elevated in a very calm manner.

Side Part

Side Part Curtain Bangs

This variation of long curtain bangs comes with a twist. Instead of the bangs being parted in the middle as it is traditionally, they are side-parted.

So, the long curtain bangs side part presents you with a style that is not usually seen. Yet, the classy look of side-parted curtain bangs instills a very approachable and polished look that not many styles can.

This is a style with a high recommendation from us.

Wispy Curtain Bangs Long Hair

Wispy Curtain Bangs Long Hair

This style is suitable for the ones with long wispy hair. The grandeur of wispy hair gets enhanced with curtain bangs in a simple way. And sometimes, simple is the best you can do to uplift your look!

Wispy curtain bangs and long hair already have a history. Keira Knightley rocked this look multiple times. Your bangs don’t need to be pronounced in the middle like in most other curtain bangs variations.

This relaxed look is also a minimalistic one that gives life to your thriving thin, wispy wonders. Try it and see for yourself. You will not regret it for a moment.

Long Straight Hair

Long Straight Hair

This one is for those with long, we mean really long straight hair!

We understand that it sometimes gets a bit confusing with what to get when you have long straight hair. However, adding just a simple curtain bang does wonder to your look.

The cool and clean long straight hair with curtain bangs can be modified to your preference as well. You may add highlights to uplift your presence. Trying out balayage-styled highlights does even more justice to your lively long hair.

You can go with the safest route and be content with curtain bangs, or you can feel adventurous and try out some additional customizations.

Ask yourself what you want. It will be impossible to go wrong anyway!

Long Red Hair With Layers

Long Red Hair With Layers

Long red hair with layers and curtain bangs is an excellent example of how one can look magnificent with just long hair.

Often we feel like not doing much to our hair but achieving a look that stands out. With the red waves, long layered hair with curtain bangs is a style that is exactly that. The shade of red may vary depending on your preference, but you can play with curtain bangs all you like.

For a change, you can try side-parted curtain bangs with your long-layered hair. You can also try other colors if you feel like it.

Go with a combination that makes you happy. You will look gorgeous with any of the combinations mentioned above.

Korean Curtain Bangs

Korean Curtain Bangs

Long curtain bangs Korean is almost a signature look now. It is also known as simply Korean Bangs, or Long Korean Bangs.

This variation is a special one. Your bangs are cut in a specific way to create a wavy look. Your hair will also be layered in some cases where the wavy wonders will be intensified all over.

If you have long hair, try this one out to stand tall anywhere you go. This is a banger!

Shaggy Lob

Shaggy Lob

Shaggy lob with curtain bangs is an exquisite style if you are looking to have your hair relatively medium but with curtain bangs. This is a union of three different elements in one style.

Lob is another word for long bob haircut which is becoming a trend again. When you go for a shag cut for your lob, the fuller look at the temple of your head is creating the perfect condition for a curtain bang.

Adding the curtain bangs to those two different styles creates a unique look that you can only love.

The trinity is mighty, and you just have to let it come to you!

Lob With Curtain Bangs

Lob With Curtain Bangs

Lob with curtain bangs, also known as a long bob with curtain bangs, is a style for the bold and beautiful.

We have discussed shaggy lob with curtain bangs just before. The shaggy look adds a smooth softness to your appearance. If you want a look minus that, lob with curtain bangs is here for you.

The long bob, or bob, can be slightly wavy if you don’t want it to be too sharp. Either way, this style is a bang for the buck if you are looking for a straightforward style.

Textured Lob

Textured Lob

Did you think we were done with long bobs? Check this one out.

Textured lob with curtain bangs is a bright style that suits everyone. Your lobs are textured to make them stand out. The mysterious vibe of curtain bangs gets magnified with this twiggy textured lob.

Alternatively, if you are not feeling like going with a brighter style than textured lob, try out Balayage-styled highlighted curtain bangs. You will be amazed by the end result in both styles.

With A Ponytail

Curtain Bangs With Ponytail

Curtain bangs with a ponytail is one of the most popular curtain bangs right now. The combination of curtain bangs with ponytail shows a contrast that is attractive on a number of degrees.

We must say that this is a great variation for people with medium-length hair. Instead of keeping it plain, you can get different textures and highlights to make them rock even more.

