Purple And Green Hairstyles

15 Fabulous Purple And Green Hairstyles For Your Unique Look

Running out of hair color ideas? I am here to help you out of your misery and hand you the coolest hair color combination of all time. This hair color idea is downright magical and seems like it popped right out of the Joker’s pocket.

In this article, we will talk about purple and green hairstyles. We will see how lovely this combination can be and how beautiful the amalgamation of these two extraordinary colors looks when they team up.

The article has curated information about purple and green hairstyles along with a few tips and tricks to preserve and lock your style for longer.

You will also find where this unique style is adopted from and which characters inspire us the most to pick a loud combination like green and purple.

15 Aesthetic Purple And Green Hairstyles You Can Try

We know how important our hairstyles are to us, and making them look downright perfect is our main goal.

Sometimes, it is also a great choice to experiment with hairstyles and hair colors because unless and until you don’t experiment you won’t be able to figure out all the other hairstyles that may look great on you.

This will take a lot of trial and error, but in the end, you will definitely find a couple of things that you will love for your hairstyle.

With the increasing number of hairstyles and routines, it has become quite impossible to track which hairstyle is trending when, but what’s best is that every hairstyle is a great one.

At this time, people have evolved and learned to accept all cultures and styles, including hairstyles. So, no matter whatever hairstyle you do, no one will call you out because of the fact that you look different from the usual.

Everyone is trying to make their mark in the world, and what better way to do that than with the help of your style right? If you are known for your quirky and unique sense of style, and like being that way, you will also be remembered for it.

Normal can be pretty boring sometimes, and it is always commendable to try and come out of your comfort zone to experience something different. Who knows, you may end up loving it.

Below are some of the most creative ways you can show off your purple and green hairstyle and pick up a few for future reference:

Sun Moon’s

Sun Moons

The Sun Moon purple and green hairstyle is inspired by the state of the sun and moon in their solidarity. This wonderful hairstyle comes together to create a magnificent palette that is a treat to the eyes.

The braid merges purple and green, leaving behind a waterfall-like view in the background, which is achieved by letting the beautiful long hair down. You can clearly see how one color dives into the other and mixes in the pool to collate with one another.

The Sun Moon’s purple and green hairstyle is like a tribute to mother nature in its own quirky way. If you are a nature lover, then the purple and green hairstyle can be your personal look too.

Alien Purple And Green Hairstyle

Alien Purple And Green Hairstyle

Aren’t aliens the cutest thing in the world? Obviously, we are not sure if they exist, but the world is vast, and we have barely even discovered the Earth, Let alone the other Planets. So, we took it upon ourselves to create them out of our imagination.

The Alien purple and green hairstyle is like calling to the other entities and showing them that some of us believe that they exist and we welcome them wholeheartedly, of course as long as they are nice to us.

This also shows how accepting people are of everyone else and like Cat Grant from Supergirl said, “In order to live, we must keep daring.”

Flashy Neon

Flashy Neon

The flashy neon purple and green hairstyle is a catchy hairstyle because mark my words, once you turn your hair as cool as this one there is no going back. You can walk into a club full of people and still grab everyone’s attention and make it known that the coolest girl in town has arrived.

If you like this hairstyle, make sure you tell your colorist to use the extra electric purple and the most neon green there is. Otherwise, all this effort will be for nothing if you don’t manage to get to this result. Keep in mind that a few tries are to be expected to get this outcome.

Fangirl Purple

Fangirl Purple

The fangirl purple and green hairstyle is for the fans who are obsessed with comic cons, cartoon characters, Marvel Universe, DC Universe, and all other comic universes out there. This hairstyle is a great one for a Comic-Con where you are supposed to dress up as your favorite character. If you want a hint, Guardian of the Galaxy might help you solve your problems.

Going to these meetups with a purple and green hairstyle will help you mix with the crowd even more because other people will notice you and may try to figure out your look. It is a great conversation starter.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

The purple and green hairstyle is a rendition of the Harley Quin look, but with a little twist. Harley Quinn is Joker’s quirky henchwoman, who used to be a mundane yet smart therapist. She fell in love with the self-destructive Joker because of his sabotaging personality even though he has been cruel to her.

