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15 Staggering Justin Timberlake Haircuts That You Must Not Miss Out

It’s really not a surprise to see how much attention the Justin Timberlake haircut receives. He has been a beloved star throughout his career and has a huge number of fans worldwide.

At this point, Justin Timberlake is not just a member of the wildly popular boy band NSYNC, a sensational singer, or a movie star. He has now become a cultural icon.

On top of that, his impeccable fashion sense and his staggering hairstyles have always been praised and loved by his fans and people in general.

So, it’s quite natural that men would want to learn more about his hairstyles and try to adopt his styles. The only issue is that the number of hairstyles he has had over the years is quite huge.

This is where we come in. In this article, we will only offer you the best. Keep reading to find out the most amazing Justin Timberlake haircuts.

15 Justin Timberlake Haircut Ideas for Modern Men

After going through each and every hairstyle that Justin Timberlake has had, we have handpicked 15 exciting styles for you. Go through the list and see which style you vibe with the most.

Short Quiff with Mid Fade

Short Quiff With Mid Fade

Let’s start with one of the less-talked-about Justin Timberlake haircuts. It’s a bit of a surprise to us that people don’t pay more attention to this hairstyle because it’s a banging style.

Your hair needs to be slightly short for this style. Then you have to go for the quiff style. It means that your hair at the front and top will be facing upwards. There is usually a curve in a quiff and your hair gets longer from the top to the front.

Justin’s style doesn’t have that curve. Also, he adds a mid fade. So, your hair will start being shortened a bit above your ears. You don’t have to go skin deep and can keep some hair.

Tousled Top

Tousled Top

This one is a popular Justin Timberlake haircut. This is a style where JT uses the natural curliness of hair in a really smart way.

Justin keeps his hair shorter for this style as well. That way, his hair is not fully curly and shaped like springs. His hair looks wavy when it’s shortened. If you already have type 2 wavy hair, then you don’t have to worry about anything we’ve said till now.

Then, JT goes for a messy and tousled look for his wavy hair. You can use a hair product or you can just use your fingers to create that unkempt vibe. It’s a recommended style for men who want a laid back appearance.

Swept Back Undercut

Swept Back Undercut

Next, we have a striking Justin Timberlake haircut for you. It is basically an undercut style, but with Justin’s own twist on it.

In a usual undercut, men usually shave off the sides entirely or make the hair really short. Then, they can style the hair in the middle as they want and it gets way more attention.

Justin doesn’t shorten the sides too much and keeps a good amount of hair. He then just sweeps back his longer hair. We actually prefer this sophisticated version of the undercut. This variant won’t make you feel out of place in any setting, not even your workplace.

Short Cropped Hair

Short Cropped Hair

This is a really unique Justin Timberlake haircut. In fact, we haven’t seen any other celebrity with this style or a style similar to this one. So, if you are looking for a fresh look, do give this style a try.

Justin has short hair for this one as well. You might have already figured out that he doesn’t really go for long hair and prefers to have short or medium-length hair.

Even though we’re calling it a cropped style, his hair is not actually cropped. He creates a side part that is almost invisible because his hair is too short. Then, he just combs his short front hair in a straight line and gives it an almost cropped look.

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

Before we delve into the style, we just have to say that no one else can rock a buzz cut like Justin Timberlake. He has tried out the buzz cut many times throughout his career, and he just looks absolutely stunning every single time.

To get this hairstyle, you have to pick up an electric trimmer, attach the correct guard, and then trim all your hair with the trimmer.

Check out this article if you are not sure which guard to use. Also, you can get a more intense look if you have a thick beard with your buzzed hair.

Curly Top

Curly Top

You can’t go through an article about Justin Timberlake haircut without seeing his early 2000’s curls. In that period, he was really embracing his curly hair.

This particular style is our favorite and we’d recommend it to men with curly hair. For this style, you need to have medium-length hair on the front and top.

Then, you just have to really shorten the sides. That means you won’t have curls on the sides. That way, you would be drawing more focus to your curly hair on top. You can shorten the hair on the back as well. It’s an easy and fun style for curly hair.

Modern Caesar

Modern Caesar

We can’t give JT the credit for coming up with this modern interpretation of the classic Caesar haircut. However, he has played a big part in popularizing it.

In a classic Caesar cut, your hair will have a similar length all around your head. You would also have a short fringe at the front that would be cropped.

In Justin’s version of the Caesar cut, you would still have that short cropped fringe. But, the length won’t be the same all around. You would rather have a high fade. You can also go skin deep if you want.

Side-Parted Comb Over

Side Parted Comb Over

This Justin Timberlake haircut is one of the most elegant styles on this list. If you are not a fan of flashy and eccentric styles and want something subtle and sophisticated, then this hairstyle is for you.

