10 Dazzling Noah Beck Haircuts That Will Significantly Increase Your Confidence!

2022 has been quite a year for Tik Tok star Noah Beck. On top of garnering a massive fanbase and having tons of followers all over social media, the star has also broken into the fashion scene with a blast.

When he’s not making content for his followers on YouTube or entertaining his fans on other video making platforms, Noah Beck is known for his flamboyant persona, and for his flawless haircut.

Ever since rising to stardom, Noah has really tried out a series of different hairstyles. While he mostly found contentment in one of them, the rest of the hairdos that he once wore were also very much up-to-date, and could very well be marvellous designs to try out. So, without further ado, here is everything you need to know about Noah Beck’s haircut, and everything you should know about the hairstyles that he’s rocked so far!

What is Noah Beck’s Signature Look Called?

What is Noah Becks Signature Look Called

Noah Beck initially rose to fame during lockdown because of the humorous content he made on Tik Tok. He also performed stunts and danced to amuse his audience on a daily basis.

All the content he produced allowed him to find his purpose in life, but also helped him with discovering his favourite haircut and his signature look, the messy fringe cut.

Since Noah Beck has naturally wavy hair, pulling off a messy fringe cut is rather easy. The look also pairs well with his face shape. To make up for the disorganised look in the front, Noah usually pairs his fringe cut with a mid taper or a temple fade. However, on certain occasions, he also exchanged that element with a blend or a skin fade.

The eBoy haircut surely goes well with his persona and his appearance, but could also be the perfect fit for you if you’re struggling to control the length on top. It could also be an easy look to try out if you believe that your forehead is a bit larger than the average size.

10 Top-notch Hairstyles That Noah Beck Has Worn Throughout The Years

If you’re a fan of the Hype House, you probably wanted to recreate Noah Beck’s haircut at least once in your life. If that urge is still with you to this day, then you, my friend, have definitely hit the jackpot!

Skim through the entries below to get a glimpse of all the hairstyles that Noah Beck has worn so far, and learn about the techniques you need to follow to replicate each option!

Messy Fringe Cut

Messy Fringe Cut

As this list wouldn’t have existed if he wouldn’t have worn this look, it would only be fair if we kick things off with the Messy Fringe cut that Noah became a heartthrob for and the haircut that fans always recognize as his “signature look.”

While the visuals of it are anything but presentable, this messy fringe cut is a great option to consider if you’re currently growing your hair out. It has an ample amount of texture and is extremely convenient to look after. It is also a hidden gem for those with a widow’s peak or a receding hairline, as it effectively covers every inch of one’s forehead.

Creating this look is easy, but sealing the hold with water could be a challenging task. However, hair products like hair mousse or pre-stylers like hairspray can diffuse that issue without a hassle.

The Swept Forward Look

The Swept Forward Look

Another look that Noah Beck has effortlessly blended into is the swept forward look that he wore for quite some time. It suits the frame of his face, and even pairs well with the moderately loose fringe-like ends that he has above his forehead.

The highlight of this look is easily its density, but the blends that it comes with is the unsung hero. On top of enhancing every aspect of the texture on top, the blends also enhance the hazel colored hair that Noah has.

While it is excellent to create when you’re kicking it back with friends and loved ones, the swept forward look is at its best when it’s worn at monumental events.

The eBoy Haircut

The eBoy Haircut

Since Noah Beck is a member of the Hype House and good friends with Chase Hudson, him recreating the curtain hairstyle was almost inevitable.

This eBoy haircut could be one of the best hairstyles that he’s had so far, and could very well be the ultimate solution for you if your hair is always flat. It caters to those with fine hair on most occasions, but can also be worn by those with thick and coarse hair. It is the ideal look to incorporate if you’re into current trends, and can be a blessing in disguise if you’re seeking a fresh start.

Creating this look can be difficult and might take a while. However, that too can be an easy task if you check out our issue on eBoy haircuts!

Relaxed Side Part

Relaxed Side Part

Although the influencer rarely likes changing his routine, Noah had no choice but to change the shape of his hair when modelling for Numero, a fashion magazine based in France.

Even though this look has since been dropped from his arsenal, we believe this look is convenient if you’re looking to give your strands a minor upgrade. While it isn’t the most voluminous look, this relaxed side part contains visuals that can look great with casual outfits, and sharp suits. The look is normally held in place with the use of hairspray. However, the same features can be availed with the help of some hair mousse and a texturizing powder.

The Swoop

The Swoop

Just like Harry Styles, Noah Beck also tried wearing the swoop once to give his hair a minor upgrade.

