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11 Steezy Rave Hairstyles for the Perfect Festive Look

Who doesn’t want to relax for a while and dance all night long after the hectic hours at work? Well, if you are looking for something similar, then attending a rave is the best thing to do right now. Apart from the music and dancing, a rave should have all the elements to make it a successful one, which also includes you as a participant and the way you present yourself.

It is important to dress up and get a complete makeover that screams ultimate rave-vibes so that you can enjoy your time to the fullest. And for that, you need to make sure that your hair and attire match the vibe of the festival.

Wondering how you can make a statement in a rave? Well, for starters, you can go for stylish rave hairstyles that will allow you to showcase your inner spirit. Rave hairstyles are all the rage because of their uniqueness and vibrant appearance. So trying out hairstyles for rave is only a matter of time for you right now!

Coolest Rave Hairstyles to Wear to the Festival

In recent times, the versatility and appeal of rave hairstyles have only increased. There are many ways to style your hair in a unique way for a rave, and girls are all about taking that extra step to make their hairstyle memorable. The options for styling your hair are infinite, so it is easy for you to get baffled. This is why we have handpicked the best rave hairstyles that will allow you to achieve the ultimate festive look. Let’s check them out together!

Short Glam

Short Glam

Let’s start the list with a short hairstyle that you are totally going to love. Rave is all about the glam and glitz that reciprocates with the vibe of the festival. Whenever we are thinking of going out for a DJ party or dancing the night away at the club, colors and glitter are the two things that we cannot just leave behind.

So, it requires no explanation that your rave hairstyle should consist of both of these elements. Now, if you have short hair, you can get all glamorous by taking this picture as your guide. This short glam hairstyle with the perfect peach color, the cute braids, and the glitter all over the place has totally won our hearts!

Medium Mermaid

Medium Mermaid

Did you ever want to switch to a hair color that would make you feel like a mermaid? Well, we certainly have at some points in our lives, and there is no going back once you fall in love with those colors. And if you didn’t know it already, mermaid hair colors are quite popular in rave culture.

You will find many girls rocking mermaid-style hair in a rave, and the reason behind this is the vibrancy and vibe of the entire style. Take this picture for example. The girl has a lovely mermaid hair color and her hair has been braided in a way that represents she is here to rock the rave! We love the medium length of her hair, and the use of hair rings on the braids has given this style a cooler look indeed.

Braids and Bubbles

Braids And Bubbles

When it comes to hairstyles for raves, the most popular options are the braids and bubble braids to style your hair. And by that, we do not mean your regular braided hairstyles. You need to go all bold and fearless to declare that you are here to rock the festival, and for that, your hairstyle needs to be the boldest it can get.

Take this picture for example. We do not even need to explain how gorgeously extravagant the entire style is. We love the shades of blue and purple along with the black and brown base hair. The long bubble braids and three-strand braids are totally captivating, and the use of rhinestones and glitter all over the middle part has totally won our hearts!

Neon Ponytail

Neon Ponytail

Coloring your hair in vibrant shades or choosing super colorful hair extensions are things that you just cannot skip when it comes to the rave hairstyles. We always suggest you go for the vibrant options because your hair should be screaming your inner festive vibe. So opt for choosing hair in neon colors, especially green, purple, or blue.

For styling ideas, you can take this long ponytail with neon green hair as an example. The three braids at the front lead up to an attractive ponytail, all of which have been done using vibrant neon hair. We love how the braids have been incorporated into the ponytail itself, and the use of hair rings on the braids totally creates that music festival vibe.

Half Up with Ribbons

Half Up With Ribbons

Ever thought of adding ribbons to your hairstyle? Well, if you haven’t, now is the time to give those a try. It may sound like something out of the book, but rave hairstyles are literally all about that. So skip the worrying part and pick some colorful ribbons the next time you go shopping for your hair.

The girl in this picture has a beautiful half up style ready for the festival, and we totally love how she has selected the colorful ribbons to incorporate into her style. We love the braids at the front and the colors on the partings. Also, the use of glitter stars in different colors has matched the vibe of her entire hairstyle.

Braided Space Buns

Braided Space Buns

Space buns are one of the most prominent features of a rave hairstyle. We have seen girls with different lengths of hair rocking their space buns during the festivals, so these buns are a must-try from our side. You can opt for making your space buns out of braided hair in order to achieve that beautiful volume and fuller-looking appearance.

