Luka Doncic Haircut

The Luka Doncic Haircut: The Slovenian El Matador with Bueno Hair!

Over the years, the newer NBA draft classes have not only brought to the table a new range of artistry, but also a new set of fashion trends. One of the very recent members that offers boths the features mentioned above is Luka Doncic, Slovenian NBA prodigy with a distinct taste in fashion.

Apart from his knack towards the game and his fascination towards clothing items, Luka is also known in the hair industry for his generously voluminous side-part comb over haircut, which will be the main agenda of this write-up.

Amongst this write-up, you will find useful information on the Luka Doncic haircut. We will include a step-by-step tutorial on how one can replicate the look, the products that might be mandatory, and address some questions that we think are necessary for our readers to skim through in order to achieve a better understanding of the haircut itself.

A Closer Look Into Luka Magic’s Haircut: The Classic Weighted Combover

Closer Look At Luka Doncic Haircut

While the NBA superstar has yet to reach his prime on the court and believes that years of hard work are necessary in order to make it a possibility, the Slovenian wizard appears to be rather content with his hairstyle. It doesn’t surprise us one bit, as we believe that it suits him just as well as the franchise he plays for. It pairs well with his locs as well as the light shade of brown his hair contains. It also goes with the density of his cuticles, which also makes it easier for him to wear this haircut with a low maintenance styling and hair care routine.

Appearance-wise, the haircut contains a high taper fade on the sides, followed by a relaxed side part combover on top. It is a hairstyle that can be recreated by all hair types, and is known to shape up one’s face in a favorable fashion. While the styling routine depends on the quality of hair the person might have, Doncic has one that is rather lenient as opposed to his workout routine. It requires zero styling products due to the thickness of his strands, and can easily be controlled through the assistance of water.

Those with a similar hair type can follow the same routine as long as they get trims on the regular. However, the rest of the lot can incorporate a water based styling product to ensure the hold and mirror the look to its fullest.

Additionally, you may also incorporate the assistance of a hair dryer when recreating the look, as it will allow your hair to have plenty of volume and offer it a relaxed physical appearance.

High Skin Fade

Luka Doncic High Skin Fade Haircut

Tapered Haircut

Luka Doncic Tapered Haircut

Quiff Haircut

Luka Doncic Quiff Haircut

Taper Fade Back Combover

Luka In A Boat With His Puppy

With Sunglasses

With Sunglasses

Luka Doncic Haircut At Young Age

Luka Doncic Taper Fade Haircut

Messy Hair

Young Luka's Spiky Hair

Crew Cut

Buzz Cut

An Idiot-proof Guide For Recreating The Luka Doncic Haircut

While the look is as simple as a hairstyle can possibly be, getting the haircut and explaining it to your dresser can be difficult, especially if you’re socially awkward to begin with. Remember to be assertive regardless, mainly since you will directly be affected by the final results of the look. If you’re not content with the hair cutting process, gather the courage to express your concern to the hairdresser.

Moving on, if providing instructions isn’t a strong suit of yours, here is a basic step-by-step guide that you can skim through and pass on to your barber before achieving the haircut.

Start with the fade

Since the process of replicating a look is rather tricky, start off by meeting objectives that are easier to achieve. Ask the barber for a taper fade or even a blended fade on the sides and the backside. The fade should involve the use of a zero guard, a two guard, and a three guard for best results. If the assistant is relatively inexperienced, they may replace the three guard clipper with a set of barber shears. Barber shears will trim the edges off the top half of the taper fade without botching the texture or length of the hair overall.

Shorten the length on top

If you’ve already met this portion of the guide, you may move on to the next step. However, for those who haven’t yet met this requirement, do know that it is just as crucial as the fade. Luka Doncic’s hair contains volume and texture not only because of good genes, but also because it is shorter in contrast to most hairstyles. It is at most 4 inches long on top, which is probably one of the reasons why it is so manageable to style. While meeting this segment, you can either ask the barber to keep the length extremely even, or ask for uneven ends in certain sections to give the overall look a more natural impression.

Give the hair a blow out

While this can be achieved at home, the outcome will definitely be more effective if your stylist does it for you. A blow out will give the hair tons of volume to experiment with, which is a compulsory factor for recreating this look. It will work wonders for those that have a hair type that is usually on the flatter side, as it will change the gradient of the hair temporarily.

Moreover, remember to use a comb and work against the gradient of the hair while giving yourself a blowout. It will make the styling process much easier by making the hair softer and manageable.

