Mohawk Dreads

14 Extravagant Mohawk Dreads Hairstyles for 2022

Dreadlocks have been popular for quite some time now. While the lengthier variations receive a lot of praise and have gathered quite a following ever since its debut, there are various options for those that prefer keeping it light and short while maintaining the same elegance as that of traditional dreads. One of the more prominent ones is the mohawk dreads, also known as mohawk dreadlocks, which will be our main topic today.

Dreadlocks are known for their distinct appearance and the density each of the strands attain. Apart from their presentability, they are also very low maintenance as they can be worn for 6 months without any enhancement or readjustment.

While dreadlocks bring to the table some of the best visuals the hairdressing industry has witnessed, when mixed with a mohawk, it has the perfect amount of edginess, which is a must-have trait for most hairstyles today.

Eager to know more? Stay back and enjoy the read while we carry out a deep dive on mohawk dreads and find out exactly how one can incorporate this look into their daily lives!

14 Mohawk Dreads That Reek of Sheer Elegance

Just like any other version of dreadlocks, the mohawk dreads are extremely versatile. They can be paired up with haircuts as neat as the fade haircut, and can also be worn with every outfit. One can also wear mohawk dreads with suits, casual slacks and shirts, and attires that maximize comfort.

Additionally, to further prove our previous point, listed below are some of our favorite designs of mohawk dreads. While most of them cater to those with afro hair, plenty of the variations that are mentioned below can be pulled off by all hair types.

Mohawk Dreads with Designed Fade

Mohawk Dreads With Designed Fade

If you believe in the beauty of fade but also want to incorporate a design that is original, pair your mohawk dreads up with a high fade that is multi patterned. It will bring to the table an effortless amount of style. You may use a 2 guard hair clipper for best results in terms of visuals, but can also use a 0 mm guard for a skin-esque fade if your main aim is to increase the saturation of the dreadlocks.

Mohawk Dread Bun

Mohawk Dread Bun

If you want a look that secures a firm hold, tie the mohawk dreads up in a bun. It caters to every occasion due to its clean visuals, and offers a hair care routine that is low maintenance. You may use a hair tie to wrap the dreads up, but can also use a clip to offer a more relaxed form of dreads.

Furthermore, for the sides you can either get a skin fade to increase the saturation of the bun, or keep the length as it is for a more natural and sophisticated appearance.

Additionally, you may also install highlights to a small portion of the dreads to give the hairdo a distinct feature.

Tricolor Mohawk Dreads

Tricolor Mohawk Dreads

If you love your hair to have a major amount of edginess and an admirable amount of volume, you may consider this option as one of the contenders. Consisting of a combination of three shades, the tricolor mohawk dreads have the wow factor one can only wish for. The color scheme of vibrant and neutral colors fit like a glove and enhance the fullness of each dread.

In addition to the impact of the colors, you may install a skin fade to further ensure an influential reception. The design allows the mohawk dreads to have intense visuals, making them more pleasing and striking as a result.

Short Twisted Mohawk Dreads

Short Twisted Mohawk Dreads

Every hairstyle goes through the awkward phase, and a look as stylish as mohawk dreads is no exception.

To fight back against awkward free from locs, you are more than welcome to incorporate this look. The look involves using the twisted method to create the locs, mainly to weigh them down and keep them stationary without the use of hair products. The sides can be showcased with a triple zero temple fade if the main incentive is to maximize the appearance of the texture, but can also be represented with blends to offer a natural look.

Mohawk Dread Comb Over

Mohawk Dread Comb Over

Amongst the whole list, the mohawk dread comb over probably has the easiest procedure. The mohawk offers a look that has the same visuals as that of a comb over, which is used through the blow out method. The sides are then displayed with a high and tight skin fade, mainly to enhance the density of the look.

Additionally, if your main incentive is to make the mohawk dreads stand out from afar, consider installing highlights or incorporate a soft color to your dreads. You may use colors like baby pink, pastel green, and cyan for giving the look a high-spirited impression, or can even stick to matte versions of the previously mentioned shades for a sophisticated outcome.

Short Twisted Mohawk Dreads

Short Twisted Mohawk Dreads

If you want short dreadlocks that can stay in place for a long period of time, perhaps this is the look you were always waiting for!

Consisting of tight and defined dreads on top, this look is great to keep up with unfavorable weather conditions. The dreads are short and extremely dense as opposed to most free form dreadlocks, and can be enhanced even further by implementing a medium skin fade on the sides.

To give it your own touch, you can install razor decals to the fade, or can even install unique patterns. For a subtle design, you may use hair clippers. However, for a much more apparent design, use razor blades underneath the temple.

Mohawk Dreads with High Taper

Mohawk Dreads With High Taper

While most of the entries on this list offer a bold appearance, this look offers conventional visuals. The mohawk is created using the free form method, and is paired up with a low but tight taper for increasing the thickness of each dread.

