Types of Braids

35 Different Types of Braids for Any Occasion

Braids have been an essential part of a girl’s life. It is probably the first hairstyle she gets once her hair is long enough to braid.

Mums love braiding their baby daughters’ hair because it serves two purposes at once. The braids make their babies look extra cute, and it keeps the hair out of their face.

Braids are a great way to keep your hair looking neat and clean. Every girl knows how to braid and style herself because braids are the best, aren’t they?

There are so many types of braids out there that you can barely get bored of braiding your hair every day, but to braid your hair, you must know the different styles and techniques.

In this article, we will learn about the various braids and how easily we can do them by ourselves.


Different Types of Braids and How to Achieve Them

We have been doing the generic braid for so long that we might have forgotten about the other mind-blowing braids out there, just waiting for us to try them.

Below I have mentioned some of the most elegant braids that you can try on your hair and look absolutely stunning.

Braid Type

Braids for Long Hair

People who have long hair can do any hairstyle on their hair, especially braids. Braids were made for long hairs to be kept in place so that they don’t get into your eyes or distract you. If you have long hair you can check out these braids and see if you can do them by yourself.

Classic Braids

Classic Braids

We all know how to do the classic braids. These braids are a gift to mankind because trust me, they have helped us in so many ways.

They are tidy, classic, and perfectly good-looking to go out in if you know how to pull it off.

These braids are very easy to do. All you have to do is separate your hair into the 3 sections, and then start intertwining them within each other and you will find the rhythm to go with it.

Crown Braids

Crown Braids

The crown braid is so beautiful. It beautifully wraps around the back of your head and creates a cushion-like wrap around it. It gives you the periodic, Victorian-era vibe.

If you are looking for a style that accentuates your facial features then this should be your go-to look. It is very easy to do it by yourself.

You just have to section your hair into 2 parts and then braid them. Next, you just have to take the two braids and place them on opposite sides, one on top of the other, and you have your lovely braid.

Braids with Fringes

Braids with Frings

Braids always looked much better with fringes. The fringes frame your face and add a nice dimension to it. The amalgamation of the braids and fringes is one of the most beautiful combination outcomes according to me.

If you don’t want to go for a drastic change but also want to look very sweet and Cinderella-like then you can do your braids with fringes framing your face. This braid is also very good if you have a round face.

Ponytail Braids

Ponytail Braids

Ponytail braids are the easiest and the coolest. They are full of swag and they look amazing on anyone. You have to braid your hair towards the top and then you just have to tie up the rest in a ponytail.

That’s really all to this hairstyle, but without a doubt, they look absolutely delightful. If you are in a hurry you can do this braid and leave in an instant. This style barely requires five minutes of your time.

Pull through Braids

Pull Through Braids

Pull-through braids are like the cousins of your generic braids but with a twist. These braids have a messy look to them, which makes these braids look sultry.

If you’re going out on a picnic on a windy day, then you can try these braids.

Surely, you don’t want to keep removing your hair out of your face and eyes every now and then rather than enjoying your day out. These braids are perfect for a casual outing and who doesn’t want to look great when they go out, right?

Bubble Braids

Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are fun. They are a perfect hairstyle for summertime because you have all your hair together and out of your face. This allows air to touch your skin and that refrains you from sweating out too much.

We all know how it feels to have hair sticking on your sweaty skin on a hot summer, but luckily we have these cute lovely braids to make us look stylish in these dreadful seasons.

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are one of the most aesthetic-looking braids. These braids look like a work of art and are very time-consuming. Unlike fishtail braids, they just look time-consuming but aren’t.

You can wear a fish braid to the office, church, wedding, afterparty, or literally anywhere you want and you’ll be fit for the event.

Wear a nice long dress and pair it with some Louis Vuitton sandals and you’ll look ready to go to a fancy dinner.

Rope Braids

Rope Braids

Rope braids? More like dope braids. These braids are so funky and fashionable. This is a runway look that anyone can try. If you want to have fun with your braids and look cool at the same time, you can try this.

The slicked back and properly gelled hair look perfect for making a statement. It makes you look great and pairs perfectly with outfits like a romper or a bodycon.

French Braids

French Braids

French braids and fishtail braids can easily be confused but they aren’t the same braids. In fact, they are a lot different from each other, though the process of getting these braids done is almost identical.

For french braids, the amount of hair in each section has to be more than that in a fishtail braid because french braids are thicker in girth than fishtail braids.

