Perms For Short Hair

20 Perms for Short Hair Ideas to Steal the Limelight

The styling options for short hair are endless. We have left behind the days of regular bobs and embarked on a journey where you do not have to rely on classic options to make your hair stand out. Just opting for a shaved hair look or one with vibrant colors is enough to give your hair the vibe it needs.

However, some styles are always our favorites, and they have come a long way from their traditional approaches to adjusting themselves to modern realities. One such style is the perm. You may think what is new to add to your perms because they have always been a classic choice? Well, there are different types of perms available now, so you just need to choose your favorite one.

Ahead are some of the most stylish perm hairstyles for short hair that you can try if you love to keep your hair short. But before jumping into the list, let’s know the basics of doing a hair perm on short hair!

How to Perm Your Short Hair?

There are different methods for achieving your desired curls in a perm, you can use Curlformers or simple perm papers and rods to perm your hair. The thing is, you need to choose the right size when it comes to these tools in order to achieve your desired curls. When your tools are selected, you can move on to the process.

First of all, start with freshly washed hair. Divide your hair into large sections to make your task easier. Take one section into account and grab a small piece of hair. Now use your curlformers to secure the piece of hair. Continue with the same process for the rest of your hair as well, and make sure everything is covered. Use the correct size of curlformers for hair in different places to ensure proper outcomes.

When all of your hair has been secured with the curlformers, now it’s time to apply the perm solution to your hair. You can choose either an acid solution or an alkaline solution based on the types of curls you want. Make sure to apply the solution after you have secured your hair with curlformers, and use it thoroughly throughout the entire hair.

Now let it sit for some time and then go ahead to wash your hair for five minutes to rinse the solution away properly. When it’s done, move on to applying your neutralizer all over your hair. Throughout the entire process, your curlformers should stay in place. When the neutralizer has done its work, again rinse away everything properly for another five minutes.

You can apply a mixture of water and Olaplex No.1 Bond Multiplier after washing your neutralizer to keep your hair all healthy. After that, take off your curlformers and apply curl-defining butter to your hair in a scrunching process. Then use a hair dryer diffuser to give your style the finishing touch it requires.

And that’s how you can get at home perms for your short hair. The process is simple and easy, you just need to keep the length of your hair in mind and make sure that you are using everything properly to get the best results.

How to Take Care of Short Permed Hair?

If you have watched ‘Legally Blonde’ then you are obviously a fan of the courtroom scene where Elle proves that Chutney is in fact the culprit. The scene mentions that it is recommended not to wet hair for at least 24 hours after getting a perm done because doing that will end up ruining your beautifully permed hair. Elle brought justice to Brooke, so it requires no explanation that our short hair needs the same justice and care after the perming actions in order to keep everything right on track.

First of all, make sure not to wash your hair for at least 48 hours after getting your perm done. Choose shampoos and conditioners that will provide moisture to your hair, and remember to wait for a week before styling your hair. Or else, your hairstyle will be ruined.

Make sure that you are using the proper products for taking care of your hair. Use nourishing products and don’t forget to opt for deep conditioning. We also advise you to avoid heat styling the most you can and use heat protectants in order to save your permed hair from damage.

Dashing Ways to Style Perms for Short Hair

Now that you have known about the basics of perms and how to do perm on short hair, you might be wondering what else can be done to make your style stand out. Luckily, for those with short hair, the styling options are endless. Also, you can opt for different perming options to achieve your desired curls. So here we have rounded up the best ways to style your short permed hair to give you the glamorous look of your dreams!

Spiral Perms

Spiral Perms

When it comes to perms, the basic ones and the spiral ones are different mainly because of the sizes of the curls. While basic perms have the same size and shape when it comes to the curls, spirals perms consist of curls that have different shapes and sizes.

If you want to achieve spiral curls, you need to vertically roll your hair onto your perm rod. This type of perm can be done on any length of hair, and the outcome is always fascinating. So to give your hair a twist, you can try out a spiral perm the next time you visit the salon.

