Girl Haircuts With Bangs

37 Cute and Adorable Little Girl Haircuts with Bangs

Styling hair is a fun activity no matter what age a person is. From toddlers to adults, everyone can flaunt a pretty hairstyle nowadays. Especially when it comes to little girls, the styling options are infinite!

Apart from the traditional braids and pigtails, there are newer hairstyles which you can easily try on their hair. And when it comes to the natural beauty of a little girl’s hair, haircuts with bangs are our favorite.

These cuts are suitable for every length of hair, so trying them out is fun. On top of that, a haircut with bangs is always cute and classy even for your little one.

Trendiest Haircuts with Bangs for the Young Lady!

As a parent, you might have faced problems while choosing the right hairstyle for your little girl, as there are so many options. Haircut with bangs is quite popular, but you can customize it to make the look more chic and cute.

But before you jump onto the list of hairstyles, remember that your little girls’ hair is precious, so do not go for haircuts or treatments which can cause harm to their natural hair. Keep it simple and fun when you choose one.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the trendiest hairstyles with bangs that you can pick for your young lady!

Classic Bangs

Classic Bangs

No one can rock the classic bangs haircut as a young lady can! This hairstyle is always in trend as it is easy to keep and doesn’t require much effort to maintain.

A haircut with classic bangs can be done at home, or you can go to the salon as well. This haircut is quite easy. First of all, you need to section off some hair from the front, so that the hairline stays in an inverted ‘V’ shape. Then you need to wet the hair, brush it properly and start cutting.

The cut should be clean, straight, and just near the eyebrows. You can bring a little bit more hair from the back if necessary, and follow the same process of wetting and cutting the hair.

When it’s dry and done, the bangs will sit perfectly over the forehead. This cute hairstyle is so versatile that you can match with your little girl as well!

Bangs with Bob

Bangs with Bob

When it comes to cutesy and adorbs, a bob haircut with bangs in the front is our absolute favorite! Short hair is always easy to maintain as your little one goes through lots of playing and fun throughout the day, so this hairstyle is a lifesaver.

If your little girl loves to keep her hair short, then this evergreen hairstyle is the best option. The hair needs to be cut in a short bob style, and the front part will follow the regular bob cut.

If the young lady already has bob-cut hair, then the process becomes even easier! Just a classic bangs haircut in the front will give her the perfect bob-cut look with beautiful bangs.

Inverted Bob with Bangs

Inverted Bob with Bangs

Bobs can be made cool and trendy in many ways, and one of our favorites is the inverted bob haircut. When paired with bangs in the front, this hairstyle becomes stylish, sophisticated, and posh to look at.

The thing about inverted bobs is that the hair remains shorter at the back and as it approaches the front, it gradually becomes longer. Many celebrities have rocked this chic hairstyle at different times, and it has become quite popular for little girls as well.

This inverted bob with bangs has left us aww-struck. The hairstyle is so classy and cute to look at, that we cannot stop recommending it for your little one!

Micro Bangs with Short Hair

Micro Bangs with Short Hair

Your little girl is not a fan of long messy hair? Then no need to worry, because she can still rock bangs like a diva! And micro bangs with short hair will be the solution to the problem.

This hairstyle is so cute and compact. Just cut the bangs short so that you don’t have to worry about their overgrowth for a good amount of time. And with the cute short hair at the back, this hairstyle will be a perfect pick for your little girl.

Bangs with Shoulder Length Hair

Bangs with Shoulder Length Hair

If your little girl has shoulder-length hair, then bangs will perfectly complement her hair length. Especially if the hair is curly as it goes down, the hair will look elegant and beautiful at the same time!

We cannot get over the cuteness of this little girl! Her hairstyle perfectly matches her facial features. The hair has a perfect shoulder length and the curls just add more volume to the entire look. We love how perfectly the bangs are placed on the forehead just above the eyebrows.

This entire haircut is clean and precise, which makes it look pretty and cute. The pink glasses just add more to the cuteness!

Long Bob with Layered Bangs

Long Bob with Layered Bangs

This one is also considered to be a classic style for little girls. It’s a cute and regular style suitable for school-going kids, and the length of the hair is perfectly manageable. So if you are looking for a little girl hairstyle with bangs and a layered style, then this might be a great option!

If you feel like this hairstyle might be a bit difficult for you to try out at home, make sure to take your kid to the salon for the perfect hairstyling outcome. The little girl in the picture looks adorable with the layered bangs, and her hairstyle complements her entire look as well!