Fishtail braids have a more professional look to them whereas french braids look a bit more laid back and relaxed.

Ladder Braids

Ladder Braids

If you are tired of all the braids looking almost similar, then the ladder braid was made just for you. This braid is unique and looks superb. The ladder braids elevate the way your hair looks.

It is an admirable braid choice for children. If you want your kids to engage in conversation with you then you can teach them how to do this braid. It isn’t very difficult to do and they will love the interaction with you as well.

Braids for Short Hair

Braids look amazing on short hair. You might shy away from braids thinking they might look bad, but in reality, they look pretty good.

If you want to try out braids on your short hair then wait no more and go for it. Look for the braid you would like to try out from these beautiful short hair braids mentioned below.

Angled French Braids

Angled French Braids

The angled french braid is an exquisite style for your short hair. This braid will look great with any style you want to wear.

It goes well with all outfits and jewelry. There is not a single thing you can put on that will not mesh fit with this braid style.

The angled french braid is an amazing way to braid your hair that can change people’s minds about braids on short hair.

Dutch Braid Ponytail

Dutch Braid Ponytail

The dutch braid ponytail is a beloved hairstyle by sportswomen. This is the most convenient and easiest way to keep their hair out of the way and nicely tucked.

This braid does its job perfectly while making you look tasteful. The dutch braid is a great style to wear when you go hiking or hunting. It will keep your hair in place and help you to avoid the trouble of managing your hair.

It is quite troublesome to look after your hair when you go out to spend a nice day.

The Braided Fauxhawk

Braided Fauxhawk

Your cool chart must be blowing off the roof if you are able to pull off this hairstyle.

This is such an iconic braided look to go for that you will actually have to consider being able to carry this style. You can level up this style by dying it in crazy colors and making it pop.

There is no way for anyone to not notify you when you’re around, and how will they? You’ll probably be the tallest person standing amongst the group of people you are with.

Bow Braids

Bow Braids

Bow braids are a unique touch to regular braids. With the bow braids, you get the best of both worlds. So, you want braids? You got it. Do you want bows? They’re right up here. Do you want a bun? Why would you want a bun when you can have two bows right?

These braids are the epitome of style and cuteness at the same time. They are perfect for people of any age. If you want to try out a cool Coachella look, then your coils give the bow braids ago.

Half Crown Braids

Half Crown Braids

The half crown braids are phenomenal due to multiple reasons, but amongst all that, I would say that the main reason is it is very pretty.

This gorgeous braid is a very simple but elegant braid style. It is very easy to achieve this style and equally easy to manage. Once you do this braid, you do not have to worry about it getting loose or coming out.

You can clip your braids in. If you decide to not clip them, it is still alright because if your braid doesn’t look perfect, it will have a messy look to it.

Bedazzled Braids

Bedazzled Braids

Bedazzled braids are fun and they shine. These shiny braids are creative and you can go crazy with them. You can add glitters and beads to these braids and you’ll still look great wearing this braid.

These braids are perfect for a club night and Coachella. We all know Coachella is a place where you can show your unique style and wear whatever hair and clothes you want.

So, go to Coachella next summer wearing this stunning hairstyle.

V-shaped Crown Braids

V Shaped Crown Braids

Are you worried about your face looking too square and babyish? Worry no more because I present to you the V-shaped crown braid.

This braid gives your face an elongated illusion which adds more dimension to your features and makes your face look more oval.

This is a great hairstyle to wear to a day party or a baby shower. You can put on any dress you like, add a nice pair of shades to your attire, and you are good to go on with your wonderful day.

Braids for Bob Hair

People have a misconception that you can not braid your hair if you have a bob. That is not entirely true.

It totally depends on your hairstyle. With some bobs, you definitely can not braid all your hair due to obvious reasons, but with other bob styles, you can achieve nice braid styles.

Here are some of the amazing braids that you can try on your bob hair:

The Side Cornrow Braids

Side Cornrow Braids

The side cornrow braids for bob hair are a much stylish version of the generic cornrows. You usually see the cornrows on the crown area, but in this case, the position is changed to the sides.

They look super contemporary and very urban chic. It is a great braid style to wear out on a regular Monday morning or a fun night out on weekends.

The side cornrows are a great choice even if you want to wear them every day. To elevate your style you can wear a nice blazer suit and some canvas shoes along with it, and make sure you have your RayBans with you because you don’t want the sun hitting right in your cornea!

