Number 4 Haircut

Number 4 Haircut: Everything You Need To Know

Having short hair for men is quite convenient in many ways as they take less time to maintain. In both formal and sports environments, short hair can give a stylish outlook effortlessly.

Now, if you are looking for a hairstyle that is not too short and not too long then Number 4 haircut can be the perfect match for you. In this article, we have tried to put together some interesting facts about this haircut along with the top 10 number 4 hairstyles that will stay trendy throughout 2024.

Without further delay, let us show you the styles you can wear this year.

Is Number 4 A Perfect HairCut for You?

Haircut Styles for men regarding numbers can be very confusing sometimes. Especially for women who want to cut their husbands’ or kids’ hair at home.

To know if you should choose number 4 as your haircut blade or not, try to understand your desired hair length, face shape, and the style you are confident to wear.  So, here is a quick summary to let you know everything about this popular haircut.

What Is A Number 4 Haircut?

Whether you like to style your hair at home or prefer a barber shop, you may have come across the idea of using the hair styling clipper guards instead of the scissors.

And when you or your barber is using a number #4 hair clipper guard to cut your hair that haircut refers to Number 4 Haircut. There are a few variations combined with this haircut that became trendy in the last few years. Hence, if the ‘short hair all over your head’ concept seems boring to you, you can style it differently as you wish.

Hair Length In Number 4 Haircut

Hair Length Chart

Before switching on your trimmer, the most important fact to understand is the hair length you want after cutting off your hair. Most men get confused on the numbers as the styles don’t show that much difference when the lower number clipper guards are used.

To help you clear the confusion, we have another article regarding the Number 3 Haircut on our website. In that article, you can have a complete guide about the clipper size and hair length. We are hoping it will be easier for you to decide your haircut length after reading the article. So, hurry up and check that out.

Clipper guard number 4 will leave your hair length 4/8th of an inch or your hair will become 13 mm from root to tip after chopping off your hair. That’s pretty short, we should say.

For the boys who think that the Number 3 haircut will be revealing your scalp more and the Number 5 haircut will still leave a dense layer of hair, go with Number 4 without any hesitation. You can have your desired short hair with style in no time.

Face Shape For Number 4 Haircut

Face Shape

Now it’s time for you to understand if the Number 4 hairstyles are really for you or not. And we will recommend taking your time figuring out your face shape in order to bring out the best look.

In case you already know your face shape, skip this part and continue reading.


If your forehead, cheekbones and jawline all three are wide and not one of them is out of proportion, you have a square face shape. Some men have an angular jawline. But since their forehead is also wide, their face looks square.

For men with this face shape, a haircut with a Number 4 clipper guard suits really well because it doesn’t make your jawline look bigger than it already is.

Nevertheless, it gives you a strong, masculine vibe and boosts your confidence no matter what you are choosing as your outfit.

Preferred Style: Buzz Cut


When the jawline is longer than the cheekbones and forehead, that face shape is recognised as a Triangular face shape. To even out the longer jawline with the rest of the face and make the face look symmetrical, hairstylists often suggest choosing Number 4 cuts.

Preferred Style: Crew Cut, Butch Buzz Cut


You can refer to your face as a diamond shaped one if  your cheekbones are more elongated than the jaw or the forehead. For some men, the chin can have a sharp point and angular jawline. To balance the proportion of your face, you can try out the number 4 hairstyles that are combined with fades and fringes.

Preferred Style: Ocean Wave-fringes, Crew Cut and Fade

Top 10 Most Popular Number 4 Haircuts

Now that you know your desired hair length and are sure about your face shape, let’s take a look at the top 10 haircut styles to do with Number 4 clipper guard. Moreover, these hairstyles can be done even by yourself without anyone’s help with the hair cutting kit you might have in your home.

The following haircuts are suitable for those who want both sporty and formal look at the same time. Let’s have a look.

1 Buzz Cut:

Buzz Cut

If you need a quick trim and don’t have that much time in your hand for the grooming and styling then Buzz cut is the one for you. Some men prefer to cut with only the number 4 hair clipper guard all over the head.

