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6 Kris Bryant Haircut Ideas That Will Break The Internet This Year!

For almost a decade now Kris Bryant has been sweeping all of baseball off their feet by displaying his skills on the field. Off the pitch, however, the athlete garners attention for the haircut he has been wearing for quite some time now.

While the athlete has worn multiple haircuts over the course of his career, the hairstyle that Kris Bryant has worn for the longest time is known as the faux hawk. Commonly dubbed as the Kris Bryant haircut in MLB, the look involves a short but messy textured faux hawk on top with a blended or high taper fade on the sides. It’s an excellent look for all hair types as the requirements are lenient.

The messy texture tends to enhance the density of hair, which can be great for those with fine hair. Apart from the enhanced fullness, the texture also gives one’s face a flattening effect, which tends to shape up one’s jawline and makes their cheekbones more apparent.

Long story short, this article will consist of all the essentials one needs to know before creating the Kris Bryant haircut. We will not only carry out an in-depth analysis of the haircut itself, but also mention various designs that can easily be created and worn on a regular basis with the look.

6 Sporty Kris Bryant Haircut Designs For Upcoming Baseball Athletes

Although the haircut remained the same, Kris Bryant did make subtle adjustments every now and then just to wow the crowd. Some of them definitely left an impact, while the rest were met with an underwhelming reception. From wearing a messy faux hawk to rocking the classic baseball mullet, here are the outstanding hairstyles Kris Bryant has worn over the course of the last few years.

Faux Hawk

Kris Bryant Faux Hawk Cut

Suitable for all sorts of occasions, one can’t go wrong with this specific demonstration of the faux hawk. It contains an effortless appearance, which is supported by the messiness of the texture and uneven layout. It tends to stay put even when the weather condition is unfavorable, and can usually be created without the use of styling products.

When creating this look, one needs to take into account the length on the top for achieving the best results. If their hair type is on the coarser side, they can grow their hair out to achieve a voluminous outcome. However, if their hair is thinning or on the finer side, keeping the length short on top will allow some texture to be introduced as well as enhance the existing thickness of the hair.

Short Metro Mullet

Short Metro Mullet

If you’ve always liked the mullet but were too afraid about how you might look in it, you may want to look at this entry. A design that contains a fair amount of volume as well as texture, a short metro mullet is a great look that not only looks trendy, but is extremely versatile. The length can be used to create an endless amount of hairstyles. For instance, with this length, one can create a messy combover as well as a modern slick back.

Apart from its versatility, the look comes with a very lenient hair care routine as well as a styling routine, which without a doubt makes this option one of the friendliest ones on this list.

The Baseball Mullet

The Baseball Mullet

If you’re an avid baseball fan, perhaps this option doesn’t require a backstory. Long story short, however, the baseball mullet has been a staple amongst the sport as well as the audience of the physical activity ever since its debut.

The main highlight of this look is the flashy mullet it contains, which is usually showcased by using a hat. The hat tends to cover the hair on top as well as a massive portion of the wearer’s hair, mainly to allow the mullet to take the spotlight.

Apart from the main feature, this look is also an excellent choice for those that are working around a tight schedule as styling it is extremely easy and only requires the use of a hat. 

Mohawk with High Skin Fade

Mohawk With High Skin Fade

A skin fade always adds density to any hairstyle that it’s paired up with. When collaborated with a mohawk, a high skin fade not only gives the mohawk a fuller appearance with a high contrast, but also creates a disconnection between the wearer’s face and hair. The disconnection gives the facial structure more definition and also gives the beard more density, which can be considered a win-win situation for most.

Furthemore, when creating this look, although you can create it without the use of hair products, using hair clay will not only give the look a firmer hold, but also give it tons of volume with manageable hair strands. 

Gelled Up Liberty Spikes

Gelled Up Liberty Spikes

Glossy hairdos are always suitable for high-end events. It keeps the hair in place at all times, and enhances the natural shine it contains.

Liberty spikes not only look healthy when a water based hair product is used to create the look, but also looks presentable and eye-grabbing. The hairstyle can make the wearer look intimidating, which is considered to be an appealing trait more often than not. The length of the hair on top adds to the messiness, while the short sides make the final look clean and presentable.

Textured Faux Hawk with Temple Fade

Textured Faux Hawk With Temple Fade

When growing out a metro mullet, getting maintenance cuts can be quite difficult. One wrong move might result in a botched haircut, which might make the whole process fall apart. However, for achieving the safest possible outcome, one may incorporate this look. Not only does the design contain minimal adjustments, but also looks very appealing in terms of visuals.

The temple fade can either be achieved through the use of a 1 guard for a skin fade like appearance, or can also be shaved with a 4 guard for creating a subtle disconnection.

The faux hawk on top can be achieved by using a blow dryer on damp hair, but one can also use styling clay to make the strands more manageable and flexible after achieving the desired look.

Frequently Asked Questions

 While getting a haircut is extremely easy, pulling it off could be a challenge to many. It might also leave many with unresolved queries. To make things easier, however, we have picked out and addressed some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the haircut of Kris Bryant. They are located down below. We hope you too find them as helpful as the previous segments.

Question: What length do I need to have to recreate Kris Bryant’s haircut?

Answer: While there’s no specific length mentioned on the web, we believe that having 6 inches on top and 3 inches on the sides will help you immensely if you’re planning on recreating the faux hawk. For the mullet, however, make sure the hair in front and back are evenly grown out.

Question: How do I ask for the Kris Bryant haircut? 

Answer: Even though the messy faux hawk as well as the mullet can be picked up through the visuals, getting the fade on the sides might be a bit tricky. To ensure the perfect fade for your face shape, ask the barber to use a 3 guard clipper first. For neatness, you may trim it down even further by using a 2 or 1 guard. However, for a more sophisticated hairdo, you can ask the barber for blends.

Question: What type of hair does Kris Bryant have? 

Answer: Kris Bryant’s hair is on the finer end, but carries a lot of density. His hair color is jet black, which pairs well with hairstyles as messy as the faux hawk. The faux hawk looks even better due to the temple fade, which tends to darken the contrast.

Final Verdict

Overall, we hope you enjoy going through all the hairstyles of fellow MLB superstar, Kris Bryant. While it is definitely not the best hairdo for professional settings, the haircut he has offers versatility and presents to the table loads of volume. It’s a great look for those that prefer hairstyles that are uneven, as well as for those that want to give their facial structure a flattening effect.

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