Passion Twist Hairstyles

36 Trendiest Passion Twist Hairstyles To Rock In 2022

Are you looking for some modern and stylish easy-to-do protective hairstyle for your hair? Look no farther than the gorgeous Passion Twist Styles!

Passion Twists are simply stunning when you look at them. The practical sides of this style offer some effective options for your hair as well.

Standing tall among protective styles, passion twist hairstyles were created in 2018! A Miami-based stylist named Kailyn Rogers, also known as The BohoBabe, created this excellent style.

Passion twist hairstyles are new to the grand arena of protective styles, but their seamless beauty attracts everyone.

The artistic look of passion twist styles is extremely difficult to avoid. This style has a hypnotic element to it. It draws you toward itself in an inexplicable way!

Although passion twists are relatively new to the scene, this chic hairstyle offers a countless number of variations. We have curated a style guide for you with styles picked up based on their stylishness, sustainability, and flexibility of doing them.

In this article, we arranged it as your one-stop guide for passion twists style. A number of elegant passion twists styles have been presented here. From jumbo passion twists to butterfly passion twists to mini passion twists; you can find everything here!

So, take our hand, and let’s jump into the wondrous world of passion twist!

All About Passion Twist: A Quick Glance

Passion Twist At a Glance

Passion twist is not actually a novelty in the sphere of hairstyles. It is a mixture of Goddess Locs and Senegalese Twists that had the goal of creating a radiant bohemian look.

The method used for passion twists styles is a two-strand method. To some extent, it is a two-strand twist style but with an extra electric twist!

FreeTress Water Wave hair is primarily used for the passion twist styles. It is sometimes referred to as Freetress Passion Twist hair for convenience. This braiding hair is used to create a distinguished curly texture for passion twists.

There are other synthetic hair braids such as Lulutress water wave hair, making it into Lulutress passion twist. Similarly, Luna Tress’ passion twist also exists.

But, for an outstanding experience, FreeTress Water Wave braids are used most for passion twist styles.

Supplies Needed For Passion Twist Styles

The aesthetic passion twist requires the presence of a crafty mindful artist. Some supplies will need to accompany the artist in this immaculate process. We are going to briefly talk about those in this section.

  • FreeTress Water Wave Hair: For standard passion twists, 6-12 packs of hair are needed. Or, Lulutress Synthetic Pre-Looped Water Wave Hair: This hair would be used if you are doing a crochet method of passion twists.
  • Clarifying Shampoo: A good clarifying shampoo to clean is necessary before the styling process commences. You may also use sulfur-based shampoo for thorough cleaning to get rid of the residues.
  • Edge Control Balm: A quality edge control gel or balm is needed to keep the natural hair in perfect shape while doing the sectioning and twisting.
  • Hair Clips: Required to keep hair in place while doing the sectioning and twisting.
  • Rat Tail Combs: Pick up a good rat tail comb. It will help you section the hair easily and with more precision.
  • [Optional] Rubber Bands: Needed for the passion twist rubber band method.

How To Do Passion Twist

There is more than one technique to achieve a passion twist style. For the standard two-strand twist styled approach, FreeTress Water Wave braiding hair packs are used. There is another method known as the crochet method which takes less amount of time. For this, packs of pre-looped passion twist hair are found in crochet style.

For hair types, curly and kinky hair types are perfect for this style. Other types can also rock passion twists but things may have to be done slightly differently. For hair length, any length is up for the passion twists! That is the beauty of it!

We are going to discuss the most popular methods available for doing passion twists here. We recommend that you pick a style from our list of styles given just below the methods. And we will discuss how to maintain your passion twists right after the list of styles under the Care Guide.

Before you pick a method for you and follow it, we recommend that you wash your hair properly before starting the process. You may blow-dry your hair to dry them up. Last but not the least, don’t forget to detangle the hair afterward!

(1) Passion Twist: Traditional Method (No Rubber Band)

In this method, passion twists are installed in a very straightforward process. It is similar to how two-strand twists are carried out.

First of all, section your hair into your desired size. The freedom of having mixed-sized sections is there for you as well. You can make them thick or thin; any way you like.

Moving forward, take a section and divide them into two strands. Apply edge control balm to the root of the hair. Take a strand of FreeTress Water Wave Braiding hair and place it between two divided strands at the root. Now start twisting it with the strand of your natural hair.

