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80s Mullet: 13 Timeless Haircuts that Needs to Come Back in 2023

Shows like Stranger Things and the remake of Top Gun clearly prove how big 80s nostalgia is right now. Among all the things that are making a comeback, 80s mullet is probably one of the most impactful ones.

Cosmetify had already called the mullet one of the biggest comeback hairstyles in 2021. That buzz has not died but rather increased even more in 2023.

Quite a few celebrities have adopted a mullet pretty recently. There was also a trend in TikTok called the “one-minute mullet challenge”. All these are making the younger generations attracted to this 80s hairstyle.

However, we do believe that some things are better left in the past. You need to be careful when you are deciding to go for a mullet.

Do not worry because we have made things easier for you. In this article, we will only bring you the mullet styles that will work in our time as well.

13 Mullet Hairstyles from the 80s That You Can Try in 2023

We have gone through tons of 80s mullet hairstyles and have handpicked 13 styles just for you. There is a quality in them that makes these styles timeless. Go through the list and find out which one suits you the most.

Classic 80s Mullet

Classic 80s Mullet

Let’s begin with the classic. You can see some clear differences with the modern mullets. We’d argue that this mullet is still more suave and charming than lots of contemporary hairstyles.

Your hair at the back, and especially around your nape, needs to be long and voluminous. The sides need to be long as well. You would find that the sides are not shaved or tapered in almost any of the styles on this list. That is a more modern phenomenon and was not really seen in the classic mullets.

The hair at the front will also have some length. It won’t be shortened or cropped. In fact, few strands of front hair can come down and cover half of the forehead.

Spiky Top Mullet

Spiky Top Mullet

This one is an iconic 80s mullet. It became hugely popular thanks to the 1987’s film The Lost Boys. Kiefer Sutherland, who plays a character called David Powers, has this electrifying hairstyle in the film.

Your hair at the front and top needs to be spiked up for this style. The hair at the back would be long as usual. The sides are not shortened, but they’re slick and stick close to the scalp.

The goal is to make sure that the spikes and the long hair at the back are visible from the front. The contrast makes it an exhilarating look. It was a style way ahead of its time and you can surely rock it till this day as well.

Curly Mullet

Curly Mullet

Hello, is it a cool 80s mullet you’re looking for? We’re sorry but it was impossible to resist. You can’t talk about the curly mullet from the 80s and not refer to Lionel Richie.

The amazingly talented artist gave this style a legendary status. He absolutely owned it and brought every man’s attention to the mullet. Also, he is not the only one. Ice Cube had a curly mullet as well. Even in the 90s, celebrities like Jamie Foxx were carrying one.

So, all of you with long curly hair who are looking for your next hairstyle, you can give the mullet a try. One thing is guaranteed that you’d be in the company of some huge stars.

Mid Part Mullet

Mid Part Mullet

This is one of the most refined and polished mullets on this list. It can give you such a tidy appearance that you can have this style even on a formal occasion. And trust us, that is not the case with most of the mullets.

It was George Clooney who made this fusion between a mid-part style and a mullet popular in the 80s. His long hair was a bit wavy and that went fantastically well with the style.

You don’t need to create a sharp middle partition and it doesn’t need to go all the way. You can also move the partition slightly to one side. Do not forget to give the hair around your nape a bit of flight.

Short Sophisticated Mullet

Short Sophisticated Mullet

Do not think that all mullets were really long and extravagant in the 80s. Some men, like John Travolta for instance, had a shorter and more sophisticated mullet.

To get this style, your hair at the front and top need to have an average length. The hair at the back will be long, but not too longer than the front. You can also style your front hair and give it more flair if you want.

When you first look at this style, it almost feels like a modern hairstyle. It’s hard to believe that men were carrying this style in the 80s. So, you can definitely bring it back in 2022.

The Mullet of Rock Stars

The Mullet of Rock Stars

Now, let’s look at an 80s mullet that was made popular by the rock and metal musicians of that decade. You can literally look up any band on the internet from that era and you might find half of its members with this exact haircut.

You need to comb down your hair at the back to attain this style. Your hair needs to be slick and smooth. The front will need more attention because the magic happens there.

In the front you’ll have 80s rocker hair. That means it will be kind of sharp and spiky. Visually it will look like a mini explosion happened at the front.

Afro Mullet

Afro Mullet

To be honest, we are not sure if you can use the term “comeback” for this 80s mullet. Because you probably see more afro mullets in the present time than you’d see back then.

We are not saying it was not popular in the 80s. A lot of people carried this style. But, this style is also pretty popular among contemporary men with afro hair. It’s just such a great look that men find themselves being attracted to it.

