Number 7 Haircut: Remarkable Styles to Boost Your Confidence

If you are looking for a short hairstyle that will provide you with a well-groomed look and the versatility to style your hair in various designs, number 7 haircuts might be the hairstyle you were searching for.

A number 7 hairstyle is accomplished with the number 7 guard of a hair clipper on the top hair, which provides ⅞ of an inch or 22 millimeters of hair. The sides and the back are often cut with shorter guards for implementing different types of fading techniques. These low-maintenance, easy-to-accomplish hairdos will give you long enough hair to texturize and implement various unique styles. 

Keep reading if the number 7 hairdos interest you and find the perfect design based on your face shape and hair type.

8 Astonishing Number 7 Haircuts for Stylish Men

There are numerous hairstyles that you can choose if you are looking for a primary number 7 haircut. I do not want to describe all of them here and make this article unreasonably lengthy. I want you to have the best haircuts possible with a number 7 guard of a clipper, and I provide you with these 8 styles with that notion in mind.

Taper Fade Crew Cut

Taper Fade Crew Cut


When you are thinking about the best number 7 hairstyles, you will have to talk about the crew cut before uttering any other hair design. Crew cuts are one of the best hairdos for short-hair enthusiasts, giving the wearer a compact look with flair. A modern crew cut is worn with fading technique on the sides, which is the case for this hairdo as well.

The side and the back hair are trimmed in the taper fade technique and blended with the top strands. The number 7 guard of a hair clipper is used to cut the hair on the top and then brushed sideways using hair wax. This short hairdo is suitable for every occasion, whether it is a formal one or a casual hangout.

High Fade Side Part

High Taper Side Part

If you are accustomed to side-part hairdos and trying out short hairstyles for the first time, this number 7 hair design is a good choice for you. The top hair is cut with the number 7 guard of a hair clipper, giving a polished look.

The hair on the back and the sides are styled with a high skin fade technique and blended with the top strands. Hair wax is used to brush the hair towards one side, creating a fantastic side-part hairdo with a high fade that is suitable for any occasion. This combover hairdo will look best with straight and wavy hair; I will suggest others not try it.

Burst Fade Caesar Cut

Burst Fade Caesar Cut

Caesar cut hairstyles have become one of the trendiest designs in recent times, and various stylists are experimenting with this style to create a distinctive look. The hairstyle I am talking about here combines some of the trendiest designs that you will not regret.

The sides are cut with the burst fade technique, while the hair on the front and the back are cut with the number 7 guard of a hair clipper. A cross design is created on the nape area using razor lines which can be used as a sign of devotion to Christianity. The hair on the front is brushed forward to make the perfect caesar cut.

Curly Textured Buzz Cut

Curly Textured Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are one of the most versatile short hair designs you can wear with every hair type and face shape. The hairstyle I will discuss here is suitable for curly and kinky hair types, giving you a well-groomed look. For this style, the sides and the back hair are cut in a mid-skin fade style.

The hair on the top is cut with the number 7 guard of a hair clipper and blended with the faded side and back hair. The natural curly texture of the top hair makes this style astonishing to look at. You can use hair wax to make the curlier texture more apparent.

High Skin Fade Crop Cut

High Skin Fade Crop Cut

Crop cuts are another fabulous style you can get with the number 7 guard of a hair clipper. You will find a lot of similarities between a crop cut and a caesar cut, and many people identify them as the same style. That is not the case, as they are pretty different from one another. 

The sides and the back are cut in a high skin fade and blended with the top hair. The hair on the top is trimmed with the number 7 guard and brushed forward to create the crop cut. The edges on the front and the sides are shaped with a shopping template and razor to give the style an elegant look.

Skin Fade Buzz Cut

Skin Fade Buzz Cut

The hairdo I am discussing is an excellent option for men with receding hairlines or widow’s peaks. Many people consider them the same, but that is not the case. The top hair is trimmed with the number 7 hair clipper guard to create the buzz cut.

The side and back hair are styled with the skin fade technique and blended with the hair on the top. This style is an excellent example of a military haircut that gives the wearer a clean, polished look. Once you get this hairstyle, you can rest assured for a long time due to its low maintenance aspect, but if you want the sides to be pristine, you will need to trim them weekly.

Messy Metro Mullet

Messy Metro Mullet

I am pretty sure you did not think of getting a mullet haircut amid these number 7 hairstyles, did you? The hairstyle is called metro mullet, which became famous after Cristiano Ronaldo wore this hairdo for a certain period. This short mullet style is perfect for an edgy appearance to stand out in any crowd with short hair.

The sides are styled in a temp fade while the hair on the front and the back are kept longer. The front hair is texturized with the shearing technique and worn messily. Corporate jobholders should avoid this style as it will break the dress code every term.

Tapered Short Fringes

Tapered Short Fringes

The last hair design I will discuss is simple short fringes with tapered sides and back. Sometimes the simplest hairdo can give the best look. That is the case for this hairstyle, which is easy to accomplish, like all the other styles described in the article, and takes little to no maintenance.

You will need to cut the hair on the top with a number 7 guard of a hair clipper, while the sides and the back will be trimmed way shorter in the tapered technique. Instead of styling the hair in a fancy style, just wear it with messy front fringes for a simple but stylish look.


Many of you might have questions about haircuts obtained by a number 7 guard of a clipper which you need answers for to satiate your thirst for knowledge. You are in luck, as I will be answering some frequently asked questions about this topic that should be beneficial for you and help you get the facts you were in search of.

Question: Which hairstyle is best with the number 7 hair clipper guard?

Answer: There are a lot of good hairstyles that can be accomplished with the number 7 guard of a hair clipper. Crew and crop cuts are considered the best options for stylish men. Both of them are wonderful choices that you will not regret. 

Question: Does every face shape suit number 7 hairdos?

Answer: Number 7 hairdos are some of the most versatile hairstyles that suit almost every face shape and hair type. So the answer to the question is yes, number 7 hairstyles suit every face shape, but you will need to use different techniques to make that possible.

Question: Do I have to go to a hairstylist for a number 7 hairstyle?

Answer: The answer to this question is tricky. It is possible to get a number 7 style at home with ease by using a hair clipper, so it is not necessary that you must go to a hairstylist. But you will get a crisp haircut from a professional stylist that is hard to mimic at home.

In addition, modern hairstyles consist of complex techniques like fades which will be challenging to accomplish at home. Therefore, I will suggest you get your hairstyle from a professional hairstylist.

Concluding Statement

Getting a good hairstyle is always a tedious matter, and there are often situations where you are left with regret. That will not happen to you if you choose a hairstyle with the number 7 guard of a clipper. You will get a short hairdo that is easy to accomplish and low maintenance with a great appearance that will make you stand out.

The hairstyles that are discussed here are trendy hairdos that can improve your look with ease. You should choose the hairstyle based on your face shape, hair type and personality. That will ensure you are getting a design that will never become the cause of your regret.

Always remember that a hairdo can only improve your appearance when it suits you fully. No matter how excellent a style is, you will not be satisfied with the result if it does not compliment your persona, hair type and personality. 

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