The opposite nature of curtain bangs and ponytails is a sweet mixture that makes people take a second look at you wherever you go.

With Shoulder Length Hair

With Shoulder Length Hair

This style is dedicated to those who have shoulder-length hair and want to try curtain bangs. Make no mistake, it looks absolute beauty!

Shoulder-length hair with curtain bangs requires your bangs to be precisely the length of your chin. It creates a seamless blend that looks gorgeous!

Contrarily, if you want to keep your bangs shorter, the blend might not be there. But it will be a style of your very own.

Not many can claim a style of their own, can they?

Medium Hair

Medium Hair

Shout out to those amazing people with medium hair. We have something for you as well.

You too can look glorious with curtain bangs. You can go with a curtain Bangs with layers of medium hair variation if you feel like it. As your hair is medium length, your curtain bangs will be at your eye level. That is a popular suggestion.

You can also go with a medium layered hair with curtain bangs. Your magnificent medium hair will be layered to match with curtain bangs to create a final look. It will be a head-turner for sure!

Bob With Curtain Bangs

Bob With Curtain Bangs

Bob with curtain bangs is a popular style in 2022. In fact, we can say that this is an all-time popular style.

In the summertime, you look for some short hairstyles and bobs are one of the most practical ones you can get. Adding a twist to it by getting a curtain bang is the best thing you can do for your style.

When a curtain bang gets added on with a bob, the plain simple bob gets a new life that does not go unnoticed.

Why sacrifice flamboyance at all when you are trying to get an efficient style?

Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs are amazing in themselves. When we talk about side swept curtain bangs, you know things are about to get real.

In any hairstyle, side swept variations always stand out. They always tend to be lively and preppy. Doing the side swept with curtain bangs produces a new style for you to try.

Moreover, you can customize your side swept curtain bangs with highlights and layers.

You end up with limitless possibilities with side swept curtain bangs!

Care Tips For Long Hair With Curtain Bangs

We have discussed 21 amazing styles for you. But it does not stop here. We will not be able to forgive ourselves if we do not discuss how to take care of your cute curtain bangs. So, here are some tips for you.

  • If you want to get your curtain bangs slightly wavy without applying any heat, get some leave-in conditioner and spray them on your slightly damp hair. Twist the curtain bangs and keep them for 20-30 minutes.
  • Refresh your curtain bangs from time to time by spraying dry shampoo. You have to spray them at the roots.
  • You can refresh your bangs by trimming them every few weeks. It does not take long to do it once you get your bangs.
  • To keep the natural look, let your curtain bangs always air dry.
  • If your hair is wavy, you should trim it every few days to refresh the look.


Although everything has been talked about in this article, we still feel there might be some questions in your mind that you need the answers to. Therefore, we are answering some most frequently answered questions about curtain bangs in this section.

Are curtain bangs high maintenance?

No, curtain bangs are one of the lowest maintenance styles you can find.

How long does it take curtain bangs to outgrow?

Usually, it takes 4-5 months for your curtain bangs to outgrow depending on your hair growth.

Do curtain bangs suit round faces?

Curtain bangs are most appropriate for square faces. However, there are some variations of curtain bangs that suit round faces just fine. Get those and you will look great!

When should I trim my curtain bangs?

You should trim your curtain bangs every few days. Some might even go a few weeks without needing to trim. It all depends on your hair growth.

Do curtain bangs go with ponytails?

Absolutely! It is one of the best styles you can get.

Final Words

Long hair with curtain bangs can easily become your styling companion today. The curtain bangs have made a comeback yet again, and their marriage with long or even medium hair has been too hot to handle.

Our guide was focused on getting you introduced to one of the classiest hairstyles. We presented you with how to do it, and we have also shown you 21 different styles. Those hand-picked styles guarantee you to look at the top of your game. It doesn’t matter which one you choose. But we suggest that you pick one that you fall in love with. 

Curtain bangs with long hair also require low maintenance and effort. It is a style that stood the test of time and came back in style again and again. And it is back, again.

We highly recommend this style for you based on our findings. This is a style that will serve you well in the most effective ways. 

May the blessings of great curtain bangs be with you!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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