Logan Paul Haircut: 10 Iconic Ways To Wear Your Hair Like Logan Paul!

Logan Paul is easily one of the most influential people in the world right now. While the American YouTuber got his first breakthrough in mid 2014 through the help of the video-making platform, Vine, he mostly makes headlines for being a professional boxer and wrestler these days. He’s also widely recognized for his sports drink brand, Prime Hydration, which generated over $200 million in revenue when it hit the shelves in 2022.

While the star has surely exploited every inch of his talent and mind before he ultimately rose to prominence, there’s one thing about him that he rarely changed over the course of his career: his haircut.

After quitting Vine in 2017, Logan Paul stopped messing with his curly blonde locs for a while. However, as the years passed by, Logan crumbled and gave into various hair trends that were taking the fashion scene by storm, including the classic 80s mullet!

Anyhow, if you happen to be a fan of Logan Paul, be sure to prove your loyalty to us by sticking around until the end of this article, which will comprise all the hairstyles that Logan Paul has tried out for the past decade or so!

10 Contemporary Hairstyles Of Logan Paul That Are Easy To Recreate! 

When Logan Paul first gained recognition for making memorable vines in the summer of 2014, he mainly experimented with short hairstyles with the help of his type 2 hair. In other words, Logan’s hair was always on the wavy side, but he didn’t start wearing his iconic surfer look until mid-2015.

While the long length tousled hairstyle was a part of Logan’s identity for a substantial period of time, the YouTuber turned professional wrestler also changed the look up every now and then. From rocking a voluminous faux hawk to following trends from the 80s, here are all the timeless hairstyles that Logan Paul has worn so far!  

Outgrown Side Part

Outgrown Side Part


Even Logan Paul had to cope with the awkward stages of growing one’s hair, but he did so with style and elegance, thanks to this laid back side part.

While there are loads of hairstyles one can try out with long hair, we particularly adore this look of Logan’s due to how effortless it looks, and how easy it is to create.

Despite lacking volume, this side part is definitely a look you can make use of during casual gatherings and excel with during formal settings.

The look usually needs a comb for creating the formation, but can also use the assistance of a blow dryer for some volume. 

Faux Hawk



Another haircut that Logan Paul really found contentment in was this textured faux hawk. Even though the volume on this look is easily something that many should take notes on, Logan wore this hairdo for a brief period of time.

This faux hawk can be great for those that are seeking a hairstyle with density and a look that is sharp enough to narrow down their face shame in a favourable manner.

Judging by the photo, it seems as though the styling routine is just as convenient as the previous entry. The hair was most probably styled with a volumizing comb while it was damp and created with the help of hair clay. The volume was also enhanced even further with the use of a hair dryer, and locked in with sea salt spray.

Relaxed Slick Back

Relaxed Slick Back

If you believe that your hair is on the finer end like Logan’s, introduce some volume and density by recreating this relaxed slick back that the YouTuber experimented with for a short period of time.

Unlike most polished hairdos, this relaxed slick back has a natural look; mainly because the strands aren’t manipulated with styling products. It is often styled when damp with the help of detangling hair brush, but can also be created on dry hair using the same technique.

Additionally, if your hair seems a bit too soft to manage when rocking this look, allow some hair wax or hair clay to enter the mix and give your hair the hold it needs!

Short Comb Over

Short Comb Over

For a short period of time, Logan Paul also had a very soft and relaxed comb over that lacked length.

In addition to being easy to replicate, an appealing element about this look is that it contains zero manipulation with hair products; an activity that often stresses out the hairline.

The lack of volume on this entry could hamper the potential of this look and definitely make you hesitant before trying it out. A great solution you can go forward with, however, is one of the many variations of the fade haircut.

The Surfer Cut

The Surfer Cut

Logan Paul is typically found in the ring or at the studio these days, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that he’s a surfer boy at the end of the day.

This surfer look doesn’t necessarily meet the requirement of a typical surfer look when it comes to density, but is in its own league when it comes to texture. The wavy and curly layers that this hairdo contains aren’t just for presentability, but can also bring out unique features of your face remarkably.

Although the formation does seem as if it’s been tampered with, the procedure of it is as free as a bro flow haircut. In other words, the texture and visuals of this look were formed naturally.

Messy Fringe

Messy Fringe

Since the sense of humour he had was his main asset during his early years, Logan didn’t stress much when missing out on fashion trends. One of the very few instances in which he did give in to trending looks, however, was when he tried out this messy fringe; a look that Noah Beck currently wears.

While the TikTok star maintains his hair with a rigorous hair regime, Logan Paul’s approach to this look was extremely laid back, which has to be music to your ears if you want something that is low maintenance. Instead of using styling products, Logan only used his hair to create the visuals. His left hand man? A hairdryer with a diffuser.

The Swoop

The Swoop

After his hair grew in terms of length, Logan eventually placed his trust in the abilities of the swoop to maintain his taste in fashion. In addition to being a trending look at the time, the swoop also covered tons of ground which allowed Logan to cover his receding hairline without an issue.

