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17 Sensational Ruby Rose Hairstyles To Try Out All Around The Year

Ruby Rose undoubtedly has great hair, but she is also a well-known model, DJ, actress, spokesperson, advocate, and a proud flag bearer of the LGBTQ+ community.

She has bagged good looks and a great sense of style and is famous for her characters as Batwoman, and Stella from Orange is the new black.

Ruby rose gained popularity the moment people saw her rocking various hairstyles. It has been the talk of the town since she walked out into the world with her sleek modern-day, side-swept hairstyles.

She plays a huge part for this generation, endorsing LGBTQ+ rights and other movements for people who feel unwanted. Most of us look up to her for her carefree, versatile look.

Regardless of all this, she is most famous for pulling off these great hairstyles that would be a rather challenging task for others.

People love her new modern chic look, and why not? Ruby Rose hairstyles are always trendy, and they look great on everyone.

You cannot contain Ruby Rose in a box. She has tried every hairstyle out there like a fearless warrior. You name it, and Ruby Rose has already done it.

Ruby Rose with long hairstyles? You got it. Ruby Rose in a pixie cut? It’s in the past. Ruby Rose in Short hairstyles? It has been done and dusted.

With the number of hairstyles Ruby Rose has gotten, you could curate a fat book with all Ruby rose hairstyles.

17 Unique Ruby Rose Haircuts for All Types of Hair

If you are a Ruby Rose fan and you want to get a great haircut then this is where you will find it all. Below are a few Ruby Rose hairstyles you can look into for inspiration.

Ruby Rose Short Haircuts

Ruby Rose has been rocking short hairstyles like it was made for her. She looks amazing and carries them like a boss. There is no messing around with Ruby Rose and her love for short hairstyles.

Here are a few examples of how perfectly she maintains her hairstyles.

The pixie fauxhawk

Pixie Fauxhawk


Ruby Rose’s pixie fauxhawk was a hit. It is classy, sassy, and brings drama to your look. You will never go unnoticed with a retro hairstyle like the pixie fauxhawk.

The Messy hairstyle

Messy Hairstyle


The Messy hair look is a day-2 or day-3 look. The hairstyle looks nice and messy with all the volume and texture. You can wear this look to an after-party or a night out with friends. It is a Ruby Rose Hairstyle that you can try out if you have short hair.

To achieve this look, you will need to use a lot of sea salt and a diffuser to pump up the volume and get that shaggy look to make it seem fresh out of the oven.

If you can pull off this hairstyle, you can technically pull off any Ruby Rose hairstyle.

The sheared side hairstyle

Sheared Side Hairstyle


The sheared side look is one of my favorites. It is not your everyday monotonous look. You can get a nice short bob and style it with a few slits on the sides and shear off one side.

The side sheared hairstyle adds a dimension to your look. This side part is such a fun look to do and get going with your creative Juices.

The high faded slit hairstyle

High Faded Slit Hairstyle


The high faded slit is a very stylish and gorgeous look. The high fades allow showcasing your face without bringing in any obstacles. You can try out this fun hairstyle if you want to avoid looking mundane and bland.

If you are confused about what high-faded slit hairstyle you want, you could look into this one. It is famous amongst young boys and girls. Because it is easy to acquire, and it makes you look confident.

Brushed back bob

Brush Back Bob


The brushed-back bob is a boss lady’s hairstyle.

Confidence exudes from the wearer of this hairstyle. It is super classy and modern. If you are into an industrial/vintage hairstyle, you could go for this.

The wavy bob hairstyle

Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Ruby Rose thought it would be an ugly hairstyle, but we can agree to disagree with what our beloved celebrity has to do. She looks great in this hairstyle, and you too will pull off this hairstyle if you have short hair.

It is a great hairstyle to wear to a formal function. It has nice waves that bring movement to your hair, and your hair looks soft and flowy.

This style will fit well with any dress, and you can pair it with any jewelry or accessories you want. The wavy bob hairstyle suits an oval or square facial structure best, but you can still wear this style and make it look fun.

The braided pixie hairstyle

Braided Pixie Hairstyle


I for once never thought you could braid your pixie, but guess what? Ruby Rose has proven me wrong with her hairstyle. It is such a diverse and thrilling hairstyle that you would want to try it at least once to see how it will look on you.

The braided pixie hairstyle is funky and cool. It is a style you can wear to bring a drastic change to your look, and I think people will compliment you. It is not a bad look to go for if you are up for a challenge.

The classic pompadour

Classic Pompadour


The pompadour is a classic hairstyle for men, but boy oh boy, look at this young woman defeating them all left and right. She pulls it off better than everyone else, and I know you are all with me when I say this.

This is such a statement for anyone. If you want the perfect pompadour, you must show them Ruby Rose’s Picture because this has to be one of the best ones.

Ruby Rose Long Hairstyles

Spotting Ruby Rose in long hair is like getting to see a white peacock in real life. It is pretty rare.

