Travis kelce Haircut

Travis Kelce Haircut: 11 Sensational Hairstyles of this NFL Superstar

Travis Michael Kelce is undoubtedly one of the most beloved NFL players at this moment. He is known for his exceptional playmaking as well as his remarkable looks. It is understandable if you want to get a similar look to the tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Travis Kelce has sported some of the most exciting haircuts out there. He is a fashionista and always tries to have a look that is trendy and well-liked.

Travis Kelce has worn a variety of hairstyles over the years. I have only chosen the very best from that list which can instantly change one’s overall appearance. All the hairstyles that are discussed here can make you the center of attention in any crowd.

If you are looking to improve your current look, you can easily achieve it by getting one of these Travis Kelce haircuts. Choose the haircut that suits your face shape and hair type. You will not shy away from the final result.

11 Travis Kelce Haircuts to Try in 2022

Travis Kelce has tried a variety of haircuts throughout his career in the NFL. From his debut to the current day, he has tried different looks and experimented with his hair. But he always has a signature look that does not change that much.

He always keeps his hair short and precise. He often wears a beard alongside his short hairdo, giving him a hipster look.

Here is a list of 11 Travis Kelce haircuts that can easily make you stand out in the crowd. If you are looking for a short haircut try one of these right away!

Travis Kelce’s Signature Look

Travis Kelces Signature Look

Buzz Cut is one of Travis Kelce’s go to haircuts which he often gets. It is his signature look. He does not get a regular Buzz Cut rather he gets a High Skin Fade Buzz Cut. The sides and nape are shaved while his top hair is a bit longer.

He usually wears this hairdo alongside a beard. It is a great hairstyle for short hair. If you are accustomed to Buzz cuts, you can easily pull off this hairstyle.

This style looks really good on oval, diamond, and square shaped faces. You can also get this style on other face shapes. Your hair type will not be a factor in getting this style. Try this haircut right away if you are a short-hair enthusiast.

Travis Kelace’s Classic Slick back

Travis kelaces Classic Slick Back

Is there anyone who does not like a classic slick-back hairstyle? I don’t think so! Travis Kelace is not that different in this regard as well. Whenever he has a bit longer hair, he goes for a classic slick-back look.

Travis Kelace’s slick back is a modified modern version of the classical style. The sides and back hair are trimmed with clippers while the front hair is brushed back with a comb using hair wax. It gives him a clean look.

Slick-back hairstyles look best on a square shaped face. Straight and wavy hairs are most suited for this haircut. I would recommend not trying this style on curly or kinky hair.

Messy swoop

Messy Swoop

An athlete can not always keep his hairstyle intact during gametime. But that does not mean one needs to let go completely. That is the case for Travis Kelce. Even during the games, he keeps a suave look.

When his hair is a bit longer, he just keeps his hair in a messy swoop. This is not a regular hairstyle rather it is a specific in-game hairstyle. The sides are shaved as well as the back. The front hair is messily swept to one side.

This style can give you a messy laid back look. It can be done with straight and wavy hair. I would recommend you not to get this style for any party. Getting this style for a game day or gym is probably a better choice.

Travis Kelce’s Mid-parted Fade

Travis Kelces Mid-parted Fade

Mid-parted hairstyles have had a stellar presence among Fashionistas for decades. The arrival of fade cuts gave a modern variety to this haircut. Travis Kelce has worn this style to perfection.

The sides and back are cut with a high fade. The front hair is kept longer and parted in the middle using hair wax. It gives him a distinct look. This hairstyle is a bit different from his other hairstyles due to the long front hair but it still gives a Travis Kelce vibe.

This hairstyle can be worn with straight and wavy hair types. I would suggest this style only for wavy hair and diamond shaped faces. You can also pull off this hair design with oval or angular shaped faces as well.

Undercut Combover

Undercut Combover

Travis Kelce often gets Undercut haircuts. One of these haircuts is the Undercut combover. He usually combs his hair towards one side but not fully. He usually leaves strands of hair on the side and gives it a fringed look.

This is a great hairstyle for square shaped faces. I would recommend people with round faces to try this hairdo as well. This is a great hairstyle for wavy hair types. You can also try this style with straight hair but this one is not for curly and kinky hair types.