Here is a picture for you to take inspiration. The girl in the picture has blonde hair with a bob haircut, and the two dutch braids leading up to the amazing space buns look totally stunning. The special detail that has captured our hearts is the use of vibrant pink hair for the braids and the buns. These braided space buns are total goals, and we can’t wait to try them out!

Vibrant Pigtails

Vibrant Pigtails

For black girls, protective hairstyles such as box braids and cornrows are the go-to options. However, you can upgrade your regular box braids and wear them to festivals as well. The only thing you need to do is choose colorful braiding hair for your braids, and make sure they are vibrant enough to make a statement.

Take this picture for example. The hairstyle consists of box braids that have been done using braiding hair in shades of blue, pink, and purple. The middle part hairstyle has two pigtails that have a messy yet playful appearance. We love the length of the braids and suggest you give this rave hairstyle a try if you love to wear box braids.

Cute Bubbles

Cute Bubbles

Your hairstyle for rave can be quite extravagant, or you can opt for something cute but trendy as well. It’s all about incorporating the proper styles in order to make that festive vibe prominent. Although most of us love to go for colorful hair extensions and braiding hair for a rave, it is also quite possible to achieve a great hairstyle with your natural hair, especially if you are looking for something cutesy.

Take this middle part hairstyle for example. The front part of the hair consists of precisely cut bangs that look super cute, and just behind the bangs are two bubble braids on the sides which are natural and beautiful. The rest of the hair is flowing gracefully, and we love how this style looks all perfect for a rave without having the use of colors, glitter, and any other accessories at all.

Red Curls

Red Curls

No festival is complete without the touch of vibrant red, so to channel your inner boldness, it is a must that you try out a fearless hairstyle with red hair. While many women like the subtle shade of red, we suggest you pick a bolder one in order to rock the festival. No matter what your style is, you are sure to make a statement with your glamorous hair.

Take this hairstyle as your guide the next time you visit the salon before the festival. This long hairstyle has dutch braids and cornrows leading up to a half up ponytail. The hair down the length has a beautiful red color and a gorgeous curly appearance. We love how the dark base hair adjusts with the curly red hair, and this one is a must-try if you love fierce hairstyles.

Braids and Beads

Braids And Beads

Protective hairstyles can be made extra-elegant in many ways, and one of the easiest ways to adorn your braids is to add beads to them. Now, when it comes to the rave hairstyles, one thing you can do is to choose colorful braiding hair and select beads according to those colors. This will allow you to rock a festive look in a fun way.

This picture shows exactly what we are talking about. The bold and beautiful hairstyle consists of shaved sides and box braids. The box braids have been done using different colors of braiding hair, especially the shades of blue and purple. The orange hair has definitely added to the vibrancy, and we love how the beads have been chosen based on the colors of the braids. This hairstyle is super cool, and you should definitely give it a try.

Fancy Braided Pigtails

Fancy Braided Pigtails

Braids are totally the most popular choices for rave hairstyles. Even your simple three-strand braids can be done in a great way to match the vibe of the festival. So while we are talking about hairstyles for rave, we simply cannot skip the braided pigtails. We suggest you go creative with your braids for that extra feeling and make sure your pigtails still have that cute vibe while being bold.

For fancy braided pigtails, you can take inspiration from this picture. First things first, we love the colors of her hair. The shades of pink and blue are playing nicely throughout the hair, and the braids have been done in quite an interesting way. This hairstyle has a cute vibe to it, but at the same time, it is elegant enough to steal the show!


Now, before you go on choosing the best rave hairstyle for a stylish festive look, here are the answers to the inevitable questions that you need to take a look at beforehand.

How can I do a simple rave hairstyle?

If you would love to keep things simple but elegant enough for a rave, we suggest you add captivating details to your hair such as glitter or rhinestones. You can do a middle part style with dutch braids or space buns, and just apply glitter to your parting. It is quite a simple thing to do but effective enough to make a statement.

Do I need to wear hair extensions for a rave hairstyle?

Colorful hair extensions are commonly worn for that festive look, but you can skip them if you want to. Try doing bubble braids or fancy styles out of your natural hair, and you will be all good to go.

Final Words

Rave is all about showing everyone your colorful self and immersing yourself in the world of music and dance. So your attire and getup should send the message that you are here to rock the festival. And for that, colors and glitz are a must.

So choose your favorite hairstyle from the list we have mentioned above, and try out extravagant styles to stand out from the crowd. Don’t forget to pick vibrant colors such as orange, yellow, green, or red because they just showcase your free spirit. Capture the attention of everyone with your glamorous hairstyle, and be the center of the festival with grace!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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