Zayn Malik Haircut

Zayn Malik Haircut: 25 Mesmerizing Hairstyles of This Music Icon

Zayn Malik, the former One Direction member is undeniably an influential figure in the pop industry. He is widely regarded as one of the most handsome celebrities with amazing hairstyles.

He has broken the internet multiple times with his remarkable hairdos. He has a great volume of hair which lets him to experiment a lot with his hair. From Buzz Cut to Man Bun, whichever hairstyle you think of, there is a chance that Zayn Malik has tried that style at some point in his life.

I want you to have the very best hairstyles. In this article, I will be discussing the finest hairstyles that Zayn Malik has sported throughout his career. All these hairstyles are stylish and can make you the center of any gathering. Experiment with them to your heart’s content.

25 Phenomenal Zayn Malik Hairstyles

Zayn Malik has some of the best hairstyles that have become a fashion trend instantly. I have selected 25 hairdos that are the very best among those hairstyles in this article. All these hairstyles can improve your look tenfold.

Zayn Malik’s Iconic Hairstyle

Zayn Malik Iconic Hairstyle

The first haircut that we are going to talk about is Zayn Malik’s Iconic hairdo from the American Music Awards in 2014. Even though Zayn Malik has broken the internet many times with his impeccable looks, none of them was close to this one.

The hairstyle is unique and it is hard to put it in a single category. If you want to be really specific, you can call it a pompadour with a loose strand.
Certain requirements need to be met in order to get this iconic Zayn Malik look. First of all, you need medium-length hair that is squared cut. It is better with voluminous wavy hair but can also be achieved with straight hair.

Then style your hair in a regular pompadour and leave a strand of front hair loose to finalize the style. The loose strand makes all the difference so do it carefully. It might not make you look like Zayn Malik but you can always try, right?

Zayn’s Revamped Look

Zayns Revamped Look

Zayn Malik revamped his whole persona after leaving One Direction. He dyed his hair blonde while keeping his beard black. This contrast alongside his nose piercing and tattoos gave a new Bad boy look.

Many fans were upset about Zayn leaving the band but everyone was awestruck by this different appearance. His changed look helped to differentiate him from his previous identity as a member of a boy band.

He has worn a textured spiky top with blond highlights. The voluminous hair and highlights make the style stand out which might not be the case with thinner hair. People with diamond, round and oval-shaped faces will look good with this style.

Blond Butch Cut

Blond Butch Cut

Zayn Malik explored multiple haircuts alongside his dyed hair. One of these hairdos is a Blond Butch haircut that started sport during his Icarus Falls album. During this time, his full hair was dyed blond and had a grown buzz cut which is also known as a Butch cut.

The contrast between his blond hair and black beard gives him a unique troublemaker look. This Maverick appearance can not be pulled off by everyone. For that reason, you should try this only if you are sure of itself.

If you are confident that this look will go with your persona, then I will suggest you go ahead right away.

Two-Toned eBoy Haircut

Two Toned eBoy Haircut

The haircut that we will discuss now is the two-toned middle-parted long hair, which is also called an eBoy haircut. Certain parts of his hair are dyed blonde alongside his natural black hair.

Zayn Malik sported this hairstyle recently while promoting his clothing brand PAYNT. This is a grown-out hairstyle that is low-maintenance. The style looks slick and well-kept. His voluminous hair makes it easy to pull off this hairdo.

This style is beloved by many and is a go to hairstyle for many celebrities. This cut looks quite good on people with voluminous hair. It is most suited for wavy hair but you can also get a similar look with straight hair.

Long Messy Hair with Pink Highlights

Long Messy Hair With Pink Highlights

This is another recent Zayn Malik haircut which gives him a messy wild look. The hair is grown-out and the tips are highlighted pink. He adopted this style during the pandemic. The messy hair is mid parted and the beard is giving him a rugged look.