The reliable way of getting an afro mullet is having the same length for the front, top, and back. Also, you should try a taper or a fade with this style.

Elegant Side Part Mullet

Elegant Side Part Mullet

As the name suggests, this is a really elegant 80s mullet. Rob Lowe will get the credit for presenting us this endearing hairstyle.

You will need long hair at the front and top for this style. You have to make a side part that is not too sharp. In fact, it shouldn’t even be too visible.

The longer hair can sort of hide the partition. It will be visible that your hair is swept on one side, but the partition will be lost within your long hair. Keep long flowy hair at the back and you have an exquisite and tasteful hairstyle.

Party in The Back Mullet

Party In The back Mullet

Most of you are probably aware that mullets are called “business in the front, party in the back”. It is given this name because of the longer hair at the back.

You can say that this current hairstyle takes this name seriously and pushes it to the limit. There really is a huge party going on at the back.

Your hair at the front and top will be shortened in this style. The hair at the crown and nape areas will be way longer. The hair at the back will also have more texture and character.

Slick Back Mullet

Slick Back Mullet

Let’s look at another really dignified mullet. Sick back styles are quite popular right now and you will find a few men with this style in any formal or professional event.

This is the perfect time for this 80s mullet to shine. All you need to brush back your front hair and keep the long hair at the back neat and tidy.

This easy-to-get hairstyle will instantly give you a cultured and sophisticated look. We are now in an era where appearance matters a lot in every sphere of life. Why not try this style and get ahead in the game?

Two-Toned Mullet

Two Toned Mullet

We have now got something for the men who love dying their hair. We will not just suggest a color. We’ve got something even more fun and exciting.

You can thank musician Limahl for this style. He had a mullet and he decided to go for a two-toned style. That basically means half of his hair had one color and the other half another one.

It made his mullet more mystifying. You can also follow this route for a fun style. Remember to choose a color that will create a contrast with your natural hair color.

Rattail Mullet with Waves

Rattail Mullet With Waves

This is an 80s mullet that has stood the test of time. This style was spotted back in the 80s. You will find the style in the 2000s as well because Kanye West carried this style around 2009.

Even in recent years, NBA star Kenrich Williams has adopted this mullet. So, you can say that this style kept coming back over the years.

The waves at the front are actually optional. It takes quite a long time to get it and you can avoid it if you don’t want the hassle. The star of this style is the rattail at the nape and it makes this a distinctive and unique mullet.

Headband with Mullet

Headband With Mullet

If we talk about mullets and accessories, nothing comes closer to headbands. They were insanely popular in the 80s.

Though many men have tried it, Andre Agassi is the biggest success when it comes to rocking a headband with a mullet. Headbands became an integral part of his hairstyle and you probably think of it when you think of Agassi.

If you are also a fan of accessories for hair, you should 100% try out a headband with your mullet. Bandanas are a great alternative as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have looked at some striking mullet styles, let’s look at some of the questions that are frequently asked about 80s mullets. We’ll answer a few of the most asked ones.

What was a mullet called in the 80s?

That is an interesting question because a mullet was not called a “mullet” in the 80s. In fact, it was in the 90s when this hairstyle was first called a mullet. In the 80s this style was called a “bi-level”.  There are multiple origin stories of the name “mullet” and it is difficult to pinpoint one single story of how this name actually came to be.

Are mullets 80s or 90s?

Mullets actually first appeared in the 70s. However, it wasn’t that popular or mainstream back then. It reached its peak in the 80s. That is when tons of celebrities and also mass people were adopting this hairstyle. The success of this style continued in the 90s as well.

Who had a mullet in the 80s?

We have already mentioned a lot of movie stars, musicians, and sportsmen who had a mullet in the 80s. Apart from them, there were also Mel Gibson, Patrick Swayze, Kurt Russell, Billy Ray Cyrus, Richard Dean Anderson, and plenty of others who famously had mullets.


Do not worry, there is no plot twist at the end. After describing, explaining, and almost promoting 80s mullet styles, we are not going to tell you to stay from them at the end.

We rather want to reassure you that mullets are back, well at least some of them are. And, they are here to stay. It won’t be too long before people are jumping on this bandwagon.

We just want to give you a head start. The styles you have seen on the list are the best mullets of the 80s. Most of them are directly inspired by popular celebrities. These were beloved hairstyles back then and they can still catch a lot of eyes for all the right reasons.

Also, you are always free to put your own twists on these classic styles to make them more fresh and contemporary. So, recreate an 80s mullet and confidently rock the style.

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