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35 Coolest Wolf Cut Ideas to Inspire Your Next Hairstyle

Realizing you need a new hairstyle is one thing. Finding a haircut that actually matches your expectation is a totally different ball game. So when you decide to experiment with something wild and exciting like wolf cut, you got to make sure what you are getting into.

To help you understand the ins and outs of a wolf haircut, I have prepared this comprehensive guide. Today, we will explore some of the sassiest wolf haircut ideas as well as styling tips to help you slay your haircut.

What Exactly Is a Wolf Haircut?

Simply put, a wolf cut is a wild and hippy fusion of a shaggy cut and a mullet. It’s currently one of the hottest trending hairstyles on TikTok with over 400 freaking million views.

Its choppy, uneven stack of layers are meant to add extra body and highlight the texture of your hair. Therefore, dense, natural textured hair is ideal for this haircut. However, with a little planning and creativity, an expert hairstylist can execute this style to perfection on any kind of hair.

Is It Difficult to Achieve a Wolf Haircut?

Mind you that a wolfie isn’t the most forgiving haircut out there. One wrong move can make a difference between cool girl hair and cavewoman’s hair. That’s why it’s important to take your time to make sure your hair is in the hand of a skilled, detail-oriented hairstylist who specializes in such intricate haircuts.

Who Should Go for a Wolf Haircut?

Honestly, anyone who wants it. Even though the style is particularly popular among teens, the style will look incredible on anyone who can confidently pull it off. Here are a few reasons to choose a wolf haircut for our next hair makeover adventure –

  • If you have naturally wavy/curly and thick hair, the wolf haircut is going to help you highlight the texture.
  • Those with flat and ultra-fine hair can gain a massive volume boost on the crown and at the front with this haircut.
  • If you are a natural redhead or blonde or you’re planning on experimenting with bold hair colors, the well-defined layers of a wolf cut can help make the color pop.
  • The haircut looks incredible on all hair lengths.
  • It’s one of the best face-flattering haircuts for women with large foreheads and a strong bone structure.
  • It’s wilder than a mullet and more refined than a plain shag cut.

The Beginner’s Guide to Styling A Wolf Hairdo

Like it or not, a wolf haircut requires regular styling. So make sure you are up for it before you let your hairstylist get creative. A wolf cut involves different lengths of layers stacked together, which makes heat styling and volume-enhancing hair products essential for maintaining the desired look.

Here are a few hacks to ensure your choppy wolf cut looks spot-on all the time –
The key to nail the wolf cut look starts with a perfect blowout. After washing, conditioning, and towel-drying your hair, prep the strands for heat styling by applying a small amount of heat protection spray or cream. It will not only minimize heat damage but also help you achieve the fresh-outta-salon shine with ease.

A wolf haircut is just a sad mullet without those perfectly flipped bangs. Achieve flawless-looking bangs by brushing your locks up and down with a round brush while blow-drying your hair.

Style the bangs in a way that flatters your face. There’s no hard and fast rule as to how you should style your bangs. Finally, add a volumizing mousse to get some lift at the roots and add volume at the crown. Do not skip this step if you have extra-fine hair.

Finish off by scrunching the strands with your fingers to further amp up the volume and get that messy look.

35 Gorgeous Wolf Haircuts for the Coolest Girls in the House

If you are new to wolf haircuts, it’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of permutations and combinations of this haircut in existence.

To make the tedious job of planning your next hair makeover a smooth sailing, I have put together a list of 35 trendiest wolf haircuts of all time.

Let’s dive in –

1. Shaggy & Voluminous Wolf Haircut With Fringe

Wolf Shaggy and Voluminous Hair


Like the idea of the retro mullet cut with fringe topped off with extra volume? Then you might want to take inspiration from this haircut. Perfect for ladies with long and fine hair, the shaggy and voluminous haircut is all about creatively using layers to create a fuller appearance. Choppy, messy bangs add a touch of playfulness to this modern take on the classic haircut.

2. Classic Shaggy Wolf Hairstyle

Classic Shaggy Wolf Hairstyle


This haircut would best suit ladies who want to maintain the length of the shag and combine it with pretty layers of a good old-fashioned mullet haircut.

Usually, a razor is used for cutting the shag cut to create piece-y layers shaggy wolf cuts are known for. I love how the choppy, piece-y strands are combined with subtle layers to create a sleek and modern finish.

3. Curly & Voluminous Wolf Cut

Curly Voluminous Wolf Cut


Natural-haired beauties, this one’s for you. The highly texturized layers with some curly, brow-grazing curly bangs look oh-so-sexy and chic. The effortlessly elegant take on wolf haircut celebrates the beautiful curly or wavy texture of natural hair. Creating the style is as simple as piling up your hair on top and trimming towards the bottom.

