31 Dazzling Red Hair With Blonde Highlights Ideas

Hairstyles and hair colors are an essential part of our lives. It determines our entire look and allows other people to distinguish us from everyone else.

These factors help us embody ourselves and portray what we are from within. By adding colors and changing our hairstyles, we build on more character. We show the world our creativity by coloring our hair. The Red Hair With Blonde Highlights is one of the ways to portray our creativity.

Red is naturally a very fierce and powerful color, and adding highlights to it makes everything ten times better. Whether you have natural red hair or dyed red hair, you can always add some highlights to your hair to spark things up.

Are you planning to add highlights to your hair? If so, then you are reading the right article. It will help you navigate through the world of red locks and all the highlights that go with it.

Here you will find everything about red hair with blonde highlights. You will also come across some tips and tricks to maintain your highlight and keep your hair color looking vibrant for longer.

31 Ways To Add Life To Your Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

Red hair with blonde highlights is an emerging hairstyle that everyone is accepting. This is a unique and beautiful hairstyle that lets you play with colors. It allows you to dive into the combination of numerous possibilities that most people are not yet aware of.

You could come up with something different and within days you would see everyone doing it because they love your idea. You can mix and match red and blonde in so many ways. You can add various colors, but blonde highlights look the best with red hair.

Below I will show you different ways in which you can style your red hair with blonde highlights. To not limit your options, I will also show you other ideas that you could try. I will add some inspirations for you to help you find your style.

Red Hair With Pink Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Red Hair with Pink Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Red hair with pink strawberry blonde highlights look pretty amazing. They sit together very well and compliment the colors around it. The hues couple up perfectly and give off a pink tint.

You can wear this hairstyle anywhere, with any outfit. You just have to combine it with a nice pair of shades and sneakers. This style will also look perfect with a white party dress because your red hair against that white dress is a superb contrast of colors.

These colors look perfect on any hair length and any hairstyle. Best of all is that people of any age can get red hair with strawberry blonde highlights.

Bright Red Highlights

Bright Red Highlights

Having blonde hair is quite common nowadays, and you can barely distinguish one blonde from the other. So, to avoid this confusion and amp up your style, you should add some life to your hair.

Adding red highlights to your blonde hair will make it look attractive, and people will know that it is you from at least 20 yards.

If you want a touch of red for your blonde, you should go for the bright red highlights. It will make you look great and allow you to stand out in a crowd.

Fiery Red

Fiery Red

The blonde highlights with this fiery red looks amazing. If you have natural red hair then you can get tiny blonde highlights all over your hair.

The contrast looks very beautiful and the overall style sets a summery vibe throughout the year. This is an easy hairstyle to achieve and care for. You just have to make sure that you use the right shampoo and you must use conditioner after every wash.

If your natural red hair requires a hairdo then you can go for this style. It will not only make you look but it will also help you boost your confidence.

Auburn And Blonde

Brown And Blonde

Auburn hair with blonde highlights is the most beautiful combination, and most people usually tend to go for this style. The blonde highlights against the brown appear majestic and make you look extra spicy.

So, to spice up your look and to shake things up a little bit from your generic brown hair, you can add a few highlights all over your hair. It is best to start small, and then if you think you need more highlights, you can go for more.

This is a great style to go for if you want a sure shot. Nothing could go wrong if you go for brown hair with blonde highlights.

The best part about this hairstyle is that you can show off this hairstyle anywhere. It works for all events. It makes up for a perfect workspace hair color and can be worn outside.

Dark Red

Dark red with blonde Highlights

Dark red hair with blonde highlights is the trendy hairstyle right now. If you have already made up your mind to style your hair like this, I wouldn’t want you to change your decision at all, but if you haven’t then the only valid reason allowed is that your base isn’t red enough.

Dark red looks good on all skin tones. You can try on this color without a doubt, but if the dark red doesn’t work for you then you can always add blonde highlights to it. This color will brighten up your hair and look sensational within hours.

If you want a safe option, you should go for blonde highlights. You can easily change your highlight to match your base color whenever you want. You can also turn them into any other color according to your preference.

Red Hair with Purple, Blue and Blonde

Purple Blue Blonde

Red hair with purple, blue, and blonde highlights? This is not something you see every day. It is such a colorful hairstyle to go for.

The fusion of these colors feels festive. It is the perfect look for Coachella or any carnival. These colors look amazing together. The purple, blue, and blonde colors pop on the red base.

Struggling to choose a color for your red base? You can go with more than one, like this one. The results look amazing, and you’ll always be matching with something or the other.

So, don’t waste your time and call the stylist. Ask them to do your hair just like this, and then you’ll be ready to go out and have the fun you missed out on.