2 Crew Cut:

Crew Cut


By only looking at the image it can be understood that a crew cut is a relatively low-maintenance haircut for any man. The hair on the upper side is slightly longer  and it becomes shorter as it comes down. So, if you want a nice crew cut, it is better to let your barber handle the hair cut.

3 Temple Fade:

Temple Fade

As the name suggests, in the temple fade hairstyle, your hair will become shorter and most of your scalp near the neck and ears will be revealed. Usually, barbers use hair cutting Scissors to cut the hair at the top and level the fringe, use Number 4 guard to trim the side and no guard to create the fade at the end.

If your hair is short right now and you don’t want to chop off all of them then you can run the machine with a clipper guard 4 right on the sides for a quick trim and you will be done.

4 High Fade:

Number 4 High Fade


High Fade haircut will provide you the opportunity to apply some haircare or hair style products like gel or cream to style and give it a sleek look by combing the hair towards your face.

High Fade and Temple Fade are quite similar but in High Fade there will be no hair at the lower sides and back at all. Basically, the middle part will only have a bunch of hair.

This style is not for you if you are suffering from hair loss and have thin hair.

5 Undercut:

Undercut 4A Haircut

In case you have a rectangular or square face shape, Undercut can be your next hairstyle. The style often looks good with a beard for men who have a sharp jawline.

Undercut hairstyle adds more variation because of the fringes in the front. And since the fringes are not evenly cut on the forehead area, this hairstyle gives you a messy look with some hair gel.

Undercut is a great hairstyle for any family gathering like a wedding. Even for a formal meeting this hairstyle will suit you the best.

6 Shaved Sides With A Bun:

Shaved side with bun

For men who prefer to have a bun and have the confidence to pull off the medium-short hairstyle combination, should try out the Shaved sides with a bun hairstyle.

The benefit of having this hairstyle is that you can still keep the bun but the load of hair will become lighter. All you need to do is shaving the side hair by using a #4 clipper guard on the trimmer.

7 Sharp Lines:

Sharp Lines Haircut


Creating hard lines after the trimming is a popular trend in recent years. If you want to keep a hard line in your haircut, check out the Sharp Lines Hairstyle. The haircut is similar to the other haircuts mentioned above. The only distinctive factor in this hairstyle is the hard line that goes along with your natural hair partition.

After trimming with the clipper guard Number 4, all you need to do is find your natural hair line and cut through a hard line on one side or two on both sides.

8 Designed Sides:

Designed Sides Hairstyle

Well, let’s talk about one of Ronaldo’s Iconic Designed Sides haircut styles. This hairstyle is more like the Undercut hairstyle but Ronaldo did keep his hair pretty long at the upper part.

You can keep it short if you want. However, for achieving the perfect designed lines it is recommended to go to a professional because it can be hard to do the design steadily on your own head and we believe you do not want not to mess up a perfect haircut.

9 Ocean-Wave Fringes:

Ocean Wave Fringes

Ocean-Wave Fringes can be referred to as a distinctive haircut that is done using the clipper guard #4. You can really differentiate this haircut with the other ones because of the unique waves it shows at the upper thick layers of hair.

Moreover, you will have fringes above the forehead to play with. For example, you can put on some gel and make small twists or just back comb the hair to get a glossy and classy look.

10 Number 4 Haircut With Beard:

Haircut with Beard


Even though we have mentioned that the Number 4 cuts are not suitable for round or oval face shape, we still have a way for you to wear the style.

If your face is round, try growing your beard and have a face cut that is not too thick. This will cover the fact that you have short hair and you will get an overall formal look in your face.

Step-by-Step Guide To Cut With Clipper Guard #4

There is not much to do if you want a clean trimmed haircut with the #4 guard. You can try styling Buzz or Crew Cut at home because they are hassle free and easy to execute.

For the styles that are combined with fade, feel free to go to the barber if you are not confident enough. Otherwise, just keep your hand steady and decide beforehand where you need to stop.

We want to give you a complete guide for haircuts like Shaved Sides with a bun and Fringes. Read the steps at first and we think that the steps will definitely help you to guide during your haircut.

