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14 Striking ASAP Rocky Braids Styles that Any Men Can Try Out

If anyone is talking about braids of celebrities, no one else can beat ASAP Rocky braids. This popular rapper from New York has been winning everyone’s hearts with his braids for more than a decade now.

He does not have only one way of styling his braids. He has tried out plenty of styles with his braids. Almost every braided hairstyle of his has received tons of praise and appreciation.

When it comes to braids, this man is a master. He has somehow perfected the art of coming up with the most amazing braided styles.

The best part is that he doesn’t go for anything too extreme or extravagant. He actually keeps things pretty simple, but also gives his styles a charm that makes them stand out.

So, any man can try out his braids styles. Stick to this article to learn more about ASAP Rocky braids.

14 ASAP Rocky Braids Styles for Men to Try Out in 2022

ASAP Rocky has done some cool experiments with braids over the years and has come up with some really unique and exciting styles. In this list, we would discuss 14 such braids styles. Read till the end to find out which style feels most suitable for you.

Box Braids

Box Braids

We’re beginning with one of the go-to styles of ASAP Rocky. He seems to be a huge fan of box braids. He goes back to this style quite a lot. In fact, you will find box braids in some of the other styles in this list as well.

The style is named this way because you need to divide your hair into square box-shaped sections. Then, you have to take the hair from one section and start braiding.

After you are done with one section, you can move on to the next one. It is up to you how many sections you want and how big you want each section to be.

Relaxed Ponytail

Relaxed Ponytail

This is probably the most recognizable hairstyle of ASAP Rocky. If people are talking about ASAP Rocky braids, chances are high that they are referring to this exact style.

It is a really easy-to-do style. You can start by first creating box braids with your hair. It’s also okay if you prefer a different shape. When you are done braiding your hair, you just need to take your braids and tie them at the back of your head.

What ASAP Rocky does is that he doesn’t tie up all of his braids. He leaves a few strands out at the front and the sides. That makes it a much more attractive style.

Wavy Cornrows

Wavy Cornrows

Apart from box braids and ponytails, cornrows appear to be another favorite style of ASAP Rocky. But, as we are talking about ASAP Rocky braids, he will always bring something different to the table. He rarely goes for the usual cornrows style.

We really like this particular style because it is a simple style but quite appealing. You won’t be going for straight cornrows from the front to the nape in this style.

You would rather go for wavy lines at the sides. At the top part of your head, you can just have straight lines to create a contrast. Or, you can go for a complex design as well.

Mid-Parted Braids

Mid Parted Braids

This style is perhaps one of the easiest ASAP Rocky braids styles. But, he pulls it off really well. He has an endearing appearance when he adopts this style. If that is the vibe you are looking for, then you should definitely consider this mid-parted style.

All you need to do for this braids style is create a partition straight down the middle. You just have to make sure that there is an equal volume of hair on both sides.

Then you just have to braid your hair on each side. We also leave it up to you to decide what type of braids you want in this style.

French Braids

French Braids

After going through some regular ASAP Rocky braids styles, let’s take a look at a style that he hasn’t tried out too many times. Well, we definitely think that he should try it more often because he looks absolutely amazing with it.

Your hair will be only partially braided in this style. In fact, you will have just two strands of braids. First, you have to create a middle partition from the front to the top area.

Then, you have to create those two braids at the front. They need to go sideways from the partition to the sides. You can just comb down the rest of your hair.

Zig-Zag Scalp Braids

Zig Zag Scalp Braids

Next, we have the most intricate and complex ASAP Rocky braids style for you. It will be really difficult to do this style on your own and you will most probably need the help of a professional.

It is basically a scalp braid style. However, ASAP Rocky creates some complex and interesting patterns and designs with his braids. The patterns might feel chaotic at first, but the whole thing together actually looks pretty dope.

You do not even have to precisely copy his patterns. You can come up with your design and rock that as well. Choose any design that you think goes well with you.

Asymmetrical Pony

Asymmetrical Pony

We are back with another ponytail style. This time there is a bit of change. In this style, your goal would be to create a striking contrast.

First, you have to create a middle partition and then braid the hair on both sides. Then, you have to tie up most of your braids at the back.

You will leave out some braids this time as well. But, now you will leave out a few strands only from one side. All the braids from the other side must go inside that ponytail. Finally, you have to take the left-out braids and make them fall on your face from one side like a fringe.

