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Kids Mullet: 14 Bold Hairstyle Concepts for Youngsters

Kids are highly impressionable; they are susceptible to the environment they live in. So it should not come as any surprise when all of a sudden your kid wants to get a Mullet out of nowhere!

Mullets were the go to hairstyle in the ’70s and the ’80s which have made a re-emergence. You will notice that a lot of people are choosing Mullets over other styles by fusing them with many modern haircuts. The situation is no different for the kids as well.

There are a lot of Mullet styles that are being fused with other styles, giving it a modern look. In this article, I will describe some of the boldest Mullet styles that are trendy among kids.

If you choose any one of them based on your kid’s face shape and hair type, you will be satisfied with the result.

14 Mullet Ideas for Kids to Try

Mullets are in most cases a fusion between hairstyles. The front half of the hair is inspired by a hairdo and the back half is kept long, giving it a distinct look. Mullets have made a comeback that no one was hoping to see. Don’t be surprised to see your kid coming home from school and wanting to get a Mullet. If you are on board with your kid trying out this style then here is a list of Mullets that can be selected. Some of these designs are edgier than others, so choose wisely.

Permed Mullet

Permed Mullet

The first Mullet design that I am gonna discuss is the Permed Mullet. Permed Mullet is one of the most sought Mullet styles for its curls and classic look. It can be a great style for your kid and it will give him a flashy look.

Getting Permed mullet is a bit different from other Mullet styles. Straight or wavy hairs are curled artificially to achieve this haircut. It is best to have your kids’ hair cut by a barber. You can style it yourself as well, you just need some products like a perm solution, perm rods, hair clips, and a pintail comb.

Permed Mullet is a flashy haircut and you can make it edgier by highlighting the tips of the curled strands. The styling process is lengthy but your kid will be ecstatic with the result.

Mullet with Spiked Top

Mullet With Spiked Top

Mullet with a Spiked Top can also be called a variant of the Joe Dirt Mullet. The front hair is cut short and spiked using wax, while the back is long. This is a traditional mullet haircut that was quite popular among musicians.

This can be a great haircut for your kid which is not very hard to maintain. The haircut is quite simple, you can give this design to your kid at home without much issue. You can consider this style as the stepping stone into Mullet haircuts. If you find your son to be pulling this hair design off, you can try other edgier styles in the future.

Shaggy Mullet

Shaggy Mullet

Shaggy Mullet is a mixture of the traditional Shaggy hairstyle and traditional Mullet. The haircut is quite simple. The front half is set exactly like a Shaggy hairdo, while the hair on the nape is kept long like a regular mullet.

The side parts are the reason that makes this hairstyle most unique from Mullet and Shaggy styles. In modern Shaggy Mullets, the sides are shaved or trimmed short which distinguishes it from regular Shaggy hairdos.

It is a great fusion hair design for kids that wants to have an edgy look. Kids with an angular or diamond-shaped face will look great with this hairstyle. Try Shaggy Mullet for your kid right away.

Faux Hawk Mullet

Faux Hawk Mullet

Faux Hawk haircuts are some of the trendiest haircuts at this moment and when it is fused with Mullet, something unique is introduced. This is another edgy haircut that will work well for kids. The styling process is quite easy and you can do it easily at home.

The spikes from the Faux Hawk will give a skittish vibe to your kid. You can spike the back side of his hair as well. It is a great modern haircut and it will help your kid to get attention from his peers. This will look great with wavy or straight hair. You should avoid this haircut if he has curly hair.

Mohawk Mullet

Mohawk Mullet

Mohawk Mullet is pretty popular among Soccer players and Musicians at this moment. For this reason, many young kids want to try out this hairstyle as well. It is quite similar to the Faux Hawk Mullet. If your kid wants this haircut, don’t discourage him even though it is quite edgy and gives off a skittish vibe.

This hair design looks better on people with oval-shaped or diamond-shaped faces. Wavy hair types look better with Mohawk Mullet. You can also try it if your kid has straight hair. It is best to avoid this style with curly or kinky hair types.

Mohawk Mullet can be made edgier by highlighting the hair in a bright color. Pulling off this hairstyle is quite hard, as it does not suit everyone.

Messy Curly Mullet

Messy Curly Mullet

Does your kid have natural curls? Is he a fan of Mullet Hairstyles? Are you positive about him having a Mullet style? If the answers to these questions are yes, then Messy Curly Mullet is the hairstyle you are looking for!

Messy Curly Mullet is an amazing haircut for kids with curly hair. It looks incredible due to the natural curls. You can also cut the side hairs short or shave them. It will make the hairstyle better.

You will not need a barber’s appointment for this style, you can easily do it at home. Try it for your kid right away.

French Crop Mullet

French Crop Mullet

French Crop Mullet is another easy to do haircut that you can easily give to your kid at home. The front hair needs to be cut short in a traditional French Crop haircut and the back half longer to shape the style into a Mullet.

This hairstyle looks best with wavy and curly hair. You can also try this haircut for your kid if he has straight hair. Give this haircut a shot and see if it matches the look you envisioned it to be. You can always change the hairstyle later so don’t worry too much about it.

Classic 80’s Mullet

Classic 80s Mullet

There is a saying that nothing beats the classic. That is the same case for Mullets as well. You can always ignore the modern mullet styles and give your kid a Classic 80’s Mullet.

They may not be as trendy as other Mullet styles but it still has a charm that the modern styles lack. If it was about my kid, I would have started his mullet styles with this classic one.