The Braided Pompadour

Braided Pompadour

We have seen too many variations of the pompadour, but the braided pompadour is by far the best. It is a great style to carry. It brings volume to your pompadour and it brings in a beautiful texture to this look.

These are not your regular, tight-fit braids. Here your pompadour is set in place in a braid-like formation with the help of a little hair wax.

The braided pompadour is perfect for you if you have the kind of bob hairstyle where you can not braid most of your hair. With this look, you can enjoy both the pompadour and the braid at the same time.

Headband Braids

Headband Braids

Headband braids are a convenient braid style. They help you to manage your hair easily and allow you the leverage to get more work done by keeping your hands free.

It is a very fancy-looking braid that merely takes minutes to get it done. You just have to make a few braids and clip it in.

That is literally all the hard work you have to do here, to get this braid. This is probably one of the easiest braids that you can achieve in seconds.

Top twist Braids

Top Twist Braids

The top twist braid is very cool and vibrant. It is an instant style that you can get to change your look. If you love going to the beach and getting a nice tan is your thing then you should definitely try out this braid.

It will take you 2 seconds to twist and clip in your braid to get this look. You can also teach this style to your kids and they will spare you the trouble of doing their hair all the time.

We all know how much maintenance a kid needs, so this could be your opportunity to teach them something that will benefit you in the long run.

Front twist Braids

Front Twist Braids

Front twist braids are quite similar to the Top twisted braids. They are achieved the same way, except front twists are in the front and top twists are on top.

The front twists can face either way. They can go both from left to right or vice versa. This modish braid is very stylish and sleek.

If you are planning a long flight and you want to look presentable and be comfortable at the same time in your flight then you can pick this simple yet elegant braid style for your hair.

Bob bubble Braids

Bob Bubble Braids

The bob bubble braid is the most fun braid. You can do as many of them as you want and you can literally do them on any part of your hair, and you will not end up looking bad.

The bubble braids take up a lot of space because they spread over a small area, which allows them to look fuller. Due to this, it looks like there’s a lot of volumes.

It’s best to do messy bubbles if you have fine hair to avoid showing bald spots. It will also make your hair look thicker and more volumized.

Braids for Afro Hair

African hair is the most braided hair. There are so many different braid styles you can try with African hair. The variety of braids we have for this is endless.

They are so cool and funky, and you can always do a little something to make it even better. The list below shows the wonderful braids you can try on.

Knotless Braids

Knotlesss Braids

The knotless braids look extra smooth and silky. They are braided right from the roots. The roots in this braid remain very smooth and flat. The hair used for the knotless braids is basically not knotted.

It is an amazing look to wear on any given occasion. It looks very pristine and healthy. This hairstyle goes with most outfits as well.

If you are looking for a hairstyle to wear every day for a long time then you can go for knotless braids. Celebrities like Zendaya, Normani Kordei, and many others were seen rocking this lovely braid style.

Braids with Beads

Braids with Beads

We have all seen a fair share of braids. We know what the basics are and how easily we can do our own braids. But we often wonder how we can make our braids look nicer and more lucrative.

We don’t want to wear the same hairstyle everyday and get bored of it, hence we try to bring changes to the same style by adding different ornaments or accessories to it.

A great way to change up your style is by adding beads to them. The beads are nice to look at and easy on the eye. They not only make your hairstyle pop but also show how creative you are.

Half and Half Braids

Half and Half Braids

The half and half braids make you look like a real demagogue. It gives off a vibe that can look quite intimidating, given the right circumstances.

It is a creative way to portray something meaningful or you can get it for the sake of it, that is a good reason too. Wanting to do something should be reason enough for you to go and get it in the first place.

You could pair up a black pair of jeans with a turtle neck crop top and a denim jacket to match your cool new look, and the black and white All star converse or Vans, and you’d rock this look like a rockstar.

Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are the ethnic style of Fulbe or Fulani people. They cover a large region throughout West Africa and Sahel. This braid is inspired by them.

In Fulani braids, you should have a few rows of cornrows from the top of your head to the bottom in the direction of your hair growth.

What makes this different is the fact that you should have at least 2-3 rows braided in the opposite direction from the rest of the cornrows all over your head.

These braids are great looking and add an edge to your look. If you want to try out an ethnic braid style then you can go for the Fulani braids.

Rainbow Braids

Rainbow Braids

Rainbow braids are for everyone. Boys, girls, men, ladies, and children. It is such a colorful look to try on and get into a party mode. This is definitely the best look for a pride parade fest to say the least.

