20 Male Celebrities with Long Hairstyles You Should Follow! [2021]

Growing out hair has become a common trend among men and boys. Well, the trend was started back in 1960 when the hippie movement was started. Nevertheless, you need proper care to grow and maintain your long hair.

So if you are thinking of growing out your hair but are hesitant to do so, you need to check out this list of male celebrities with long hair. Take some inspiration and style ideas for them, and grow out of your hesitation!

Jason Momoa

We all know this amazing actor as Aqua Man and probably cannot imagine him without his long hair. His long, fierce, and intimidating hairstyle is his forever favorite, though he has also appeared with short hair, a look that was also stunning. His curly hair with a wet look makes him look like Aquaman on the red carpet. Dark brown locks can be highlighted with copper, a reddish metallic dye that Jason chose to do. He is one of the male celebrities whose look is relaxed and wet, which gives a beachy surfer boy look.

Dev Patel

The English actor known for the superhit Slumdog Millionaire has naturally long hair which curls in gorgeous locks. Talk about good genes. He decided to grow them out and looked so classic. He chose to keep his long hair very natural, even for carpet with his jet black hair and minimal to no use of heat. Curled fringes on his forehead and framing his face highlighted his handsome face in the best way possible. The thick beard covering the sides of his face frames his face shape and looks good with the black locks.

Timothee Chalamet

This man has had his share of hairdo changes, from cutting his hair into a bowl cut to getting them dyed green because he was bored in quarantine. In the initial days of his acting career, he wore his hair short, but he was seen with long hair as he gained fame. His beautiful way and voluminous mane shaped his face well and highlighted his prominent jawline. The ‘Call Me by Your Name’  star sure knows how to work with his hair as well as he does in his movies.

Harry Styles

The former One Direction member started his career with short to medium hair. But as he started his solo career, Harry dipped his toes in the world of long hairs and fangirls that have been screaming over his brown looks. The curls and the shoulder-length long hair complemented his face and overall style well. He has been seen with a man bun, sailor moon buns, braids, ponytails; you name it, he has done that hairstyle at least once. That is how cool and unafraid this man is to try new hairdos; you should be too and do what you feel with your hair.

Kimura Takuya

The iconic Japanese actor from the 90s who are still going strong, the star of bad boy roles Kimura Takuya. He had the iconic 90s style long hair mullet, which suited his face exceptionally well. He kept it simply let loose all the time, added a few layers to his already fluffy straight hair, thus easy styling. No wonder he had shot dead so many girls with his looks back then. If you are in love with retro, 90s style, then Takuya’s hairstyle is something you should consider.

Kim Woo Bin

The tall Korean actor and Model, famous for his second lead role in “The Heirs” and his tear-jerker drama “Uncontrollably Fond.” Kim Woo Bin had his fans shook when his comeback photoshoot photos were released. The straight, thick hairstyle was seen on the star, and fans couldn’t stop screamin’. Like most men with long hair, he chose to keep his hair shoulder-length with a few layers and waves.

Jared Leto

Many times, Jared Leto has been spotted with balayage long hair. He has also tried many hairstyles, making use of the styling freedom that comes with long hair. A classic man bun that goes well with suits, ponytails on his day off, loose locks for a more relaxed look. He usually gets them highlighted or dyed blonde, which contrasts nicely with his dark hair. The browns and goldens in his hair, in turn, complement his beautiful eyes very well. If you are someone with features similar to Jared, you should take his long hair inspiration. Because this man sure knows how to style his hair.

Daniel Radcliff

Did you know that our Hogwart wizard boy had long hair too? After wrapping the Harry Potter movie franchise, Radcliff was seen sporting long wavy, dark brown hair. The shoulder-length shaggy bob looks good on his face, along with the light stubble. In my opinion, not his most flattering look, but somehow he still looks good. Maybe things like that happen when you are the Daniel Radcliff. He chopped it off after the shooting for “Escape from Pretoria” was done.

Keanu Reeves

We know him as an amazing Canadian actor with an equally amazing personality. He and his long hair look are as popular as his on-screen character John Wick. It looks even better when paired with his beard. His naturally black, wavy long hair gives him a bad-boyish and mysterious look. He usually does the middle parting, which flaunts his widow’s peak, giving his face even more symmetry. The thick beard looks perfect with his black mane. It has a simple look but is very impactful.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is our beloved Captain Jack Sparrow, the man with scissor hands Edward Scissorhands, the eccentric chocolate factory owner Willy Wonka, and the list goes on. And why will it not? He is such a talented and versatile actor that you cannot help but love. He also sported long hairstyles in his career multiple times, not just for Jack Sparrow but for himself. Johnny Depp mostly keeps long hair a little past his shoulder and chose to keep them in their natural color and texture.