The messy hair look is unsuitable for any professional setting. I would only suggest you get this look if you work in a creative field which does not follow any strict dress code.
You might get a fashionable but hobo look with this hairstyle so choose carefully!

Zayn Malik’s Buzz Cut

Zayn Malik Buzz Cut

Zayn Malik sported this look while promoting Arnette’s eyewear. His buzz cut is quite traditional but the size is a bit longer. You can easily call this hairstyle a grown-out buzz cut. The sides and back hair are shorter compared to the front hair.

It is a good hairstyle for every type of hair. Short hair helps to take better care of your scalp. It is quite easy to maintain this style. The only downside is that the buzz cut does not suit everyone. If you are new to buzz cuts, I suggest you keep your hair a little bit longer to see if it suits you.

Swept Back

Swept Back

When you picture Zayn Malik, you picture a clean, precise style. But that is not the case. Zayn often gets an unkempt look to change his appearance. That is the case with this Swept back hairstyle.

To be fair to Zayn Malik, it was during the pandemic. You have to admit he looks fabulous with this simple swept-back hairstyle. He has comparably short hair on his sides while the front hair is quite long and swept backward.

This style is only for using in a casual setting like when you are chilling at home or going to play video games at your friend’s house.

Unkempt Look

Unkempt Look

This is another unusual look from Zayn Malik. He sported this appearance during the pandemic while promoting his brand PAYNT. The unkempt messy hair alongside the long ungroomed beard gives him a unique look.

This look may suit Zayn Malik, but I would not recommend you to get it. But if you really want to get a similar look, you need medium-length wavy hair. Getting this style except the beard will make the look a lot different. For that reason, try to get this look alongside the long beard.

Tousled Hair

Tousled Hair

If I say you can get a neat look with messy hair, you will think I am messing with you. But that is not the case for this Zayn Malik hairstyle. He wore this hairdo really well and it’s giving him a neat, well-dressed, clean look.

This hairstyle was sported by Zayn during promoting Arnette Eyewears. The glasses also helped to make his appearance tidier. I will not say that it is a professional look but he made it work out nonetheless.

You can try out this hairstyle. He has medium-length hair. His hair is tousled and the natural wavy texture is giving the messy look. It can give you a great look for regular outings.

Taper Fade with Spiked Top

Taper Fade With Spiked Top

The Taper fade is one of the most popular hairstyles. It gives the wearer a stylish look. Zayn Malik wore this haircut on multiple occasions. His front hair is around 4 inches and they are spiked using hair wax. His beard is trimmed to match his Taper fade haircut.

You can try this hairstyle in different ways. You can keep your beard a bit longer which will give you an amazing look. This hairdo suits straight and wavy hair. Wavy hair is better due to the texture you can get from it.

Duo Tone Quiff

Duo Tone Quiff

Zayn Malik has dyed his hair in different colors throughout his career. Dying his hair in silver gave him a phenomenal look. He had this haircut while promoting new merchandise for his clothing brand.

He has styled his dyed hair in a quiff hairstyle. His style is done in a way that gives a contrasting visual between the dyed silver hair and his natural black hair. This duo-tone quiff gives him a polished look that easily attracts everyone’s eyes toward his hair.

Try this haircut right away if you are not hesitant to dye your hair. It can improve your look tenfold so easily.

Faux Hawk Alongside Head Tattoo

Faux Hawk Alongside Head Tattoo

Many of you might be looking for a hairstyle that can go with a head tattoo. If that is the case for you then you can try Faux Hawk like Zayn Malik.

Faux Hawk is a great hairstyle that can easily give you an amazing look. Getting this look alongside a scalp tattoo can make it more unique. It is a bold choice for sure but it really works wonders.

This style looks good with short wavy hair for its textures. You can accomplish a similar look with straight and curly locks as well.

Shaved Head

Shaved Head

It is difficult to imagine Zayn Malik without his exciting hairstyles but there were numerous occasions when he shaved his whole head. It really gives a different look which is quite unthinkable.