Long Hair with Bangs

Long Hair With Bangs

Long hair is a little bit difficult to maintain when it comes to the little ones, but with the perfect hairstyle, maintenance becomes easier. Keeping long hair as it is can be an option, but with perfectly cut bangs, your little girl will have the cutest look ever!

Bangs look more beautiful when the length is curly. You don’t need to go for extreme customizations as long hair is naturally beautiful. We are loving the lengths on this little girl and her front-side bangs make her look like a sophisticated young lady.

If your little girl is okay with keeping her hair long, then you can let them try this hairstyle. It’s amazing how a simple haircut with bangs can change the entire look!

Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bob

Long hair or short, blunt bangs are always in style. Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, and Taylor Swift have been seen rocking their blunt bangs on different occasions. So if your little girl is a fan of this hairstyle, you can give it a try.

Blunt bangs can be done at home if you have the confidence. You can also take your baby to the salon for achieving perfect results. The reason behind the popularity of these bangs is their clean and precise cut.

The hair falls over the forehead, giving your little princess a neat look. It’s a hairstyle that is cute and trendy at the same time, so you won’t regret opting for this one!

Side-Swept Bangs Hairstyle

Side Swept Bangs Hairstyle

Side swept bangs are a little bit different from classic bangs, so it is better if you leave it up to your hairstylist if you don’t want to worry about ruining your little girls’ hair. This hairstyle is classic and popular, so your baby will love it for sure!

This picture is an example of what a beautifully cut side-swept bangs hairstyle looks like. What we love about this hairstyle is how it complements the hair length of the little girl. The hair is set so gracefully that we feel like trying out this hairstyle right now!

Ponytail with Bangs

Ponytail with Bangs

Ponytail is a versatile hairstyle on its own. You can design and adore a ponytail in tons of ways. The classic look of a ponytail with bangs is one of our favorites, and it will be a good option for your little girl as well.

The styling is so simple. You just need to separate the bangs and tie up the rest of the hair into a ponytail. For a sleek look, the end hairs can be curled and slayed edges can be done on the front part.

We recommend keeping the look natural because after all, it’s your baby’s hair! But bolder looks are also fine if they are attending fancy parties!

Overgrown Bangs with Half Ponytail

Overgrown Bangs with Half Ponytail

Overgrown bangs can also be a good choice for little girls. Generally, it looks better when the hair is let down, but you can also try some creative styles such as the half ponytail. A ponytail with bangs is quite simple and easy to do, but this half ponytail style adds a dash of elegance.

For this hairstyle, separate the bangs from the rest of the hair where a precise hairline remains visible. With the rest of the hair, make a half ponytail with a hair tie and let the remaining hair flow. You can add a cute bow to the hair to make it more adorable.

This hairstyle looks the best when the hairlines are precise and clean. It is a perfect option for little girls who have a medium length of hair.

Pigtails with Bangs

Pigtails with Bangs

When it’s school time, nothing can surpass the classic pigtails. Pigtails have been worn by little girls as a classic school hairstyle for years after years. Parted-hair pigtails can do the job quite well, but adding bangs at the front gives this hairstyle a dose of cuteness.

If your little girl has straight and thin hair, these pigtails with bangs can be the right hairstyle for her. The bangs are styled perfectly at the front with a hint of overgrowth, while two pigtails have been gracefully done on both sides.

You can tie up the hair with black hair ties, or opt for colorful ones. No matter what you choose, this hairstyle is the best one for her school-going days.

Single Side Braided Bangs

Single Side Braided Bangs

We generally like to keep the bangs flowing which is a great way to flaunt the hairstyle. However, braiding the bangs can also be a good way to give the hair a little bit of traditional touch.

For this hairstyle, part your little girls’ hair at the side. Take the bangs and make a single braid. Secure the end with a hair tie.

Now for making it look more natural, you can brush the hair properly and make it fall over the braid. If you are opting for this specific style, make sure the braid is placed properly underneath so that it doesn’t ruin the style. This hairstyle is totally cute and adorable!

Double Side Braided Bangs

Double Side Braided Bangs

As we have talked about a single-side braided bangs hairstyle above, now it’s time to know about the double braided style.

This hairstyle is quite easy. You just need to part your little girls’ hair in the middle. Now from the bangs part, make two cute braids and tie them up at the end to secure. Let the rest of the hair flow.

