Ugly Mullet Haircuts

11 Ugly Mullet Haircuts To Watch Out For

Usually, we only talk about what kind of haircuts might suit your elegant features. However, today we are going to discuss which ugly Mullet haircut you should avoid.

As we all know, the trendy mullet haircut looks stunning enough to make everyone blindly go for it. Nonetheless, you should always consider the consequences. Some mullet haircuts might have a reverse frog prince effect on you and make you look unattractive.

Instead of thinking unique mullet equals a striking appearance, you should always watch out for the ugly-looking ones. Moreover, people tend to think having enough confidence can save you from looking bad. But some of the bullets are so horrible that they would not look good even on the most handsome individual.

Hence, we will look at some of the examples of unflattering mullet haircuts and additional insights to help you stay away from unappealing mullet haircuts.

Get your favorite beverage and look through these sloppy haircuts.

Mullet Ideas To Avoid At All Cost

A mullet no matter how timeless the haircut is bound to look unappealing and out of place if you mess it up. So we got your back bestie. We will show you which haircuts you should NOT seek out ever.

Let’s look at these ugly mullet haircuts so that you don’t just go with the trendy flow.

Mullet That Might Make You Cry

Mullet That Might Make You Cry

You would not believe how the cool combination of colored hair and mullet can make you appear fiercely uncool. This haircut has the dream combination of color in the back and basic color in the front. It can be deemed as the perfect mullet as it has the professional in the front and party in the back vibe written all over it.

However, the haircut looks awful because of its horrible asymmetry. The shorter front part does not match the backside at all making it look out of place and hideously messy.

So don’t cry after spending money on your new haircut and just don’t get this one.

Worst Mullet

Worst Mullet

We have no idea how people with even a hint of common fashion sense can get this kind of mullet in a sane mind. You can not imagine explaining to your stylist the strange combination of a bald pit in the middle and a mullet without getting a hard-judging look.

You will have a fade and the surrounding area of your bald pit will be so short that it will stand straight up. Instead of getting this haircut, we suggest you just shave your whole head off and save everyone from an eyesore of a haircut.

You must try to avoid this hairdo at all costs!

Hilarious Mullet

Hilarious Mullet

This haircut gives off a bit of a 2013 emo vibe but in a negative way. You will look like the guy who has no sense of style with this haircut.

For this haircut, all the hair in the front will be kept the same length so that when they are spiked up they give a clear high top vibe. If you do decide to get this one people might sneer at you openly which says more about them than you. But trust us on this, this is not the kind of haircut you should confidently sport around.

Avoid looking like a clown and steer clear of this haircut.

Pure Abomination

Pure Abomination

You can not just mix and match spiked-up hair with an undercut and a mullet and pass it on as a rock and roll haircut. No matter how hard you try to rock it by pairing it up with edgy outfits, it just does not look cool.

People might look at you and think to themselves to get any other haircut instead of this one. They will look with horror as you walk past them with this terrible haircut. So our advice? Just don’t, okay?

It might turn heads but for the wrong reasons. Don’t bother people with this hideous look.

Vintage But Not Classy

Vintage But Not Classy

Stop getting haircuts just because it looks vintage-ish. Not all vintage fashion should be part of a comeback of the beautiful era. Evade from getting called anti-fashion by not getting an awful mullet like this.

The permed front is the key part of the haircut and the worst part of the mullet. The overall haircut just looks uncomfortable. And not to mention the maintenance! It might take for you to hold that perm is so not worth it. You should get some extra minutes of sleep instead of getting a haircut like this.

Do not bring shame to the vintage era in the name of fashion and avoid this ugly mullet.

Highly Unrecommended

Highly Unrecommended

This haircut will give you the ultimate rooster look. If you want a new Halloween look then this could be your go-to. But other than that getting a haircut like this will be both a waste of money and energy.

The fact that a haircut can make back brushed hair look so awful can be a bit surprising. But this haircut has achieved just that. Perfectly back brushed hair in the middle and undercut and long hair in the back is bound to make you look pitiful.

Be uniquely dashing, not uniquely unappealing by NOT trying out horrible haircuts like this one. Check out the highly recommended ones instead of going for the ugly mullets.