His hair is trimmed with a number 0 guard. Even though it may not look as good as other styles, it can sometimes work wonders. If you are in search of a drastic change, you can go with this hairdo. Be careful though as it is not for everyone.

Wavy Bro Flow

Wavy Bro Flow

There are sometimes when people don’t spend much time styling their long hair. They just give it a casual flow toward one side. It is known as a Bro Flow.

Zayn Malik has worn a causal Bro Flow on his naturally wavy hair. His hair looks messy and gives an untidy, unkempt vibe which he was trying to achieve with this style.

You need medium-length wavy hair to accomplish this style. It will look good on diamond-shaped faces.

Messy Fringe

Messy Fringe

Zayn Malik loves to keep his hair messy and unkempt while he is chilling at home. If you are a fan of Zayn Malik, you will notice that whenever he posts a selfie on Instagram, it is a messy hairstyle.

One of these messy hairstyles that he often wears is a Messy Fringe style. He has unruly wavy hair which is medium-length. The messy hair is creating fringes on the sides and gives a really unkempt look.

There are lots of people who like to keep their hair messy. It suits their persona. You can try this as well. Get these types of hairdos while chilling at home.

Zayn’s Man Bun Undercut

Zayns Man Bun Undercut

The Man Bun Undercut is one of the most sought haircuts for people with longer hair. Zayn Malik has worn this hairstyle many times as well. This haircut is really trendy.

The side and back hairs are trimmed short while the front hair alongside the crown is kept long. The hair is brushed back and pulled together in a short bun. It is a good haircut for long hair.

You can get this haircut quite easily. You can get this hairdo with straight, wavy, and curly hair. Try this hairstyle to get a neat look with longer hair.

Messy Undercut Fade

Messy Undercut Fade

Here is another Messy hairstyle of Zayn Malik. This time Zayn is portraying an undercut fade hairstyle with a messy textured top. The style is really simple but it adds volumes to his look.

Zayn Malik used to get a lot of Fade undercut hairstyles during his One Direction time. These hairdos bring out a boyish look which is quite essential for every boy band member.

This hairstyle is still trendy because of its low maintenance. It is quite easy to do this hairdo and you can do it yourself at home. This will look really good on wavy hair.

Zayn’s Crew Cut

Zayn Crew Cut

Crew Cut is a famous style that everyone has worn in some part of their life. Zayn Malik has worn this hairdo several times as well before leaving One Direction.

He wore the traditional Crew cut. His sides are cut short and his front hair is longer. It is slightly swept towards one side. His voluminous hair alongside the texture created a great look.

You can get this hair design with wavy and straight hair. Squared, diamond, and oval shaped faces are most suited for this hairdo.

Short Pompadour

Short Pompadour

This is another hairstyle that Zayn Malik has often worn during his time with One Direction. He has a layered cut and the hair is styled with pomade into a pompadour. The front hair is not very long. That resulted in less voluminous upward-swept hair.

This is a very old pompadour style. Modern pompadour styles have less side hair and more front hair which results in more voluminous upward-swept hair. Even though it is an old style, there is no harm in trying it.

Wavy Shag

Wavy Shag

Another hairstyle that Zayn Malik often gets is a Wavy shag hairstyle. He usually does this style when his hair is long. He usually wears this style with a lot of different outfits. He wears this style with tuxedos as well as with faded jeans and a T-shirt.

Wavy shag or shaggy hairstyle in general is quite outdated as a fashion trend but that does not mean it can not be worn anymore. It still looks extraordinary with proper care and maintenance. I will not discourage you to try this hairstyle.

Faux Hawk with Temp Fade

Faux Hawk With Temp Fade


Temp fade is the new craze among fashionistas nowadays. One of the reasons for this craze is superstars like Zayn Malik who has sported this hairstyle numerous times. He has tried this with different hairdos. One of them is Faux Hawk with Temp Fade.