Give the braids a little bit of pulled-back vibe and set the hairstyle by clipping the braids at the front. Use colorful accessories to make the hairs pop up. This is one cute hairstyle that we recommend for your little kiddo.

Bangs with Braid in the Middle

Bangs with Braid in Middle

For a homely hairstyle, this one can be a good option. If your little girl has a long bob haircut then you can try this hairstyle without any doubt.

Start by creating three separate sections. The first section will consist of the bangs, the middle section will carry the braid, and the third section will be the rest of the hair flowing casually.

With the parted hair in the middle, start from one side and create a cute-looking braid reaching the other side. Tie up the end with a colorful hair tie. Finish by combing the bangs and the rest of the hair in a clean and tidy way.

Criss-Cross Dutch Braids with Bangs

Criss-Cross Dutch Braids with Bangs

Little girls can style their bangs with different types of hairstyles, and braids look beautiful with bangs in the front. Our personal favorite is the criss-cross dutch braids with bangs, which look so gorgeous on little girls!

You need to start by separating the bangs from the rest of the hair. Now create four sections at the back and make criss-cross dutch braids. Tie up the end of the braids, and your little girl will be left with an ‘oh-so-cute’ hairstyle.

This hairstyle is particularly a great choice for long hair, and it looks gorgeous after styling.

Braided Bangs with Beads

Braided Bangs with Beads

If your little girl has naturally black hair, then you can braid them up and add beads to the end to create a gorgeous hairstyle. You can add braiding hairs in different lengths for the desired outcome. Medium or long, this hairstyle will surely make a statement.

Start by making your desired style of braids. It looks better when the entire hair is sectioned and braided. When the braiding part is done, seal the ends and add beads to them, including the bangs at the front.

You can use several types of beads for this particular hairstyle. In this picture, the little girl’s hair has been adorned with wooden and transparent beads in different shades.

Fringe with Topknot

Fringe with Topnot

A fringe cut is always cute and lovely when it comes to haircuts for little girls. Although we often think that topknots are for adults, it is no longer a secret that little girls can also carry updos and topknots with grace.

This young lady has won our hearts with her adorable fringe at the front paired with a cute little topknot. The look is homely and easy to do. It doesn’t involve precision and the messy look is all we are vouching for!

Try this hairstyle if your little girl has thin and medium-length hair, as it will perfectly complement her hair length and type.

Long Ombré with Bangs

Long Ombre with Bangs

Kids can rock ombré hair just like adults. You just need to make sure that styling isn’t causing any harm to your princess’ hair, as keeping her natural hair healthy and beautiful is the topmost priority.

If your kid has blonde hair, you can choose pink, purple, or blue to make the hair look exclusive. We are totally in love with this hairstyle in the picture, where the black hair has been greatly complemented by the blonde ombré effect.

The bangs have been kept black and natural for a simple appearance, and the blonde at the end creates the ultimate gorgeous vibe. This hairstyle is a must-try if your little girl has long hair. Just let the hair flow and glow!

Multicolored Hair with Bangs

Multicolored hair with Bangs

Just like ombre hair, little girls can also flaunt their long hair with a splash of bright colors. Because let’s get real, adults should be the only ones enjoying the colors on their hair!

Colorful clip-in hair extensions are great for kids. Adding these to the hair gives it a fun and funky vibe. But if you are willing to go for hair colors, make sure not to use a permanent dye as it can cause harm to the natural hair. Go for a semi-permanent option if your princess wants to try out such a look.

This hairstyle with shades of bright pink, purple, yellow, and orange is so exquisite to look at! The colors look vibrant and stylish. Plus with the bangs at the front, this look is chic and cute at the same time!

Vampire Bangs for Halloween

Vampire Bangs for Halloween

You can change the hairstyle of your baby based on seasons and occasions. We know that Halloween is the time to try out bold and scary looks, so this vampire bangs haircut can do the job of being a bold diva instantly.

The hair has an inverted bob cut and the bangs in the front are cut in a V-shape. This V resembles the Vampire-y vibe with a dash of coolness and attitude. If your kid loves to try new hairstyles, this can be a great pick for the Halloween season!

Curly Hair Bangs

Curly Hair Bangs

Curls are always cute and trendy, so a pretty hairstyle for curly hair can be the curls with bangs. It’s just your regular bangs haircut, but the curliness is the real deal here!