Red Balayage

Red Balayage

The red balayage is a fabulous hair color. It is super gorgeous. Just have a look at how beautifully the colors merge into one another.

Balayage is the best and safe way to mix two colors. It saves us from the disaster of ending up with poor hair color. It allows a soft submerging of colors without a sudden abrupt mixture which is quite horrendous to look at.

The Balayage technique is perfect for red hair with blonde highlights because blonde is a very light color. You do not want the red dye to bleed. Hence, going with the red balayage is a wise choice.

Red Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Red Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

The red brown base for blonde highlights is splendid. It is very classic, retro, and subtle. It does not look too over the top or tacky for any occasion. It is a soft trio of colors that fit in together perfectly and exudes a brown tone that looks nothing short of elegance.

If you think that you want a color that is perfect for any occasion, from a party to a funeral, this is it. You will never look overdressed or underdressed. So, by all means, go ahead and get it done without a doubt.

Long Hair

Long Hair with blonde highlights

Long hair can carry any color like a boss, and red hair with blonde highlights is not a different case. This color combination looks phenomenal on long hair.

The color moves in a flowy motion from top to bottom. The blonde just elevates the entire look to another level. It is such a great look to pull off, and it’s super stylish and modern as well.

Long hair is always a superb choice for any hairstyle. As long as you are good at handling it, but if you’re not, then you should scroll down for more options.

Medium Length

Medium Length

The medium length is a fabulous choice for people who think Long hair is a hassle. You can do all the great style that you could do on long hair minus the extra length that drives you nuts.

Medium hair has the benefit of both short and long hair. You can keep it short enough to stay away from the hassle and long enough to get all your styles done. This is such a win-win situation for the people who have medium hair.

Now that you know how much in profit you are with your hair length, you must be ready to go and give your red hair some blonde highlights.

Short Hair

Short Hair

Short hair is the most fun and carefree hairstyle. You don’t have to waste hours for it to look good. It looks great even when you don’t put any effort in, because then it gets a messy look, and let me tell you how trendy that outlook is right now.

If your short hair is red and requires a little something to make it pop then the blonde highlights are your answer. You should go for this style without a doubt.


Pixie Cut

The pixie is a very daring and endearing style. It has that sassy rebel vibe to it. When you incorporate a pixie with red tones and blonde highlights, it becomes exquisite. It looks very sexy, intimidating and elegant at the same time.

If the great gatsby threw a party and you went in with that style, there is no way he’d let you sit alone. You would probably be sitting right next to him talking about how lovely your pixie looks in red with blonde highlights.


Curls Hair with red Blonde highlights

Curls have the power to take your breath away if they are well maintained and healthy-looking. But the other power it has is that it can make any hairstyle look luxurious and expensive.

They are so playful and fluffy. People will almost always compliment your curls because of how bouncy they look.

Now imagine if we add the red and blonde highlights to our curls. It will be what everyone would be talking about. Your curls will look like a million-dollar star with this superb duo of colors.

Dirty Blonde

Dirty Blonde

There are various shades of blondes that can look good on your hair. But for a natural look, the dirty blonde would be exquisite. It is a darker version of the pure blonde color. It has a dusty effect and looks splendid with pure blonde highlights.

The dirty blonde with red and blonde highlights is a different look. Usually, we see just blonde highlights or red highlights.

For this style, we will use both colors as highlights. We will use it to blend the dirty blonde base color. The dirty blonde looks very natural as the actual blonde becomes darker with age. There are about two percent of blonde people in the world. The rest are using the power of bleach.

Dirty blonde is not an awful choice if you want to stay true to your natural hair color and just add highlights to it. You can try out this style if you think this is the one for you.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold Hairstyle

Rose gold is a trending color. It is elegant, shiny, and everything a girl wants. If you have red hair, you can go with rose gold highlights. They look gorgeous on all hair types. The combination fits in too well.

It is not very usual to get rose gold highlights. But with red hair, it looks sensational. It boosts the look of the hair and makes you look more feminine. It is a lovely girly color to go for.

The red hair commends the rose gold highlights and sets, an example of mixing and matching colors that might look unusual. Together they make a perfect team.

Orange Red with Blonde

Orange Red with Blonde Hair

Orange is a great color, but orange-red, on the other hand, is Mind Blowing! Orange-red is basically a darker version of orange with more reddish undertones.

This color will distinguish you from the gingers and allow you a little more leverage to seem stylish and modern.

The addition of the blonde highlights to this hairstyle is a cherry on top. It has that emo/grunge vibe to it. You could also seem to have a cottage core vibe depending on your clothes and outfits.

With this style, you can represent yourself however you like because options are open. The orange-red hair with blonde highlights is a fantastic choice if you plan on creating content for social media. This style is heavily trending right now. It is all over TikTok and youtube.