The disconnection of the sides and top not only offers neat visuals, but is great for those with a tight jawline and high cheekbones, as the separation enhances one’s facial structure and always gives it a flattening effect.

Indigo Mohawk Dreads

Indigo Mohawk Dreads

Vibrant colors almost always amp up the visuals of one’s hair. While mohawk dreads are already one of the best hairstyles the world has to offer today, pairing them up with flashy colors will bring out each feature elegantly. The saturation of the dreads and the supporting haircut on the sides will be more prominent, and the texture on top will also have a great amount of density to it.

Moreover, since this look sides more with hairstyles that offer a laid back appeal, one would achieve the best results only if they pair indigo mohawk dreads up with streetwear fashion.

Tribal Mohawk Dreads

Tribal Mohawk Dreads

If you’re new to wearing dreadlocks but aren’t the biggest fan of growing your hair due to the awkward stages, consider getting a tribal mohawk. Catering to those with short dreadlocks, the tribal mohawk dreads contain a very edgy yet unique appearance. The short length of the dreads creates a scenario where the person’s hair has a texture with more volume and thickness. The sides contain visuals of a regular fade, mainly to increase the presentability of this option and get rid of awkward edges.

This look is a design that is suitable for all ages. From kids to teens, for high end occasions and casual gatherings, the tribal mohawk dreads will never make one feel or look underprepared in any way, shape, or form.

Cropped Mohawk Dreads

Cropped Mohawk Dreads

Since free form locs almost always require one to have an adequate amount of composure, it’s always best to plan ahead and keep a Plan B in mind. If you haven’t found one yet, then this could be the perfect fit for you and your hair.
Cropped mohawk dreads not only allow the locs to have tons of density and texture, but it also creates a disconnection between one’s facial features and the upper portion of the hair through the implementation of a fade. The fade should either be created using a 0 mm guard or a 2 guard for best results.

To enhance the free form locs with more height, one can also incorporate a line-up, also called a shape-up, near their hairline. The saturation that will result from it will also darken the initial shade of the strands and make the overall hairdo even more apparent than it initially is.

High and Tight Mohawk Dreads with Taper

High And Tight Mohawk Dreads With Taper

If you’re a follower of the punk pop era, have multiple body modifications, and are blessed with crinkle cut afro hair, then this hairdo was written in the stars for you.

Containing a relaxed form of mohawk dreads with a triple zero taper fade, this option is great for those that are all about that drip. Whether you wear it with an outfit with an uneven silhouette or pair it up with a straight cut formal attire, this hairdo will always remain the star of the show. The final result requires no manipulation of hair products whatsoever, but can be modified with hair custard to make the dreads a bit more glossy than usual.

Textured Mohawk Dreads

Textured Mohawk Dreads

Afro hair as well as dreadlocks look much better when their texture runs the show.

Containing a short length top with triple zero blends, textured mohawk dreads aren’t just for trendsetters, but also for those that are looking for versatility and durability. The look can be paired up with experimental outfits and make them shine effortlessly. Since the strands barely contain any length, they are less prone to damage and can be manipulated to create different hairstyles.

The triple zero blends prevent the wearer from a series of bad hair days while also creating a disconnection that is powerful enough to increase the contrast of their facial hair, eye color, as well as the color of their mohawk dreads.

Lamelo Ball’s Mohawk Dreads

Lamelo Balls Mohawk Dreads

Lamelo Ball is known for his flashy passing abilities, effortless ball handling, and top notch field goal percentage in the NBA. He is also a style icon off the court and is mainly recognized for his ginger modern mohawk dreads.

Appearance-wise, it looks like any other short mohawk dread. The sides are paired up with a skin fade that is usually high and tight, and the dreads are short and heavily defined as opposed to most designs on this list. The definition is created by using a twist and pull method, but can also be created with dread pins for similar results.

Short Curly Mohawk Dreads with High Skin Fade

Short Curly Mohawk Dreads With High Skin Fade

Unfavorable weather conditions can be a bummer for dreads. They tend to make dreadlocks a bit more clammy than usual, and make them retain sweat and dirt instead of moisture. To make things more manageable during those periods of time, one can always resort to a shorter look with a touch of class.

Curly mohawk dreads are a staple amongst men’s fashion. It brings out the texture of each strand perfectly, which can be further enhanced by the implementation of soft colored highlights. While a high skin fade is required for optimal results, one can even replace that portion with blends to create the mohawk dreads.

A Basic Guide To Maintain Mohawk Dreads For Beginners

Mohawk dreads will eventually become a staple due to its unparalleled visuals, but pulling them off is anything but easy to achieve. Just like any other extravagant hairstyle, to maintain the consistency of mohawk dreads, one needs to take the most effective and safest form of approach before, during, and after creating the look, which might have complicated requirements.

