20 Cool and Chic Shoulder Length Bob Braids Hairstyles to Try in 2023

Whenever we think of protective hairstyles such as box braids, cornrows, or dreadlocks, the first thing that comes to our mind is the long and shiny hair flowing down the waist and beyond. Let’s be honest, many women out there love to keep their braids long. But some of us are simply looking for a change, and it can start by changing the length.

We always talk about long and short hairstyles and forget about medium or shoulder-length hairstyles quite often. So if you are wondering whether trying out a shoulder-length hairstyle with your braids will be a good option, then we are here to let you know that it will look just as gorgeous as your long and short styles.

The shoulder-length bob has earned a massive amount of popularity in recent times, and many ladies out there are going for this hairstyle repeatedly. So if you also want to try out such a hairstyle, here we are going to help you choose the perfect style for your braids.

How to Do A Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyle with Braids?

Shoulder-length bob hairstyles can be done with different types of braids, but the most popular ones are those with box braids, as they are easy to do and require less effort. However, you can try out several other braids such as tribal braids, cornrows, or simply twist braids to give yourself a bob look.

The trick lies in cutting your hair properly and giving it a bob shape. You can do longer braids and then cut them to a straight or asymmetrical bob shape according to your desire. The braid patterns will depend on your preference and vibe, so you can choose them according to your desire.

Ahead is one of the simplest ways to do a shoulder-length bob braids hairstyle that you can do with your regular box braids.

Guide to Perfecting Your Shoulder-Length Bob Box Braids

Box braids are the most common types of braids out there for their versatility and appeal. When done perfectly, box braids look so elegant and they will make you come back for this style again and again. So for our bob look, we are going to tell you how you can do a style just with your box braids.

For your perfect shoulder-length bob box braids, first of all, create mini sections with your hair for the box braids. Make sure to lay each row in between the row before it to form brick layers. This is done to make your hairstyle look thicker in appearance. When the back section of your hair is done braiding, move on to your front section.

Create a side part at the front to give it the proper bob shape. One part will be having more braids than the other, as we are talking about an asymmetrical bob shape. Now finish braiding all your hair neatly, and make sure to braid longer than your expected size to avoid any hassle.

When the braiding is done, start from the part with the lesser amount of braids. Take one piece of braided hair and determine how short you want your hair to be based on your face shape, but also remember that we are talking about shoulder-length bob so choose your length wisely. Now take an elastic hair tie and tie it up at the length you want it to be kept. Then take your scissor and cut off the excess part.

Taking this braided piece as your guide, cut off all the other braided pieces of hair on this side so that you have a nice and uniform outcome. Now move on to the other side with more braids. Again take one braided piece of hair which will be your new guide braid and tie it up, keeping the length longer than the previous guide braid, as the hair on this part will be longer in appearance. 

Cut off the excess hair and repeat the same process on the rest of the hair on this side, taking the new guide braid into account. Now with your braids at the back, follow the length of your previous guide braid on the shorter side, tie up your hair, and cut off the rest of the length.

You can add accessories to your hair to make the style cooler. Also, don’t forget to apply proper products after the styling has been done. And that’s it, your shoulder-length asymmetrical bob with braids is ready to be flaunted!

20 Stylish Shoulder Length Bob Braids Hairstyles 

As you already know how to do a shoulder-length bob with braids, now it’s time to look at your styling options for this particular style. The good news is that you can style your hair any way you want and add accessories to make it look cooler. So without any further ado, let’s jump into our list of favorites!

Classic Short Bob

Classic Short Bob

When it comes to cute bob hairstyles, we always have to start our list with the classic short bob that is not too short and reaches the shoulder for giving you the perfect bob look. It’s all about keeping the length proper and assembling the hair in the right way to make them look perfect.

If you are a beginner and are willing to take the easy road for safety, we suggest you start with black braiding hair if your natural hair is black. Your braids can be of small or medium size for keeping things simple. Make sure to part your hair properly to achieve the right bob.

In this picture, the lady has a neatly done shoulder-length bob with braids which looks quite simple and easy to do. The box braids are properly done and a side part has been created to give it the bob shape. This style can be a great choice for beginners.