Layered Bob

Layered Bob

Red hair with blonde highlights on a layered bob is everything. The bob looks great. The red hair looks amazing. The blonde highlights pull everything together and present the entire hairstyle like a delicious meal on a platter.

The entire look with these colors comes out to be very sensual and sexy. You can’t just have such an amazing hairstyle and not be noticed by people wherever you go.

If you think that being surrounded by people and getting noticed is not your thing, then you should reconsider getting this hairstyle.

Platinum Blonde With Red

Platinum Blonde With Red Hair

Platinum blonde is such a magnificent color for your hair. It will feel like you earned your place with the Kings and Queens of Narnia. Traveling from one world to the other with mythical creatures like Kinnaras or Centaur.

To get the platinum blonde, you have to work hard because there is a high chance you won’t get this color in one go. You might have to go at it more than twice, but if you do get it within the first try, then you must be God’s favorite because no one usually gets this shade on their first try.

After achieving your blonde shade, add some tones to it to make the blonde look more platinum against the contrast. The red highlights are a perfect match for this. Not just any red but the crimson red that will make the platinum hair look more vibrant than ever.

This is a bonanza look that you can go for if you want an otherworldly look. It is best if you do not try to DIY this color because you might mess it up. To be safe, you can go to a colorist or a salon.


Mahogany Red Hair with blonde highlights

There is something very stoic about the mahogany color. It is calm and serene and makes you feel tranquil about everything. It is content and blissful. That is the vibe this beautiful color gives off. The blonde highlights on the mahogany are like sightings of a rare yellow cardinal in the woods.

The glimpses of the blonde behind the mahogany feel refreshing to the eyes. It is a beautiful union of the blonde highlights and the mahogany drop back.

You can achieve this hassle-free hairstyle very effortlessly. You can either do it yourself at home or ask a friend to help you out. If nothing works, then you can always go to the nearest salon.

Blonde Ends

Blonde Ends

Red hair has been out there for the longest time, but it did not have too many variations. Later, people came up with different ways to incorporate red hair to make it look more diverse and fit the fast-paced world.

Red hair with blonde highlights started to show up more and more as the years passed, but even that got a bit stagnant, and people wanted more variations. Then came the blonde ends.

In this style, the ends of your red hair are dyed blonde. The blonde ends create a wave effect to your hair, It makes your mind play tricks, and the hair appears shorter than it really is.

If you have long hair and want to decrease its length without chopping them off, you can go for this style. With this style, your hair fulfills two purposes.

The first purpose is that it looks absolutely gorgeous. The second purpose is that you don’t need to chop off your hair due to the visual effect the thick border like blonde highlights create.

Light Red

Light Red Blonde Hair

Light red hair with blonde highlights is a great amalgamation of two colors, and the contrast looks great against dark skin. It looks good on light skin, but sometimes it can look too pale due to the bright nature of the colors.

It looks good on dark skin because it creates a nice contrast. If you want a style that will suit your dark skin, then this could be it. Because this hairstyle makes you look very urban and modern.

Some Different Blonde Ideas To Try Out

If you are not a fan of red and blonde, then there is nothing to be disheartened about because I have not forgotten about you.

Below are some beautiful blonde hairstyles with colors other than red for you to try out. So, dig in and get inspiration for your new hair from the list curated just for you.

Red And Orange

Red And Orange Hair

Red and orange is a good combo when done in this style. It is a variation of the half and half hairstyle. You can get this style done on your hair if you like or if you want to try out something different that will allow you to show off the inner artist in you.

Pastel On Blonde

Pastel On Blonde

The pastel on blonde is my favorite. These Colors look like a dream when they are combined together. It has a nice and soft look and feels cloudy when fluffed up. This is a great look if you are a cutesy type, anime-loving girl.

Blue Hair with Blonde Highlights

Blue Hair With Blonde Highlights

Blue hair with blonde highlights is a great way to show off your new hairstyle. This hairstyle is amazing for teenagers, and they are a creative way to make use of the blonde highlights.

Pink Blonde

Pink Blonde

The pink blonde hairstyle has been in style, and it never left. It is a very cool and feminine style that everyone can try out. If you are bored with your hair, you can dye it pink and enjoy it for as long as it’s not time for a change.

Green Hair with Blonde Highlights

Green Hair With Blonde Highlights

Did anyone mention Shego? This is a Shego-inspired hair color from the cartoon Kim Possible. Shego is one of the most badass characters in the cartoon world. People loved her so much that they got inspired to bring her hairstyle to life, and there are no complaints at all because it is absolutely stunning.

Famous People Who Wore Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

Red hair with blonde highlights didn’t just become a thing out of the blue. It was these famous people who showed us how cool these styles are. People then picked it up from there.