David Beckham

No one has seen this star footballer act on the big screens or movies. But he knows how to play his role on the field. David Beckham has been seen sporting long hair quite often throughout his career. Don’t forget to check more David Beckham hairstyles. And he always styles them right, be it a man bun, ponytail, or cornrows. I am a fan of his cornrows look, by the way. He also kept a light to medium beard in the full area to go along with his long hair, which is a look that never fails to look great.

Tom Cruise

We know Tom Cruise as a guy who is daring, charming, and as someone who can do the most dangerous stunts. He has had many look changes over the years, from his tooth adjustment to hairstyles. He had long hair in his younger days and looked great. No wonder he was a heartthrob. He grew his hair above his shoulder, which is the perfect length if you don’t have much time to maintain your hair but want long hair. His hair is naturally straight and shiny, which gives a very charming look effortlessly.

Christain Bale

Every Marvel fan knows him and his amazing on-screen character Batman. Christain Bale is one of the famous names in Hollywood, recognized for his amazing acting skills, personality, not to mention that charming smile. The Dark Knight star has sported long hair with a very prominent beard, and we could only gawk at him with heart eyes. This look was easily one of his best. He has dark brown, slightly wavy hair, which gives a very breezy and relaxed look. You might have to use a curling iron to achieve the relaxed waves.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is a name you will recognize even if you are not that much into Hollywood movies or talks. That is how amazing and famous this man is. And As if this man wasn’t gorgeous enough, he tried the long hair look and ended up looking even more gorgeous. His long hairstyle gives him a more youthful look. His hair falls out straight, naturally, so to achieve his look, straighten out your hair. If you want to go a step ahead, you can also dye them blonde.

Ashton Kutcher

We know him for playing some really funny and relatable guys in movies like “What Happens in Vegas,” “No Strings Attached.” He is our Rom-com best boy. He is also in the league of male celebs with beautiful dark brown straight hair. And he chose to flaunt them by growing them out till his shoulder. He was usually seen sporting a middle part with hair tucked behind his ear, no fancy cut or anything, keeping it simple. Ashton is your hair inspiration if you want long hair that stays out of your face.

Chris Hemsworth

Known for his on-screen Marvel character Thor, he has been seen sporting long hair while playing thor. He tends to keep them long during shoot days but opts for shorter hair otherwise. His deep blonde, shiny hair falls perfectly around his face, framing the features and enhancing his jawline. He kept his hair the ideal neck length, which looks best when hair is straight or wavy. If only he knew his fans here want to see more of his long hairstyles because of how princely it makes him look.

Hugh Jackman

Believe me when I say that this isn’t some fan’s photoshop skill. Hugh Jackman had long locks back in the days. And they were lush, enough to make even girls jealous of his beautiful hair. Like most male celebs, he chose to keep his hair dye-free and mostly let it stay loosely falling on his shoulder. Though this look was only for his movie “X-Men,” the long layered hair look was a shock to his fans used to his clean and sleek look.

Avan Jogia

You should flaunt that sharp face and beautiful hair if you are Avan Jogia. He has better long hair than most of the women out there. He has naturally curly jet black hair he mostly wears in a messy shaggy hairstyle, and the fangirl’s scream can tell you it looks good on him. But only Avan knows how much effort and time goes into achieving the supposedly messy and disheveled look. And, of course, the time to nourish the hair is there too. But instead of running away from the maintenance work, try this hairstyle if you think it will suit you.

Orlando Bloom

We know him as Will Turner from Pirates of the Carrebieans and the movie Lord of The Rings. He keeps his hair medium length, and since his hair has beautiful natural curls, he can effortlessly achieve the classic disheveled look. Using styling products that add shine to the hair, he can make his long hair look polished and accentuate his curls. This hair length suits him very well, and we can only pray he doesn’t chop them off.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Recently this handsome man has been sporting long hair tucked away from his face behind his ears. Though he had short and clean hair earlier, we cannot agree more on how much the long hair suits him. It defines his face, gives him a more powerful look and aura. Long hair highlights his perfect hairline even better than short hair. He keeps his hair in natural color, neck length and occasionally ties it into a bun or low pony. This look goes well with Jake’s both casual and formal appearance.

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