Black Tribal Bob Braids

Black Tribal Bob

Tribal braids are most probably one of those classiest hairstyles that look so elegant when they are done properly, and many women out there love to try out tribal braids as protective hairstyles. There are different types of tribal braids, and the exhibition of African culture through hair can be best done with these braids.

Among the types of tribal braids that are available out there, we love the cornrows style as they look intricate and quite fascinating when done with precision. Take this hairstyle for example. The braids have been done in an interesting pattern that looks charming from the very first glance. The hair also has a nice bob length which is perfect for a cool appearance.

The middle of the hair has a braid with two hair rings at the front, which gives it a simple yet elegant look. Tribal braids are adorned with different types of accessories, such as the wooden beads added at the end of these braids. This hairstyle is so beautiful that we cannot stop thinking about trying it out right now!

Blonde Tribal

Blonde Tribal

Blonde hair looks the best when turned into a bob shape, no matter if it is a long bob or a short bob. If you do not have naturally blonde hair, it doesn’t mean that you cannot try out a blonde bob look. Rather, choosing blonde braiding hair will help you achieve that braided bob look quite easily.

When you are choosing your hair, make sure that you have picked the right shade of blonde according to your preference. Your natural black hair will create the black-roots appearance along with the blonde once the braids are done, and this elegant hairstyle will make you fall in love with it instantly.

The lady in the picture has a perfectly done blonde bob with tribal braids that look neat and precise. The two-layer braids on the sides have given her hair that touch of aesthetic, plus the creative pattern created with her baby hair is also quite charming.

Micro Braids

Micro Braids

When it comes to micro braids, intricacy and precision are everything. We have seen a lot of hairstyles containing medium, large, and jumbo braids. Those are the common braiding styles among women out there, but some of us just love the micro braids for the intricate appearance they create. It’s simply gorgeous!

Micro braids require a much longer time to be done completely as they are small in nature and need to be precise. So if you are willing to go for a shoulder-length bob with micro braids, then we suggest you clear your schedule beforehand and prepare yourself for the hairstyling session.

Now, coming back to shoulder-length bobs. If your goal is to go for a micro-braided bob, then take this picture as your inspiration. The length of her hair reaches her shoulder and the parting is done in the middle. You can give your hair an asymmetrical shape if you want to make it more stylish, and this style is sure to win hearts!

Jumbo Box 

Jumbo Box Bob Braids

After talking about the teeny-tiny micro braids, we are jumping straight into the jumbo braids. Jumbo braids are large braids that usually take a shorter amount of time to be done compared to the other braiding styles. We have seen Zendaya rocking her jumbo box braids at an award function and she has inspired us to try this hairstyle without giving it a second thought!

The thing with jumbo braids is that you need to be willing to carry out this hairstyle with grace. Most women love to try out medium braids, but jumbo box braids are popular because the braids give you a fuller look and a traditional vibe instantly.

Take this picture as an example. If you are willing to go for a shoulder-length bob style, this one here can be your inspiration. The jumbo box braids look fabulous and the style has a middle part. The braids have been adorned with beads and then the rest of the hair from there has been turned into beautiful curls. This style is a must-try from our side!

Boho Bob

Boho Bob Braids

Do you know about the boho braid hairstyle? Basically, pieces of curly hair are placed with your braid and then left out to achieve a boho look. This styling requires a proper amount of skill and it looks stunning when the braids are done, so the next time you visit the salon, give boho braids a try.

The fact with boho braids is that it is a combination of straight braids with curls that look stunning. So you have to choose your braiding hair properly to achieve this look. Boho box braids are one of our favorite hairstyles, and you can keep your hair long or short according to your desire to achieve this style.

When it comes to a boho bob, we have to say that we are in love with this hairstyle. Black braiding hair has been used to achieve this bob look, and the combination of box braids with curls is totally charming. These knotless braids should be your next styling option for sure!

Multicolor Beads

Multicolor Beads Box Braids

Are you a fan of beads? Well, we surely are! Beads are those accessories that can be added to the hair to take your hairstyle to the next level without giving much effort. There are several types of beads available on the market, starting from regular transparent beads to wooden beads and gold and silver hair rings.