Look at this cute little girl with the bangs sitting gracefully over her forehead. The style is so simple yet so elegant. Her natural curls have been defined beautifully, and the volume is so fine! These bangs look extra-pretty because of the added goodness of the curls!

Curly Bangs with Double Buns

Curly Bans with Double Buns

Who said curly hair cannot rock a haircut with bangs? With the right styling and accessories, your little princess can carry her bangs haircut with ease!

This hairstyle is simply so cute! The bangs have been given a double parted look at the front, whereas the rest of the hair is styled beautifully by making double buns. On top of that, cute hair clips have been added to make this look more adorable.

The volume of the bangs is what we love the most in this style! The bangs are also placed in a unique way which makes the hairstyle stand out altogether!

Beautiful Updo with Bangs

Beautiful Updo with Bangs

For formal occasions, updos are the best for your little girl. Bangs simply add elegance and sophistication to this hairstyle.

This princess is carrying her updo and the tiara so gracefully, that we feel like this should be the next look we should try out! The bangs are perfectly separated and brushed out whereas the rest of the hair has been used to make a beautiful updo style.

The placement of the tiara completes the entire look! This is a hairstyle that your little girl can try out at weddings, birthday parties, or any formal occasion!

Toddler Girl Haircuts with Bangs

Just like little girls, toddlers look so very adorable with a bangs haircut. We simply cannot pick a favorite because these styles are so sweet and lovely. If you have a toddler who needs a haircut, here is a list of haircuts with bangs that will be perfect for your little bunny!

Short Hair Baby Bangs

Short Hair Baby Bangs

If you are happy with keeping your toddlers’ hair short and manageable, then a short haircut with baby bangs in the front will be the best choice!

Look at this adorable baby with her hair all short and cute. We think the unique point about this hairstyle is its uneven and messy kind of vibe. Toddlers generally like to have fun and play around the house, so this hairstyle surely represents how jolly they are!

Boyish Uneven Bangs

Boyish Uneven Bangs

Who said your toddler must have a clean and precise haircut? Well, we don’t agree at all because toddlers are curious and fun-loving little human beings, and being messy is a part of their nature. So they can rock even the most uneven bangs!

This cute little boyish haircut has melted our hearts in every possible way. Keeping the hair short helps in manageability, plus you can avoid the hassle of styling their hair every day. What makes this hairstyle cuter is the uneven bangs complementing the short haircut.

Bangs with Messy Updo

Bangs with Messy Updo

Here is the breaking news for today: updos are not only for adults! Little girls and toddlers can also carry updos and they look so cute in this hairstyle. If you are not looking for some serious hairstyling, then a messy look is also perfect for them.

The baby in this picture has a great amount of her hair cut into bangs, and it looks adorable. The rest of the hair has been tied into a messy kind of updo, and this combination of tidy bangs and messy updo is all we are vouching for now!

Toddler Pigtails with Bangs

Toddler Pigtails with Bangs

Pigtails are classic toddler hairstyles, and with the addition of bangs, the cuteness of this hairstyle knows no bounds! If your toddler has medium-length hair, this style is a must-try.

You can tie up the pigtails with color hair ties and also add hair clips to elevate the look. A little messy look represents the innocence of your baby, so we always love that! The toddler in this picture has bangs that are slightly longer on the sides, and the haircut is quite clean and precise.

Side Bangs

Side Bangs

Cute and chic, a side bang can never go wrong when it comes to toddler hairstyles. Especially toddler girls can carry this hairstyle quite well so if you are looking for the next haircut inspiration, this one is a must!

This sweet baby has got a side bangs haircut and she is carrying it with absolute perfection. The hair on the back is left messy, but the bangs are so beautifully set that it makes us want to try this haircut right now!

Blunt Bangs with Bob and Snap Clip

Blunt Bangs with Bob and Snap Clip

One amazing thing about styling toddler hair is the use of colorful rubber bands, hair clips, and accessories! No matter what the hairstyle is, toddlers’ hair looks adorable when different types of hair accessories are used to adorn their hair.

This picture is an example of that extra dose of cuteness. The toddler has a blunt bangs haircut and the rest of her hair has a bob cut. The placement of the snap clip right behind the bangs simply makes her look aww-some!

Medium Hair Ponytail with Bangs

Medium Hair Ponytail with Bangs

Ponytails are not only meant for long hair, they can be done on medium-length hair as well. So if your toddler has mid-length hair, then you can give them a bangs haircut to complete the look.