Use a matte based hair product

After you’ve created the comb over, finish the look by applying a dime sized amount of hair clay that is matt based. It will give the hairstyle a firmer hold as well as bring to the table an adequate amount of flexibility, which can come in handy when changing the outlook of the hairstyle.

On the other hand, for a glossier finish, you can even use a styling pomade that is water based. Not only will it add a considerable amount of shine to your hair, but it will definitely offer a stronger hold, making your hair immovable on important occasions and at high-end events.

Finger comb for natural results

Since this hairdo is at its best when it consists of no products, giving yourself a head start and creating the look through the assistance of your fingertips can definitely open doors to better results. While a wide toothed comb will give the hair a neater appearance, using a finger combing method will reduce the risks of generating split ends. It will also enhance the laid back nature of the look, which is something Luka Doncic’s haircut isn’t short of.

Why Luka Doncic Is Already An Icon In The Fashion Industry?

Luka Doncic Is An Icon In the Fashion Industy

The NBA is known for recruiting the best young talents in the sport of basketball. While most of them are scouted and picked by one of the 30 teams the association contains due to the range of skills they showcase with a basketball, some of them also garner a different kind of fan base which tends to focus on their understanding towards fashion trends. Whether it be as little as the stride, or the flashy accessories they wear, that specific demographic solely picks up on the essentials that the athletes have in fashion, mainly to recreate them in their own way and incorporate it for everyday use.

When thinking of the connection that the NBA has with the fashion industry, names like Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, Lebron James, and Steph Curry are always in the mix. Even names like Allen Iverson and PJ Tucker are often thought about. Although their admirable style of play is one of the main factors, their swagger off court plays a role that is just as significant as to why they’re used as go-to examples. Amongst them also lies Luka Doncic, who will definitely shape up the future of fashion in the NBA.

On the court, Luka has shown us exactly why he has always deserved a spot in the NBA. He does so by being the most reliable shooter, the fast break facilitator, the most reliable passer, and the flashiest player that the Dallas Mavericks have. Not only is he the star of the show and the heart of the franchise, but he’s also one of the potential contenders whose personality and talent just might be enough for becoming the future face of the NBA.

Furthermore, off the court, Luka is known for his unique presence when making public appearances. Whether it’s for a casual interview or for high-end award ceremonies, Luka never fails to dress accordingly while giving it his own touch, which is a tough task to pull off for most people. He always respects the dress code of the occasion, but also showcases his admiration towards his own taste in fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

The concern for one’s hairstyle is never an easy battle to overcome. A hairstyle should allow a person to feel more confident and establish a better sense of comfort, not just allow them to hop on certain trends and give in to the act of conformity.

So, to make things easier for our readers, mentioned below are some regular concerns regarding Luka Doncic’s haircut that we have addressed in the easiest way possible.

Question: What hair type is suitable for Luka Doncic’s haircut?

Answer: While the haircut as well as the hairdo is more catered to those with fine and coarse hair, those with thin hair can also mirror this look effectively. Due to the length it contains and the simple styling routine it comes with, those with thin hair can use matte hair products to replicate the subtle side-part comb over.

Question: What is the color of Luka Doncic’s hair?

Answer: The El Matador’s hair has always been light brown, which could be a reason behind why he always gets the same haircut. The fade he usually gets brings out the most vibrant form of his hair color, which is more pleasing to the eye than it seems.

Question: What kind of tools do I need for recreating Luka’s hairstyle?

Answer: While this look requires minimum effort, one can use the assistance of multiple styling tools to enhance the existing features of it. For instance, you may apply texturizing powder if you want to add more density to the hair. Texturizing powder will also control the sebum production of your scalp, preventing your hair from looking greasy and more thin than it actually is.

You may also use a styling clay, preferably a matte infused or a water based variation, to give the texture more definition and a resilient hold.

Additionally, heat-based styling tools like hair dryers will surely make the styling procedure less stressful by allowing you to part your hair in an easier manner.

Final Verdict

There you have it, folks! That is all you need to know in order to recreate your favorite player’s look. We hope our write-up allows you to establish a better understanding about the hair and encourages you to try it out. We also hope each segment we have added helps you throughout the hair cutting process.

Remember to embrace the texture of your hair, cause at the end of the day, that’s one of the very many things that makes you the person you are today. So, embrace it, cherish it, and make the most of it while you can!

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