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Exquisite Heart Hairstyles That Were Tailor-made For One And Done Occasions!

Making a statement at any event is only possible when you have the right hairstyle to accompany you alongside the perfect outfit. While swimming through your wardrobe can be a good way to ensure the second criterion, finding a hairdo that will add not only to your clothing items, but also your facial features, can be a chore and a half. Additionally, if you believe that time is always against you, consider looking into a heart hairstyle.

Similar to how it sounds, a heart hairstyle is any design that features the presence of a heart-shaped pattern, which can morph on any region of the scalp. While the placement of the heart depends on the preferences of the wearer, most often find comfort in placing the heart around the temple or crown.

As of right now, there are multiple ways in which one can try out the trend of wearing heart hairstyles. And if you’d like some guidance before giving this look a go, buckle up and join us on this journey!

16 Heart Hairstyles that Look Totally Adorable

From protective hairstyles to trendy braids, the styling options for heart hairstyles are endless. With a little bit of practice, you can try out these hairstyles on your own and make yourself look super adorable. If you want to try out a heart hairstyle and simply do not know how to get started, don’t worry at all, because we have got you covered. Here we have compiled a list of our favorite heart hairstyles for you, so let’s take a look at them together!

Heart Cornrows

When it comes to heart hairstyles, the first thing that you might have found circulating around social media is the heart-shaped cornrow. In recent times, many black girls have tried out this super stylish hairstyle, and we just can’t get enough of the braids. These braids are generally done on the sides, and they are accompanied by gorgeous stitch braids and cornrows.

Here is a classic example of a heart cornrow. The hair has been styled quite precisely and the heart-shaped cornrows look fabulous. We love the length of her hair and totally approve of the stitch braids that have been done all over the place with great precision. The use of transparent beads at the end of the heart cornrows has given the style a complete look.

Bangs with Updo

Bangs With Updo

Who doesn’t love a good bangs haircut at the front? Well, we are certainly fans of our favorite bangs, and we suggest you give them a try as bangs can complement all types of hairstyles. But the next time you style your bangs, make sure to add a twist by parting your hair in the shape of a heart.

This is what we are talking about when we say heart-shaped bangs. This gorgeous updo with shiny, black hair has been accompanied by elegant bangs at the front, which have been parted in a way that gives it a heart-shaped appearance. We also love the simple braided updo and suggest you give this hairstyle a try while attending any formal events.

 Swoop Style

Swoop Style

The side-swoop style has become quite popular recently because of the famous barbie ponytails. Many ladies have tried out these super-fancy ponytails which are done by combining side swoop bangs with a ponytail that has curled ends. You can try this style as well, and instead of tying up your hair into a ponytail, keeping them flowing freely is also a great option!

The key to achieving a heart style with a side-swoop is basically parting the hair in the shape of a heart for your side-swoop. It is pretty easy to do and doesn’t require much. Take this picture for instance. This hairstyle is trendy and can be worn on many occasions, so give this one a try!

Heart Braid

Heart Braid

For protective hairstyles, opting for heart-shaped cornrows is quite common. But when it comes to your natural long hair, the options are not limited as well. You can always go for a heart braid hairstyle with your natural hair, and make a low ponytail out of it. But the half up styles look more elegant when they are combined with heart braids.

This picture is an example of how beautiful it looks when you combine your half up style with your heart braid. The gorgeous long, brown hair of the lady has been used to make a heart braid that looks stunning. The braids coming from both sides have been done in the shape of a heart and secured with a simple hair tie. We love the curly look of her hair down the length, and we recommend this casual style for vacations, date nights, and hangouts with friends.

Half Up Half Down

Half Up Half Down

The classic half up half downs have come a long way, and the versatility of this hairstyle has made it one of the most popular hairstyles of present times. We always love a princess-style half up half down hair or one that consists of space buns. No matter what the style is, half up half down is always in trend. So to spice things up, you can incorporate your heart hairstyle with your half up half down hairstyle.