Although the hair on top contained more mass and length, the slightly grown out length on each side was sizable enough to cover his face; an incentive you can look into if you want a hairdo with a slimming effect.

When asked about the procedure, Logan simply said that he conditioned his hair every other day for the moisture, and shampooed twice a week to keep his scalp clean. Once created, he typically used hair spray to keep the hair in place at all times.

Curly Caesar

Curly Caesar

Once Logan amassed a following for his career as a professional boxer, he replaced his boyish swoop with a neatly polished curly caesar.

This caesar haircut mainly has potential for its short and manageable length, favouring those with wavy and curly hair. However, it is also immensely appealing because of the fullness it offers.

The visuals of it are highly appropriate for those that are constantly experimenting with their wardrobe, but can also be a good sidekick to rely on to beat the heat of summer.

Logan most likely used texturising powder to enhance the fullness of this look, but you can surely mimic that portion with a diffuser and some hair mousse.

The 80s Mullet

The 80s Mullet

Logan Paul’s debut as a WWE wrestler was definitely one of the biggest highlights of this year, but what made it even more monumental was his outfit; especially his rendition of the 80s mullet.

While many might discard this curly mullet for how artificial it looks and the resemblance that it has to a permed variant, we feel that it’s a great way to incorporate some playful texture into your hair and some bounce.

Logan Paul mainly wore this with grown out sides, but you can definitely try it out with a burst fade too; especially if you want to give the volume a subtle lift.

Even though Logan created this look with the help of his friend Jeff Wittek, you can replicate the visuals and the bounce as long as you rely on an experienced hairdresser.

Cornrow Stitched Braids

Cornrows Stitched Braids

If you thought Post Malone was the only person to wear cornrow stitched braids apart from Big Sean, know that Logan Paul hopped on that bandwagon as well!

Even though Posty mainly did it for his favourite NBA player, Allen Iverson, Logan Paul did it for one thing, and one thing only; his fanbase.

The look is quite far from the best braided hairstyle that we’ve ever come across, but the confidence he must have had in order to pull this look off is without a doubt commendable, and should be a sign of hope for those that need a subtle boost in their hair game.

Additionally, if you do end up picking this option, make sure to skim through all the cornrow stitched braids that are currently available on the market before finalising your decision! 

How To Create Logan Paul’s Current Hairstyle At Home

As stated previously, all the hairstyles Logan Paul has worn since his rise to success are partially favourable due to how easy they are to create. However, if his most recent look (7 of 8), which is the same as a curly mullet, became your favourite pick amongst the above-mentioned entries, get ready to make the hairstyle a part of your own identity!

The easiest part about this mullet is its length. By the looks of it, his hair is probably 6 inches long from all sides, which typically takes a little over a year to accomplish if you recently buzzed your hair.

Since Logan’s hair is naturally curly, this look could be easier to create if you too happen to have curly strands. However, if your hair type is straight or partially wavy, you can easily replicate the loose texture of Logan’s curls using a curling iron. Make sure to spray some heat protectant though, as failing to do so might damage the ends of your hair!

Additionally, If you want the texture to look more natural, you can even try scrunching your hair. If you’re seeking a subtle change, you may also use curling cream to introduce some volume, hold, and definition!

Furthermore, to replicate the fullness of Logan’s 80s mullet, you can use hair mousse, dry shampoo or even provide your hair with a sufficient amount of texturizing powder. All the previously mentioned products are extremely easy to find and typically enhance one’s hair with tons of volume and thickness for a brief period of time. 

Q: Did Logan Paul get a hair transplant? 

A: While representatives of Logan Paul haven’t yet responded to claims regarding this issue, we believe that Logan Paul, just like American rapper Machine Gun Kelly, has gotten a hair transplant.

The proof? This iconic segment from IMPAULSIVE. Additionally, taking into account how much the density of his hair has improved over the past few years in contrast to Jake Paul’s hair, we believe that Logan Paul is probably on oral supplements like finasteride and topical medication such as finasteride; both of which we discussed in another article.

Q: What does Logan Paul’s hairline look like?

A: If you thought Jack Harlow was the only one who was buzzing on social media because of his hairline, think again! In fact, when Jack Harlow was on the come up, Logan Paul’s hairline was already a star. If you haven’t seen it already, make sure to check out this video to see the former and current state of Logan Paul’s hairline.


While one can only dream of doing all the things he’s done so far, an asset of his that can very well be replicated with ease is Logan Paul’s haircut.

Even though many do slander him for the unfavourable hair gene that’s been passed onto him, and make fun of him for potentially being a victim of male pattern baldness, Logan Paul really did embrace his hair with open arms. He did so by pulling off a series of looks that many people wouldn’t dare to try out in their lifetime. Therefore, show Logan some support for his courage. Recreate one of the ten hairstyles on the above-mentioned list. 

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