Steps To Style Shaved Sides With A Bun:

  • Set two mirror (one at the front and another at the back) to take a good look at the back of your head
  • Make a bun over your head with the amount of hair you want in it.
  • Make the hair wet. This way the hair will become more manageable to cut.
  • Prepare the machine with a #4 clipper guard
  • Run it from down to up at the root of the bun
  • Shave off the side hair right above your ear and your neck.

Use the clipper without any guard in it to even out the hair line and make a nice and clean face cut that suits well with your face shape.

Steps To Style Ocean-Wave Fringes:

  • Find the hairline on both sides of your head where your hair parts naturally
  • Wet your hair with water
  • Take number 7/8 clipper guard to cut off the hair at the upper middle part
  • Take a number 4 guard and start trimming the hair at the sides.
  • Comb the hair forward and cut fringes unevenly because that is going to give your hair more texture.

Put on some styling gel or moisturizer whenever you are going for a formal meeting to style the fringes.

Celebrities With The Number 4 Haircut

Cutting hair inspired by a celebrity sportsman or a movie star is a hype that has been going on for decades. And you can actually find a lot of Number 4 hair style references that were worn by famous celebrities.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Brad Pitt With The Buzz Cut:

Brad Pitt Buzz Cut

Brad Pitt has a Square face shape. For having a square shape and strong jawline, his face looks good with any type of hairstyle. But with the Buzz Cut his facial features are more significant to look at.

Paul Walker With The Crew Cut

Paul Walker Crew Cut


Paul Walker has made the crew cut a popular one since first appeared in one of the Fast And Furious franchise. The triangular hairline at the forehead and a medium haircut gave him a sporty look throughout the movie.

Zayn Malik With The Butch Buzz Cut And Temple Fade

Zayn Malik Buzz Cut


Zayn Malik has adapted different versions of #4 cuts in recent years. The Butch Buzz Cut and Temple Fade hair style have accentuated his face shape even more.

If you have a strong jawline like him, choose these haircut versions to have a stylish look.

David beckham With Undercut

David Beckham Undercut

After having shoulder length hair for a long time, David Beckham changed his hairstyle with an Undercut. He was also seen with the fade and fringe haircuts combined with #4 haircut.

In case you don’t have enough time to style your hair for an urgent business meeting or a date, get ready with the suit, put on some gel and get the classy look you are looking for in no time.

How To Avoid Haircut Mistakes

For beginners, it can be nerve wracking to cut their own hair. It is important to make up your mind first and not get frustrated because after a few cuts you will gain more confidence to move on and get a decent haircut all by yourself.

Yet, you should keep in mind these following rules to avoid haircut mistakes at home:

  • Decide the haircut first and do not switch to another one in the mid way
  • Start with a #7 or #8 clipper guard if you have medium hair
  • Run the machine with the small area at first and then go for a long area
  • Use the #4 guard to finish off the look
  • Be Careful when you are using no guard to style fading at the lower sides.
  • Do not rush. Take your time and start when you feel confident about it.


What Do The Numbers Mean When I Get A Haircut?

Answer: There are numbers engraved on the clipper guards that help you to keep the length you want to keep. For Example, if you use the clipper guard number 4 that will keep ½ inches or 13mm hair on your scalp.

How Often Should A Man Get A Haircut?

Answer: 6 to 7 weeks can be a standard break time for a single style all over the head. But if you have a fade cut and want to keep it that way, cut your hair again after 3 to 4 weeks.

How Fast Does Buzz Cut Grow?

Answer: It varies from person to person. But usually, after a buzz cut your hair will grow ½ inches over a month. And it may take 3 to 4 months to go back to the original length.


Maintaining a perfect hair care routine for men is hard in every situation regardless of the kind of work they are doing everyday. Hence, choosing a short haircut can be the best solution.

Since Number 4 Haircut will not reveal your scalp much like number 3 or 2 haircuts, and this haircut protects your scalp from dust and sun. After a long day of work or exercise routine, you can just take a shower and wash your hair and it will take no time to dry. If you are looking for a new haircut, try out this style and feel the advantages of having short hair.

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