Here is an example of what a beautifully done spiral perm looks like. The lady in the picture has quite short hair and a beautiful hairstyle with tight spiral curls has been done on her entire hair, which looks totally chic. The natural hair is a combination of both black and gray hairs, and the style has undoubtedly matched her vibe.

Wavy Perm

Wavy perm

Your curls do not always have to be tight and all spiral, rather you can make them more relaxed. So if you are a fan of relaxing hairstyles with a wavy vibe, then a wavy perm can be your go-to option. By incorporating a wavy perm, your hair will look full of volume and your style will be changed to a better one for sure!

The thing with wavy perms is that they have a looser feeling to them, so there is no presence of the rather tighter curls. Plus, the light and soft feeling of the wavy perms will surely make you fall in love with them. Wavy perm is quite in the trend right now because of its modern appeal and transforming abilities.

In this picture, the lady has a beautifully done hairstyle with a wavy perm. It is visible in the picture-the curls look quite soothing to the eyes and seem like a little tour to the waves of water in an instant! We also love the length of her hair as it is perfect for summer. So give this a try if you want a similar hairstyle.

Body Perm

Body Perm

Many of us are fond of the natural looks when it comes to our hair, whether it is a curled look or just a style that consists of straight hair. So, for those who would love to keep their hair looking natural, a body wave perm can be a great option!

Body waves give your hair a natural curly appearance and you will fall in love with the waviness of this style. The softer-looking body waves also work in adding texture to your hair, and the natural look of this style will definitely make you come back for this style again and again.

If you do not believe us, take a look at this picture to figure out how gorgeous it looks when a body perm is done properly. The lady in the picture has short hair with an asymmetrical cut, and her hair is beautifully styled with a body perm all over. This is a great style for women who love to showcase their confidence through their hair, so give this style a try today!

Beach Wave

Beach Wave

Sometimes life is all about taking a break and sipping your drinks by the beach. But lately, if you have been busy with your schedule and just miss the beach, you can try achieving the beach vibe within the hustle and bustle of city life by going for a beach wave perm.

When it comes to the beach wave, the secret lies in the use of tools. While we generally opt for perm rods that are hard in nature for achieving traditional perms, soft rollers or foam rods are used to achieve the beach wave. So the result is hair full of beach waves instead of the curls that are rather tighter in appearance.

A beautifully done beach wave perm will literally give you the curls of your desire! The lady in the picture has a short haircut with a head full of beach waves which look absolutely stunning. The curls look quite relaxed and ready for a day out on the beach, so this can be your perfect pick for the summer.

Root Perm

Root Perm

The problem with newly grown hair at the roots after a rebonding or perming session knows no bounds! You cannot just simply get rid of your root hair because duh, they are on the roots! So it often becomes a hassle for many women out there to style their root hair before stepping out just to adjust with the rest of the already styled hair.

Now if you have permed your hair before and newer hair growth is visible on the roots, then we suggest you go for a root perm to get rid of this issue. A root perm can be done to adjust your root hair with the rest of your previously-permed hair, or it can be done to give your roots their volume.

For instance, the lady in this picture has perfectly permed hair down the length. However, the hair on her root has grown in the meantime, giving her the space for doing a root perm. As you can see, the root hair has been perfectly given a lift, and the style looks quite beautiful and adjusted with the rest of her hair.

Spot Perm

Spot Perm

We have talked about perming your entire hair, but did you know that it’s very much possible to perm only a section of your hair? Well, this style is real and it is known as the spot perm or the partial perm. Spot perms can be done for many reasons, especially to give your hair volume in specific places or to create a uniform curly hairstyle.

Suppose your hair is curly on one side and the other side doesn’t have the same size or patterns of curls, or it simply doesn’t have any curls at all. In this case, you can opt for a spot perm to create properly styled hair. It is also a great option for women who have been facing thinning of hair in different places to cover the look of their thinning hair.