In this picture, the front part is a bangs haircut and the back part of the hair has been turned into a ponytail. The style has been kept kind of messy and uneven for the extra innocence. The toddler in the picture is wearing a simple hair tie as a casual look, but you can pick a bow or fancy hair clips to make it look more elegant!

Twisted Bangs with Twisted Updo

Twisted Bangs with Twisted Updo

This hairstyle has become one of our recent favorites. It seems like a difficult one to do, but the result is so cute that we just cannot stop adoring this cute baby girl with her perfectly styled hair!

A section of hair was separated from the front to create a twisted bangs look. The rest of the hair is divided into several twisted sections and ends in an updo towards the crown. The entire hairstyle has been done using colorful vibrant and colorful rubber bands, which makes this hairstyle for toddler girls stand out from the crowd!

Celebrity Kids Haircuts with Bangs

The adorable babies of our favorite celebrities have been seen with hairstyles consisting of bangs, and they look cutesy with their beautiful hair. So if you are looking for some celeb-inspired haircuts with bangs for your little girl, then here are some of our favorite styles for you.

Harper Beckham

Harper Beckham Bangs Hair

David and Victoria Beckhams’ daughter Harper Beckham had a beautiful haircut with bangs during her toddler days. In this picture, Harper is seen wearing a cute headband, and her bangs are beautifully placed over her forehead. This cute little messy look can be a great choice for your princess.

Penelope Scotland Disick

Penelope Scotland Disick

Kourtney Kardashian and her ex-husband Scott Disick’s daughter Penelope always flaunted her curtain bangs like a diva. We love how her hair length complements her bangs, and recommend this hairstyle if your little girl loves to keep long hair!

Hazel Krasinski

Hazel krasinski

Daughter of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, Hazel Krasinski’s toddler hairstyle is a perfect option if you want to keep your baby’s hair short and cute. Hazel’s childhood picture with her mom shows how adorable she looks with her bob and bangs hairstyle, so give this a try if your daughter has similar hair!

Summer Rain Rutler

Summer Rain Rulter

Summer is the daughter of Christina Aguilera and her fiancé Matthew Rutler. The cute baby had one of the sweetest hairstyles with bangs during her toddler days. In this picture with her mom, summer looks so adorable with her messy bangs all over her forehead.

Everly Tatum

Everly Tatum

Channing Tatum and his ex-wife Jenna Dewan’s daughter Everly Tatum has the blunt bangs everyone dreams of. Her hair always looks so pretty especially because of the bangs, and she looks like an adorable diva in this picture with her mom.

Hair Accessories for The Little Princess

Now that we have talked about all these cute and trendy hairstyles with bangs, it’s now time to take a look at our list of the best hair accessories that will make your baby’s hairstyle more elegant and playful.

  • Snap Clips
  • Hair Clips
  • Hair Bow Clips
  • Headbands
  • Rubber Bands
  • Hair Ties
  • Bow Hair Ties
  • Hair Beads
  • Hair Chalk
  • Temporary Hair Color Wax


Is a haircut with bangs an outdated option for my little girls’ hair?

Absolutely not! Bangs are always the perfect haircut for little girls and toddlers, and this haircut only increases their cuteness. Several types of haircuts with bangs are available, so choose the one your princess loves the most!

How do I take care of my little princess’ hair?

Kids are usually fond of playing and running around all the time. Most of them are also fond of outdoor activities. So it is important to choose a good quality shampoo that is mild but does the job of cleansing quite well. Shampooing the hair two to three times a week will be enough.

Will it be okay if my little girl uses a conditioner after shampoo?

Conditioner is needed to be used if your baby’s hair is curly or dry. There are different types of conditioners for different hair types, choose the one that suits your baby’s hair the most.

How do I detangle my baby’s hair?

First of all, you need to pick a wide-tooth hair comb. This will make the detangling process easier. You can select a hair detangling spray, and if the hair is quite curly, go for a leave-in conditioner.

Final Thoughts

Your baby’s hair is precious and beautiful, so the right haircut and products are necessary to be ensured for her. Haircut with bangs is always trendy among little girls and toddlers, so if you have been wondering lately which haircut will be perfect for your kid, give these options a try!

Don’t forget to adorn their hair with cutesy accessories that we have recommended, and always make sure that your little princess’ hair is taken care of properly.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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