Many women love to go for the transparent beaded look, whereas many of them love the patterned wooden beads. And for kids, colorful beads are always the winner. But you can also combine different types of beads in your hairstyle to achieve a playful look.

Here is a shoulder-length bob hairstyle with different colors of beads that look stunning from the very first glance. The style has been done using box braids, and beads of different colors have been added at the ends to give the black hair a dash of color. Also, gold hair rings have been added randomly to the braids to make the style more elegant.

Curly Ends

Curly Ends Bob Braids

After braiding your hair, you can secure your ends and keep them just as they are, or add some volume to your hair by curling the ends. We know that the braided hair gets thinner as it reaches the end, so adding curls gives it proper volume even at the ends, providing your hair with a fuller look on the go.

You can curl the ends of your hair using flexi rods. You will find them in different sizes to choose the one according to your braid size. You can also use perm rods to give your ends the curls they need. Another way is adding a piece of curly braiding hair at the end of your braid to give your ends that curly look.

In this picture, these attractive shoulder-length braids are everything. This is a long bob style with curly ends that look quite voluminous. We totally love the color and shine of the hair, and the slayed edges at the front have defined the hairstyle more beautifully.

With Gold Hair Rings

With Gold Hair Rings

Just like beads, adding hair rings to your hairstyle is also a great option to upgrade your style instantly. Hair rings are available in both silver and golden colors, and they come with intricate patterns which make them look exclusive when added to the braids. 

There is no rule in adding hair rings to your braids, generally, beads are added to the end of braids but they can also be placed in different lengths of the braids. When it comes to hair rings, their random allocation is mostly popular.

In this picture, the lady has a short shoulder-length bob with nicely done box braids, she has added two types of gold hair rings to her braids to make them look fancier. She has also maintained a pattern in adding the rings, which makes it look even more beautiful.

Black and Red

Black And Red Shoulder Length Bob Braids

One of the most classic combinations of all time is the black and red braided hair look. It doesn’t require much-all you need to do is choose both black and red braiding hair to do your braids, and the style will speak for itself.

If you are a fan of shoulder-length hair and want to try out a bob hairstyle with your braids, then combining black and red braids will give you a charming look. This style is bold and cool, so you can try it out without any worries. If the vibrancy of red is your concern, try out subtle shades for that.

Here, we have a half up half down hairstyle with black and red braids which looks quite cool! She has a nice shoulder-length bob that is neatly done, and the red braids are working as highlights. Also, the gold hair rings at the ends have contributed to the elegance of the style.

Reds with Beads

Reds And Beads

A head full of red braids is always bold. This fierce look has been tried by many women out there, so we know that trying out this style is the trend right now. Red braids require red braiding hair, so choose your shade according to your personality and preference.

You can go for a complete red hair look, or opt for red braids down the length while keeping the roots dark. No matter which one you choose, red braids are going to be your companion for a long time for sure. You can also add beads at the ends of your braids to make them look gorgeous.

We suggest you take inspiration from this hairstyle if you are willing to start your red braids journey. These small feed-in braids are all red down the length with hints of black. The shoulder-length bob has been adorned with multicolor hair beads, and the slayed edges at the front are total goals!

Large Silver Braids

Large Silver Braids

Large box braids are in between medium and jumbo box braids. They require a shorter amount of time to be done and look exclusive altogether. So lately if you have been thinking about changing your protective hairstyle, we suggest you give large box braids a try.

Box braids are suitable for all ages, starting from kids to older women. So if your hair has turned gray and you feel like not adorning them anymore, then we are here to say that you can slay your gray hair and make them look modish with some beautifully done box braids.

This hairstyle is an example of how beautiful it looks when natural gray hair is turned into large box braids. As you can see, the braids have a beautiful silver color with hints of black color, which define the braids more precisely. Also, the bob length is totally chic and can be worn any day!

Blonde Twists

Blonde Twists

Twist braids are another great option to go for if you are looking to try out a braided shoulder-length bob hairstyle. Although regular box braids are more common in this case, you can bring a change to your hairstyle by switching to twist braids. Trust us, your hair will thank you for choosing this style.