4. Short Hair Wolf Haircut

Short Hair Wolf Haircut


Shoulder grazing hair and wolf cut are a match made in heaven. The fringed and uneven layers face the frame and give the hair tons of volume and texture. The key to nailing this look is to maintain quite a bit of length at the back and combine it with short layers around the neck and face.

Once you’re done with the cutting part, tousle up the hair to accentuate the shagginess. Finish off with a light spritz of an anti-frizz spray and you’re good to go.

5. Layered Wolf Cut with Bangs

Layered Wolf Cut with Bangs


Heavily textured curtain bangs covering the crown and getting progressively longer towards the ends bring back the memories of the emo scene of the early 2000s and 2010s.

Complete the look by giving your roots a nice lift and volume at the crown. If you are looking to highlight your textured waves, choose blunt bangs to face your frame and pair it with shaggy layers.

6. Ultra-long Wolf Cut

Ultra long Wolf Cut

Enter 2023 in style with this fashion-forward take on the 1970s mullet. Although wolf cut is generally regarded as a short hairstyle, there’s no need to shorten your hair to achieve this wild and hippy look with choppy layers and messy bangs.

The haircut looks om on straight, blonde hair. Soften the change in layers by adding lots of volume at the front and a slight wave at the back. Use a shine spray to keep your bangs in place and for extra sheen.

7. Fiery Red Wolf Haircut

Fiery Red Wolf Haircut

Enter 2023 with swagger with this edgy red wolf haircut. Suitable for natural redheads with medium to long straight or wavy hair, the red color really helps to accentuate your best features.

If you decide to get this haircut on dyed hair, make sure to wash your hair less often and use a high-quality dry shampoo in between washes to maintain the bounce and shine.

Also, use a leave-in spray conditioner specially formulated to protect colored tresses.

8. Wolf Cut with a Deep Mullet

Wolf Cut with Deep Mullet


This one here is an edgy fusion of two timeless hairstyles. This haircut is easy to execute if our hair is naturally curly or wavy. This style became a huge trend in 2020 when none other than Debby Ryan decided to chop off her signature long, wavy tresses into an ultra-voluminous, shaggy mullet cut.

Billie Eilish recently did something similar with her hair when her dye job went wrong. The pièce de résistance of a wolf cut with deep mullet is its wonderful texture. Use a dollop of volumizing foam mousse to scrunch your locks and you’re all set!

9. Wolf Cut for Long Wavy Hair

Wolf Cut for Long Wavy Hair


As stated previously, a wolf cut works like a charm on hair with lots of texture. If you’re looking for a way to accentuate the natural wavy texture of your locks without losing the length, a wolf cut might be the way to go.

Don’t forget to use a mousse to set your style in place and make your waves more defined.

10. Wolf Cut with Burgundy Highlights

Wolf Cut with Burgundy Highlights


Dreaming of aesthetic hair that’s easy to style and take care of? A modernized mullet with burgundy highlights could be the way to go. Burgundy is an excellent choice of hair color for brunettes.

This bold and lovely shade of red brings oomph and shine dark tresses. Moreover, it looks flawless on all skin tones which makes it an easy choice for people dyeing their hair for the first time.

11. Blonde Wolf Cut

Blonde Wolf Cut


Wolf cut is all about texture which is hard to maintain if you’ve straight, limp hair. However, if you are keen on donning this trendy haircut, nothing should stop you.

Take inspiration from Billie Elish’s soft blonde take on wolf cut. You can make it as dramatic as you want by generously misting a texturizer spray on your locks.

12. Hip-length Wolf Cut

Hip Length Wolf Cut


This hairdo is a delightful combination of shaggy bangs and choppy layers. To get this look right, style your hair at the back without losing length and keep the front layers short. It’s a great way to create a perfect canvas for a mega-voluminous wolf cut without having to shorten your long, luscious tresses.

Add a styling spray to enhance the movement and shine. If you want to take the edgier route and aren’t afraid of commitment, dye your hair with a bold, vibrant color.

13. Wolf Cut with Light Layers

Wolf Cut with Light Layers


This subtle and elegant hairdo has the structure and oomph of a standard wolf cut with its soft trims, lobe-length layers, fuller top, and long, tapered bottom. It’s ideal for women in their 40s who want to change up their look but don’t want anything too dramatic.

14. Cropped Wolf Haircut

Cropped Wolf Haircut


Quite similar to a simple beachy wave hairdo, this haircut has the shape of a classic wolf cut but it’s much more laid-back. Mist a root lifting spray to keep your tresses from falling flat and a mousse to create the intended texture.

