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15 Amazing Pageboy Haircut Ideas to Try in 2022!

In recent years, the hairstyling industry has developed tremendously, and we have seen the comeback of many famous hairstyles simultaneously. Moreover, some haircuts that were popular in the earlier decades became accepted by modern women and are still in their A-game.

Retro styles have their own kind of vibe so they are tried out by women year after year. Think of our classic bob haircuts-those vintage short bobs with the perfect red lipstick are still considered to be one of the most iconic hair looks of all time! And yes, ladies love to try them out every now and then.

Talking about bobs, there is one such hairstyle that resembles the bob haircut but is inherently quite different. We are talking about the pageboy haircut from the mid-1970s which made a proper comeback with all its glory. Many women have worn this haircut from time to time, which explains why it is so appreciated by modern-day women as well.

The uniqueness of this haircut makes it more appealing to ladies, and we believe it should be tried out at least once in life. That being said, let’s know about the pageboy haircut in detail, and figure out the perfect pageboy hairstyles for your hair!

Why is it Called a Pageboy Haircut?

What Is It Called Pageboy Haircut

Late medieval pageboys used to cut their hair in a unique way, and that was the inspiration behind the famous pageboy haircut. Traditionally, page boys served as young male attendants or messengers for noblemen.

This haircut was made popular by an American hairdresser, and it gradually became a common style among ladies. And if you didn’t know this already, Princess Diana was also famous for her pageboy haircut!

At present times, pageboy hairstyles are quite different compared to the earlier ones. And this difference is not only in the haircut but also in how they are styled in distinguished ways. However, that doesn’t mean that the classic pageboy is out of the scene.

Women still love to wear the retro pageboy haircut, and you will find plenty of pictures while surfing the internet. So if you’re feeling like trying out a pageboy haircut right now, let’s know the process in detail.

How to Perfect a Pageboy Haircut?

A simple pageboy haircut consists of two parts: a round line that is basically at the front side, and then horizontal graduation reaching all the way back. So let’s start with the cutting phases.

We will be starting with wet hair and the horizontal graduation. First of all, a center-back parting is needed to be done. Use section clips to section off the extra hair. At the very back and right in the middle, elevate one finger length of hair from the neck, and go for cutting a square line.

Now take sections of hair from above and adjust them with the previously cut hair. Do not take too much hair at once, just go for fine sections. Elevate the hair at a 45-degree angle, and then go for a square cut again.

Repeat the same process for the rest of your fine sections until you reach the area above the ear. When you’re there, grab your blow dryer and hairbrush and wrap the just-cut part dry into a natural fall. At this point, you will notice the uneven parts of your haircut so opt for notching and point cutting to make the line even.

Move on to taking fine sections of hair and cutting them following the same process again. Make sure to keep these newer sections of hair properly wet. Use your previously-cut hair as a guide, and cut the newer section 2 centimeter over your guide hair. This is because your hair will decrease in length after drying, so you need to keep the length proper.

This newly cut section of hair is your new guide. The next fine sections of hair will be cut following the length of this one. Once the back sections of hair are all done cutting, move on to your front section.

Create fine and clean sections of hair on your front side as well. From the middle area of your first fine section, cut a square line. The outcome will be a shorter length in the middle and gradually longer lengths on the sides.

Keep on repeating the same steps for the rest of your fine sections of hair. Go for a higher elevation of hair while cutting in order to get a lighter fringe. When you reach the last sections, use a 0-degree elevation while going for the wide-teeth end of your hair comb.

Once all the hair has been cut, comb everything out properly and make the hair dry. Then refine the cut by opting for notching and point cutting. When that’s done, you will be left with the perfect pageboy haircut!

15 Pageboy Haircuts to Rock Your Retro Hairstyles

As it’s our second year entering this decade, it’s now time to level up our hairstyling game. And to do that, a pageboy haircut can be the perfect option. This style has a vintage vibe, it’s classic in nature, and it can be given a modern touch as well. So in our opinion, you need to try this haircut right now.

There are tons of ways to style your pageboy haircut. If you’re unsure of which one to choose, then worry no more because we are here to your rescue. Ahead is a list of the best pageboy hairstyles that we have hand-picked for you.

So without any further ado, let’s check them out together!