Miserable Mullet Fail

Miserable Mullet Fail

In this era of creativity, when you can get any designed haircut, why would you settle for less and get this monstrous one? This haircut makes it look like you have added an extra bit of hair at the back. It just looks horribly misplaced.

Even your supportive bestie who might support you in every impulsive decision might not be able to have your back if you get this haircut. Anyone would look at your hair and get the stylist’s urge to save you from this disastrous-looking haircut.

Avoid feeling miserable and keep away from this haircut.

Mullet That Screams “Danger”

Mullet That Screams Danger

Permed hair can make you look like a superstar and a protagonist of a retro movie. However, this permed mullet will make you want to shave off your head.

Even the prettiest retro attire might not be able to save your appearance with this haircut. You will come off as a guy with no taste. People might keep staring at you but for all the wrong reasons. This can work as a great conversation starter for people to advise you on your fashion.

Get a mullet haircut that screams dangerously dashing, not dangerously hideous and stops getting haircuts like this.

Dreadful Mullet Dread

Dreadful Mullet Dreads

We thought dreads could never make you look weird until we came across this haircut. Mullet with dreads can look absolutely amazing if you can sport it the right way. But bro, this is definitely not it.

You will lose all your natural glam with dread mullet and might come to hate dreads forever. It might have looked good with fresh dread strands. But only two dread strands just make it look awfully miserable. The dreads lose their purpose of making you look like someone with enough wisdom.

Get away from the ugly haircut as far as possible.

Bring The Fashion Police

Bring The Fashion Police

People not even slightly interested in fashion might be forced to call the fashion police on you with this haircut. The hair at the back with spikes and having no connection with the front of your hair will make you irk in ways you’ve never imagined before.

This haircut makes you think this is everything that is wrong in the fashion world. The monstrosity of weird mullets crosses a boundary with this one. We just sincerely hope that this trend dies out soon and no one has to face this kind of haircut in the public ever again.

Avoid getting arrested for possessing hideous haircuts, King!

Bye Bye Mullet

Bye Bye Mullet

If people not familiar with the usual mullet look know that this is one of the mullet haircuts, then they will surely say goodbye to this style forever.

The front looks almost like an ordinary haircut with fades and everything until you come across the backside. The hair keeps getting longer after a while and the haircut just keeps getting worse. This is disgraceful in the name of mullet. We hope you don’t get a haircut like this and turn yourself into a laughing stock.

We sincerely request you stop getting haircuts like this. It’s better being bald than getting a haircut like this. So Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!


Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a new haircut could be stressful if you don’t have the basic information to avoid unfortunate mishaps. Hence, before diving into a mullet haircut, you should be aware of that information. In this part of the article, we will assist you with just that.

Let’s escape the ugliness altogether, shall we?

Question: Is the mullet going out of style in 2022?

Answer: The whole fashion industry is embracing retro and vintage fashion with its modern twist. Hence, the sensational mullet haircut is not going out but rather made a comeback as part of the new trend.

Question: Is the typical mullet unprofessional? 

Answer: Yes. The typical mullet looks flattering to most face shapes yet is deemed to be an unprofessional haircut because of its messy vibe.

Question: How do you get past the mullet stage?

Answer: You just have to trim the back of your hair once every two weeks to match the sides. And voila! You have successfully avoided having a mullet.

Concluding Remark

The hot and sensual mullet haircut can take anyone’s breath away if worn properly. You can look like a vintage king if you can sport the hairstyle suitably. The aesthetics and convenience of this hairstyle are limitless making every celebrity, regardless of their gender, go for it.

However, we have presented the hideous side of this trendy haircut. Because with an unprofessional touch, an ugly mullet can turn into your worst nightmare no matter how confident you are of your looks. You might look like a joker instead of a star. You will be the talk of the town but negatively.

As you have reached the end of the article, you should now have a clear idea of what NOT to get. Being unique doesn’t always mean being better. Hence, go for fashionably distinctive haircuts rather than unappealing, crazy ones.

Steer clear of ugly mullets all the way guys!

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