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18 Amazing Afro Mullet Hairstyles to Try in 2022

Very few hairstyles are and have been as controversial as a mullet. While a lot of people tend to vehemently stay away from the afro mullet, a lot of them are still carrying it with pride.

This hairstyle is divisive to say the least. Mullet has gotten a lot of sticks for many years now, still it does not stop popping up.

From the members of New Edition and Lionel Richie in the 80s to Kanye, Rihanna and Zendaya even a few years ago. The mullet has never really gone away.

So, you might call it a backdated or a limited hairstyle, but the celebrities mentioned above have constantly proved it wrong.

It all depends on how you style it. And, this is where we come in. We have put together for you some exciting classics and some amazing modern interpretations of the afro mullet.

Stay with this article and you might just find one that will attract you to try it.

What is an Afro Mullet?

Whether you call it popular or infamous, the mullet is generally known to everyone. Still, let’s look at what it is to clear any doubt you might have.

The basic philosophy of an afro mullet, also sometimes called as black mullet haircut or black man mullet, is having short hair on the front and the sides, and much longer hair at the back.

The volume of hair is often higher at the back as well. Also, shortening the hair at the sides is not absolutely necessary.

It is also a unisex hairstyle. Both male and female celebrities and fans alike have been adopting this style for many years.

It first became really popular in the 80s thanks to hip hop artists and movie/TV stars. There was never a huge number of people adopting this style, but also it didn’t vanish as well.

In recent years, Kanye had a famous mullet in the 808s & Heartbreak era, Taraji P. Henson in 2009, Rihanna in 2013, Zendaya in 2016, and Swae Lee a few years later. So, it always had relevance in popular culture.

However, you will hardly see the mullet in its original form now. Now everyone tends to combine and fuse it with other styles, or put their own twist on it.

We also have gathered some interesting combinations for you. Keep reading to find out.

DIY: How to Get an Afro Mullet at Home?

Mullet is one of the easiest hairstyles to attain. You do not even need to go to a salon. Just follow these easy steps and you can get a mullet at home.

Step 1 – Firstly, you need to make sure your hair is long enough for a mullet. If not, then you need to let it grow more. The ideal length is 2-6 inches. If your hair is long enough, then wash and clean your hair. Then, pat your hair dry with a towel. Make sure your hair is dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 2 – You now need to divide your hair into 3 sections. The first section will be your front hair. This section should have hair from the front hairline to the middle part of the crown. The other two sections are the right and left sides. Use hair clips to keep the sections at their place. You can also use a hair gel or cream if your hair is too frizzy and unmanageable.

Step 3 – Now, you need to cut your front hair. First, decide how short you want it. You can go for a crop top or bangs as well. Use scissors and comb and cut your front hair down to the length you prefer. You can also use an electric trimmer if you are going really short. Also, decide if you want to shorten your top hair as well. Then use scissors and do that as well.

Step 4 – Next, you need to cut the sides. Again, you can use scissors to cut it short, use a trimmer and trim it, or use a safety razor to shave it off completely. Just decide what you want to do with your sides and use the appropriate tool to do that. Also, remember to use the correct guard whenever you are using a trimmer.

Step 5 –  Finally, we focus on the star of this hairstyle, the hair at the back. It is the same process where you decide how long you want it. If you like how it is, you can just leave it as it is. You can also make it a bit shorter if you want. You can finish the routine by using hair mousse. It will help in styling your hair, and also keeping that style its place.

Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of a mullet.

Our final pro tip to you is that do not go too short if you are not fully confident about your dexterity. In that way, if something goes wrong, a professional can work with the hair that is left, and help you in salvaging the situation.

18 Amazing Afro Mullet Styles

Do not think for a second that there is only way to rock an afro mullet. This might come as a surprise to you but a mullet is actually really versatile.

So, do not get stuck with just the traditional mullet. There are tons of ways for you to play with your mullet. Go through this list and you’ll surely find some exciting ideas.

The Long Back Mullet

The Long Black Mullet

There is no limit to how long you can keep your hair at the back. So, you can do what Rihanna did, and go really long.

Your hair on the front and the sides will be short, it will be longer on the crown area, and will be really long from the nape till the end.