15. Wolf Cut for Short and Thin Hair

Wolf Cut for Short and Thin Hair


This modern mullet haircut is a genius way to bring some volume and movement to thin and short hair. Tons of shaggy layers of various lengths will help to add body to your hair. Make sure to add volume to your tresses every step of the way without weighing your hair down.

Use a thickening spray to pump up the locks and lift the roots. To maintain the look, you need to up your blowout game. Use a round brush and blow dryer on towel-dried hair to boost the definition of the shaggy layers.

16. Messy Wolf Haircut

Messy Wolf Haircut


Another chic and modern take on the retro mullet, this messy wolf haircut looks effortlessly beautiful on medium to long hair of all textures. I especially recommend it for long, thin hair as it’s a heavily textured hairstyle, which means it would give your tresses the much necessary volume boost.

A quick blow-out and a spritz of root lifting spray are all you need to slay this hairstyle.

17. Straight Wolf Haircut

Straight Wolf Haircut


Wolf cut looks pretty sick on straight hair if done right. As the haircut is primarily designed to bring volume and bounce to the hair, ask your hairdresser for heavily textured layers and a roof lift to achieve a fuller appearance.

Unfortunately, maintenance won’t be as simple as wash-and-go for you. To keep your layers looking defined and healthy, include a smoothing serum in your hair care routine.

18. Short Wolf Cut for Women over 60

Wolf Cut for Women over 60


Our hair begins to lose a significant amount of texture and volume as we grow old. So it doesn’t come as a surprise when most women over 60 decide to chop off the long tresses.

The short length, tapered bottom, and heavy layers varying lengths of a wolf cut bring some depth and definition to an otherwise simple hairdo. The varying lengths of the layers will also help to soften the harsh angles and highlight the cheekbones.

19. Gorgeous Wolf Cut for Long and Straight Hair

Wolf Cut for Long and Straight Hair

This haircut is ideal for ladies who want to maintain the length of their hair while shaking things up a bit with shaggy layers. Ask your hairstylist for face-framing, piece-y bangs at the front, and use a finishing spray to keep those flyaways under control.

For everyday care, use a leave-in conditioner or smoothing serum to accentuate your fringe.

20. Coily Wolf Cut

Coily Wolf Cut


The natural texture of 3a-3c type curly hair provides adequate support to the wolf cut structure, creating a defined look. Moreover, you don’t have to do as much as the curls will naturally lend the strands a lot of movement.

To achieve the gorgeous wispy layers, apply a texturizing cream, work it through your tresses, and keep scrunching as you style.

21. Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs


Getting a wolf haircut would be a clever way to boost the volume of ultra-fine, flat hair. Combine the short, wispy layers at the sides with curtain bangs swept outwards to create the illusion of an oval-shaped face.

If you’re scouring the internet looking for an ultra-flattering haircut that brings out your high cheekbones and strong bone structure, look no further. Make your hairstyle look pristine all day by giving your roots a nice lift and shine with products like texturizing spray and mousse.

22. Wolf Cut with Soft Trails

Wolf Cut with Soft Trail


It’s okay to play it safe if you are not completely confident about a hairstyle. For all the wolf cut newbies not sure whether the haircut will suit your face, test the waters with a soft trail wolf cut.

The soft, smooth trims won’t be as noticeable as the signature heavy layering of a traditional wolf cut. If you are cool with a little bit of adventure, spice it up with burgundy or brown accents or maybe dye your entire hair with a vivid color, who is gonna stop you?

23. Extreme Wolf Cut

Extreme Wolf Cut


You know what they say, life is too short not to take risks. If the risk-taker, go-getter, mad hairstylist in you wants to do something wacky – let her. Prominent shaggy layers at the top with extreme tapering towards the bottom create an intentionally choppy, windblown shagg hair effect.

Curtain bangs swept outwards bring balance and suaveness to the wild haircut. The haircut looks amazing on long and dense hair. Use a smoothing serum to tame those flyaways and add shine and movement to your manes.

24. Chin-length Wolf Cut

Chin Length Wolf Cut


If long wolf haircuts aren’t your jam, choose a chin-length cut like this. It’s the ideal length for ladies who can’t afford to spend too much time blow drying their hair. Make sure the shaggy wispiness of the layers really shines through.

You can use a serum or texturizing spray and work it through the strands as you scrunch the waves. If you have straight and flat hair, resist the urge to wash your hair too often. Use a dry shampoo in between the washes to bring extra volume and movement to the crown.

