Criss Cross Knotless Braids

21 Criss Cross Knotless Braids for the Glamorous Divas Out There

Remember the childhood days when we used to wear lots of colorful rubber bands? Well, those were certainly good days, and our moms just knew how to portray our playfulness through different cute hairstyles. Growing up, we have switched to different styles that match our adult vibe, but the classic appeal of rubber band hairstyles has not faded a bit!

Rubber band hairstyles are all in trend now with the rise of baddie hairstyles and styles that include braids with a cute appeal. We have seen many girls on social media flaunting their skills by showing versatile rubber band hairstyles, and one of our absolute favorites is the criss cross knotless braids that have become quite popular as protective hairstyles.

The fact with criss cross knotless braids is you just need to create a criss cross pattern with your natural hair and tie it up using good quality rubber bands. This way, your style is secure and it looks quite stylish. Plus, the cute vibe of rubber bands adds to your entire outlook.

At the very first glance, this style may look quite complicated and something that is not easy to do. So here we have a simple guide on doing your own criss cross knotless braids, as well as styling recommendations for your hair. Let’s check them out!

How to do Criss Cross Knotless Braids at Home?

Criss cross braids are quite fun to do, so if you have your schedule cleared and are willing to go for an update, then trying out criss cross knotless box braids with rubber bands is a great option. You can also visit the salon if you feel like achieving professional results. However, for a DIY session, here is our simple guide!

First of all, start at the back of your hair and divide your hair into mini sections to do regular knotless box braids. When the braids are done, move on to the front part of your hair. Divide the entire hair into two sections, and create three more sections on each side.

Take your first section and further divide it into two sections. These two sections will consist of four mini boxes in a criss cross pattern. Apply your hair gel properly to the roots and then tie the first two mini sections properly with a rubber band. Don’t make it too tight so that you can avoid breakage.

Now take the section that you tied later, adjust it with the section in the opposite corner, and tie using a rubber band. This will create the first line of your criss cross pattern. Similarly, with the section that was tied up first, take that section and adjust it with the section of its opposite corner and tie it properly. Make sure to go front to back while doing the crossover and creating the pattern to make things easier. And there you go, you have your first criss cross pattern!

Now move on to your second section of hair. As this part has more hair than the previous one, you will be creating two crossovers here. For that, create six mini boxes and the tying of your hair will be in an overlapping ‘V’ pattern. This means first you have to create a criss cross pattern like the way we mentioned before, and then with the rest of the hair after tying up the first section, create another criss cross pattern.

At this stage, you can do the other side of the hair following the same process and leave the middle section out. As the middle section will have the most amount of hair, you will be creating eight mini boxes here. And the total number of crossovers will be three.

When all the crossovers are done and tied up properly, grab your braiding hair and do knotless box braids with each end of the hair. If the ends are too thin, you can combine two of them for maintaining the size of the box braids. After finishing the braids, your style will be done and you will be ready to flaunt your criss cross knotless braids.

This style is quite easy to do. You can elevate it by using colorful rubber bands, and you can match your braiding hair with the color of your rubber bands. The criss cross pattern will make you look super chic and cute, so this style is a must-try!

However, don’t forget to separate your baby hairs while sectioning and tying up your hair, and use an edge control gel to create slayed edges at the front for a more elegant look. Also, if you feel like the hair is tied up too tight, you can always pull on your hair to make things loosen up!

21 Gorgeous Criss Cross Knotless Braids Hairstyles to Try Right Now!

Now that you know how to do criss cross knotless braids on your own, it’s time to remind you that the styling options for these braids are endless. So you don’t have to worry about sticking to one hairstyle only. You can use colorful braiding hair to give yourself a vibrant look or go for a combo of styles to make things prettier. At the end of the day, it’s all about what you love the most! So let’s jump into our list of the best hairstyles for criss cross knotless braids that you can try out right now to create a statement!

Bob with Beads

Bob With Beads

When it comes to bob braided hair, we instantly think of decorating the ends with colorful or transparent beads. Beads are the perfect accessories to make your braids stand out, so when you combine them with your criss cross knotless braids, the style just looks amazing!