After a few twisting, the synthetic hair will be secured. Now join the two natural strands to make into one strand, and take the synthetic strand and start twisting till the end. Twist them with proper tightness and proper pressure to make them entangled.

Keep doing these with all the sections. After a couple of hours, your head will be full of energetic passion twists!

(2) Passion Twist: Rubber Band Method

In this method, section the hair at first. Use rubber bands at the root of the sections to keep them precisely separated and secured. Apply edge control at the root and rub some of the till halfway through your strand.

Now, take a FreeTrees Water Wave braiding hair strand. Place your natural strand in the middle with the middle of the synthetic strand being at the root of the natural strand.

Now, start twisting the hairs in a braiding technique for an inch. Then, mix the natural hair strand with one of the synthetic strands and then start twisting one with another. Do it until you reach the end.

Repeat the process till all the hair is twisted in the passionate passion twist!

(3) Passion Twist: Crochet Method (With Rubber Band)

In the Crochet method with rubber bands, sectioned hair should be wrapped around with a rubber band at first. Then take the crochet hook and put it through near the rubber band. Take a strand of Lulutress Pre-Looped Water Wave hair strand and lock it in the crochet hook. Pull it back inside the natural rubber banded strand.

At this stage, you will have to pull one half of the Lulutress pre-looped hair strand to one side completely. Make sure to balance it in half and half. At this stage, this synthetic strand is being secured in place by the rubber-banded natural strand.

Now, take the two synthetic strands and start twisting them. Reach until the end.

Repeat the process with all the sections to get your passion twists done!

(4) Passion Twist: Crochet Method (Without Rubber Band)

This method is almost similar to the previous method which required rubber bands. In this method, you are twisting your natural strand fully before using the pre-looped hair. Also, this method is excellent for those with short hair.

After sectioning, apply some edge control gel to the root of the strand. Take some more and apply it to the rest of the strand. Now, twist this natural strand in a simple two-strand twist method.

After this point, take the crochet hook and put it on top of the synthetic Lulutress pre-looped hair strand. Attach the natural strand onto the hook and pull it back through. Now go a bit down and do the same thing again to secure the natural strand into the synthetic pre-looped strand.

Repeat the whole process until done.

Now that you are done, enjoy the perpetual beauty of passion twists!

36 Stunning Passion Twist Hair Styles

The electric passion twist hairstyle offers endless options. From length to accessories to making fusion with other hairstyles, you can modify and add something extra to the standard passion twist styles and make it your own. The possibility is endless!

We have created a list consisting of the most stylish and popular passion twist styles you can get for yourself. Most of them are easy to do and you can do them by yourself. For others, you may find an expert stylist, sit back, relax, and have them do it for you.

Pick a style that matches your personality from the list given below. You can also pick something to just send a wave of energy to your surroundings and turn every head.

Not quite Sonic The Hedgehog, but don’t stop believing in the shocking elements that you will have with passion twists.

The choice is yours.

What are you waiting for? Allow us to take you around the passion twist world!

Crochet Twist

Passion Crochet Twist

Crochet Passion Twist, which is also known as Passion Twist Crochet or Passion Crochet, is one of the simplest passion twists styles you can get.

Depending on how long and full you want your twists to be, get pre-looped hair and add them to your natural strands following either the rubber band or no rubber band method for passion twists.

As it is a simple process, it’s not going to take you too many hours to get the job done. And as a standard, you will need 6-8 packs of pre-looped hair for this style.

Simple always works!


Jumbo Passion Twist

Jumbo Passion Twists are best for you if you are looking for casual passion twist styles that will not let you down on the stylish front.

Let’s say you are just looking for a fuller style. Get the Jumbo Passion Twists without any hesitation. You may size it as you like.

This style looks great if you go with shoulder-length hair, but any length above that works wonderfully as well.

You are going to need 8-10 packs of water wave hair for this look.

Let the jumbo fly!

Short Twist

Short Passion Twist

Let’s say it’s summer, and you are feeling hot. You are looking for a protective hairstyle that will not let you compromise your vibrant self. In comes, Short Passion Twists to your assistance!

Short passion twists styles also give you the classic Afro-look if you want to go that way. The effortlessness of this style will serve you long for sure!

The minimalist nature of short passion twist styles has a playful element to it that cannot be ignored.

