Snoop Dogg Braids

Snoop Dogg Braids: 14 Best Hairstyles of this Hip Hop Legend

You might be a fan of braids or you could be thinking about going for braids for the first time. Whatever the case might be, you won’t find better inspiration than Snoop Dogg braids.

Apart from being an absolute hip hop legend, Snoop Dogg is a cultural icon as well. When it comes to braids, he almost has no competition. He showed the world that there is not only one way of rocking a braids style and you can play with your braids as much as you want.

He has tried out other hairstyles as well throughout his career. But, he has the Midas touch if braids are concerned. He has offered the world some banging braids styles over the years.

In this article, we want to present you the crème de la crème. We will show you the best braids styles that Snoop Dogg has got to offer.

14 Funky Snoop Dogg Braids Styles for Men

After going through all the braids styles that Snoop Dogg has had in his long career, we have chosen the 14 most exciting styles for you. We guarantee you that after going through this list, you will find a couple of styles that will win you over.

Thick Asymmetrical Pigtails

Thick Asymmetrical Pigtails

Let’s start the list with one of the most iconic Snoop Dogg hairstyles. He was the man who showed everyone that you can have a hip hairstyle even with pigtails. It all depends on how confidently you carry your style.

Like most other braids, you need to begin by dividing your hair into different sections. Then, you can just braid your hair as you’d usually do for pigtails.

Do remember that there won’t be any symmetry in this hairstyle. For example, one pigtail will be on the side, one can be almost straight on the top of your head, and you can have two at the back that are not tied in a similar position.

Sideways Scalp Braids

Sideways Scalp Braids

This is another popular Snoop Dogg braids style. Snoop has experimented with a couple of scalp braid styles. This particular one worked really well and he has gone back to this style quite a few times.

There is usually a tendency to go from the front to the nape in scalp braid styles. But, you would find out in this list that Snoop Dogg turned that around and went sideways many times.

To attain this style, you first need to get thin scalp braids. As the braids are thinner, you will have a good amount of them. Also, you have to make sure that your braids are going from one side to the other.

Braided Dreads

Braided Dreads

This is one of the most recent Snoop Dogg hairstyles. In recent years, he has been rocking dreadlocks. He has also tried out braiding his dreads and it turned out to be a great look.

You will need long dreadlocks for this style. If you have that, you need to first create a partition straight down the middle. Make sure you have an equal amount of dreadlocks on each side of the partition.

Then, you just have to carefully braid your dreadlocks. It would be much more difficult than braiding your usual hair. You need to take your time and do it gently and sensitively.

Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail

This is a rather unique Snoop Dogg braids style. You won’t find other celebrities going for this braided style. That’s what makes this style even more fresh and exciting.

You first have to create a ponytail to get this style. Just brush back all your hair and then tie them at the back of your head. If your hair is too frizzy, you can use a hair product to get that slick look.

Finally, you will just braid your ponytail. That way, you are creating a really cool contrast between a braided ponytail and the rest of your slick, smooth hair.

Cornrows Braids

Cornrows Braids

When you think about Snoop Dogg with braids, you probably imagine him with cornrows. It’s not surprising because he seems to be pretty fond of cornrows and has carried this style for many years.

You can choose the usual route that Snoop takes where he has cornrows from the front to the nape. He also usually goes for cornrows when he has longer hair. So, there are tails that are coming out at the back of his head.

You can also go for a zig-zag pattern as well. Snoop famously had this different design on the music video of the popular song “Still D.R.E.”.

Two Braids Sideways

Two Braids Sideways

This Snoop Dogg braids style is a blast from the past. He had this hairstyle a long time ago and he really hasn’t returned to this style. We think that it’s a shame because this style absolutely slaps.

For this style, your hair needs to be a bit shorter than the other styles. You would have to create a middle partition that goes from the front to at least the upper crown area.

Then, you have to create only two braids that would go from the partition to each side. Your hair needs to be long enough that your braids go beyond your ears.

Contrasting Thin Braids

Contrasting Thin Braids

We have another style that is one of the older Snoop Dogg hairstyles. But, this style is also timeless and modern can definitely give this one a try.

As the name suggests, you would go for thin braids in this style. But, there is a particular way that Snoop styles his thin braids that makes this a special hairstyle.

On the sides, he lets his thin braids freely fall. For the middle portion, he makes the braids go from the front to the nape. So, there is a contrast between his front and side braids. It gives him a more striking look.

Accessorized Braids

Accessorized Braids

Snoop Dogg with braids always looks rad, but he also knows how to accessorize his braids to take his appearance to the next level. This style is one of the best examples of that.