Many of us out there just want to keep the length of our hair short. So for those who are willing to go for a protective hairstyle, achieving this is not a hard task. All you need to do is braid your hair properly and then cut the braids according to your desired bob size.

The lady in the picture has perfect bob length along with criss cross knotless braids. The hair is nicely styled, but what has captivated our hearts is the styling with beads. Plastic beads in different shades of brown have been added at the ends of the braids to make them look exclusive. These beads have worked well to highlight the shape of the bob as well as the intricate criss cross design at the front.

 Long Black

Long Black Braids

Black braids are always on top of the list for many ladies out there. The classic appeal of long black box braids doesn’t need any explanation, so whenever we are talking about protective hairstyles, this particular style tops our list for its popularity and glamor.

You can buy pre-stretched braiding hair to do a long black braided hairstyle, or just opt for the salon if you feel like achieving a professional style. No matter which one you choose, your style is always going to be the best!

The classic example of long black criss cross knotless braids is visible in this picture. Black rubber bands have been used to create a seamless style. Plus, the hair has been sectioned perfectly to make the design look more appealing,

Large Box

Large Box

While some of us love medium-sized box braids as a protective hairstyle, some women out there prefer to keep their braids larger in size. For them, the large box braids are the perfect option. It takes less time to install large box braids compared to micro or medium ones, so many women prefer to opt for this option.

The fact with large box braids is that your style looks fuller in appearance. Also, if you have a lot going on and your schedule is tight, large box braids will save you time on the go. So for that, these braids are perfect to try at home or in the salon.

You can do perfect criss cross knotless braids with your large box braids. Just remember to maintain the size throughout your hair, and add braiding hair until you achieve the perfect size. Take this picture as your guide for doing large box braids along with a criss cross style.

Red Hair

Red Hair Criss Cross Braids

What’s better than one color? Well, two or more colors for sure! This is why in recent times women are going for colorful braiding hairs to adorn their braids in creative ways. We have seen the classic black braids reigning for a while now, but with colorful hair, your criss cross knotless braids will look much more appealing.

In the case of choosing colors, we recommend you pick something vibrant and bold. This makes your hair stand out from the rest of the crowd. Go for colors like neon green, orange, blue, or our utmost favorite-the fearless red!

Look at this picture with these beautifully done criss cross knotless braids. Red and black braiding hairs have been combined to achieve this bold style. To keep things simple, black rubber bands have been used, but you can also opt for red rubber bands on the sides with all the red braids.

Brown Curly Ends

Brown Curly Ends

Instead of the classic black braiding hair, you can also choose brown hair for a longer look. It doesn’t have to be something too fancy, rather this style can be perfectly achieved at home if you have the skills. The black roots and the brown braids will look stunning on any occasion.

Here is an example of long brown braids with criss cross style at the front. The length of the braids is quite flattering, but what captures our attention from the very first glance are the curly ends that have added to the elegance.

Curling the ends of your box braids is quite easy. All you need to do is grab your flexi rods according to the size and use them to make your ends curly. This additional effort makes your hair look fuller even at the ends, and you can rock this style in any glamorous event without giving it a second thought.

Brown and Blonde

Brown And Blonde

One of the trendiest hairstyles out there is black or brown hair with blonde highlights. Many women have chosen this hairstyle for its chic look, and we cannot stop obsessing over this attractive style. However, if your natural hair needs protective styles to be maintained and you don’t think you can pull off this look, we are here to prove you wrong!

As it is known, to make your highlights pop up, your base hair needs to be darker in color. So if you are willing to go for criss cross knotless braids, we suggest you choose brown hair this time for your braids. And to make things glamorous, add pieces of blonde braids randomly to give it that highlight feature.

In this picture, the lady has a head full of brown braids with randomly placed blonde braids that are working as streaks of highlights. Plus, the natural black hair has added a dimension with the criss cross style. This style is a must-try from our side if you love long hair looks.

Criss Cross and Stitch

Criss Cross And Stitch

As we always say, there are literally no boundaries when it comes to trying out different hairstyles. So if you are willing to go for criss cross knotless braids, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to that style only. Rather you can add other types of braiding styles with your criss cross style to make your hair look more attractive.