25. Tamed Wolf Cut

Tamed Wolf Cut


This one is by far the most elegant version of wolf cut I have ever seen. The layers get progressively tamer towards the end which creates a sleek, refined look. If you’re looking for a workplace appropriate look that’s wild but not in-your-face kind of way, this could be the perfect haircut for you.

26. Wolf Cut with Extra Layers

Wolf Cut with Extra Layers


All versions of wolf cuts consist of progressively long tapered layers at the back. If your hair lacks body and movement, focus on creating tons of shaggy layers at the back. This will create the illusion of a fuller and thicker head of hair.

27. Navy Wolf Cut

Navy Wolf Cut


Here’s another interesting take on the classic wolf cut. Navy wolf cut, hands down, is one of the most face-flattering haircut choices for round faces to ever exist. That’s because shoulder-grazing, shaggy, flicked layers take the focus off the jawline. If you have a large forehead, consider adding blunt bangs to cover it up. Bangs are the easiest way to draw attention away from a large forehead.

28. Wolf Cut with Money Piece

Wolf Cut with Money Pieces

Money piece highlights are one of the hottest hair trends this year and no one’s complaining. It’s essentially the middle ground between a soft balayage and two-tone hair.

The face-framing and brightening highlight brings the front of your hairline into focus. Money piece with a classic wolf cut is a fuss-free yet effective way to change up your look without having to dye the whole head.

29. Evenly Layered Wolf Cut

Evenly Layered Wolf Cut

Although wolf cut is known for its uneven layers forming a voluminous silhouette, when it comes to hairstyles, rules are meant to be broken (or bent, just a little).

It’s essentially a subtle version of shag cut, perfect for someone who wants to experiment with a new haircut without dramatically changing their look. I’d suggest using a flat iron and a smoothing serum to create relaxed waves and a sleek finish.

30. Retro Gray Wolf Hairstyle

Retro Gray Wolf Hairstyle

The gray hair trend is hair to stay and people of all ages are rocking this look with confidence. Wolf cut with soft trails and gray highlights on medium-length hair looks next-level sophisticated.

You can try this style on shorter hair too with gray lowlights for a soft, subtle finish. If your hair has some traces of gray, instead of covering them up, flaunt them proudly with this edgy haircut.

31. Hot Orange Wolf Haircut

Hot Orange Wolf Haircut

Give a peppy, youthful touch to a traditional wolf cut by coloring your hair orange. I know it’s a bold move but hey! Life is too short not to take risks, eh? If you’re in the mood for a hot and wild haircut, something that’ll get you noticed instantly, don’t be shy to play with hair colors.

32. Wolf Haircut with Pink Highlights

Wolf Haircut with Pink Highlights

Pink is the new black as far as hair color trends are concerned. If you are going the experimental route, a pretty pink highlight is really going to help accentuate the edginess of the wolf cut. The hairdo looks particularly gorgeous on long, wavy tresses.

33. Brown Wolf Hairdo

Brown Wolf Hairdo


Not emotionally prepared for a bold hair color experiment, yet? Try a less-wild approach with a good old-fashioned brown color. It looks flawless on light skin tone and dense hair.

A tint of brown will really help those beautiful layers pop and flatter your best features, especially your eyes. This hairstyle heavily relies on bounce and volume, so make sure to give your tresses a nice blowout and tousle the strands lightly after applying a texturizing spray.

34. Wolf Haircut with Ombre

Wolf Haircut with Ombre

Haircuts that are slightly longer at the back and shorter at the front such as the wolf cut are a fab fit for a multi-dimensional ombre. It is because short choppy layers on top along with long choppy layers around the sides and back help with the seamless transition of dark to light color.

When executed correctly, it creates a perfect canvas to draw attention to the dramatic ombre effect.

35. Wolf Cut with Micro Bangs

Wolf Cut with Micro Bangs

You know what else is trending like crazy other than wolf haircut and all its allies, the forehead-kissing micro bangs, also known as baby bangs. There is a common misconception that micro bangs can be only ultra-short and blunt.

In reality, you can customize them in plenty of ways – wispy, choppy, curly, you name it. Micro bangs bring another layer of depth to a traditional wolf cut. Think of it as a cool and hip cousin of mullet with the signature long layers at the back.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

This brings us to the very end of this detailed exposition of wolf cut hair ideas. Apart from the wild, wispy stack of layers and volume boost, what I seriously love about this haircut is its flexibility.

It’s one of those hairstyles that can be customized in a hundred different ways without losing the signature silhouette of the original hairstyle. So don’t wait any longer and give the wolfie a shot because life is too precious to waste on boring hair.

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