You have to create a side partition to begin. Then, you have to sweep your front and top hair to the opposite side of the partition.

You would add the comb over style to your side-parted hair. If you want to follow JT precisely, you can give your hair a bit of height at the front when you are combing your hair.

High Taper

High Taper Fade

We have already seen Justin Timberlake adding a fade to a couple of his hairstyles. He also seems to be a fan of tapers as well and especially has gone for the high taper a few times.

The difference between a taper and a fade is that you don’t reveal your skin in a taper. You would have a bit more hair. Also, your hair starts shortening gradually and not drastically like a fade.

Similar to a high fade, a high taper is when the shortening begins way above your ears. Then, you can style your longer front and top hair as you wish.

Slick Back Hair

Slick Back Hair

It’s time for another suave and classy Justin Timberlake haircut. The slick back hairstyle is a really adaptable style that is also easy to get.

You can have this style at a formal meeting, a fancy party, or a casual hangout. This style will work equally well on each and every event.

You just have to sweep back all your front and top hair for this style. To get that really slick look, you will need the help of a hair product. Also, this style works better if your hair is at least medium-length.

Two-Toned Curls

Two Toned Curls

This Justin Timberlake haircut is a blast from the past. Let us admit first that this style has not aged well. That is why we are only telling you to follow the philosophy of this style and not copy the style entirely.

For the first part, you can just follow the instructions for the curly top hairstyle. That means your sides would be shortened and you’d have longer curly hair on top.

Then you would just dye your curly hair on top. Don’t just bleach it like JT because that’s not always a good look. Choose any color that will create a cool contrast with your natural hair color.

Short Brushed Up Style

Short Brushed Up Style

This is a great example of simple yet effective hairstyles. Your hair on the sides needs to be shortened for this style. The hair on the front and top will be longer, but not too long.

That way, you would have some contrast even with your short hair. Next, you just have to brush your hair and make it face upwards.

You would need to apply some hair gel, wax, or spray to make sure that the hair stays up. Also, your hair won’t be as sharp as spikes.

High and Tight

High And Tight

Now, we have a military inspired haircut for you. The high and tight hairstyle is also called the “recon” style as well which is named after the reconnaissance units of the U.S. armed forces.

To attain this style, you have to completely shave off your hair on the sides and the back. You will only have hair on the top.

Even that hair won’t be too long. At best, your hair on the top will be a bit longer than a buzz cut, so around ½ to ¾ inches.

Textured Pompadour

Textured Pompadour

Pompadour has become the most dependable hairstyle for modern men. If you’re not sure what hairstyle to go for, a pompadour is always there to save you.

JT also brings something new to this style. A pompadour is usually very slick. But, when Justin brushes back his hair, he lets a few hair strands overlap each other.

That way, he gets a more textured look. He shortened the sides as well. This is a solid choice if you want a fresh look.

Wrapped Up Bandana

Wrapped Up Bandana

Justin Timberlake is pretty fond of headwears. From different types of hats to beanies, he has given a try to almost everything.

However, if we had to recommend a style, we would suggest a bandana. He really knows how to truly rock a bandana.

It especially worked superbly with his curly hair. He wrapped almost his whole head with a bandana and left out some curly hair at the back. That’s just a timeless look.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have already established how immensely popular Justin Timberlake’s hairstyles are. Apart from trying to learn how to get his hairstyle, there are tons of other questions about his hair that are frequently asked on the internet. We’ll answer a few in this section.

Does Justin Timberlake have naturally curly hair?

Yes, Justin Timberlake’s natural hair is curly. If you are wondering about the type, he has type 3 hair. At the beginning of his career, when he was still a member of NSYNC, he rocked his curly hair for a couple of years.

Did Justin Timberlake straighten his hair?

Yes, Justin Timberlake straightened his naturally curly hair. He did it with the help of chemical treatment. Even though JT has not explicitly talked about it, famous magazines like GQ think that he must have gone through chemical treatment like the Keratin treatment.

When did Justin Timberlake get frosted tips?

Justin Timberlake first appeared with frosted tips in 1997 when bleached his curly hair on the top of his head. In 1998, he decided to bleach all of his hair.

Final Words

You have gone through the best hairstyles of Justin Timberlake and now know how to get these styles. We hope that you have found a hairstyle that matches your vibe and personality.

JT doesn’t have styles that are too quirky or “out there”. Okay, maybe his “ramen hairstyle” is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, apart from that, his hairstyles are pretty classy and elegant and can be adopted by anyone.

You would also know that these styles have been loved and praised by people all over the world. So, you can freely choose any style without any hesitation.

Also, do remember that you don’t have to entirely copy any of these styles. You can always come up with your own interpretations as well and add something new to these styles.

Finally, we wish you all the very best and hope that you would catch everyone’s eyes with your Justin Timberlake inspired hairstyle.

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