Long Twist

Long Twist

Long Passion Twists is a style that radiates a dramatic calmness that is hard to describe. You can hardly describe this vintage phenomenon.

Long hairstyles have been in the vogue since the dawn of time. This style is millions of years old and still going strong. The unstoppable force of any long hairstyle makes one take a look at you twice. And we are talking about the powerful Long Passion Twists here!

For this look, be sure to get 10-14 packs of water wave hair. You can go with the traditional method of passion twists or simply go with the crochet method.

Let the long passion twist rock you like nothing else!


Passion Bob Twist

Bob Passion Twists styles are where the mighty bob meets passion twists and makes it go BOOM!

The appeal of bob hairstyles has always been one of the strongest. It is a sophisticated style that screams funkiness. Get the bob in passion twists, and you have something edgy and sporty.

For this style, you will not need more than 8 packs of water wave hair packs. The number may vary depending on how thick or thin you want your twists to be.

Either way, your stylist spirit is safe in the hand of Bob Passion Twist!


Braided Passion Twist

Braided Passion Twists are yet another style that makes two different power shake hands!

The braids themselves have a strong position in the domain of hairstyles. Add passion twists to that, and you get braided passion twists! Not only the look, but it also serves you great in terms of protecting your hair.

For this style, the hair is braided at first for the first few inches after attaching the water wave strands. Afterward, they are twisted in the passion twist style to create this hybrid beauty.

It is recommended that you get the braided passion twist in a non-crochet method. That way, the braids will come out clean and sharp.

Medium Twist

Medium Twist

The graceful flowy appearance of medium passion twists always captures the center stage wherever you go.

If you are looking to add a relaxed vibe to your style, we cannot recommend you medium passion twist enough. It is bright enough to make you stand out but more than that, it tells the story of a passionate person.

For this style, you have to get at least 20 inches long water wave hair packs. You will not need more than 10 packs for this brilliant style depending on your preference.

Get it, and shine like a diamond!


Knotless Passion Twist

Knotless Passion Twists offer a seamless experience that is so precious to some.

It might seem like just a standard passion twist, but there is more to it. The technique is slightly different from the traditional methods.

First, you have to twist the water wave strand perpendicularly against your natural hair strand. After a few twists, follow the standard braiding technique for an inch or two.

For the final part, twist the rest of the strands in passion twists.

Knotless passion twist thus offers a faster and a bit more classic option for passion twists.

Bohemian Passion Twist

Bohemian Passion Twist

The free-spirited Bohemian Passion Twists is one of the most popular variations of passion twists these days.

The flowy, semi-messy twists present you in a cool way. Bohemian passion twist oozes vibrance in its own way.

Moreover, you can customize this style to whatever you like; length, volume, accessories, etc. The endless possibility of adapting it to your own stylistic presence is what makes it one of the best.

You might need 6-14 packs of water wave hair packs depending on how you want to look.

With this style, disappointment is not an option!

Shoulder Length Passion Twist

Shoulder Length Passion Twist

Shoulder Length Passion Twists is a good summer holiday hairstyle for you. It shows that you have a cool and funny persona.

This is another style where you can vary the thickness of your twists. The jumbo twists give this style life but if it’s too hot, maybe try a standard or thin passion twist style.

How many packs of hair you will need, depends on the thickness of your twists. In our rough estimation, you will not need more than 6 packs for a complete look.

Tailor it to your taste and rock it!

Butterfly Passion Twist

Butterfly Passion Twist

Butterfly Passion Twists are the love-child of butterfly locs and passion twists. The bouncy look of butterfly locs and the elegant twists of passion twists give you a style that is hard to top with something else!

To achieve this look, you just need to get passion twist water wave hair packs, attach them to your natural hair strands and then do the twists in the butterfly locs method.

What you will get as a result is an understated style that will gracefully present you.

Do not underestimate the power of butterfly passion twist styles. They are a beaut!

Passion Twist Into Messy Bun

Passion Twist Into Messy Bun

If you are looking for a snappy look, Passion Twists into a messy bun is DA THING!

Usually, passion twists get their praise from flowy and lengthy sharp looks. When you tie those twists into a messy bun, the flowy nature of the twists remains.

For this variation, you will need lengthy twists to create a bun at the end of the twisting process. You may get 20 or more inches of long water wave hairs in packs.

This nifty look will not only make you look taller, but it will also heighten the presence of your stylish self.