If you want to follow Rihanna precisely, then your hair will have more volume starting from the nape. Or, you can keep the natural volume, and just increase the length.

This is a simple and classic look. All the ladies with straight hair should really consider this length.

The Short Mullet

The Short Mullet

The long length mullet might not be convenient for a lot of people. It is especially difficult for the ones with coily hair.

Even if you do have straight hair, you might want to avoid the hassle. It really is easier to manage and take care of shorter hair. Then, why not go for a shorter style?

Just keep your hair till your nape and above your shoulder. This length also gives you a cute appearance, which might be your goal.

So, if you are looking for an easy-to-manage afro mullet that also is a really adorable hairstyle, this one is just for you.

Buzzed Front Mullet

Buzzed Front Mullet

We know the front hair should be shorter than the back in a mullet. The question is how short you want to go.

You can go really short and give yourself a buzz cut at the front. The clear contrast between the front and the back makes it a really striking look.

We highly recommend this style to the guys. However, we suggest not to keep your hair beyond your nape for this style.

Also, the shorter hair at the front will bring more attention to what you are doing at the back. So, you can spike it up if you want to give this style more character.

Modern Mullet

Modern Mullet

We know what you are thinking. This almost doesn’t even feel like a mullet. Well, that is kind of the point of this one.

The mullet is not considered as one of the popular hairstyles. It is a bit much for a lot of people. But, you can easily try one of the modern interpretations of the mullet.

Take this Taraji P. Henson inspired look for example. It created quite a buzz when she first appeared with the modern mullet. This really is a great look.

You have to keep the front hair longer than usual for this one. You can try bangs or side swept hair as well. The back hair should be till your shoulders, and do not have uneven volume at the back.

The Lush Mullet

The Lush Mullet

This one catches your eyes instantly, doesn’t it? This truly is a captivating black mullet haircut.

This style is not about the length; it is all about the volume. We especially suggest this style to all the people with type 4 hair. Choose this style and put your lush and voluminous coily hair on display with all its glory.

If you are attracted to this style, and you’re thinking my hair doesn’t have the volume to pull this off, then do check online, and you will find a lot of tips on how to increase hair volume.

The length doesn’t really matter for this one. If you can’t or don’t want to manage longer hair, go for a more comfortable length.

Faded Mullet

Faded Mullet

Do you know the easiest way to bring more life to your mullet? Add a fade and that’s it. Just a simple fade can spice up your mullet and your overall appearance.

That is why it is one of the most popular combinations as far as a black man mullet is concerned. This style has been successfully adopted by many people. So you’d know that there is far less risk in choosing this one.

You might be thinking about which fade to choose. Go for a high fade or a drop fade if you are feeling bold. Choose a mid or low fade if you want to try something sober.

Ladies, just because this is a style more common among men, do not miss out on it.

Side Parted Mullet

Side Parted Mullet

This is probably the most sophisticated style on this list. Also, if a fade is too bold for you, this can be a great alternative.

To attain this style, you need to keep your hair till or just above your shoulders. You will also need more volume at the back for this one.

Create a side partition, and then make the hair on one side significantly shorter than the other. You can actually go for a taper as well. Then sweep your longer hair on the opposite side to complete this style.

There really is not a more elegant way to pull off a black mullet haircut.

Designed Undercut Mullet

Designed Undercut Mullet

This one is a fun and adventurous fusion. The title itself explains what the style exactly is.

You are combining the afro mullet with an undercut. You will really shorten or completely shave off the sides. But, unlike the undercut, the hair will be long and voluminous at the back.

The undercut can be either connected or disconnected with the top, it’s up to you. Now, you can go for any design you like.

It can be a simple stripe or zig-zag shape to complex geometrical and artistic patterns. Go as bold or as subtle as you like.

Cornrows Mullet

Cornrows Mullet

This one is for all of you who are fans of protective hairstyles. It is also a really funky take on a traditional black mullet haircut.

Just braid your hair and put them in cornrows for a neat and tidy hairstyle. You can make the braids as thick or thin as you want.

There are tons of designs and patterns available for cornrows.  Go with your heart and figure out which design will suit your mullet the most.

The best part of this style is that it works great on both guys and girls.

Mullet with Partial Cornrows

Mulet With Partial Cornrows

You can play with how much of your hair you want to put in cornrows. Go for cornrows partially and put a new twist on the previous style.