The lady in this picture has a perfectly done spot perm. If you look carefully, the hair in the middle has been carefully given the spot perm look, which has made her hair look rather voluminous. The entire hair doesn’t require the same style, so it is a simple option to choose for daily wear.

Straight Perm

Straight Perm

Up until now, we have talked about permed hairstyles that make your hair curly. But the exact opposite can be done as well. Yes, we are talking about the straight perm. It basically refers to giving your curly hair a permanent straight look, so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of straightening hair every single day.

Heat styling your hair every day leads to hair damage which often becomes irreversible. So if you opt for straightening your curly and unmanageable hair every day, your hair will end up getting ruined, especially at the ends. To get rid of this issue, you can easily go for a straight perm and save lots of time on the run.

This picture is an example of a cute and compact straight permed hair with the perfect short length. The lady in the picture has a short bob that is side-parted, and the hair looks all set with the straight perm that has been done to perfection. However, there is a big point to be noted-if your hair has been colored previously, a straight perm is not the right option for you.

Digital Perm

Digital Perm

A digital perm is a type of perm where a machine is used to heat the rods that are used for giving your hair the permed style. The machine that is used comes with a digital display, this is why it’s known as a digital perm. It is a combination of using chemicals and hot rods to give your hair the wavy touch you desire.

In recent times, many women have been opting for this particular hair styling procedure, also known as the hot perm. It doesn’t matter what your hair length is, you can go for a digital perm and achieve long-lasting results so that you don’t have to worry about styling your hair every time you step outside.

When it comes to short hair, a digital perm is a great option. Take this picture for instance. The lady here has a bob haircut with a side bang, and her natural hair has been permed so beautifully that it doesn’t even look like anything extra has been done. The wavy style is quite relaxed and casual, and it is great for daily wear as well.

Retro Red

Retro Red

Red has become our favorite color for any type of haircut and style. Because literally, the fierce and bold look of hair colored in red is unbeatable. Women are now constantly going for red hair colors as they have witnessed the coolness themselves. So the next time you are willing to go for a hair update, try out the red color on your hair.

The possibilities of hair dyed in red are endless. Especially if you want to be bolder than the boldest, then we suggest you try out a short hair look to create that statement. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed! And what better way to style your hair than giving them curls to achieve that perfect retro finish?

Take inspiration from this picture if you want to give the fashion of the past a chance to revive again. We cannot get enough of this amazing hairstyle. The length of the hair is quite short, but the stack perm that has been done on this hair looks totally gorgeous. The red is vibrant and the curls are defined, so this style can be the perfect one to attend a concert or simply for a girls’ night out.

For Seniors

For Seniors

The amazing thing about perms is that you don’t have to worry about your age for getting them done. We have seen young ladies and men out there perming their short hair, as well as senior people rocking this hairstyle like a pro! So if you are a senior and still unsure whether a perm will be good for your hair, then worry no more because it definitely will be.

When it comes to people in their 60s, we often think that the days of fashion are over. But to tell you the truth, we have seen people with gray hair carrying their style with much grace. Especially the combination of black and gray hair provides a natural highlight effect that can be utilized in creative ways to style the hair.

If you are looking for hair perming inspiration, take a look at this picture. The lady here has short hair, and the perms have been done in a way to give her hair underlying volume. We absolutely love the color of her hair and the curls look perfect. This style is surely a cool one for all the lovely senior ladies out there.

Over 50

Over 50

When many women reach their 50s, they often think that their days of adoring themselves have come to an end. This is why we have seen many women of this age stop grooming themselves or simply go for regular haircuts and styles avoiding the extravaganza. However, we think fashion and style should not be restricted by age, and you can rock a stylish haircut even in your 50s without giving it a second thought.