Adding colors to anything makes it already look so much better. Adding the rainbow colors to these braids makes them pop up and they look livelier with so much splash of colors.

The symmetrical rows of colors feel good to look at and you will be the life of the party with that hairstyle.

If your purpose is to be loud and proud then you know what you have to do. So go ahead and get it done.

Yellow Braided Bun

Yellow Braided Bun

This is a fun twist on your everyday braids. You don’t always want to let your hair down, you also want to put it up in a bun. But, this isn’t a regular bun. This is a braided bun.

The striking yellow color makes this bun look ten times hotter because it looks like you have the Solar system revolving around you.

This is a classy vibrant take on the generic braided bun and I would say that this is a great-looking braided bun. If you want people to notice you, then this bun is a must-try for you.

Hat with Braid

Hat with Braids

There are so many accessories and embellishments out there that you can try out on your hair to look great but nothing compares to a hat.

A hat instantly makes you look super classy and posh. It is very stylish and gives you a modern chic look. You can wear any type of hat with your braids and you’ll look amazing.

Hats are a great accessory that boosts up your style and makes you look great on every occasion. There is always a good hat for any occasion.

Braids for Weddings

Braids are big for weddings. Choosing to do a braid at a wedding is probably the wisest decision a girl can make because there are so many other things to handle other than the hair.

You want a hairstyle that is done and dealt with once the stylist is gone. You don’t want to keep fixing your hair in the middle of a wedding.

Your hair’s job is to sit flawlessly on your head and look perfect. Below are some beautiful and aesthetically pleasing braids for weddings that you can choose for your wedding.

Half up Half Down Wedding Braid

Half up half Down Wedding Braids

The half up half down is a classic wedding braid style. This is a beautiful hairstyle that allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

You can adorn your wedding hairstyle with jewels and beads to make it look fancier. This great hairstyle looks good with any type of wedding dress including suites. If you are looking for an all-rounder hairstyle, this is it.

Braided low Bun

Braided Low Bun

Braided low buns are a classic wedding braid hairstyle. It looks gorgeous and it is absolutely breathtaking when worn with a wedding dress on.

These braids are quick to achieve and great under the wedding veil.

If you want a beautiful low bun for your wedding look then you can go for the braided low bun.

This is an amazing wedding hairstyle and let me tell you, you will not regret it.

Boho Style Wedding Braids

Boho Style Wedding Braids

The boho-style wedding braids are very simplistic wedding braids with a little incorporation of earth-grown flowers and gypsies.

The boho-chic style is so natural and wonderful that the style itself is fulfilling to look at. Adding anything else to it is just a cherry on top.

When you walk down the aisle wearing this beautiful braid in your bewitching wedding gown, your partner will be enchanted by how beguiling you look. If your goal is to see your partner in tears when they look at you walking towards them, then go for the boho-style wedding braids.

Flower Twist Braids

Flower Twist Braids

The flower braid is a unique braid. It is extraordinarily beautiful and it will make you stand out, high and above even though you are the bride.

With this braid style, a nice clear veil will look perfect, and it will allow you to show off your braid to the crowd.

And you must do so because the crowd will gather on that day to celebrate you and your partner so go ahead and flaunt that beautiful braid you just got.

Curly Braids

Curly Braids

These pretty curly braids are perfect for you if you have curly hair. Oftentimes, we see that people who have curly hair, either leave their hair down or they just simply choose to straighten their hair.

With this braid style, you can change that narration and rock a pretty braid with your beautiful hair.

This braid is exceptionally amazing and it will look perfect on you. You can add a few flowers or other embellishments to your beautiful braid to make it look even more blinged up.

You should go for a braid if you want to even if you have curly hair. This is a great depiction of how wonderful it will end up looking. So go and get it, tiger!


What are the benefits of braids?

Braids help you reduce friction between each hair strand which results in less hair fall.

Does braiding hair increase hair growth?

Braiding doesn’t increase your hair growth, but it helps your hair from falling off by reducing friction.

Do braids make your hair curly?

Braiding will not make your hair curly but it will form soft waves on your hair when worn for a very long time.


Braids are a great way to manage your hair and look beautiful at the same time. There is a braid style for all hairstyles irrespective of the hair length.

So, with all the curated information about types of braids, it is best for you to go ahead and try them on your hair and flaunt it in front of your friends and family.

I am sure by now you have found the perfect braid for whatever occasion you are looking for and already have ideas for your big day.

The best part about braids is that they can be done on any hair type, any age, any gender and all of them look perfect.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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