Only the sides need to be braided for this one. We would also suggest more volume on the top. The cornrows on the sides will then really pop out among the thick hair on the top and the back.

As the focus will mostly be on the cornrows, you do not need to worry about the length of the mullet. Choose whatever feels right to you.

Twisty Mullet

Twisty Mullet

Your twisted hair can look really cool in the mullet shape. No matter which type of twists you are carrying, a mullet will elevate your look.

A guy can have 2 strand twists or 3 strand twists, and combining that with a mullet will create a completely fresh look.

It goes for the girls carrying twist extensions as well. The mullet and the twists will complement each other. Just try it once and you will see the magic.

Mullet with Dreads

Mullet With Dreads

We are fully aware that dreads are not just a hairstyle for many people. It is more of a lifestyle.

However, that does not mean you can’t try new things with your dreads. Just look at what rapper, songwriter Swae Lee has done with his dreads.

His dreads look absolutely amazing in a mullet. You can also keep the front hair a bit longer than usual to achieve his look.

The Long Rattail Mullet

The Long Rattail Mullet

This one is a blast from the past. If we think about black people with mullets in the 80s, this style was actually pretty common among men.

For this one, you would notice the hair at the front and the top have the same length. Even in the crown area the length or the volume does not increase.

Just as the nape area begins, the hair suddenly becomes really long and voluminous. Then, the hair goes beyond the shoulders.

Some of you might think that this is a hairstyle of a bygone area, and should be kept in the past. But, we fully support and encourage those who are brave enough to adopt it.

Braided Mullet

Braided Mullet

You can braid your hair in different ways and combine that with a mullet. We agree that this is not a completely new way of carrying an afro mullet. But, braids in a mullet sure are dependable.

You can be a girl with triangle, Fulani or lemonade braids, or a guy with simple box braids. These braids can become even more charismatic when fused with a mullet.

There is also the option of partially braiding. Just braid your front hair, and keep the rest as it is to create a fresh style.

Braided Radical Rattail

Braided Radical Rattail

Okay, here is out before you ask what insanity this is. We are very much aware that when someone says “black people with mullet”, this is never going to be the image that comes to your mind.

However, shouldn’t that encourage you? This is an instant way of turning everyone’s head and making people look twice.

For this style, your hair will be really short on the front, top, and the sides. The hair will be long and braided from the lower crown area, and will go way beyond your shoulders.

Just the sheer audacity of this style should attract you towards this and make you try it at least once.

Fringe Mullet

Fringe Mullet

This is a fairly easy-to-attain hairstyle. But, it can give you a chic vibe and bring some modernity to the traditional mullet.

You just need a crop top or a fringe at the front. You might also shave off the sides for extra impact. The contrast between the straight line at the front and the messy hair at the back makes this a charming hairstyle.

This style can also look cute and bubbly if you carry it that way.

Dyed Mullet

Dyed Mullet

You can always dye your mullet. Just choose a color that will make the mullet gel with your personal groove.

Zendaya rocked her half blonde, half brunette mullet in the Grammys back in 2016. Some might have not liked this look, but almost everyone appreciated how she carried it with confidence and made it her own.

Being inspired by her, you can do the same with your mullet as well.

Two-toned Mullet

Two Toned Mullet

You do not need to dye all of your hair to create a strong impact. You can just partially color your hair to create a cool contrast.

There are many ways of doing that. You can just dye the tips of your hair. The shape of the mullet will make that work for you.

If you are going for really short hair on the sides, then you can just color the sides. Or, you can keep the sides natural, and color the rest.

Final Words

Now you would hopefully not judge or stay away from the afro mullet without properly knowing about it. Who knows you might be interested in this “business in the front, party in the back” style.

After all, it is really easy to get one. You can give yourself a mullet haircut at your home. You now know the process to do that as well.

Also, the adaptability is another big bonus. There are so many awesome styles that you can choose.

The mullet was one of the top comeback hairstyles of 2021. The time is perfect as well for a mullet.

So, take one from our list or come up with your own interpretation. Have fun with the mullet in any way you want.

Success of any hairstyle depends on how confidently you are carrying it. Choose whatever you want, be confident about your decision, and it will work out fine.

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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