If you do not believe us, take this picture for example. This simple half up half down hairstyle with the side-swoop looks stunning, and we totally love the heart-shaped style that has been done with the hair. The mini pigtail-like style has won our hearts for real, and the slayed edges at the front as well as the curls at the ends have given her the perfect polished look.

Heart Part Box Braids

Heart Part Box Braids

Many of us are fans of the regular box braids, and we have tried out the small, medium, as well as jumbo box braids. But when it comes to box braids, it’s not necessary to create your mini sections in square shapes only. Rather you can try out different parting styles such as the triangles and the heart-shaped ones. These will make your braids look even cooler and chic.

Talking of heart part box braids, here’s how elegant it looks when you do a perfect one. The lady here has beautifully done box braids in regular sizes, but what we love the most is that one box braid on the side that has a beautiful heart-shaped parting. This one looks quite elegant with the slayed edges at the front, and if easy heart hairstyles are your preference, then you can give it a try for sure!

Heart Ponytail

Heart Ponytail

In our childhood, our mothers used to style our hair in different interesting and playful ways. It didn’t limit to the accessories only. Taking pieces of hair and making different types of braids out of them was a common thing, which is still a trendy thing to do. So for something easy and sophisticated, you can try out a heart ponytail that will take you back to your childhood days.

You can take inspiration from this picture to make a perfect heart ponytail out of your hair. The girl has a side part style where two braids from the sides end up being together in a low ponytail style. We love the cleanliness of this entire look and appreciate how precisely it has been done. Also, the little heart-shaped accessory has made the style much more adorable, so give this heart ponytail hairstyle a must-try!

Low Bun

Low Bun

Our simple updos and hair buns can be done in many interesting ways, and we often love a challenge when it comes to styling our buns. On Valentine’s Day, many of us keep wondering what can be an easy but efficient way to style our hair and keep the vibe intact. For those looking for something quick and chic, heart-shaped low buns can be a great option.

For a heart-shaped bun hairstyle, first of all, you need to grab a hair donut and tie it up on the sides using two hair ties to give your donut the shape of a heart. Now do a ponytail out of your hair and place the donut on your ponytail by pulling it through the hair. Once it’s placed, grab your ponytail and divide it into two parts. Spread all the hair properly and determine the heart shape.

Secure the shape with a hair tie and make it look like a proper heart by pulling the hair in different areas. Use bobby pins to seal the shape. Then wrap the rest of the hair around your heart-shaped bun, secure the style with bobby pins, and your hair will be ready to be flaunted just like the one in this picture.

Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots

Just like your regular box braids and cornrows, Bantu knots are also hyped among young ladies because of their chic look and beautiful appearance. To achieve a heart hairstyle with your Bantu knots, the easiest way is to part your hair in the shape of hearts.

This is an example of Bantu knots with precisely done heart-shaped partings. This hairstyle has become one of our recent favorites because it’s cute, chic, and stylish at the same time. We love the neatness of the style, and the heart-shaped partings make it a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day or a date night. So give this a try for sure!

Braided Updo

Braided Updo

With heart hairstyles, the trick often lies in how beautifully you can part your hair. We know that heart braids are also the hype, but for keeping things simple yet elegant, heart-shaped partings are the best, and you can do different types of styles out of them. You can even combine a bun and a heart-shaped parting in the same style, and your hair will thank you for choosing such a lovely style.

This picture can be your guide in achieving a similar hairstyle. The middle part hair becomes one with a heart-shaped parting as the part reaches the back. Two braids also reach the back together and a braided bun is then done using the braided hair. This gives the final look with the heart-shaped parting in the middle along with the braided bun. This elegant hairstyle can easily be picked for any formal occasion.

Narrow-stitch Heart-shaped Micro Braids with Waves

Narrow-stitch Heart-shaped Micro Braids with Waves

Micro braids have always been rather popular due to the stability they provide. Likewise, if you feel as though your hair needs to change, but this time with outstanding visuals, don’t hesitate to take notes from this heart-shaped set of micro-braids, which can easily be installed on either one of the two sides.

