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Everything You Need To Know About Mikey Williams’ Iconic Haircut

American highschool basketball player Mikey Williams is under the radar of various NBA teams at the moment. His scoring abilities and ball handling on court are two primary factors that make him such a valuable asset and a player to rely on.

While he is mostly known in the media for the skills he has as an athlete, Mikey Williams is also a sought after figure in pop culture due to his presence on social media. On top of sharing the love he has for basketball with his fans through the help of various platforms, Mikey also displays his knack for fashion and experiments with his natural hair by creating various hairstyles; a topic that we will thoroughly discuss in this article!

In addition to unveiling the ways in which one can create his effortless dreads with zero drawbacks, we will also run through all the hairstyles that the shooting guard has rocked over the past few years. Therefore, if you’re actively looking to give your head full of hair a fresh start, make sure to hold onto your seats, as Mikey Williams’ haircut is surely a look that could cater to your needs!

Mikey Williams Haircut: 6 Fiery Hairstyles That Will Definitely Up Your Game!

All eyes are on Mikey Williams when he steps on a basketball court due to the remarkable potential he has despite being an 18 year old baller. When he’s not going head to head against some of the elite high school athletes, the attention he receives remains the same, mostly because of his hair.

Mikey Williams’ and his 4a curls have been under constant media attention for quite some time now. The head full of hair that he has is mainly known for its remarkable volume, unique curly texture, and easy-to-maintain hair care routine. Some also say that his hair type is the same as Lamelo Ball’s.

It seems as though Mikey enjoys all the attention that his hair gets, as he regularly posts about it online, and tries new hairdos every now and then during off-season. Although the designs always hit the mark and suit him due to his flamboyant personality, all of them could very well be up for grabs if you want to go back to square one with your hair.

From two strand blowouts to remarkable box braids, here are all the hairstyles that you can replicate with the help of Mikey Williams and his dreadlocks!

Two Strand Blowout

Two Strand Blowout

A two-strand blowout is one of the many exceptional variants that was worn by Mikey Williams. The most special component about the hairdo is the framing locs, that is typically accessorised for presentability, but also give the facial structure a slimming effect.

The blowout is supported by a temple fade, but can also be paired with a burst fade for better elevation.

Curly Top with Burst Fade

Curly Top With Burst Fade

Similar to Phoenix Suns’ Shooting Guard Devin Booker, Mikey Williams also showcased his curly top with the help of a burst fade. While the difference between the previous entry and this entry is rather minimal, the most obvious dissimilarity lies within their visuals.

Instead of being implemented with a series of guards, the burst fade typically comprises a skin fade, which can only be incorporated with a 0 guard clipper.

Brushed Up Curls with Temple Fade

Brushed Up Curls With Temple Fade

The best thing about curls is how presentable they look with simple designs such as the temple fade; a fact that Mikey Williams has proven day in, day out.

The temple fade creates an engaging contrast between the brushed up curls and the sides, and even increases the jet black colour of the hair.

The voluminous nature of this hairdo not only adds density, but also helps with giving the wearer’s face a more defined outcome.

Medium Length Curls with Bandana

Medium Length Curls With Bandana

Since sweating excessively can dry out the strands, it’s always better to cover the curls with a bandana, which could be the reason why Mikey Williams gave this look a go!

It not only kept Mikey’s hair moisturised at all times, but also prevented the scalp from excessive heat, which typically results in damaged ends.

Additionally, as this look comprises the involvement of a bandana, this look should only be resorted to during casual events and when partaking in physical activities such as basketball.

Dreadlocks with Accessories

Dreadlocks with Accessories

Being constantly under the spotlight could be difficult and draining, but not when you’re Mikey Williams!

When he falls short of putting in a good performance, he makes up for it by looking good for the cameras by accessorising his dreadlocks as much as possible.

Though he showcased his twists by wrapping it around cotton twine, you can also showcase them with beads, key rings, and even compact pieces of jewellery. As long as it pairs well with your personality, nothing else should matter.

Box Braids

Box Braids

Mikey also secured the growth process of his dreadlocks on multiple occasions, but always did so with style.

For this occasion, he created box braids, which are known for being the most reliable hairdo that keeps one’s strands healthy for lengthy periods of time while staying stationary. The patterns incorporated into the braided look also makes the overall visuals perfect for fashionistas like Mikey Williams.

Achieve The Look: A Step-by-step Guide On Mikey Williams’ Dreadlocks

Mikey Williams’ kinky, afro-textured hair is clearly a blessing in disguise. In fact, for his hair to look neat and very much in fashion, all he needs to do is get a maintenance cut every now and then, and incorporate a hair care routine that focuses on moisturization.

All hope is not lost, however, as you too can mimic his look exceptionally if you happen to have the same type of hair. To be frank, as long as you follow the below-mentioned steps, you can incorporate Mikey’s signature burst fade and significantly amp up your influence in a room full of people!

Twist Out The Hair

Before creating the burst fade, which is the primary portion of Mikey Williams’ signature look, twist out your afro hair with a comb to detangle the strands and prepare it for the blowout. If your textured hair seems unmanageable, push the hair back and seal it using a clip.

Create A Burst Fade

After you’ve carried out the first step, create the burst fade around the temples. Use a 0 guard near the sideburns, a 1 guard across the eyebrows, and a 2 guard near the upper end of the temple. To create the blends, you may use a 3 guard or a pair of hair cutting shears. That way, the hair on top will also feel a bit weightless.

Create The Shape Up

Once the sides have been dealt with, create the shape up to give the blowout a lift and enhance the curls with some definition. The shape up can be incorporated with a 3 guard if you want the length to be somewhat sizable, or can even be implemented with a 0 guard if you want a shape up resembling a triple zero buzz cut.

Use a Twist Sponge

To finish the look, enhance your curls using a twist sponge. Since they come in different shapes and sizes, use a twist sponge that caters to your curls. Seal the look with some curling cream or gel to secure a resilient hold!

Frequently Asked Questions

Although the previous segments are surely useful enough for you to go forward with your decision of creating one of Mikey Williams’ hairstyles, here’s a series of questions regarding the future NBA prodigy’s dreadlocks that you can also skim through to make things a tad bit easier!

Q: What hair type does Mikey Williams have?

A: While the superstar never confirmed the texture of his hair, by the looks of it, it seems as though Mikey Williams has a hair type of 4A curls. On certain occasions, his hair looks eerily similar to 3C natural hair.

Q: Does Mikey Williams use anything to manipulate the formation of his hair?

A: Mikey Williams often wears his afro-textured hair with the help of a blowout, which is typically created with a hair dryer. However, for certain hairdos, he uses a twist sponge to introduce some texture and definition onto the strands.

Final Verdict

We hope each material that this article comprises allows you to learn about high school prodigy Mikey William’s dreadlocks, and is beneficial if you decide to try out one of the many enchanting hairstyles that he’s worn so far.

Regardless of the hairstyle you choose to try out, make sure your hair care routine comprises a deeply nourishing conditioner to keep the strands moisturised and healthy, and a clarifying shampoo to effectively eliminate residues of dirt on a regular basis.

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