Short Brown

Short Brown

Many of us are fond of compact haircuts when it comes to our hair. While a pageboy haircut is basically worn in a medium length, you can go for a short look as well.

This amazing brown hair with the dashing pageboy hairstyle has totally won our hearts. We love this modern take on the classic pageboy haircut, especially the bowl style that she is rocking. And for the color, well, its beauty speaks for itself!

Curly Hair

Curly Hair

Although most pageboy haircuts are done on sleek and straight hair, that doesn’t mean that those with curly hair cannot flaunt this hairstyle. So if you have curly hair, it’s time to visit the salon for a perfect pageboy!

With naturally beautiful curly hair, the styling options are infinite. This picture is the perfect proof of that, and we totally love the pageboy situation going on here. Those curls are perfect, and so is the cut. Also, the added messy vibe in this style is a total winner for us!

Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink

Model Kaia Gerber became the talk of the town after she flaunted the perfect pageboy hairstyle in the Fendi Fall 2019 Couture Show. for many vintage hairstyle lovers, this one was one of the most modern takes on classic pageboy.

Kaia wore this bubblegum pink wig matching her attire, and everyone was in awe witnessing the beauty of her hair. We personally loved the shade of pink because it’s so eye-soothing. Plus, the length of her hair was also perfect.

Thin Hair

Thin Hair

Pageboy haircuts usually look fuller and packed with volume because of the way they are styled. However, you can also go for a pageboy hairstyle if your hair is thin in nature. Surely, it’s going to look different from the regular pageboy haircuts you see in pictures.

The lady in this picture has thin black hair. She went for the perfect pageboy haircut and we are totally loving this look on her. Simple yet sophisticated, this hairstyle is perfect for regular wear with a hint of vintage vibe.

Layered Style

Layered Style

Every now and then, women love to opt for layered haircuts because they add movement and volume to the style. We are always fans of the long layered hair looks, but the shorter ones are just as pretty as the longer ones.

With your pageboy haircut, you can go for the layered look this time. And the best thing about this style is that your hair will achieve a textured look that you will totally love! If you do not believe us, look at this picture with the gorgeous brown layered pageboy haircut. This one is sure to steal the show anywhere you go!

Over 50

Over 50

A great thing about the pageboy haircut is that this style is not restricted by age. So just like young women, mature women over 50 can also rock a pageboy haircut and cherish their stylish days from the past.

We suggest keeping the natural gray hair intact in order to get the best out of this haircut. If you have black hair and your gray is starting to show, it will be a nice touch of highlight with a modern vibe. Apart from that, going all gray like the style in this picture is also a great option.

Pixie Hair

Pixie Hair

While some of us totally love to rock the classic styles in their true form, some just want to have fun with their hair. So, for all the short hair lovers, here is a pixie pageboy haircut that will be great for regular wear.

There are two things we totally appreciate about this hairstyle. The pixie pageboy cut is quite sophisticated, and the dark roots are giving us modern-day hairstyling vibes. All in all, this is a package that we just can’t wait to try out!

Super Short

Super Short

Apart from the mid-length and short pageboy haircut, some women just love the fearless vibe of haircuts that are super short in nature. For them, this amazing pageboy haircut can be a great option to take inspiration from.

As you can see, the natural hair of the lady has been given a properly short pageboy haircut. This style is quite compact and fearless, so we are totally loving the vibe! Also, if you are looking for a comfortable hairstyle to wear in summer or warm weather, this one can be the perfect pick!

Blonde Pageboy

Blonde Pageboy

If you have blonde hair, then you have the opportunity to style your hair in unlimited ways. So why not give the pageboy haircut a try this time? You’re going to love the style, so here’s one to get you started!

This amazing pageboy hairstyle with the perfect blonde hair has totally captured our attention. From the precise cut to the perfect length, everything about this hairstyle is classy. So if you are a vintage fan, we definitely suggest giving this pageboy hairstyle a try!

Shaggy Style

Shaggy Style

Have you heard of the shag haircut? It is another one of those classic styles that got a modern vibe in recent years. Shag haircuts consist of choppy ends with a great deal of texture, and they usually have layers around the crown area.

The versatility of a shag haircut has made it a popular hairstyling option for many women out there. So if you want to spice things up, you can combine a shaggy style along with a pageboy style in the same haircut.