This hairdo is quite rare, but easily doable. To make the most of it, try wearing these braids at a high-profile event or a wedding.

Bleached Heart-shaped Twintails with Dark Undertone

Bleached Heart shaped Twintails with Dark Undertone

By using a crochet needle, you can easily bring a heart hairstyle to life. Additionally, if bleaching the hair is a part of your plan, welcome your new look with this entry, featuring twintails.

The twintails might be complex to form, but can be ideal for costume parties. For the ease it provides, the look can also be worn when running errands. For an overnight transformation, it is advised to use a dark undertone to make the bleach stand out.

Jet Black Pull-through Braids with Heart

Jet Black Pull-through Braids with Heart

If your hair is prone to breakage, perhaps protecting the shaft should be your biggest priority. Additionally, if you’d like to try out the trend of wearing heart shaped hairstyles, but are rather skeptical because of your sensitive scalp, consider braiding the hair with a pull-through system.

Doing so won’t just protect the strands, but also form a relaxed silhouette of a heart to amp up the impression of the overall hairdo!

Matte-based Heart-shaped Braids for Redheads

Matte-based Heart-shaped Braids for Redheads

The specialty of heart-shaped hairstyles is that they accommodate anything and everything as long as it makes sense. A look in their diary that protects the hair as well as displays remarkable visuals is this entry, comprising a heart-shaped braid towards the crown.

Now, we did mention how this look caters to redheads. However, the good news is that, if you have enough hair density, you too can mimic the components of this hairdo!

Heart-shaped Updo with Full Balayage

Heart-shaped Updo with Full Balayage

Another gleaming look that you can easily invest in is a heart-shaped updo, comprising volume, healthy visuals, and more. The look is perfect for casual settings, and can give your long hair the break it needs.

Pairing the structure with color can be an ideal move to make if your hair lacks density. Additionally, if your hair looks wispy or damaged towards the bottom, flip the script with a full balayage!

Cute Heart Hairstyles for Little Girls

We have talked about gorgeous heart hairstyles for stylish ladies out there, but the cuteness of heart hairstyles makes them a great option for little girls as well. In fact, we have found many little girls flaunting their heart-shaped hair with grace. So if you are a mom and you love to try out different cute hairstyles on your daughters’ hair, then here are some styling options we have rounded up just for you!

With Beads

Heart Hairstyle With Beads

Beads are a great way to add an extra dash of style to your braids. And the best thing is that beads can be worn by everyone. When it comes to little girls, we love the colorful beads as they help to express their playfulness. So the next time your little girl is getting her braids done, we suggest going for the heart cornrows with colorful beads.

Here is an elegant option to get the hairstyle done perfectly. The adorable little girl has a heart cornrow at the side which looks super cute. All the braids have been done to perfection, and we totally love the colorful beads that have been added to the braids. Keep this cute style in your collection to give your daughter an adorable yet stylish look.

With Bow

With Bow

For kids, it’s always fun to add a bow to the hair. Hairstyles with bows are so popular because they look totally cute. Especially if the bow is larger in size, the entire hairstyle gets elevated and your kid will look perfectly adorable. So, for a heart hairstyle for your little girl, you can choose a large and pretty bow without giving it a second thought.

Take the hairstyle in this picture for example. The little girl has a nice middle part hairstyle with a heart braid in the back. The braids lead up to a sophisticated braided bun, and just above the beautiful bun, a charming hair bow has been placed. This red hair bow looks so elegant that we can’t take our eyes off it. This one is a must-try for any formal events that your daughter is going to attend.

Heart Pigtails

Heart Pigtails

Pigtails are one of the best hairstyles for your little girl because they look totally adorable and portray the innocence of their childhood. The regular pigtails can be upgraded by giving them a touch of fun; you just need to try out different styles and find the right suit for you. And for that, we suggest you give the heart hairstyle a try.