When it comes to twist braids, you can try out this blonde hair look with an asymmetrical bob. Choosing your braiding hair doesn’t have to be a strict experience, rather you can go for different blonde colors to give your hair a play of shades and definition.

This hairstyle is a combination of twists and shaved styles. While one side of the head carries all the twist braids gracefully, the other side has a shaved style for a perfect bold look. So if you are confident enough to rock a shaved bob hairstyle with twist braids, give this style a try!

Black and Brown

Black And Brown

Combining two colors in a single hairstyle is not a new phenomenon, and one of the most popular hairstyles, in this case, is the combination of black and brown hair. So next time you go shopping for your braids, make sure to choose proper braiding hair in black and brown shades.

You can do your braids simply by using both of these hairs in your box braids or cornrows, or you can add a twist to your style by creating goddess braids. For that, your braids can be done with brown braiding hair, whereas the curly pieces of hair can be of black color.

Look at this hairstyle to have a clear vision of what we are trying to depict. This shoulder-length bob has brown braids which are perfectly curled at the ends, and pieces of curly hair have been added to the braids to create that goddess style. All these curls are set nicely and they have given the hair a fuller look.

Princess Half Up

Princess Half Up

We all know about the elegant princess-style hair with a loosely done half up that works so well to complement the name of the style. Although this style is majorly done on loosely curled hair, you can also try it out on your box braids. Because literally, there should be no limits when it comes to styling your hair.

You can go for different types of box braids in this case. Micro braids will look great, but if you have less time and want something less intricate, then knotless box braids will also be a good option. Just make sure to keep the length up to your shoulder for a bob-shaped style.

This hairstyle is our inspiration for an easy princess-style half up. The box braids have been done neatly and cut into the size of a shoulder-length bob, and three pieces of braids have been taken from each side to give it that half up style with the help of an elastic hair tie. The ends have also been secured with elastic hair ties and given an interesting look to complement the entire style.

Chic Pigtails

Chic Pigtails

With shoulder-length hair, you can do different types of styles such as half-ups or turning them into cute pigtails. If you have a middle part bob with braids, then opting for casual pigtails will be great to add that extra smartness to your hairstyle. It doesn’t require much effort and the style is cool enough to make you stand out.

You can do your braids with one-colored hair, or go for a visually appealing look with two colors, such as black and blonde. Take this hairstyle for an example. Here, the box braids have been done using black and blonde braiding hair and they have been turned into a perfect shoulder-length bob.

The braids have been turned into two chic ponytails and secured with regular hair ties. Two pieces of hair at the front have been separated to create the perfect pigtails, and the ends of the braids are adorned with transparent beads to make the style super elegant.

Half Up Top Knot

Half Up Top Knot

We have talked about the princess half up, so now it’s time to know about the classic half up top knot. This style is considered to be a casual one and it’s quite easy to do. Instead of turning your entire hair into a top knot or bun, you can create a half up top knot to achieve a flowy and secured style at one go.

Half up top knots are more popular for loosely curled hair or straight hair, but you can try them out with your braids as well. All you need to do is divide your hair into two sections. Make a top knot with the upper section, and let the hair from the lower section be as free as they are meant to be!

We are in love with this vibrant half up top knot hairstyle as it has the perfect shoulder-length bob and is so eye-catching. The blue and purple braids with the touch of black and pink are screaming cool girl vibes. We totally approve of the curly ends and suggest you try out this hairstyle asap!

Space Buns

Space Buns

One of the many advantages of having braided hair is that when they are turned into top knots or buns, the buns look full of volume which makes them gorgeous instantly. Regular straight hair doesn’t have this extra fullness, so we always recommend turning your braided hair into top knots or buns.

Speaking of buns, we cannot just forget our beloved space buns. When each side of your hair contains beautifully done buns, those are called space buns. The hair is parted in the middle so the buns look uniform and precise. Space buns can be done with colorful braiding hair, or you can keep things simple with your regular colors.

Here is a classic example of space buns done in a braided bob hairstyle. As you can see, the buns look cute and compact as the hair is shoulder-length, so if a major volume is not your cup of tea, this cutesy hairstyle can be your companion. We love how brown hair has been incorporated into the braids, as it creates a highlight effect within the black hair, and looks so perfect!