Let the bun speak!


Burgundy Passion Twist

Looking to add some color to your life? Get the Burgundy Passion Twists styles!

This variation of passion twist stands out among all things. Mind you, the color burgundy shows a powerful, ambitious side of you.

If you are thinking about rocking this look, you have to consider your skin tone. Although burgundy looks great on almost everyone, it does not give the full experience if it creates a bright contrast.

May the bold and beautiful burgundy serve you well!

Ombre Twist

Ombre Twist

Let’s say you want to add some color to your hair but do not want it to take the front stage ahead of you. Ombre Passion Twists are here to the rescue!

In this style, your natural hair color grabs the attention and then the shades of different colors come into play. It adds a mysterious element to your personality that is super unique.

You may choose any color you like for your ombre passion twist. But let’s not pick something too bright as it will defeat the purpose of a classy feel. On the other hand, if you are feeling adventurous, do go with something bright for a sporty touch!

Why not shake the world when you have it in you?

Dirty Blonde

Dirty Blonde

Dirty Blonde Passion Twists is a bold style that shows confidence and gives a bohemian touch.

Plain dark or brown hairs sometimes may feel too plain and make you feel bored. The dirty blonde passion twist style will remove that boring feel. It goes against the usual colors of the passion twists and adds a twist by itself.

If you are looking for a bright variation of passion twists, we recommend this style to you.

Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde Passion Twists fall into the category of polished and chic hairstyles.

This style suits everyone as the color honey blonde goes with almost every skin tone. So, it is tough to go wrong with this variation of passion twist style. The mixture of golden-yellow with amber-brown tone exhibits the warmth side of your personality.

Such a royal combo!

Passion Twist with Beads

Passion Twist With Beads

Beads are one of the best hair accessories that go with twisted hairstyles. Passion Twists with Beads is a great example of that.

Sometimes you feel like adding something to your hair. And it’s not just about when you get a new style. Let’s say you have had your style for two weeks and now, you want to do something to it to add some twist. Beads offer a great option to do something like that.

Usually, short hair is best for beads. The added decorated bouncy look stands out easily.

Don’t underestimate the beaming beads to refresh your look!

Box Braids Passion Twist With Double Bun

Box Braids Passion Twist With Double Bun

In Box Braids Passion Twist with Double Bun, you are getting a statement-making fierce trio in one!

To do this, get your hair sectioned into big boxes as you do for box braids. The “twist” comes with the twisting process when you add water wave hair to your natural strands and make passion twists. You may use both with or without the rubber band method for this style.

For the finishing touch, take the twists from the top of your head and tie them into two buns. Jumbo-sized passion twists are excellent for this style but you can go with any size you like.

The titillating trio of this monumental style will carry you to the moon, every single moment!

Bohemian Jumbo

Bohemian Jumbo Passion Twist Braids

Bohemian Jumbo Passion Twists is a variation of passion twists that comes with a sassy look to it. It is more than a simple bohemian passion twist that we already discussed in this section.

The jumbo passion twists themselves are very dramatic. When you add the bohemian touch to it, it becomes whimsically energetic. An odd combo, some might say. But the stunning look begs to differ.

The bohemian jumbo passion twist’s solid pronouncement to everyone is hard to avoid!


Side Parted Passion Twist

Side-parted styles have always been a favorite of people. Sometimes it can be used as a strong masala in cooking a new hairstyle. Such is the case here with Side-Parted Passion Twists.

Side-parted styles always tend to be clean and classic. We are talking about adding the sharp and refined passion twist to it. Can you smell what’s cooking? A funky fusion of the classic and modern!

This is also a style that can be worn at any length. The versatility of this variation gives you full control.

Take it, and smash it!

Passion Twist With Half Up Top Knot

Passion Twist With Half Up Top Knot

Passion Twists with Half Up Top Knot is an earthy and lavish style.

The standard modern look of passion twists joins forces with a top knot to express a creative side of you that hasn’t been experienced before. It exudes a glamorous vibe wherever you go. This style is excellent for your long passion twists to be organized prolifically.

Just get it and see how it elevates you to another level!

With Undercut

Passion Twist With Undercut

Here we see a marriage between passion twists and undercut. This is a preppy look with a bold claim to it.

For this style, having any length of hair is enough. But, for the undercut to be accommodating, a short passion twist or a medium passion twist would work great.