These cute pigtails are totally recommended from our side as the style is really pretty. The middle-part hair has been divided into separate sections and a heart-shaped style has been created on each section. Except for the last part where the hair has been turned into a pigtail style with cute bows. These heart pigtails have totally captured our hearts, and we are in love with this entire look!

Heart with Bubbles

Heart With Bubbles

The name itself sounds cute, so why wouldn’t the style? For special occasions, you can give your little girl’s hair a touch of style and elegance. For that, combining two or more styles in the same hairstyle can be a great option. And if the occasion requires something glamorous, you can add glitter to the hairstyle and your baby will be ready to flaunt her hair like a princess.

Take this hairstyle for example. The adorable little girl here has a bubble style combined with a heart style in this picture. One side of her hair consists of a bubble style that goes down the length, while the other side has a heart-shaped parting along with a heart style made out of her natural hair and secured with hair ties. Pink glitter has been added to the side with the hearts, and the massive bow has totally captured our attention!

Hearts Half Up

Hearts Half Up

For little girls with braided hair as a protective style, the options are infinite when it comes to styling the hair. Buns and ponytails can be done with the braids, whereas a half up style is always a great option, especially if the length of the braids is on the longer side.

This elegant braided hairstyle with the half up hearts is one of our recent favorites. Just look how beautiful the hair looks altogether! The middle part style consists of two heart-shaped half up ponies that have been secured using super cute red and pink scrunchies. Two pieces of braids at the front have been adorned using butterfly clips, and all the braids have transparent beads added to their ends. We cannot stop recommending this adorable hairstyle for your little girl, so give this one a try for sure.

With Rubber Bands

With Rubber Bands

The fun thing about being a little girl is being able to wear as many rubber bands as you can. Rubber bands are suitable for adults who love to try out the criss-cross hairstyles, but if you are searching for a fun hairstyle for your little baby, then we definitely recommend trying out the heart hairstyle with rubber bands.

For this particular hairstyle, the front part of the hair is divided into mini sections in the shape of a heart. Each mini section is then tied up with rubber bands, like the ones in the picture. You can choose colorful rubber bands for a playful look. The rest of the hair can be turned into cute pigtails, and your little girl will be ready to carry her hair with grace in no time!

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you’ve taken a look at all the available heart hairstyles that fit like a glove with the current trends of the fashion scene, here is a questionnaire that will clear the air on their fundamentals and establish a better understanding.

What’s so special about wearing heart hairstyles?

The popularity of heart hairstyles derives from their versatility and uniqueness. Almost always, a heart hairstyle varies in size, which is solely shaped up by the density of the wearer’s hair. More often than not, a heart hairstyle caters to everyone, and carries a simple procedure for installation.

What’s the easiest heart hairstyle to wear at the moment?

At the moment, one of the easiest heart hairstyles you can experiment with is an updo with bangs, which incorporates the heart-shaped pattern on the bun. Additionally, if you’re seeking something a bit more presentable, consider pairing your look with braids.

Are heart hairstyles safe for work?

Heart hairstyles are actually nothing but wholesome, making most variations rather acceptable to wear at work. Make your pick carefully, though, as hairstyles like cornrows may not always be welcomed with open arms.

Final Thoughts

Through the help of this guide, you’ll learn everything and anything one needs to know in order to give themselves the green light to wear heart hairstyles, the new look on the block.

From being able to mesh with braids to pairing well with pigtails, a heart hairstyle is perhaps the most compatible design in the modern world. Each structure it offers is quite unique too, making it a selling point for individuals seeking singularity.

Before trying out a heart hairstyle, consider assessing your preferences to find something that you resonate with. If you’re in need of help, try revising the guide, as well as the materials on Hairstylesfeed, the ultimate remedy to your styling issues!

Image Source: Pinterest,  Instagram

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