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Tim Tebow Haircut: 11 Striking Ideas for Men with Short Hair

When You think about Tim Tebow Haircut, many of you might remember the horrible haircut he got from the veterans of the Denver Broncos in his Rookie year. Even though that is his most Iconic haircut, he has sported some of the Slickest hairdos for men.

From his debut in 2010 to this day, Tim Tebow has always worn his hair short and precise. It does not matter if you are a fan of Tim Tebow or not, if you like to wear your hair short you will love the hairstyles which he has been using over the years.

Here are some of the attractive hairstyles Tim Tebow has worn throughout the years which will give you a sharp appearance. I will also provide some variations of the haircuts that Tim Tebow wore so that you can mix up your look to the fullest of your desire.

The Infamous Tim Tebow Haircut

The Infamous Tim Tebow Haircut


Tim Tebow’s Friar Cut is one of the most iconic haircuts in the history of American sports but not because of its excellency rather for its infamy.

Friar Cut which is also known as Tonsure is mainly a practice that was done by the medieval monks and priests as a sign of their devotion where they would shave off the middle of their scalp and wear their hair loose all around that.

To be fair to Tim Tebow, he did not opt for this haircut on his own accord rather it was given to him by the Veterans Of Denver Broncos as a tradition where the rookies were given ridiculous haircuts. Tim tebow wore this haircut like a real monk!

I would not suggest you get this haircut as it looks really absurd. But if you are a diehard Tim Tebow fan and want to commemorate him with this haircut, I would say you should ignore what people say, listen to your heart and go for it!

8 Tim Tebow Haircuts That You Should Try Right Now!

It is true that Tim Tebow has experimented to some extent with his hair but it is to a minimum degree. He always wore his hair short but that does not mean he always wore the same hairstyle. Most of his haircuts and hairdos are quite easy to achieve so you should obviously try them.

Here are 8 gorgeous Tim Tebow Haircuts that you should try if you prefer to wear your hair short.

Side Parted Faux Hawk



We are starting this article with one of the most trending hairstyles for short hairs which Tim tebow often wears! The way Tim Tebow wears Side Parted Faux Hawk is a bit different than regular Faux Hawk.

Tim Tebow wears this Haircut with a disconnected fade which adds a bit of personal touch. It gave him a slick professional look.

This style is quite easy to do and you should try it out to see if it matches with your persona.

Laid Back with Fade

Laid Back With Fade

The second Tim Tebow Hairstyle that we are going to cover is the Laid Back with Fade.This hairstyle is also a bit different from traditional laid back fade.

His hair is brushed back but there is a hint of hard part which gives this haircut a unique look. This haircut is also quite easy to achieve. First you need to have a high fade while the top hair needs to be brushed back. You should definitely try this haircut out to have a relaxed look.

Side parted High Fade

Side Parted High Fade

As you can see this haircut is also a High fade design but it is quite different from the previous one.

Tim Tebow wears traditional Side parted High Fade where the sides are shaved as well as the back. The top part of the hair is combed sideways using hair gel or pomade. This hairstyle gives him a clean look which can be easily worn in a professional atmosphere.

You can try this polished haircut which is quite easy to achieve and maintain.

Hard Line across Spike

Hard Line Across Spike

We are now discussing a Tim Tebow Haircut which  is quite unique. He has worn a disconnected fade while the top of his hair is spiked. There is a hard line across his spiked hair which gave him quite a distinctive look.

This hairstyle feels like a hairstyle straight out of a futuristic movie or cyberpunk game. This look may not suit everyone like it did Tim Tebow but there is no harm in trying it right? You should definitely try it out to see if you can pull this off!

Hard Parted High Fade

Hard Parted High Fade

This Haircut is quite similar to the last one we have covered but it is also quite distinctive and will make you stand out in any crowd. Trust me when I say Tim Tebow wears his hair quite uniquely!

The hair is combed sideways while there is a hardline on the other side. The side hairs might seem to be cut on disconnected fade but if you look closely it is a high fade.

If you are a short hair enjoyer, you should try this hair design.