This is what it will actually look like when you go for a shaggy pageboy. Along with the amazing textures, your hair gets proper dimensions that look super cool. So if you ask us, we recommend this hairstyle without any doubt!

Black and Blonde

Black And Blonde

It’s not every day that you get the chance to recreate one of your favorite diva’s hairstyles. So if you have the option at hand, make proper utilization of it.

For black girls who love to try out different types of hairstyles, Rihanna is the queen of inspiration. She has rocked tons of stunning hairstyles till now, and the pageboy haircut is also something she didn’t leave behind.

This amazing black and blonde pageboy hair look that Rihanna is flaunting in this picture looks super stylish. We love that she combined a shaved style with the pageboy, as it made her look bolder. So give this one a try asap!

Blue Pageboy

Blue Pageboy

Brown, black, and blonde hair colors are the most common ones for pageboy hairstyles. However, the modern version of this haircut consists of colorful hair looks such as blue, purple, and many more. So if you love to play with colors, you can definitely try out a blue pageboy this time.

We recommend choosing a vibrant shade of color whenever it comes to your pageboy hairstyle because the brilliance will dazzle you. Such as the hairstyle in this picture. It consists of perfectly shiny blue hair with a touch of black, and there’s not a single thing we don’t appreciate about this hair look!

Long Front

Long Front

A distinguishing feature about pageboy hairstyles is that the front hair generally covers the eyebrows, and in some cases, the eyes too. For those of you who love to take a challenge with your hairstyles, this long-front look can be a perfect pick!

As you can see, the front portion of her hair is covering both of her eyes, yet the style looks mesmerizing. The split-dyed style has added a touch of modernity to this hairstyle. Overall, this one will be your proper companion for any extravagant event.

Short Black

Short Black

We are big fans of Zendaya’s hairstyles. No matter if she is wearing her natural curls or choosing the perfect braids, we are rooting for her hairstyles 24/7. This is why talking about pageboy hairstyles can never be complete without mentioning Zendaya.

In this picture, our favorite girl is wearing the sleekest pageboy hairstyle out there. This hair look literally takes us back to the classic days of pageboy, and we love how she is wearing the style with confidence. From the hair color to the precision of the cut, everything about this style is amazing!

Burgundy Beauty

Burgundy Beauty

If we had to talk about the classic hair colors which are timeless and always wearable, then burgundy will definitely be one of them. Many colors have come into the scene, but the appeal of burgundy is surely something different.

As a black girl, if you are searching for an amazing hairstyle that will scream beauty, style, and smartness all in one place, then here is a picture to get you started. This stunning burgundy pageboy wig is something out of a modern fairytale, and we love everything about this hairstyle.

If you notice carefully, you will see that lighter and darker shades of the colors have been adjusted throughout the hair to add dimension to the style. Plus, it has a perfect compact length, so you need to give this hairstyle a shot asap!


The hard part about selecting the perfect pageboy haircut for your hair is done. Now it’s time to visit the salon and get your A-game on. However, before that, we would like to answer some questions about the pageboy hairstyle to clear any doubt that you still may be having.

Who invented the pageboy haircut?

Carl Walter Linden is known as the inventor of the pageboy haircut. He invented this haircut in 1935, and it was later made popular by NYC hairdresser M. Lewis.

How can I color my pageboy hair?

It depends on your creativity. While single-colored styles are quite popular, you can also go for split-dyed styles. Apart from that, rainbow colors and mermaid colors are also quite popular when it comes to pageboy haircuts, so choose the one according to your preference.

Final Thoughts

If we were given the chance to write a book about all the vintage hairstyles, we would have gladly done it without giving it a second thought! Retro styles are getting popular day by day, and the comeback of pageboy only indicates that these hairstyles are going to remain in the hearts of people for a long time.

Pageboy haircut is not something that you will notice on a regular basis, but their popularity is increasing as time passes by. From fancy events to regular wear, this hairstyle is gradually becoming a favorite option for many women. So, it should be a matter of time for you now to try out a pageboy haircut.

We hope the styles and haircuts we have mentioned above are going to help you pick the perfect look for yourself. Make sure to try out different colors, and combine your pageboy with other forms of haircuts as well. Once you get your perfect pageboy haircut, wear it like a diva anywhere you go!

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