Half Up Double Buns

Half Up Double Buns

With your shoulder-length bob, you can create several types of half up styles, including the half up double buns which are quite attractive to look at. It doesn’t require much, just part your hair in the middle, do box braids all over your hair, and then turn them into a half up double buns style-as simple as that!

This picture here is our recent favorite because of the way that it has been styled to perfection. Although it’s just your regular half up double buns, there are some intricate details that we want you to take a look at. These are perfect for those who want to upgrade simple hairstyles in a classy way.

Blonde braiding hair has been used to do the braids. The mini sections for the braids are triangular in shape, and the hair has a perfect shoulder-length bob appearance. What’s more to notice is that the braids have been given a goddess style by adding pieces of curly hair, and the double buns are done casually to complete this captivating look.

Multicolor Braids

Multicolor Braids

We have talked about multicolor beads, but now it’s time to know about multicolor braids. Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Before starting your braiding session, you just need to grab the best quality colorful braiding hair. After that, all you need to do is braid your hair to your desired style and give them a proper bob cut for the perfect outcome.

For instance, this hairstyle here has become one of our favorites for its vibrant colors and neatly done braids. There are several colors playing throughout the style, starting from vibrant reds and purples to classic blondes and black. All these colors have brought out the inner vibrance of the lady in the picture.

We absolutely love the length of the hair and appreciate the fact that black braids are also kept within the style. This gives the hair a highlight effect with all those colors staying nicely. If you want to give your hairstyle a splash of colors, this is the perfect style for that.


We have talked about how to get a shoulder-length bob braid hairstyle properly and suggested the best bob hairstyles for your braided hair. However, there are still some questions that may wander in your mind, so here we have come up with the answers to those!

What kind of braiding hair should I use for bob braids?

Bob braids do not require any special types of braiding hair, because your regular box braids or tribal braids are given the shape of a bob haircut for these styles. We recommend you choose kanekalon hair for your braids and make sure that the hair is pre-stretched. Once done braiding, you just have to cut the hair short to make it look like a bob.

Also, don’t forget to grab colorful braiding hairs if you want a dash of color in your hair. If simple highlights are your desire, just choosing blonde hair along with your black hair will go a long way.

Are locs and braids the same?

If you search for shoulder-length bob braids, you will find many pictures with locs that have a bob shape. These are essentially not the same things as braided bobs, because bobs and locs are different from each other. The main difference is in the pattern of these two styles. Moreover, dreadlocks last longer than braided styles. So if you are truly looking for a braided bob, we suggest skipping the locs style because they are not braids.

How long can I keep my bob braids?

It is recommended to keep your bob braids on for 8 to 10 weeks. We do not suggest keeping your braids longer than that, because it can cause harm to your hair.

Can I give my bob braids an asymmetrical shape?

Just because your hair isn’t straight doesn’t mean you cannot rock an asymmetrical bob. Rather, we suggest you try out different cuts and styles with your shoulder-length bob braids. From straight cuts to middle parts and shaved styles, you can do creative things with your braided hair and achieve the perfect bob of your dreams.

What kind of accessories can I use for my shoulder-length braided bob?

When it comes to protective hairstyles, the options for accessories are endless. You can visit online stores and find tons of hair accessories for your beautiful braids, starting from regular hair ties for tied-up styles to beads and hair rings.

We have already talked about several styles with beads, so give those a definite try. You can also choose silver and gold hair rings for that extra effect. If your hair is dark, pick some colorful accessories for that pop-up effect. And to keep things simple, just grab your regular transparent beads and they will do the job perfectly.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of this article, it is time to remind you that at the end of the day it is your hair, and you know what style will be the best according to your face shape and vibe. So don’t hesitate to experiment and pay a visit to the salon if achieving a shoulder-length bob braided hairstyle at home seems like a difficult task to you.

Braided hair is beautiful on its own. What you can do is try out different styles and lengths to find out which style suits you the most. Some people just love the length, some just love the short styles. And for many out there, the medium is the best way to go!

So the next time you choose to update your hairstyle, give any of the styles mentioned above a try. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed, rather they might end up being your favorite. Don’t forget to add your favorite accessories, and carry your braids gracefully with you anywhere you go!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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