For instance, this picture has a combination of criss cross braids as well as stitch braids which have been done to perfection. There are two stitch braids on each side along with beautifully done criss cross braids in the middle and on the sides as well.

We love the combination of blonde and black braiding hair incorporated into this hairstyle. The partings have been done precisely to showcase the precision of the style. Plus, the slayed edges at the front have defined the style quite well.

Triple Buns

Triple Buns

Trying out a cool baddie hairstyle is always an option whenever you feel like stepping up your hair game. And for that, the options are endless! We already know about the cool criss cross rubber bands hairstyles without the braids, but with your braids, the style becomes even cooler and funky.

To achieve a perfect baddie style, you don’t need to go all fancy or extra. Just doing some simple tricks will make your hair look attractive. Such as trying out a hairstyle with three buns. It may seem like a difficult job to do just by the name, but the style is actually easy and effortless.

Take this picture as your guide for this hairstyle. Beautiful box braids have been done on the back, whereas the front part consists of criss cross designs. The ends of the criss cross styles have been styled into braided buns, and these three buns have created all that sassiness in the style. Plus, the slayed edges are undoubtedly a bonus!

White Rubber Bands

White Rubber Bands

Black rubber bands have been used to do the criss cross style in most of the styles we have talked about, as it gives the hair a seamless look. But that doesn’t mean you can’t choose rubber bands of different colors, rather doing that will give your hair an extra boost of style. Such as choosing the exact opposite of black rubber bands-the white ones.

This style may seem unexpected and not something you will find out many women wearing. This is exactly why we love this so much, because the rarer the style is, the more exclusive you will feel wearing it. So next time you visit the shop, don’t forget to grab some white rubber bands for your hair.

If you are still unsure, look how cute it looks when you do your knotless criss cross braids with white rubber bands. The white color is literally giving us a pop-up effect against the dark base color, and it makes us want to try out this hairstyle right now!

Purple with Colorful Bands

Purple With Colorful Bands

Want to add a dash of color to your entire style? Well, the time has come to make your dream true! If you are thinking that for a colorful style, you need to choose several colorful braiding hairs, then it’s not the case at all! Rather you can choose only one vibrant color for your hair, and the rest of the job will be done by your colorful rubber bands.

Take this hairstyle for example. The first word that comes to our mind after looking at this hairstyle is colors! Literally, there’s no exaggeration. The purple braiding hair is so vibrant and it has matched well with the black braiding hair to create the perfect combination of black and purple braids.

On the other hand, the criss cross style at the front has been done using colorful rubber bands. Orange, pink, green-you name it! All of the colors are present there and it has made the entire hair look so playful! So even if you thought your childhood days of flaunting colorful rubber bands are over, they are actually not!

Big ‘X’

Big X Criss Cross Braids

Criss cross style is all about small ‘x’ patterns all over the front to give your hair that extra vibe. The regular criss cross knotless box braids consist of such style along with box braids at the back. But for those who want to try something different, exclusive hairstyle options are available for that.

We have already talked about combining two or more braiding styles in one hairstyle, but you can bring variation to your criss cross pattern, and the style will be just as captivating. For instance, you can create a big ‘X’ pattern right in the middle of your criss cross pattern to make it look alluring.

This picture is an example of what we are talking about. The hair has a large ‘X’ right in the middle, and the rest of the criss cross patterns have also been done in an interesting way. This style is a perfect choice for all the cool girls out there who love to make a statement!

Brown Highlights

Brown Highlights

Just like you add blonde highlights to your dark hair, brown highlights can also be added to make the style more elegant. Now, when it comes to braided hair, the styling is different. So you can add pieces of brown braids along with your black braids to give it that highlighting effect, and the placement of these braids can be random.

For example, this is a perfectly done criss cross hairstyle with knotless braids. As you can see, the entire front part consists of beautifully done criss cross patterns with rubber bands. The back of the hair has lovely box braids with streaks of brown highlights here and there.

The brown braids have made this hairstyle exclusive in nature. The braids are not all over the place rather they have been placed selectively to complement the black braids. On top of that, the slayed edges at the front are portraying how precise the entire style is.