Though this variant was temporary as well, we believe that it’s an ideal look for those that are seeking a massive change with an option that is easy to look after.

To make the look their own, all one needs to do is style their hair while damp and keep it firm with the help of hair mousse. To introduce more flexibility, make sure to take a dime sized amount of hair putty and apply it before implementing the hair mousse.

The Wolf Cut

The Wolf Cut

Noah gave into conformity when he tried out the wolf cut, and he did so with style!

This hairdo isn’t just your typical wolf cut, as it has lengths for days and comprises a texture that can’t be created with the help of styling products. It is the perfect change to look forward to if you’re bored of wearing your hair the same way, and can be an added bonus for those that are hoping to obtain a slimming effect.

To create this look, using a conditioner on a regular basis might be necessary. In addition to conditioning your hair, you may also need to implement the scrunching technique, especially if you want your hair to look effortlessly curly!

Laid Back Quiff

Laid Back Quiff

A good haircut typically comprises texture, length, and a hefty amount of volume; all of which can be found within the visuals of this laid back quiff!

By the looks of it, it seems as though the hairstyle was created with a water-based pomade. The volume was implemented with a blowout and sealed with a pre-styler like sea-salt spray or volumizing hair mousse. To create the framing fringes, a dime sized amount of hair clay with a matte finish may have been incorporated into the strands.

Tight Curls with Low Taper

Tight Curls With Low Taper

Growing out curly hair or wavy hair could be very difficult. To battle that issue, Noah chopped off his hair, but did so by introducing an endless amount of detail!

The best part about this hair is undoubtedly how clean it looks despite being a somewhat messy hairdo. The presentable trait comes from the low temple fade, which can also be of use if you’re trying to boast about your high cheekbones and your defined jawline.

Another convenient aspect about this hairstyle is the fact that it contains zero products. Truth be told, to wear this look, all you need is a pair of hands!

Gentleman’s Comb Over

Gentlemans Comb Over

Noah Beck is known for his distinct taste in fashion, likeable personality, and his messy hairdos. However, prior to finding his signature look, the Tik Tok sensation was all about experimenting with his hair.

During his days at Real Salt Lake’s youth academy, the former professional footballer was often seen with a gelled up gentleman’s comb over. The look was paired with a medium skin fade, which gave the strands on top more volume.

While Noah used a water based pomade for this look, you can also replace that piece of equipment if you want to give your hair less shine. You may use hair mousse for a slight boost in volume, or can even seal the look with hair wax.

Medium Length Fringe with a Headband

Medium Length Fringe With a Headband

Since the Tik Tok star is also a former professional footballer who once represented the Portland Pilots in the NCAA Division, Noah Beck often protects his hair from sweat and an unnecessary amount of moisture when he steps on the field. He does so by defending his locs with a headband.

Sweating while partaking in various forms of sport is normal. However, many people forget how sweating makes the scalp dry at one point and stops blood circulation as well as sebum production of the scalp, which contributes to hair loss at one point.

Therefore, regardless of whether you’re heading to the gym to put in the work or stepping on a pitch to partake in your favourite sport, be like Noah Beck. Protect your hair at all times with the use of a headband.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although we believe we have done enough to cover everything about Noah Beck and all the hairstyles he has worn over the past few years, helping our readers as much as we can remains our top priority. So, to make things even more effortless, here are some questions regarding Noah Beck’s haircut!

Q: Will Noah Beck’s haircut suit me?

A: Most haircuts that we cover don’t come with a handbook, and Noah Beck’s haircut is surely one of them.
Although this look can be an excellent design to consider if you like hairstyles that are messy yet perfect, any hairstyle of his will work wonders for you if you want to hide your forehead, and can be the ultimate solution to place your trust in if you want to change the shape of your face!

Q: Does Noah Beck have a hair care routine?

A: Consistency is the key to success, and Noah Beck knows that. Even though he gets regular trims to eliminate split ends, Noah also uses Oribe Serene Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo to thoroughly cleanse his hair, and uses Olaplex’s No. 3 Hair Perfector before that. To keep his wavy hair hydrated all the time, Noah finishes his routine with the help of a rich hydrating hair mask.

Final Verdict

Noah Beck might be renowned for the content he creates, but his taste in fashion is also something that deserves more recognition. He never shies away from experimenting with his haircut and never fails to amaze us by displaying his knack for fashion. His outfits are very much optional to recreate, but we feel that the hairstyles of Noah Beck should definitely be replicated, especially if you want to enhance your confidence and self-esteem!

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