Sweet 16 Hairstyles

6 Ravishing Sweet 16 Hairstyles That Will Leave Your Friends Jealous

Confused about how to wear your hair on your special sweet 16? Need some great motivation to pick up the right hairstyle for your one and only coming-of-age party? Well, worry no more my love, because I am here to guide you through this challenging road and help you find the best hairstyles.

In this article, we will see the best and most liked hairstyles that everybody including the celebrities and the rest of the world swear upon with their lives. If you’re ready to go on a ride with me, then buckle up because here we go!

Sweet 16 Hairstyles That Will Save Your Day

Now, before we move on to hairstyles, here’s a little overview of why this day is so special to everyone and why you should celebrate this day like you own the whole world.

People celebrate the sweet 16 because this age is a milestone that these teenagers reach. It is the most important birthday for the American youth that they celebrate. This is their coming of age birthday and from this day on they are allowed to get a driver’s license and a job.

Before reaching the age of becoming a real adult, this age helps to prepare them for the real deal. They are given enough freedom to be on their own and are expected to look after themselves.

So, celebrating the sweet 16 is a huge deal and these teenagers will do anything to throw the best parties. The whole point of this birthday is to celebrate the birthday boy or girl and treat them like there is nothing else more important than them at that party. The birthday person wants to look their best on this day, and they can do whatever they want.

If you’re sweet 16 is coming up soon, then you must be super stressed because you have to plan your outfit and hairstyle and everything else that will make you the life of the party. Below I have the most beautiful hairstyles that will help you grab everyone’s attention and feel like a queen. Dive in and find the hairstyle that will best suit you and fit perfectly with your outfit.

Blonde Curls


Blonde Curls

Blonde Curls Twist

Blonde Curls With Half Up Braid

The blonde curls are a lovely choice for the sweet 16 hairstyles. This hairstyle has a lot of texture and dimension to it, and it is absolutely stunning. There is no way you can go wrong with this hairstyle.

The blonde curls are especially suitable for people who have long and curly hair. This hairstyle requires quite a lot of effort to get to these breath-taking results, but it will all be worth it when you see all your friends and family appreciating how gorgeous you look on your sweet 16.

This hairstyle is best advised to get done by an expert or your hairstylist, because why would the birthday girl do this herself especially when this hairstyle requires a lot of time and patience.

Once you walk into your venue in this hairstyle all your guests will be awed at how beautiful you look in this lovely sweet 16 hairstyle.

If this sweet 16 hairstyle is the one that you think is perfect for you, then you better get to work because this one takes up a good chunk of your time to get set for your day.

Crown Updo

Crown Updo

Crown Updo With Curtain Bang

Crown Updo With Back Bun

The crown updo is a delicate and majestic sweet 16 hairstyle. If you are someone who likes simple hairstyles and does not want to go overboard with your hairstyle, then this is the one for you.

This lovely sweet 16 hairstyle is an updo that requires you to style your hair in any simple updo style that you prefer and add an intricate crown to your hairstyle.

The crown adds a majestic yet delicate look to your hairstyle and allows you to come off as a soft and beautiful girl.

The fringes in front fall beautifully over your face giving it a subtle fancy touch. The overall hairstyle comes together beautifully and looks perfect for a sweet 16 birthday hairstyle.

This hairstyle requires only about 20 minutes to reach perfection. If you think you can achieve this on your own, then kudos to you.

If you think that it is an extra add-on to your list of sweet 16 birthday to-do lists, then you can always hit up your hairstylist and ask them to come over to your place and do your hair.

The Messy Ponytail

Messy Ponytail

Sweet 16 Messy Ponytail

Messy Ponytail With Bleached Hair

The messy ponytail is a very sassy sweet 16 birthday hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for you if your outfit is nice and simple. This sweet 16 hairstyle will look even better with your dress if it is a golden satin long dress.

You will look absolutely gorgeous and will outshine everyone at your birthday party and that is exactly what we are aiming for. If you like this hairstyle then you can opt for this.

It is a very easy hairstyle to do on your own, or you can ask your mum to help you out. This hairstyle requires you to flat iron your hair first and then make the ponytail. Make sure you leave out some fringes in front and cover up the elastic with your hair to make it look sleek.

This is an amazing choice for your sweet 16 birthday because it is not too over the top, and neither is it too dull, it has the right amount of oomph to make you look perfect.

Classic Open Hair

Classic Open Hair

Classic Open Loose Hair

Classic Open Balayage Hair

This is a classic hairstyle that is not only perfect for your sweet 16 hairstyles but is also suitable for any other event that you have planned in mind. The classic open hair is elegant, self-sufficient, and absolutely stunning. If you have long and voluminous hair, it will be deemed a crime if you do not choose this hairstyle because this is a great opportunity to make use of your luxurious hair.

To achieve this breathtaking hairstyle you have to make sure your hair is long enough and is tangle-free. You will then curl your hair and run your fingers through it to loosen the curls and voila! You have this stunning hairstyle that you can rock at your sweet 16.

You don’t always have to go over the top when it comes to your set 16 hairstyle, you can look absolutely beautiful even without the studs and beads on your hair. Like people say simplicity is the best policy. You can look better than everyone else in the room, even if you are not wearing something super gorgeous.