Cornrows Sideways

Cornrows Sideways

We have already mentioned ASAP Rocky’s love for cornrows and how he puts his own twists on this style. This is another great example of that.

In a regular cornrows style, you would find straight lines from the front to the back. ASAP Rocky, however, turns that philosophy around and goes sideways.

He first creates a side partition. Then, he creates cornrows from the partition to the other side of his head. It’s actually a small tweak that he is making. But, that is giving him an entirely different style and a much fresher look.

Thin Braids

Thin Braids

If you take a close look at the ASAP Rocky braids styles, you will find that his braids do not always have the same thickness. That is because he plays with the thickness of his braids quite a bit.

We really appreciate the style when he goes for really thin braids. We highly recommend this style to all of you who are performers of any kind.

When you have thin braids, you will have to create way more braids and your braids will definitely have more movement. Just imagine you are performing and the thin braids are shaking and moving. You now probably realize why we are suggesting you this style.

Thick braids

Thick Braids

As we have talked about thin braids, we must mention thick braids as well. ASAP Rocky sometimes decides to go for much thicker braids and that gives him a different type of charm.

In the case of really thick braids, you will have much fewer braids. There will probably be only a couple of braids in total. You need to make bigger sections for thicker braids.

While thin braids give you movement, thick braids can give you volume and lushness. So, thick braids will give you a staggering appearance as well. It depends completely on you how thick you want your braids to be.

Neat Bun

Neat Bun

After looking at some loose and relaxed ponytails, it’s time to consider a neat and tidy man bun. You probably have already guessed how to create this style.

You would first need to braid your hair obviously. You do not even have to go for box braids this time and it can be any type of braids you want.

Then, you just have to take all of your braids and tie them up. For this style, do not leave out a single braid this time.

Braids with Beads

Braids With Beads

The final ASAP Rocky braids styles that we’ll talk about will mostly be about accessorizing your braids. We are referring to both headwear and ornaments.

The first one, which involves beads, is a really popular hairstyle of ASAP Rocky. He has a particular way of attaching beads to his braids.

He creates a ponytail and leaves exactly two braids out at the front. They come down to his face from both sides and there are beads attached at the end of those braids.

Braids with Bandana

Braids With Bandana

If we are talking about headwear, there is no doubt that ASAP Rocky braids look the best with a bandana. He just knows how to make a bandana work for him.

There are two ways he uses the bandana. One is when he covers most of his head with a bandana and his braids are sticking out of that.

We prefer the other style when he just ties a bandana on his forehead. That kind of divides the braids into two sections and makes them appear even cooler.

Braids with Beanie

Braids With Beanie

There are also alternatives to a bandana like a cap or a beanie. But, if we have to suggest, we would definitely recommend a beanie way more than a cap.

Remember how we talked about covering your head with a bandana? Well, if that look felt appealing to you, then we suggest that you do it with a beanie instead.

Braids coming out of your beanie will be a much more attractive look. Also, go for thicker braids when you are wearing any type of headwear.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will take a look at a few questions that are frequently asked on the internet about ASAP Rocky braids and we’ll try to answer these questions.

How do you get braids like ASAP Rocky?

It depends on exactly which braided style you want. In our list, we have briefly discussed how to get each and every style. Some of them are pretty simple and you can do it on your own. However, a few of them are more complex and you need help to get those styles. You can check out this video to learn how to do an easy but effective variant of the ASAP Rocky braids style.

What is ASAP Rocky braids style called?

Well, there isn’t a single style. ASAP Rocky has tried out quite a few braided styles throughout his career. But, it seems like he has mostly gone for box braids and loose ponytail styles. If we had to dub one style as the ASAP Rocky hairstyle, we would choose irregular box braids with a ponytail.


After going through several exciting braided hairstyles of ASAP Rocky, we really hope that you have found a few that have won you over and that you want to try out.

The best part of these hairstyles is that you know there is not a bad one among them. All of these are really popular and beloved hairstyles. When you go for an ASAP Rocky inspired style, you can be sure that you are in good hands.

All of his braided styles are absolute bangers. So, you won’t have to feel any sort of hesitation before choosing any of them.

Our last duty is to remind you about maintaining your braids. No matter which style you choose, your hair would need regular care and maintenance. So, do not be callous about giving your hair the attention it needs.

And now all that is left to do is us wishing you all the best for your next awesome braided hairstyle.

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