Side-part Quiff with Undercut

Side Part Quiff With Undercut

Quiff hairstyles are really popular at this moment and Travis Kelce sports a mesmerizing one. He usually gets an undercut fade where the front hairs are usually kept 3 to 4 inches. He usually does not get a regular Quiff. He gets a side-part quiff which gives him an elegant look.

Quiff haircuts can give you a trendy look. If you have wavy or straight hair, try this hairstyle right away. It suits every face shape, you just need to adjust the hair length. The rounder your face is, the longer your hair needs to be to pull this haircut off.

Sleek Pompadour

Sleek Pompadour

Pompadour is a hairstyle that looks phenomenal when it’s done right. Travis Kelce wears a sleek pompadour. His side hair is cut very short and the front hair is long and styled back. The volume of his front hair gives the hairdo an appealing look.

Getting a pompadour like Travis Kelce is easy. Your hair needs to be cut in a precise manner. The front hair needs to be long and voluminous while the side and back hair need to be short. Use pomade to style it back and give the pompadour shape.

This style looks really good with wavy hair. It is best suited for diamond shaped faces. Try it out now!

Gentleman’s Combover

Gentlemans Combover

Gentleman’s combover or side-parted combover, no matter what you call this haircut, it is phenomenal. Travis Kelce wore this hairdo to perfection. His hair is cut in a medium fade. The front hair is side parted and combed over towards one side using wax. This hair design gives him a fresh and clean look.

This look is really appropriate for professional settings alongside slick backs. You can try this haircut out if you have a square, diamond, or oval shaped face. Straight hair is most suited for this style but I recommend people with wavy hair try this hair design as well.

Travis Kelce’s Crew Cut

Travis Kelces Crew Cut

Crew Cut is beloved by most men and Travis Kelce is no different. He has sported this hair design numerous times. It is a great haircut for short hair. Travis Kelce usually keeps the sides trimmed with the number 2 guard and the front hair is kept a bit longer which gives it textures.

The crew cut looks really good on squared shaped faces. It looks decent on the diamond and oval shaped faces as well. This style suits every type of hair so feel free to try this hairdo right away.

Waxed Mid-part with Textures

Waxed Mid Part with Textures

This Travis Kelce haircut is quite unique. His natural hair is straight but he used products to make it look wavy. The hair is waxed and parted in the middle. The texture makes this style stand out.

This can be an exciting haircut for short hair. The sides are trimmed short. You can use a variety of products to get this texture and finish the style with hair wax.
It is most suited for wavy hair types but you can get this look on straight hair as well. Oval shaped faces are best suited for this hairdo.

Spiked Top with Bandana

Spiked Top With Bandana

Travis Kelce sometimes tries a different look and sports headwear. In these instances, he keeps his front hair spiked. The spiked top hair gives him an edgy look alongside the bandana. This is not that different from his signature look due to the short hair and beard.

You can try using a bandana as well with your hairstyle. You can wear it with any length of hair. Your hair type does not matter that much as well. But if you want to get the exact look that Travis kelce is portraying, then you will need short straight, or wavy hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

There might be some questions about Travis Kelce’s haircut that are eating you away. I have tried to answer some of these questions to put your mind at ease.

Question: What is the Name of Travis Kelce’s current haircut?

Answer: The haircut that Travis kelce is sporting at this moment is called Buzz Cut. His Buzz cut is a bit different from regular Buzz cuts. His sides are shaved while his front hair is a bit longer. His short hair alongside the beard gives him a really striking look.
Question: Is Travis Kelce’s Hair receding?

Answer: Travis Kelce has a slightly receded hairline at the front but his overall hairline is decent. Being only 33 years old, it is no surprise that Travis Kelce has a healthy hairline but it is receding slightly.

Question: What is Travis Kelce’s hair type?

Answer: Travis Kelce’s hair does not have any curl patterns even when it’s long. For that reason, it can be surmised that Travis Kelce’s hair type is type 1 or naturally straight hair.

Final Verdict

Travis kelce is mostly known for his signature Buzz cut alongside his beard at this moment but that is not the only look. He has sported some of the most remarkable hairstyles out there. Most of his hairdos are suited for short hair.

His natural hair is straight and he has an oval shaped face. For that reason, most of the hairstyle that we see him portray in this article are suited for people who have similar facial structures and hair types.

If you have a square or diamond shaped face, you can pull off these hairstyles as well. They are suited for wavy hair, but not for curly or kinky hair.
You can easily try one of these hairstyles right away. All of them are trendy, any fashionista will not regret them.

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