Purple Ombré

Purple Ombre

Did you ever think of going all purple? Well, we have for sure. Purple is that one color that resembles power and wisdom, so many women out there wear tier purple with pride to showcase their royalty. So, wearing purple as a hair color is not a new phenomenon. Rather we have seen many women trying out purple hair recently.

For all the purple lovers out there, this hair is a dream come true! We don’t think there’s much to talk about when it comes to the beauty of this hairstyle. The braids have an ombré style, but the all-over purple is what’s making us go aww whenever we look at this style.

And if that wasn’t enough, the front part has enough surprises waiting for us. The criss cross knotless braids are already there, but combining them with the snake pattern braids has taken this style to the next level. Blue rubber bands have been used to complement the purple, and the hair has been curled at the ends to make them look more regal.

Black and Yellow

Black And Yellow

Yellow is not a common color for hair, but neon yellow has been a favorite for women out there in recent times, as the vibrancy of this color can never be underestimated. While many of us just like to try out subtle colors, for all the fearless and bold ladies out there, trying out a yellow hairstyle is a must!

As a protective hairstyle, criss cross knotless braids have earned their fair share of popularity. To make this style much more exclusive, you can choose yellow pre-stretched braiding hair the next time you go shopping. Also, make sure to choose good quality yellow hair that is vibrant in nature, so that your hair looks all extra as you step outside with confidence.

Take this hairstyle as your guide the next time you visit the salon for your braiding session. As you can see, the hair has a black criss cross pattern with braids all back down the middle, except for some random ones. And from there, the braids are all yellow down the length beyond the waist. The vibrancy of this yellow hair is everything! Plus, the additional effects of black and yellow in some places also look outstanding.

Top Bun

Top Bun

Just like your regular box braids, you can make a top bun with your criss cross knotless braids to make your style more captivating. This hairstyle has an added advantage because of the criss cross pattern at the front, which looks quite attractive.

As we already know, doing a top bun with your braided hair is not that hard of a task. You just need to gather all your hair together and turn them into a proper bun; that’s all. This is why many women with braided hair love to do top buns as it is effortless and doesn’t require much.

You can take inspiration from this hairstyle to make a perfect top bun with your criss cross knotless braids. The bun looks full of volume and the special style of leaving out two pieces of braids from the bun is also quite interesting. Everything has been sealed properly with the slayed edges at the front.

Rainbow Braid

Rainbow Braids

The name sounds like it’s going to be a head full of colors, but it’s actually not. The rainbow braid style has recently become trendy, and we have seen women opting for this particular hairstyle along with their criss cross knotless braids. Why? Well, let’s take a look at this braid to find out what’s so special about it.

In this picture, the lady is wearing a head full of braids, and among them, a few braids have been given the rainbow look. These knotless braids consist of colorful braiding hair which has been braided to perfection, and they align beautifully with the rest of the black braids, creating a visually appealing look.

The entire style is a combination of stitch braids and criss cross knotless braids. The ends of the braids have been curled beautifully to give them a volumized look. This is a style perfect for all the trendy girls out there, so don’t forget to give it a try!

Braided Criss Cross

Braided Criss Cross

We have talked about styles that include criss cross patterns created by tying up sections of hair with rubber bands. But did you know that you can braid your criss cross sections as well? It’s actually quite easy to do. You just need to braid those small pieces of hair and then do regular knotless braids with them.

A braided criss cross look is not that common, but it is a great pick for those who love to try out intricate protective hairstyles. For instance, this picture is the perfect example of a braided criss cross hairstyle. The criss cross pattern is all braided and the design is quite captivating.

This style is a combination of stitch braids and braided criss cross. The knotless braids look shiny and full, and the entire style surely requires the perfect amount of skill to be done properly. So you can give this style a try the next time you visit the salon.

Green Highlights

Green Highlights

Any vibrant colors look gorgeous when they are aligned with darker base colors. Most of us normally go for blonde or brown highlights if the base color is brown or black. But it’s also fun to experiment with newer colors for highlights, especially the neon ones. So lately if you have been thinking of changing your hairstyle, you can go for some neon highlights.

We always love to see the incorporation of bold and fearless colors when it comes to hair, and colors like red, pink, yellow, blue, and green always top our list. So if you haven’t tried any of them yet, let’s start that journey with this amazing hairstyle with green highlights.