The playfulness of passion twists with undercut ensures outgoing energy that everyone around you will love!

Into High Bun

Passion Twist With Undercut

If you are looking to get a breezy look out of your passion twists journey, we recommend that you go with the Passion Twists Into High Bun variation.

When people see a style that houses a high bun, a vintage feeling arises. This passion twist into a high bun is no different. Although the passion twists are somewhat modern and bright, the amalgamation of that and the high bun creates a very elegant look.

Go for this colossal style for its calm and classy appearance!

In A Top Bun


Not quite up for the high buns? Seems too much? Check this out, the Passion Twist In A Top Bun!

The top bun in this style plays a big role in the comfort factor and style simultaneously. You can untie the bun when you feel like it or when you need to wash it. The length of your hair determines how big your top bun will be.

Nevertheless, this style ensures a cozy experience without compromising with style.

Box Braids With Passion Twist

Box Braids With passion Twist

Box Braids With Passion Twists is yet another heavyweight style that simply blows everyone away.

Box braids are classic in what we may say in the history of protective hairstyle. When we are merging box braids with passion twists, something is changing in the atmosphere.

Whether it is a match made in heaven, that is to be seen. But the defining appearance you get from box braids with a passion twist offers a wave of freshness.

A classically modern look that is also elegant and vibrant. Can you ever go wrong with those combinations? There is absolutely no way.

Side Swept Twist

Side Sweept Twist

Side Swept Passion Twists is a wonderful style for you if you are looking for something simple yet sophisticated.

This style is top to bottom a modern one for sure. The effortless side-swept twists present you in a very friendly and approachable fashion. The passion twists show your cool sides while the side-swept style confirms your comfy self.

Side-swept passion twist style lets you express your simple and loving spirit like nothing else. Give it a chance and experience love.

The Midnight

The Midnight Passion Twist

Midnight Passion Twist carries a pretty simple yet striking twist in it; the touch of midnight blue!

Midnight blue carries an aura of mystery. That is pretty much replicated in your passion twists when you add a touch of midnight to it. It makes you stand out among your surroundings.

For the midnight touch, you may die some of your passion twists with midnight blue. Alternatively, which is also the easiest to do, you can get midnight highlights and twist them with your passion twists.

Just a slight touch of midnight adds a feeling of confidence and power to your vibes. Do not let anything ruin it!

Boho Blonde Twist

Boho Blonde Twist

If you are looking to express your free-spirited self but want to include some additional surprise to it, look no farther than Boho Blonde Passion Twists!

The bohemian part of this sends a message about yourself. When you add some color to it, it shows that you mean business! There is no playing around.

Now, for this exquisite style, you are going to need blonde water wave hair packs. You may add some synthetic bouncy braids as well for an authentic look.

The finished product is absolutely a work to look at!

Twist Updo

Twist Updo

Updos are purely vintage looks. When you are doing Passion Twists Updo, you are creating a piece of art.

Although it is not for all kinds of occasions, this is one of the most feminine hairstyles you can get. The twist added by passion twists attaches a cute side to it.

Being one of the most classical variants, the updos with a passion twist make a conservative look that still has a strong appeal.

Accommodate this style with a shining smile, and you just hit a home run!

With Shaved Sides

Passion Twist With Shaved Sides

Passion Twists With Shaved Sides is one for all the rebels around us.

This style is the opposite of conservative. It is a rugged and edgy look that is not for everyone. It takes a bit of time to adjust yourself to this style, but this is one look that will turn everyone’s head.

As a head-turner, this one is hard to beat!

Twist With Shaved Sides And Back

Twist with Shaved Sides And Back

If shaved sides didn’t seem enough, how about shaving all the sides and back? This is what Passion Twists With Shaved Sides and Back offers you!

Not just to look rebellious, sometimes people look to shave sides and back for a comfortable experience. This is why we are presenting this amazing hairstyle to you.

You know you need it. Why not go for it then?

Mini Twist

Mini Twist

Mini Passion Twists is a variation that creates a messy twist but does not take away the essence of passion twists. It is a bit of everything.

Tight twists sometimes feel uncomfortable to some people. Mini passion twists offer them this great option to have the passion twists but without extra tightness of the twists.

The finished look of this style is excellent in itself and stands out in its manner.


Purple Twist

Purple Passion Twists uplift your look as not many other colorful styles can. It has a touch of royalty and compassion.