Below is a list of amazing people who wore red and blonde hairstyles like they owned it and inspired many others to get this style.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Red Hair

Everyone loved The iconic Mean Girls character Cady Heron played by Lindsay Lohan. It was “THE” movie for the 90’s kids, and you can randomly ask anyone if they have watched it, and they will nod yes because it was that famous.

Since then, we have been keeping up with Lindsay’s style, and true to her iconic style, she did not hold back on rocking the red hair either.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Hairstyle

Taylor chose the red hair with blonde highlights during her “getting famous” era, and people have loved it since then. Her fame has been growing ever since, and there is no looking backward for T Swift.

Madelaine Petsch

Madelaine Petsch Red Hair

Madeleine Petsch debuted her red hair in the Netflix Show Riverdale, and she did not go back from it. It is a classic look for Cheryl Blossom’s character who is partnered with her pink-haired partner Toni Topaz.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has always been a style icon, and when she came forward with her pink hair and blonde highlights, no one was surprised. In fact, it was a new style and trend that people started loving and trying on themselves.

Geri Helliwell

Geri Hellwell Read Hair

Geri Helliwell or famously known as Ginger Spice from the girl band Spice Girls was a sensation of her time. People loved her and wanted to keep up with her style, whether it was clothing, makeup, or hair. Everyone loved the way she dressed.

How To DIY Blonde Highlights On Red Hair

I am sure you’ve wanted to dye your hair at home but did not because of the fear of destroying your hair. You made a good decision considering that you didn’t do your research.

Doing the highlights is super easy. You just need to follow the simple steps mentioned below, and you’ll be good to go.

Step 1: Bleach your hair or get your roots done first if they show up. Use a good toner.

Step 2: Prep your hair for color. Wash your hair and dry it properly.

Step 3: Separate the sections you want to highlight in red.

Step 4: You can use Manic Panic hair dye. It is one of the best hair dyes out there.

Step 5: Start dying out the sections very carefully and one by one because you don’t want the color to bleed on the area, which you want blonde.

Step 6: Wash your hair, and don’t forget to use a conditioner. These steps prove how utterly easy it is to dye your own hair at home. It also requires a lot less effort, and it’s easily achievable.

If you want to save some money, you should DIY your hairstyle. The pros of doing it yourself are that it will be comparatively cheaper, and you will understand how it is done.

On the other hand, the drawback is that you might end up with an awful hair color which can be irreversible for a while.

Maintenance Of Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

Maintaining your red hair is not a tardy task. You can easily take care of your hair and make it stay for longer. But, before you color your hair, there are a few things you should consider.

You will have to understand that you cannot wash your hair regularly. You must use a shampoo that has moisturizing elements, or you can use the purple shampoo that will help your hair avoid getting rusty. You should use a moisturizing conditioner to lock the moisture into your hair.

Do not use hot water on your hair. The color washes away quickly. Use a tinted color-deposition mask to help your hair in multiple ways.

Lastly, You must make sure that you stay away from ironing your hair too much, as it will cause a lot of damage and breakage.

Now, to lock everything, you must visit the salon and go in for a gloss treatment to recover your hair from any discoloration.


Can you do blonde highlights on red hair?

Ans: Yes, You can do blonde highlights on red hair, and they look great together. If at any point you think that the red looks too dark or too bland, you can add in some highlights and it will create some nice texture to your hair. The highlight will make your hair look lighter. If you want it to look darker then you might want to try out darker shades to highlight your hair. In this case black can be a great option.

How to bleach red hair without turning into orange?

Ans: The best decision to avoid the orange outcome is choosing to go to a salon to get your hair bleached.

You can dye your hair at home without a problem, but it’ll be best if you could get it bleached from the salon if your hair is too dark.

Dark hair tends to end up being orange rather than blonde, but if you don’t want to go to a salon then make sure the bleach used is not any random brand. Get a salon grade bleach for best results.

Does ash blonde cancel out red?

Ans: If the ash blond is green based then it will cancel out red, orange, magenta and other colors of this type. You can use blue or purple toner for the upkeep of your red hair.

Final Words

The red hair with blonde highlights is a favorite amongst teenagers and middle-aged women. There is no denying that it makes everyone look pretty great, and it is also easy to maintain.

It is stylish, vibrant, modern, and most of all, it makes you feel confident.

If you are comfortable wearing red hair with blonde highlights, so be it. There is nothing better than looking spectacular for yourself.

Other colors go hand in hand with blonde highlights. But at the end of the day, there is only one at the top.

Red hair has fixed its place there. If you’re still wondering whether or not to go for red hair with blonde highlights, then I’ll just ask you to go for it without a doubt. It is an excellent choice because this combo is perfect for any skin tone.

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