The hair is cut in a tem fade style on the sides and the back. Then the front hair is styled with faux hawk spikes. Zayn often wears this style with dyed or highlighted hair. It attracts more attention to his hair.

It is a great hairstyle with wavy hair and diamond shaped faces are most suited for it. Try this out before it’s too late.

Grown-out Ponytail with Beard

Grown Out Ponytail with Beard

Zayn Malik often grows out his hair and gets styles suited for long hair. One of the hairstyles that he often gets for long hair during any award shows is a grown-out ponytail. He usually brushes his hair with a side part towards the back. Then he makes a loose ponytail in the back.

It suits nicely with his well-groomed beard. The professional outfit alongside the hairstyle and facial hair creates a perfect appearance. You can easily try this hairstyle if you have long hair.

Zayn Malik Mohawk

Zayn Malik Mohawk

Mohawk is a very popular hairstyle for musicians due to its wide appeal. Zayn Malik has worn Mohawk hairstyles a lot in his career as well. He usually does not sport a traditional Mohawk where only the side hairs are shaved and the middle hairs are spiked using hair wax or pomade.

Zayn malik sports a Burst Fade mohawk which is a modern evolved version where the sides are not totally shaved. This style is more trendy than the traditional one. The traditional mohawk gives a punk vibe which is not suited for everyone.

On the other hand, the Burst fade mohawk gives a stylish look that works with most outfits. This hairstyle looks better with Wavy hair while the traditional mohawk works better with straight hair.

Long Hair with Band

Long Hair With Band

When you have long hair, it gets quite frustrating to keep your style intact for a long period. One of the best ways to get relief from this problem is to get a hairband to style your hair. That is true for Zayn Malik as well.

He often styles his hair with a band. He usually brushes his hair backward and uses the band to keep it that way. The hair on the back is usually kept loose.

It is an easy to do hairstyle that is really helpful for people with longer hair.

Zayn with Hat

Zayn with Hat

When you have a long beard, a hat can give you a great cowboy look. Zayn has not worn a cowboy hat rather, it is a fedora hat. It suits him alongside the beard. A hat can often be a great tool for a quick solution to unkempt hairs.
There is a lot of reason why you should wear a hat. It protects your eyes from violet harmful sun rays and protects your hair from dust and strong winds. I often recommend people to use hats if they suit their outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of you might have many questions regarding Zayn Malik’s hair and hairstyle. I have answered some of these questions to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Question: What is Zayn Malik’s hair type?
Answer: Zayn Malik has been seen with different textured hair throughout his career. He has sported straight hair as well as wavy hair quite often. Zayn Malik’s natural hair type is Type 2 or wavy hair.

Question: Is Zayn Malik’s hair real?
Answer: The answer to this question is yes. Zayn Malik does not wear any wigs. He is naturally gifted with thick strands of hair. He often dyes his hair in different colors or bleaches his hair but does use hair extensions or wigs.

Question: What is Zayn Malik’s natural hair color?
Answer: Zayn Malik’s natural hair color is Black. He often changes his hair color by dying it or bleaching it. But whenever his hair grows out, the natural black hair comes out.

Question: Does Zayn Malik dye his hair?
Answer: The answer is yes. Zayn Malik often dyes his hair in colors like green, pink, silver, etc. Sometimes he would dye his hair just to highlight while often he would dye his whole hair to get a new look.

Final Words

Zayn Malik is undoubtedly one of the most popular celebrities at this moment who influences the styling choice of a large number of people. That is the same case for his hairstyles as well.

He has worn some of the most iconic hairdos which became the talk of the town instantly. The hairstyles that are discussed in this article are some of the best haircuts he has publicly sported.

Some of the hairstyles are for long hair while some are really for shorter hair. Some of them will give you a clean fresh look while others are better suited for a messy look. You can instantly improve your look by getting one of these hairstyles.

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