5 Demi Moore Haircut Ideas for a Classic Look

Growing up, watching our favorite stars rock their on and off-screen lives with the perfect style always made us praise their dedication and hard work. Many of them started new trends when it came to their attire and hair, and those styles are still held with prestige in the film industry as well as in the lives of common people.

The 1980s and 1990s are known to be the golden decades for phenomenal movies and television shows, and many stars rose to fame with their roles during these years. One such celebrity is Demi Moore, who gifted us with astounding performances in the movies and television shows where she acted.

Moore entered the world of films in 1981 and subsequently made her way to the top by acting in famous productions during the 1980s and 1990s. Alongside her acting skills, Demi’s beauty and style also enchanted her followers. Especially the short hairstyles she wore in some of her famous movies left a mark forever in the hearts of her fans.

Demi Moore’s haircuts are quite popular for their attractive appeal. If you are a fan of the American sitcom ‘Friends’, then you already know the shock that Monica had to face when Phoebe accidentally cut her hair like Dudley Moore instead of Demi Moore. So it doesn’t require any explanation that Demi’s hairstyle has been famous long ago from the present times!

This is why today we are going to talk about some of the best Demi Moore haircuts that are timeless and still loved by all of her fans. So keep on reading ahead to find out more about Demi’s amazing hair looks!

What Kind of Hair Does Demi Moore Have?

You might remember Demi’s gorgeous hair from the movie ‘Indecent Proposal’. Her brown hair which looks nearly black at times has been praised ever since those days. At present, Demi loves to wear her hair super long with a sleek style, and there’s not a single thing we don’t love about this hair look.

Demi is known to have thick and quite strong hair which she wears with a middle part on most occasions. If you take a look at any of her recent pictures, it will be clear that Demi does dedicate proper time and care to her hair. This is why her long hair leaves us awestruck anytime we see her wearing it with grace.

While you might be thinking that Demi wears extensions for a long hairstyle, we are here to say that you are totally wrong! Demi’s hairstylist Gregory Russell has confirmed that the waist-length hair Demi has is completely her natural hair.

We think that Demi might just be setting an example for women who are almost in their 60s that age is just a number when it comes to flaunting your hair! This is why we love her styles so dearly, and can’t wait to try some of those ourselves to prove how worthy of fans we are!

Stylish Demi Moore Haircuts to Win the Game!

Enough about the details, now let’s jump into the good stuff already! As you now know that Demi’s hair is all-natural and she has rocked it since the day she stepped into the industry, it’s time to take some notes. If you are willing to try out a Demi Moore haircut asap, then we are here to your rescue!

Ahead are some of the most amazing haircut ideas from Demi Moore that are sure to steal your heart. So without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the list!

‘Ghost’ Haircut

Demi Moore Ghost Haircut

Let’s start our list with a popular haircut from Demi Moore which resurfaced a few years ago as her daughter recreated the hair look of her mother. Yes, we are talking about the famous Demi Moore haircut in ‘Ghost’.

The film that was released in 1990 is totally loved by movie lovers because of the storyline and perfection in acting by the cast. Apart from all that, Demi’s hairstyle in this film became quite popular as it was something out of the books and super classy.

In ‘Ghost’, Demi has a pixie haircut that doesn’t involve anything extra but looks quite chic. This hairstyle was a total hit after the film was released, and Demi’s daughter recreated her look to portray the resemblance she carries with her mother. A proud mother-daughter moment, we must say!

Decent Bob

Decent Bob

In the movie ‘Indecent Proposal’, Demi wore a pretty decent bob haircut throughout the entire film. Just like her pixie haircut from ‘Ghost’, this short bob also became quite popular and it can be called as one of her most iconic hairstyles till now.

Demi’s dark brown hair was completely outstanding in this movie and it felt like the side part short bob was literally meant for her! The way she carried her hair with the gorgeous black dress and the casual looks simply left us mesmerized.

Short bob haircuts are still in trend, and we always love a compact look for warm weather. So you can definitely try out this haircut the next time you visit the salon.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs

If you are thinking that short hair is Demi’s strong point, then think twice because Demi’s long hairstyles are equally dazzling. She has also rocked a hair look with blunt bangs, so we cannot help but mention it in this article.

In this black and white photograph, Demi is wearing her hair long with the perfect blunt bangs haircut. This straight hairstyle is quite sophisticated and trendy for any time of the year. Many celebrities have tried out the blunt bangs, and you can take inspiration from Demi if you want to try out a similar haircut in the future!

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

Talk about fearless hairstyles, and Demi Moore is sure to provide you with ample inspiration. If you thought that Demi Moore’s short haircut was only about the pixie and short bob, then this buzz cut will change your mind for sure.

For her famous movie ‘G.I. Jane’, Demi had to wear a buzz haircut in order to portray her role with utmost dedication. Later on, she carried this hairstyle to public events and proved that she was here to slay with her talent and beauty.

Buzz haircuts are still popular, but it surely takes a fearless mind to rock this style with confidence. If Demi did that very thing in the ‘90s, what’s stopping you from giving it a shot?

Long Sleek

Long Sleek

At present, Demi loves to wear her hair in the most gorgeous way possible, which is the classic long hair look with a sleek and straight appearance. After living her best short hair days, Demi has been wearing her hair long and straight in recent times.

Although she occasionally opts for the curly hair look with her gorgeous hair, it seems like she is fond of the super-trendy middle part hairstyle where the untied length flows like a princess’ hair. From the Eiffel Tower to the kitchen, Demi has rocked this hairstyle everywhere!

At the 2021 Fashion Awards held at the Royal Albert Hall, Demi stunned everyone with her amazing dress from Fendi. Another equally captivating element was her perfectly styled waist-length hair, as it was kept simple and straight but still stole the show! This amazing haircut has surely suited her vibe, and we love how she keeps looking younger with every passing day!

90s Demi Moore Short Hair

90s demi moore short hair

Demi Moore Hairdo

Demi Moore hairdo

Simple Ponytail

Simple Ponytail

Young Demi Moore 80s Style

Young Demi Moore 80s Style

Final Thoughts

From her style to her talents, Demi has been an inspiration to many ladies out there. She is a loving mother who surely inspires her children every day, and her charismatic attributes have made her one of the most iconic American actresses of all time.

Demi Moore always had an appealing presence with her talented acting career and charming smile, and she has also set a standard for hairstyling enthusiasts. From super short to super long, she has given us amazing hair moments, and we are surely thankful for all those lovely styles.

So if you want to try out a Demi Moore haircut to show your love for the star, then now is your time to shine! Make sure to take inspiration from the haircuts we have mentioned above, because they are surely going to help you recreate a Demi Moore-inspired look! Last but not the least, always remember to wear your hair with confidence whenever you step outside!

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