Harley is a complicated character, and a lot of people love her dark character and relationship with her to some extent. The purple and green hairstyle is one way to embody your inner Harley Quinn to show off to the world how cool and spontaneous you are.

Aurora Glimpse

Aurora Glimpse

This unique purple and green hairstyle is called the aurora glimpse because of how beautifully it portrays the aurora through a hairstyle. You can literally see how much it resembles the aurora Borealis that we can only see at the North Pole. These are also known as northern lights and appear in the night sky.

To be able to capture the beauty of such an enigma is nothing but art.

This hairstyle shows how talented people are that they can successfully capture the essence of something as wonderful as the northern lights. If you like this hairstyle, then without a doubt you should go for this because this is one of the most satisfying-looking hairstyles that you may find out there.

Extra Purple And Green

Extra Purple And Green

The extra purple and green hairstyle is a rad hairstyle that mostly young people are gravitating toward because of how flashy and extra it is. This is a very loud hairstyle and is probably best for you if you are someone who likes to show off and flaunt their style.

It is also a great hairstyle to be known for, and people may start calling you the purple and green-haired girl. This lovely hairstyle is super loud and grabs everyone’s attention anywhere you go. So, if you think you can handle this, then you should definitely go for it.

Spiraling Transition

Spiraling Transition

The spiral transition is a beautiful purple and green hairstyle that slowly transitions from purple to green. You will notice how beautifully the purple at the top of the head smoothly becomes green without any abrupt change. The spirals make this hairstyle even more beautiful by adding texture and creating volume towards the end.

This stunning purple and green hairstyle is a style statement, and it is perfect for you to show off that you can pull off any hair color with any hairstyle because you are that versatile and have an open mind for all hairstyles and looks. You can be amongst the few people who wear such a unique hairstyle and rock them so well that people around you may want to give this style a try.

Lopsided Ombre

Lopsided Ombre

The lopsided ombre purple and green hairstyle is a great way to wear your hairstyle because it covers two factors at once. This hairstyle has the best two-tone combination, and it is a superior style.

It allows you to portray yourself as a stylish and super chic personality. If you think this hairstyle is something you can pull off with ease, nothing should stop you from giving this exquisite hairstyle a try.

Mission Purple Green

Mission Purple Green

The mission purple and green hairstyle is a perfect look for you to wear to the game. You can wear this awesome hairstyle as an audience to show your support to your favorite team, or you can wear this hairstyle to the field.

Wearing a unique hairstyle to the field allows you to be noticed from far and people who watch you on camera will know that it is you even without seeing your face. Most famous players have a unique hairstyle because it is easy for the audience to distinguish them from the other players.

Ocean Shine

Ocean Shine

The ocean shines purple and green hairstyle is a soothing look to wear as your everyday look. This hairstyle looks like it is brought right out of The Maldives beach because of how elegant and breathtaking it looks. You can always opt for this wonderful hair color if you run out of ideas to go purple and green.

Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey

The funky monkey is the funkiest purple and green hairstyle. If you have curly hair, you are in luck because with the incorporation of the purple and green color, your hairstyle is about to look the grooviest and extra bouncy.

This is a great hairstyle for partying and going out at night for parties and clubbing. If you are a nightlife enthusiast, this hairstyle is specifically perfect for you because you have that extra energy to make it work.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

The happy Halloween purple and green hairstyle is obviously perfect for Halloween, but it is not only limited to a Halloween hairstyle. This is also an amazing hairstyle for you to portray yourself as the person that you are. This hairstyle helps you to show off your creative and quirky side.

Your eccentric side is something you should be proud of and let out whenever you can rather than suppressing it. So, if you think you have that side to you and it needs to be out, then go for this hairstyle and be proud of who you are rather than keeping it closeted.

Sky Dye

Sky Dye

The sky dye purple and green hairstyle are so beautiful that it makes it super difficult for others to look anywhere other than your hair. This hairstyle feels like someone dropped their paintbrush into the sky and borrowed some colors from it just for your hair.

This spectacular purple and green hairstyle has the most beautiful soft hair colors which allow you to make your hair look super soft, and it intrigues people to get a feel of it, so that is something you have to be aware of. People will want to touch your hair because it is that beautiful.