First, he throws on a really stylish hat. Also, he has thin braids for this style. So, a bunch of these thin braids are coming down underneath the hat.

It doesn’t end there. He then adds beads to the tips of these braids. That completes the look. And, what an attractive look this is. You should definitely not miss out on this braids style.

Snoop Dogg 2 braids

Snoop Dogg 2 Braids

The Snoop Dogg 2 braids is one of the easier styles on this list. Don’t let that fool you because this style packs a punch. It is one of the most popular Snoop Dogg hairstyles.

You have to create a middle partition again. It is also important that you have an equal volume of hair on each side of the partition. Because symmetry is vital in this hairstyle.

Next, you have to create one thick braid on each side. The braids can be as thick as the pigtail style we discussed earlier. Make sure that the braids are tied in the same position.

Snoop Dogg 4 braids

Snoop-Dogg 4 Braids


The Snoop Dogg 4 braids is like a variant of the previous hairstyle. This style is pretty iconic as well and seems to be one of Snoop Dogg’s personal favorites.

As you might have already guessed, this time you would have four braids instead of two. Symmetry is very important for this style as well.

You would have two braids on two sides of your head. But, this time they would be more towards the front. The other two braids would be at the back. You can tie your hair with colorful elastic bands to make this style more fun and playful.

French Braids

French Braids

Now, we have another really unique Snoop Dogg braids style. You will need only two braids for this style, but they would be positioned in an interesting way.

It might feel a bit repetitive at this point, but you have to create a middle partition for this one as well. Then you have to create two braids at the very front of your head.

These two braids would be sideways. They will start from the partition, go all around your head, and then fall down at the back. So, the front of your head will basically be wrapped in these two braids.

Braids with a Cap

Braids With A Cap

We have already hinted that Snoop Dogg is a master of adding accessories and headwears to his braids. He sure knows what works with his braids.

One really dapper style is when he wears a cap. He has worn a cap over his braids in the music video for “Drop It Like It’s Hot”.

You have definitely seen it because his dance move in this song has become a great meme template. You just have to wear a cap and let the braids come out of it.

Braids with Bobos

Braids With Bobos

In this Snoop Dogg braids style, we will talk about a hair accessory that Snoop has made popular single-handedly. We are talking about bobos.

We are not even sure if anyone else can pull it off as well as Snoop. But, we welcome you to at least give it a try. To attain this style, you have to create two thick braids at the back of your head.

They can be on the sides as well like the Snoop Dogg 2 braids style. Then, you have to attach the bobos to the tips of your braids.

Braids with Durag

Braids With Durag

We are ending the list with an iconic look. This is one of the styles that come to your mind when you imagine Snoop Dogg with braids.

You just have to wrap your head with a durag. Let your thick or thin braids come out of your durag. However, wearing a durag has been stigmatized due to a few cultural reasons.

It is completely understandable if you are worried about that. Then, we would suggest beanies to you as they are great alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

As insanely popular Snoop Dogg is all over the globe, it’s not a surprise at all that there are tons of questions about his hairstyles that are frequently asked on the internet. We will answer a few of them in this section.

What is Snoop Dogg’s hairstyle?

After reading this article, you now know that Snoop Dogg has styled his braids in numerous ways. And, that is only braiding. So, there is no single Snoop Dogg hairstyle and he has had tons of styles over the years. Generally speaking, apart from braids he has also had silky straight hair, afro hair, curly top styles, and dreadlocks.

How to get Snood Dogg braids?

We have briefly discussed how to get each braided style from our list. You can also check out this video. You will learn how to get the Snoop Dogg 4 braids style in detail and also a basic idea of braiding your hair.

Does Snoop have dreads or braids?

The answer is both. He has tried out braided styles for many years. Recently, he has also been carrying dreadlocks. As you saw in our list, he sometimes braids his dreads as well. So, he has had both hairstyles.

Final Thoughts

You now have reached the end of this article. We can now dub you an expert on the best Snoop Dogg braids styles. We hope that you have found a few styles that have inspired you to adopt a braided hairstyle as well.

The best part of going for a Snoop Dogg inspired style is that you would know that you are in good company. His braids are simply iconic and the ways he has uniquely styled his braids over the years are the stuff of legend.

So, you won’t have to worry a bit about whether you’re looking good or not. You just need to see if the style you’ve chosen goes well with your vibe and personality.

Finally, we want to welcome beginners to their braids journey and wish the best to the veterans for their next captivating braids style.

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