This style looks good on straight, wavy, and curly hair. Oval and Square shaped faces are the most suited face shapes for this style.

Mullet with Shaved patterns

Mullet With Shaved Patterns

Having patterns on shaved sides is a trend that is going on for some time now. I have seen many kids demand to have a shaved haircut with patterns. For that reason, a lot of kids are getting mullets with shaved sides and have various patterns on them.

It can be a music note or a spiderweb. Some kids just want to have some razor lines on the shaved sides thinking it will make them look cool.

It is better to get this haircut from a professional due to the patterns. If you are steady with your hands, then you might be able to do it at home. But I suggest you leave it to a professional barber.

Mullet with Quiff

Mullet With Quiff

Quiff hairstyle has been trending for years and looks like it will not go out of trend any time soon. The re-emergence of Mullets made Mullets with Quiff one of the go to styles for youngsters. You can choose this style for your kid.

This hair design is most suited for people with voluminous wavy hair. The front hair needs to be brushed upwards while the back hair is worn loosely. It can be a good hairstyle for your kid, so give it a try.

Mullet Takuache

Mullet Takuache

Takuache is a Mexican hairstyle that has become quite popular nowadays. You will notice a lot of Mexicans wear the Takuache hairstyle with a Mullet. It gives quite a unique look.

In my opinion, wavy hair is most suited for Mullet Takuache. The front side of this style looks similar to a bob cut, the main difference is noticed when you notice the sides.

I would suggest you get this hair done by a hairstylist instead of yourself. The concept of the Takuache hairstyle is foreign to most of you and you will probably mess it up.

Pompadour Mullet

Pompadour Mullet

Pompadour Mullet is quite fancy and will work well with a diamond-shaped face. It is a fusion of a Pompadour and a Mullet. It is an easy design to achieve but the styling can be a bit tricky if you are not accustomed to pompadour hairstyles.

You will need to use pomade to style your kid’s front hair and use a comb to give it an upward alleviation. The back hair does not need much attention. You can just let it flow naturally.

This hairstyle gives a sauve look which works on most people. The alleviated front hair will need to be readjusted based on the face shape. Wavy and straight are most suited for this style.

Bald Fade Mullet

Bald Fade Mullet

Bald Fade Mullet is the fusion between a Bald Fade haircut with a Mullet. Do not mistake it for Bald Mullet, they are different.

Bald Fade Mullet is a bit trickier to achieve due to the bald fade style. For that reason, I would suggest you get an appointment with a hairstylist for your kid instead of trying it yourself at home.

Bald Fade Mullet looks best on a diamond-shaped or triangle-shaped face. Straight hair is most suited for this hairdo but you can try it on wavy hair as well.

Burst Fade Mullet

Burst Fade Mullet

Burst Fade Mullet is probably the easiest Mullet style to pull off. It looks similar to other burst fade haircuts. The only difference is that the back part is a bit longer but it is usually kept quite short considering other Mullet hairdos.

This design will look best with straight hair and a diamond-shaped face. But I don’t forbid you to experiment on other hair types as well. The result might surprise you.

Burst Fade Mullet is the safest hairstyle to experiment with for people who are new to Mullet styles. You can easily do this on your kid’s hair at home with a hair clipper and a scissor. It does not require too much time as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to your kids, you always want what is best for them. It is the same when it comes to the hairstyle as well. You must have many questions about which Mullet will suit your kid or whether it’s alright for kids to have Mullet or not. I have answered some of these questions to put your mind at rest.

Question: Is Mullet good for Kids?

Answer: Having a Mullet does not have any special benefit other than being a bold haircut. If your child is asking for a Mullet then do not discourage him. Mullet can give your kid a bold look which can work as a confidence booster.

Let kids be kids and try out new things. Kids’ hair grows faster than adults so do not worry! You can always change his hair to another style.

Question: What type of hair is best for Mullet?

Answer: Truth be told, Mullets look great on every hair type. It more depends on the way the hair is kept and maintained. But some think that Mullets look best with Curly hair. For that reason, people started the Prem Mullet trend where the hair is artificially curled.

Do not discourage your kid from getting a mullet when he is asking for one. People with straight and wavy hair look as great as people with curly hair do. It is all about preferences.

Question: How do I maintain my kid’s Mullet?

Answer: Maintaining a Mullet is similar to any other hairstyle. You do not have to plan out anything special for your kid’s mullet. Keep the scalp and hair clean. Wash their hair with shampoo and conditioner twice a week.

You should try to avoid using too many hair products on your kid’s hair. It will ruin their natural texture.

Question: Which face shape best suits Mullet hairstyles?

Answer: Having a Mullet haircut takes a lot of guts and it is not a style that everyone can pull off. Mullet haircuts are most suitable for Diamond shaped faces. You can try a mullet cut for your kid even if he does not have a diamond-shaped face so don’t sweat too much about it. I have seen round or square-shaped people pull off Mullets.

Final Statement

Kids are highly influenced by watching others. So it is no surprise that all of a sudden every kid wants to have Mullet due to its sudden re-emergence.

There is undoubtedly a decent amount of variations in the Mullet hairstyle. I want your kid to have the best Mullet style there is and for that reason, I have selected some styles which are for mild kids while the others are well suited for jumpy ones.

Choose the hairstyle which feels like the optimal one for your child based on his face shape and hair type. You will not regret it.

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