This vibrant style is particularly for those who are looking for a bright and playful passion twist style for themselves. You will have to get purple water wave hair packs for this inspiring hairstyle.

Get purpled and stay colorful!


Pink Twist

The color of affection, love and inner peace meets the passionate passion twists. Do you realize what is happening here? Pink Passion Twists are happening!

This style is yet another uplifting one that expresses unlimited energy. Its playfulness ensures a good, positive experience.

Wear pink passion twists and spread the love!

22 Inch Passion Twist

22 Inch Passion Twist

This is rather a straightforward passion twist variation. If you don’t want to put too much effort into the process of picking up a style that suits you, and instead want to go with a long passion twists style, this is definitely for you.

For this style, simply pick up 8-12 packs of 22 inches long water wave hair. Follow any method of doing the passion twist, and you are done!

It’s that easy!

Thin Twist

Thin Twist

Thin Passion Twists are for those who do not want a too-tight twist in their style. This is also a simple look that has a good coziness behind it.

For this style, pick up pre-looped water wave hair braids packs. Spread the locks to make them thinner. Finally, attach them to your natural hair following the crochet method. You can follow other methods as well, but the crochet method does the thin passion twists really well.

In the heat of summer, this style known as thin passion twist will save your hair and make you feel comfy in the scorching heat!

Care Guide For Passion Twist

Now that we have gone through different styles of passion twists, I hope you have set your mind on one or two styles for you. We took time to look into each style before creating the list and presenting it to you.

Getting a passion twist style is not all. Some tips need to be followed for your passion twists to be healthy and last long. We are going to discuss those in this section.

  • To make your passion twists last long, wash them once or twice every month.
  • To keep your passion twists in great condition, wrap your twists in a silk scarf at night.
  • Make sure to oil your scalp and twist every few days to keep them looking shiny and healthy.
  • Alternatively, you can use a leave-in conditioner every day to keep your hair roots moisturized. This is necessary.
  • Do not let the moisture go completely. This will ruin your passion twists and your natural hair as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have tried to cover everything in this article. Throughout, we have tried to mention all the things that you may have any questions about. Nevertheless, we have added a section here to answer some of the popular questions people ask regarding passion twists.

How long do passion twists last?

Passion twists usually last from two weeks to two months, depending on how they were maintained.

Are passion twists protective?

Yes, passion twist is a protective hairstyle. It promotes excellent hair growth. When you do passion twist, your natural hair is without any manipulation and thus it promotes growth.

Is there a ‘best hair’ for passion twists?

FreeTress Water Wave hair is excellent for passion twists. It is the most popular one as well. The reason is that it has a very beautiful wave that defines the twists in passion twists.

How many packs of hair do I need to get for passion twists?

Depending on the style you have picked, you may need 6-18 packs of hair. Ask your stylists for a more measured estimation.

Can passion twist be done on short hair?

Yes, passion twists can easily be done on short hair. We have also presented the best and trendiest passion twist variations for short hair. Check them out in our style guide above.

How much does passion twist cost?

The usual pricing for getting a passion twist style from a good hairstylist is around $150 – $400. It also depends on the difficulty of the styles, and the number of hair packs you will need.

How long does passion twist take?

Depending on the style, it may take 1.5 hours to 5 hours to complete a passion twist style from first to last.

Final Words

We have reached the end of our article. As you have been with us till the end, we hope we have been successful in presenting you with a passion twist style that you have liked and now, chosen for your next style.

Passion twist styles are gorgeous. Not only that, they are modern and offer some really fashionable variations. This hairstyle has class, elegance, brightness, and playfulness; all at the same time. There are not many hairstyles that can carry all these in just one body. This is where passion twists stand strong and tall.

The effective nature of passion twist styles made us think. This is a good, modern protective hairstyle that lets your natural hair be separate from all the work that goes on afterward. That way, your natural hair becomes healthy and grows fast.

With this passion twist, there is not enough time to mention all the good sides. We hope we have been able to cover the most of this fresh, glamorous, polished, and refined beauty that is a passion twist.

For this reason, we highly recommend this hairstyle to you. There is something for everyone that this passion twist offers. It is really hard to ignore all the good things about it. Passion twist might relatively be still a new kid on the block, but the energy and practical side of it blows everything away!

Passion Twists awaits you! Wear the twists and then, the floor is yours!

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