Luckily, however, we have managed to break each step down into 4 total steps that are easy to understand and even easier to implement! The steps are placed right below this portion, and we hope they serve their purpose.

  1. Maintain good hygiene
    Before creating the look, wash your hair and scalp closely and carefully. One of the main reasons why one often fails to see the best version of dreads on their hair could be due to their hair care routine. Make sure to shower and shampoo your dreads thoroughly, so that the process of creating the mohawk dreads doesn’t contain uneven locs due to build up of pre-existing oil and dust.
  2. Pick the right set of products
    Since most shampoos contain harsh chemicals that strip away sebum such as SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), invest in the right set of products. Purchase shampoos that are organic and contain a favorable amount of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, and organic honey so that your hair retains a portion of the natural build up of oils.Additionally, you must have a reliable nourishing conditioner so that the strands can look as healthy as possible, and get an extra supply of moisture. Make sure the product you purchase contains no silicone, as it tends to weigh the hair down and makes the appearance more greasy than usually.
  3. Always speed-dry your hair
    Once you step out of the shower, dry your locs immediately. Keeping your locs wet for too long might make the ends dry and brittle as the water will absorb all the natural moisture. To prevent that, however, towel dry your hair gently and use a diffuser afterwards to maintain the consistency of your mohawk dreads and prevent the scalp as well as the ends of each strand from becoming dehydrated.
  4. Keep it moisturized
    Once you’ve used a diffuser on your dreads, introduce some moisture by taking a dime sized amount of hair custard and spreading it evenly to all your locs. The dreads will not only look healthy, but will also look extremely polished and in place.Furthermore, if your hair doesn’t cope well with the ingredients of hair custard, you can drop the idea of using hair custard and replace it with leave-in conditioner. Make sure to use it when your hair is a bit damp to give the volume of the dreads a subtle boost.

Why The Fanbase Of Mohawk Dreads Will Continue To Grow Over Time

Mohawk dreads are one of the hairstyles that offer a modern look, are easy to take care of, and come with a very achievable process. All one needs to do is grow their hair out until the length reaches about 6 inches, before forming the dreadlocks using rods, the twist and rip method, or the free form method. To create the disconnection of the top and bottom, they usually implement the use of a hair clipper to achieve a clean fade or a high taper.

However, while the visuals are rather compelling and sweep people off their feet, the purpose the timeless look serves is much more than meets the eye.

Mohawk dreads, also known as mohawk dreadlocks, allow people to connect with their heritage. They are used as a means of spiritual growth as well, since wearing them enables people to achieve contentment with their natural appearance, diminishing the thought of superficiality. Dreadlocks allow them to recognize the importance of one’s character, and realize how one’s character overpowers their physical appearance in the end.

In addition to the philosophical teaching the hairdo preaches, dreadlocks also allow people to strengthen the bond they share with their creator. They allow people, especially Rastafarians, to form a powerful bond with their God, Jah.

Frequently Asked Questions

While mohawk dreads are easy to wear, various questions may arise to the wearer before, during, and after trying out the look. Although mohawk dreads are extremely effortless on the eye, maintaining it, creating it, and keeping them consistent might be a challenge.

To make things easier, however, we have addressed and resolved questions that many might ask about mohawk dreads. They are placed right below this paragraph, and we hope they successfully get rid of some of your worries and concerns.

Question: How long must my hair be to create mohawk dreads?

Answer: For meeting the minimum requirements, one’s dreads need to be at least 7 inches long on top. As multiple adjustments will need to be made in order to create the mohawk, aiming for 7 inches will minimize the chances of having botched results.

However, if you’re aiming for mohawk dreads that cater to those with short hair, play it safe by visiting a barber and getting an undercut or a fade every 3 to 4 weeks. This will allow the dreads on top to grow without a hassle, while enabling the wearer to avoid having bad hair days.

Question: Are mohawk dreads unprofessional?

Answer: While the combination of a  mohawk and dreadlocks might be a bit risky to wear at work when paired up with the fade haircut, one can surely give the look a go and wear them if they’re pulling off softer variations. For instance, instead of incorporating designs to the sides, install blends to create the shape and part the mohawk with shine-free hair wax or hair custard to introduce a design that is suitable for formal occasions.

Question: Are mohawk dreads permanent? 

Answer: While traditional dreads can be worn forever, if your dreadlocks aren’t natural, you will unfortunately have to replace them eventually. It doesn’t come with a timeframe, but if the wearer doesn’t have afro hair and starts seeing split ends, build up of dirt, and a decline in texture, they should consider changing their hairdo immediately.

Final Verdict

Overall, mohawk dreads are great for everyday use. It’s a look that pairs well with anything and everything, especially with the visuals of streetwear fashion. While creating it could be a bit challenging and might require the assistance of another, one can’t go wrong with mohawk dreads. The elegance, volume, length, and texture the hairdo contains can’t be mimicked or mirrored by many, making this look a staple amongst the fashion scene.

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