The entire hair is full of black braids, but one side has a touch of neon green braiding hair to add that touch of vibrancy. The criss cross knotless braids are perfectly done and the ends of the braids are curled to make them look more elegant. This is a style that you can try to give yourself a cooler look without much effort.

Criss Cross Wig

Criss Cross Wig

For those who do not want to go through the sessions of braiding hair and doing all that styling, a wig is always a great option to achieve the desired hairstyle. And for the criss cross lovers, the good news is frontal wigs are available to get that style without any hassle.

For instance, the lady in this picture is wearing a frontal wig with criss cross twists. The wig has been placed so seamlessly that no one can guess at the first sight that this is actually a wig. The hair has braided criss cross patterns along with twist braids that are done to perfection.

You can visit the salon to get this wig installed properly, or do it on your own if you are expert enough. The synthetic hair looks quite shiny and natural, so this style can be a great alternative to all those braiding sessions.

Half Up Style

Half Up Style

Just like doing a top bun, you can also create a half up style with your criss cross knotless braids. It isn’t difficult to do; you just need to do your regular braids and then turn them into a half up style that sits beautifully on top of your head.

Take this hairstyle for instance. The lady here has a head full of beautiful criss cross patterns that have been done using black rubber bands. Then the braids have been created perfectly, and finally, the style has got a half up appearance.

This is an elegant hairstyle that can be carried to different occasions, especially on a girls’ night out. Don’t forget to take care of your edges to make the style proper and neat, and you will be left with beautiful hair to flaunt like a diva!

Half Up Top Knot

Half Up Top Knot

Doing a top knot with your braids is easy, so why not try a half up top knot style? If you think that because your hair is braided your styling options are limited, then we are here to prove you wrong. You can do a half up top knot with your criss cross knotless braids, and trust us, your hair will be grateful to you for choosing this style.

In this picture, the lady has a beautiful half up top knot style with beautiful long braids. The criss cross patterns look natural and beautiful while the fuller-looking top knot sits gracefully on top of her head. The rest of the hair is flowing gracefully, and we cannot get enough of this amazing hairstyle.

What makes us love this hairstyle more is the vibrancy of the blue braiding hair. The combination of darker and lighter shades of blue is totally eye-soothing. Moreover, the curly ends and the slayed edges have sealed the deal for this look.


With the small guide and all the trendy styles mentioned above, trying out criss cross knotless braids is just a matter of time now. But there are some issues that many women worry about before getting this hairstyle. So we have gathered those questions together to offer solutions to your worries.

How to avoid breakage in a criss cross style?

The first way to avoid hair breakage is to create two mini sections in the very first place while doing the criss cross pattern so that when you tie your hair, the section does not have a little amount of hair but rather has sufficient hair to avoid breakage. You can apply oil to your rubber bands as well.

Also, make sure to put your pinky finger on the base of your front section and tie your hair by placing the pinky on, so that your hair lays flat without pulling. You can also pull on your hair if you feel like you have tied everything tightly.

What kind of rubber band should I use?

When choosing your rubber bands, make sure that they do not break easily. Always remember to grab quality rubber bands for criss cross knotless braids to make your hair styling session worry-free.

Is it suitable to try out criss cross knotless braids on thick hair?

For those with thicker hair, it’s a little bit difficult to see those partings properly when a criss cross style is done. So if you have thicker hair, you can give your natural hair a twist before tying it up with the rubber band.

How long can I keep my criss cross knotless braids?

Your criss cross knotless braids are going to last for one or two weeks. This is because they are a bit different than your regular braids, so the longevity is less.

Final Words

The first step to becoming trendy is choosing an outfit that matches your vibe, and then going for a hairstyle that speaks your style. With criss cross knotless braids, your trendy self will be visible to everyone around you, and this hairstyle is going to give you a bold and cute outlook at the same time.

So for all the gorgeous ladies out there, criss cross knotless braids are one of the best hairstyles out there to showcase the inner beauty. These braids are versatile, and they look elegant enough for any occasion.

So the next time you go for a hair appointment, make sure to try out these braids, don’t forget to add a splash of colors to make things more beautiful. Be creative with your hair and create a statement wherever you go!

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