This sweet 16 hairstyle is the epitome of simplicity and is the best policy because it is a simple hairstyle, but anyone who can style there’s properly will look out of the world in it. That’s the perk of having long hair so go ahead and grab this opportunity to look like a princess on your birthday.

Braided Bun

Braided Bun

Messy Braided Bun

Blonde Braided Bun

The braided bun is a hairstyle that is the most magnificent out there. This sweet 16 hairstyle is perfect for you if you plan on making a grand entry to your sweet 16 in a helicopter. This sweet 16 hairstyle is so extravagant that not a single person will dare to look away from you.

If your sweet 16 birthday is going to be huge with tons of people and mega-expensive gifts, and famous rappers and DJs will show up to get the party lit, then the braided bun is everything you need. This hairstyle is super fancy. You can wear a crown with this if you want, and you add other embellishments to it to make it even more gorgeous.

The braid makes the bun look more artistic and not flat like the plain buns. This is a great sweet 16 hairstyle that you can opt for if your plan is to make sure that everyone pays attention to you on your birthday. If you are a hotshot in your school and you’re planning to show everyone how over the top you can go, you know which hairstyle to choose.


Fishtail Pony Braids

Half Up braids

Box Braids

Braids are an underrated sweet 16 hairstyle for some reason, but that makes it even more special for you to wear it on your sweet 16 birthday. This sweet 16 hairstyle will allow you to make your face the important part of your look rather than hiding it behind your hair. The braids allow you to show off your amazing facial features and all the effort that you put into makeup.

This does not mean that no one will notice your hair, they will notice your hair even more so because you chose a hairstyle that is different and bold. Not everyone has what it takes to pull it off, but what is life if not a race court of challenges.

The braids are also perfect for people who have naturally coarse and thick hair like African hair.

If you have this hair type, then you should go for dreadlocks, cornrow braids, butterfly locs, or goddess locs. All these are amazing sweet 16 hairstyles and will serve your purpose in all its glory. It will also show that you own yourself and that you have no problems showing up to a lit party in your natural locks that look absolutely gorgeous in braids.


This article has all the amazing hairstyles that you need for your sweet 16 birthday, that will help you make your wishes of looking the best at your party come true. You will also find clear inspiration for setting up your outfit with the hairstyles above.

Even though I covered what and how you can achieve the stunning look on your special day, some of our readers have sent in these frequently asked questions that I have answered below.

Q1. Are our Sweet 16 hairstyles appropriate for adults?

Ans. Sweet 16 hairstyles are super fancy and classy. So, if you are an adult and you like the sweet 16 hairstyles. There is no reason for you to not wear it. These hairstyles are great, and they look amazing on everyone. If You plan on styling your hair in a sweet 16 hairstyle and go out for drinks, then you go girl because no one will notice if you are wearing a sweet 16 hairstyle, instead, you will be appreciated for your hairstyle because you look that good.

Q2. Is it necessary to wear a sweet 16 hairstyle on my sweet 16 birthday?

Ans. It is not necessary to wear a sweet 16 birthday on your sweet 16, but if you want to look the best and have something that helps you stand out in the crowd and feel special, then this is your best bet. YOu could also let your hair be, but that will not bring a change in the way you look, and you will look the same on your sweet 16 as you look every day. I am pretty sure that is not what you want.

Q3. Can sweet 16 hairstyles make you look like an adult?

Ans. Sweet 16 hairstyles will make you look nice and ready for your party, but a hairstyle can’t make you look like an adult overnight. If you look like a kid, there must be a reason why, so I suggest letting your body do its own thing and let it be.

Q4. Are sweet 16 hairstyles harmful to my hair?

Ans. Sweet 16 hairstyles are safe if you do not use rough chemicals on your hair. Some hairstyles may require wax, sprays, and other hair products to achieve the perfect sweet 16 hairstyles, but as long as you make sure that the products are made of organic things, then you are good to go.

You can also check the packaging of the product you want to purchase to see if it has any harmful chemicals that do not suit you, and you can avoid that.

Q5. Can sweet 16 hairstyles be preserved?

Ans. Sweet 16 hairstyles usually do not last long because there is almost always a dance party that gets out of hand, and you can end up messing up your hairstyle. If you think that your sweet 16 birthday party will be sober and will not involve you getting all crazy on the dance floor, then you can maybe drag it to the next day.

If the hairstyle is on your natural hair then you can drag it till the day after, and if it is a wig, then you can keep that hairstyle intact for a long time, as long as you make sure that you do not ruin the hairstyle by dancing too much.


The sweet 16 birthday for an American girl. It is the day that announces to her friends and family that she can be responsible for herself from now on. It allows her to get a job and move out of her parent’s house.

This birthday shows that the parent’s little children have grown up right in front of their eyes, and it is now time for the parents to give their 16-year-old some freedom and not interfere in their lives.

The sweet 16 hairstyles are a great way to stand out on your own birthday and look the best. Selecting your sweet 16 hairstyles and outfit can be a fun task. You and your friends will bond over these beautiful moments and make memories worth a lifetime.

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