Pastel Purple

Pastel Purple

The pastel purple and green hairstyle is everything you would want your hair to look like. These are the most amazing pastel colors that make your hair look glorious. If you love pastel colors, this hairstyle is bound to make you go for this look because look at it.

This is a very cute and subtle purple and pink hairstyle, and if you think this is your style, then you should go for it without a doubt.

How To Bleach Your Hair Before Dying It Purple And Green?

You need a few safety tools to protect yourself from harmful chemicals getting on your skin. So you will need masks, gloves, or anything that you need to use to cover your skin.

You will need some tools as well.

So, first, you have to find a plastic bowl to mix the bleach and the developer. You will also need old clothes or newspapers to avoid any spillage that can potentially ruin your clothes. A pair of gloves is essential to avoid your hands from getting dirty.

Now you can get to work:

Step 1: Part your hair into multiple sections.

Step 2: Put on the gloves and Apply the bleach at the bottom end of your sections first.

Step 3: Then apply on your roots and try to be a little careful here and try not to touch the scalp.

Step 4: Leave for 30 minutes or as suggested on the box.

Step 5: Wash your hair with conditioner and shampoo.

Step 6: Apply a good toner for better results.

Step 7: Leave the toner for about 15-20 minutes. And then wash it off and make sure you rinse your hair properly.

Step 8: Dry your hair and enjoy your newly bleached hair that is now ready for you to apply the beautiful colors.

Now that you have your lovely bleached hair, you can apply your favorite shades of purple-green to it. You can go crazy with your colors and do whatever you please. Neon and shiny purple is always a great choice to opt for, if you want my two cents.


This article covers every aspect of a green and purple hairstyle, and you will find some amazing suggestions here as well for you to choose from. If you have read the article this far, why miss out on the frequently asked questions? Read the answers to the frequently asked questions that I answered for our readers to enjoy.

Q1. Is the purple and green hairstyle suitable for children?

Ans. Purple and green hairstyles are great, and they suit everyone but children should avoid this hairstyle or any hairstyle that requires bleaching and dying your hair. These dyes have chemicals in them, and children have soft skin, the chemicals can potentially irritate their skin and cause rashes and abrupt reactions. So, it is best advised for children to avoid any hairstyle that has anything to do with bleaches and hair dyes.

Q2. Will the purple and green hairstyle make me look weird?

Ans. The purple and green hairstyle is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to be very confident about yourself to wear this hairstyle. People will obviously stare at you for your quirky and “not normal” hairstyle, but that’s the thing about being extra cool, people can’t handle it. But you do you boo because haters gonna hate. You don’t have to pay heed to all that.

Q3. Can I wear my purple and green hairstyle to school?

Ans. There is no way your school will allow you to wear purple and green hairstyles to your school unless the principal is mind-blowingly accepting of your style choices. To avoid getting into trouble, you should wear your natural hair or hair colors that are not as loud as purple and green.


The purple and green hairstyle was first made famous by a very well-known and loved villain The Joker. Even though Joker is a dark character with even darker humor, people relate to him to some extent. They understand his pain and feel like they can relate. This gave rise to the picking up of the purple and green hairstyle. This hairstyle helped people who feel detached from the world feel included.

Styling your hair in purple and green shows that you are a confident individual who could not care about the weird stares. This hairstyle is also super cool, and it gives you a very raunchy and swagger vibe that is honestly not a piece of cake to pull off. If you’re managing to make your purple and green hairstyle super fly, then you must have good genes because this is not a joke.

Not only is this inspired by The Joker, but people are also inspired by The Hulk, who turns green when angry and wears purple bottoms. When Hulk first appeared in the comics and then in the cartoons people were going crazy because he was so strong and incredible.

A lot of the girls were inspired by Gamora from the Guardian of the Galaxy, Daphne from Scooby-Doo, Barney from Barney Tune, and many more. These are just some mentions of the characters that show that not only is the purple and green hair color cool, but it is also inclusive of everyone in every style. So, if you are planning to get a purple and green hairstyle, these lovely characters should have inspired you by now.

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