Short Angular Combover

Short Angular Combover

Tim Tebow wore this Short Angular Comb Over hairstyle  to its finest. If you want to be really technical with this fabolous looking hairstyle and try it out, you should first have your hair cut in a disconnected fade. The top of your hair needs to be combed to one side in an angular way.

This haircut is quite sophisticated which will definitely improve your personality. You can use hair wax so that your style does not get ruined.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut

The Crew cut Tim Tebow is sporting is a bit different from modern crew cuts.Hairs on the side of his head is quite long compared to traditional Crew Cuts but that does not mean he is not killing it.

Everyone tries faded crew cuts nowadays but you can try something different and go for this Tim Tebow Crew Cut. It can give you an uncommon look which will make you stand out in the crowd.

Taper with Spiky Top

Taper with Spiky Top

We are now covering a haircut that was once quite popular among fashionistas. It was a haircut for those who wanted to look hip while having short hair. Tim Tebow has worn this haircut with a traditional taper while his hair on top is spiked.

You can easily pull off this haircut. It looks excellent with every hair type and the shape of your face does not matter that much for this hairstyle. Use hair wax to keep your hair spiked.

3 Tim Tebow Inspired Haircuts

Many of you might think that Tim Tebow’s Haircuts are cool but they are not for you and change it up a bit. You may like to wear your hair longer than Tim Tebow’s go to hairstyles.  Don’t worry! I have got you covered. Here are some great haircuts that are inspired from Tim Tebow’s haircuts that you should consider right away.

Brushed Back Fade

Brushed Back Fade

Brushed Back Fade is a really great hairstyle which you can wear with short hair as well as medium hair. You can get low fade, medium fade or high fade based on your choice. Use hair wax to keep your hair set.

I personally prefer Brushed Back fade with a medium or high fade which makes my look quite sharp and goes with my personality. You should give clear instructions to your Barber so that you can get your desired haircut.

Faded Crew Cut

Faded Crew Cut

The Crew Cut Tim Tebow wore is quite old-fashioned, you can try other variations of Crew Cuts like Faded Crew Cut. Faded Crew cut is one of my favorite go to hairstyles. I can keep my hair short as well as stylish with this design which is really low maintenance.

You can go for any type of fade with your hair but I would suggest you to converse with your stylist before you get it. You should choose based on your facial structure.

Slicked Back Undercut

Brushed Back Fade

Undercut hairstyles are one of the most sought after hairstyles for fashion mongers. You cannot go wrong with an Undercut Hairstyle.

I would suggest you get a Slicked Back Undercut with a disconnected fade if it suits your persona and facial structure. It is quite easy to maintain and you can get this haircut with different lengths of hair. I personally prefer medium length hair and you can use hair wax to style your hair and keep it in the desired style for a long period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of you have many questions about Tim Tebow’s Haircuts. In this article I have tried to answer some of these questions to put your mind at ease.

Q: How to get a Tim Tebow Haircut?

A: If you are looking for the infamous friar haircut that Tim Tebow got in his rookie year, it is quite simple. You will need to have medium length hair and shave off the middle of your scalp in a round way. It is not a pleasant hairdo.

If you are looking for Tim Tebow’s current haircut which is a Side-parted Faux Hawk, you will need to have your hair in a disconnected fade. Your hair length should be around 4 inches. Comb over your hair to one side and use wax to give your hair the Faux Hawk spikes.

Q: Is Tim Tebow’s Hair receding?

A: Yes, Tim Tebow’s Hair is slightly receding. With age Men’s hair starts to recede. It is no wonder that Tim Tebow’s hairline is also receding.

Q: Can I get a Haircut like Tim Tebow’s Current Haircut with Afro Hair?

A: The answer is no. You will need to have straight or wavy hair to get a haircut like Tim Tebow’s current Side-parted Faux Hawk with disconnected fade. It is not suited for kinky or afro hair. If you really wanna try out you would have to get your hair straightened.

Final Words

Even though Tim tebow gave us his infamous Friar Cut look in 2010, He has also sported some phenomenal short hair looks which are easy to achieve and maintain.

Getting a celebrity haircut is always a difficult hit or miss situation as it might go with your persona or contrast it. If you feel that getting one of the mentioned haircuts is for you and suits your personality, I would suggest you go for it as everyone of them is remarkable.

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