She has been rocking short hairstyles for so long that you all are forgetting about her long hair days. Needless to say she pulled off her long hairstyles just as well as she can pull off her short hairstyles.

Ruby Rose long hairstyles are rare to find but not impossible. Here are a few images of Ruby Rose captured in Long hairstyles.

Classic layered hairstyle

Classic Layered Hairstyle

This is a lovely hairstyle Ruby pulled off back when she had long hair. This hairstyle has a lot of layers and looks very good on round facial structures.

You could throw in a few shades to add vibrance to this hairstyle.  Anyone with long hair can get this beautiful hairstyle to add more volume and texture to their hair.

Side Braided Hairstyle

Side Braided Hairstyle

You can barely recognise Ruby Rose in a long hairstyle. She could easily pass as someone else and we won’t even recognize her.

This beautiful side braided hairstyle is a way to show off your face and also frame it with your loose hair.

The braids allow you to highlight your features and the loose hair helps you frame your face and hide any harsh line. This is a perfect hairstyle for a wedding party or a date night.

Classic semi-sleek Hairstyle

Classic Semi Sleek Hairstyle


This hairstyle is one of a kind. Everyone has tried it at least once, and no one ever regretted it. I personally really like this hairstyle.

I think it looks great on everyone and you can go for this long hairstyle if you have thin hair. This hairstyle is also a good solution for you if you are looking for more volume around the crown of your head, this hairstyle gives your hair  the illusion of fullness.

The box fringe

The Box Fringe

This classic fringe look is perfect if you are not willing to show off your forehead. It helps to hide the line and makes you look a lot younger as well. This sleek, stylish look is perfect for a corporate setting.

You could go to a meeting pairing up this hairstyle with a nice formal attire and a nice pair of pumps. Even if the meeting goes bad, at least you know you look good.

Ruby Rose Buzz Cut Hairstyles

We have seen Ruby Rose in Long hairstyles, we have seen Ruby Rose in short hairstyles, we have seen Ruby Rose in a pixie cut then, why single out the buzz cut?

Ruby Rose looks phenomenal in a buzz cut just like every other hairstyle, and she is inspiring other women to get it too without any fear. She is breaking the stereotypical expectation of women, only having long and nicely put together hair. Times have changed, and so should we all.

So, go out there and get the buzz cut that you have waited so long to get. This is your sign!

The buzz cut

Ruby Rose Buzz Cut


The buzz cut is famous for its low maintenance. If you are tired of your long and dull hair and want a 360, then you can go for this daring style. You can achieve the buzz cut at home very with minimum effort.

All you have to use is your electric trimmer. Set the level to 2 or 3 and start trimming. It will be best if you chop off your long hair with a pair of salon scissors first.

To maintain this hairstyle, you have to go to the nearest parlor for a trim or do it at home if you can, at least every two weeks. Ruby Rose has rocked the buzz cut better than anyone, and I would want you all to go ahead and get this style if this is what your heart desires.

The multicolored buzz cut

The Multicolored Buzz Cut


Ruby Rose has rocked the buzz cut, and there is no doubt about that, but she can get bored too, you know. So, to get out of that misery, Ruby rose tried out the multicolored buzz cut.

And who are we even kidding? She made this style look so effortless. She wore this bi-pride-colored hair like it was her babe.

If you are a hair dye enthusiast, you can try out this colorful style and make your style pop. The burst of color will make you look lively and stand out in a room full of people.

If social anxiety or people staring does not bother you, you can try out this crazy hairstyle stunt that Ruby Rose pulled beautifully.

The single plait buzz cut

Single Plait Buzz Cut


The single plait buzz cut is a quirky hairstyle but c’mon! We live in the 21st century, and nothing really is unconventional anymore. If you want to experiment or just do something for fun, then you should follow in her footsteps and get into it. You can try out this crazy hairstyle stunt that Ruby Rose pulled beautifully and unapologetically.

The platinum buzz cut

Platinum Buzz Cut


Ruby Rose’s platinum buzz cut hairstyle is my all time favorite. I totally adore this style and I think she carried this style very well. This platinum color looks exceptional with a buzz cut hairstyle.

You can try out this style if your goal is to get a nice hair color. The color compliments your skin tone and it makes you look extra spicy.

The Aurora buzz cut

Aurora Buzz Cut


Who knew buzz cuts could be such a dynamic style. With the traditional buzz cut you might think that it is boring and not adventurous, but have you Ruby Rose? She is the goddess of hairstyles and she can turn any monotonous style into fun and artistic.

Just look at this picture if you don’t believe me. She has figured out a way to turn a regular buzz cut into a piece of art.

The unique color pattern used for this hairstyle is stunning to say the least. Anyone can try this style and be noticed for this.

Final Words

Now that you have a variation of so many hairstyles, you should be able to get the classy look you have been waiting for.

If you are having second thoughts about getting a haircut, you should wait it out.

Just remember, when in doubt, wing it out. There is nothing worse that can happen. It is just a hairstyle that you can fix in a few weeks.

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