Some out there love to keep their hair all long and voluminous, while some others consider short hair to be their companion. No matter what length you love, there is always a haircut suitable for you. And if you are worried about some of your gray hairs showing their appearance, then be creative and use them in a natural way to style your hair.

For instance, this picture is all about embracing the natural hair color and styling it in an exclusive way to remain fashionable even in your 50s. The lady has a head full of hair that has been perfectly permed. The brick-lay perm has given her hair a natural-looking appearance with the curls, and the gray hairs are working quite well as natural highlights.

Black Hair

Black Hair

For those with natural black hair that is short, perming the hair can be a great option. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant, rather a casual perm will give the hair an amazing style while increasing the beauty of the hair and allowing it more manageability.

Black women love to try out different types of protective hairstyles such as cornrows, box braids, tribal braids, and many more. These styles are quite unique and versatile, but trying out a perm can also be beneficial if you are looking for a style upgrade. And when it comes to perming hair, a curly perm is a great pick for black hair.

This picture shows why we are highly recommending this style for black hair. Look at the curls she has on her beautiful black hair! The hair is short and has a compact length for ease of carrying, and the curls are totally elegant. This style can be easily carried to any occasion gracefully.

Fine Short

Fine Short

Women with fine hair often find it difficult to style their hair in their desired way because their hair is thin and lacking volume. There are many hair-thickening products available on the market for that purpose, but sometimes, you just wish you had a better solution. For that purpose, we suggest trying out perms on your fine hair.

If you like to keep your hair short and are thinking that there is no possible solution to your thin hair, then you can easily opt for a permed style as it will take care of such issues. The curls that you will get from perming your hair will surely make your hair look voluminous.

Here is what it looks like when your fine short hair is permed. As you can see, the hair has been permed properly with the curls that are done beautifully all over, making her thin hair look fuller in appearance. The curls look quite natural, and this style can be an easy pick for the summer.

Big Curls

Big Curls

Perming your hair doesn’t mean that your curls always need to be either too tight or too relaxed. Rather, there is always a middle ground. And in the case of perming, we recommend you try out the big curls if you are not a fan of the tight ones.

Big curls are suitable for many occasions. Especially if the volume is the thing you are looking for, then a perm with big curls will help you achieve that result. And the good news is, you don’t have to keep your hair long to achieve such results. Big curls can be done on short haircuts as well.

You can take this picture as your guide the next time you visit the salon for big curl perms. The lady in the picture has beautiful blonde hair, and the hair has been permed to perfection with the beautiful curls enhancing the volume. This style is truly amazing, and we recommend it to all the curl lovers out there.

Medium Short

Medium Short Perm

Some women like to keep their hair short in a way that it doesn’t get too short or too long to ruin the beauty of a short hairstyle. For that purpose, a medium-short hairstyle can be a go-to option. This way, the length is perfect and the styling outcomes also remain gorgeous.

Medium-short hair can be styled in many ways, but we always love a classic perm for this type of hair. While some ladies prefer the tight curls, some just love to keep it wavy and casual. You can also opt for the big curls to style your hair in an elegant way.

Take this hairstyle as an example. The haircut is perfect with the hair having a medium-short length, and the curls look fabulous. The combination of brown hair with blonde highlights in this style is truly inspiring, and we feel like trying out this hairstyle right now!

Perms for Men with Short Hair

Just like women, perms are also a great option for men. We have seen many men out there trying out perms for a style upgrade, and we totally love the outcomes. So here are a few of the styling ideas with perms for men with short hair.

Brown Curls

Brown Curls Perm For Men's

For men with brown hair, this style can be a great one. The picture here has both the before and after conditions, and the difference is totally visible. The short-style hair with beautiful curls in the middle is totally approved from our side, and we suggest you give this style a try if you love to keep your hair short and manageable.

Thin Hair

Thin Hair Perms

For men with thin hair, there is no need to be worried because you can rock a permed style just like any other guy with denser hair. Take this style as an inspiration when you begin your permed-hair journey. The man in the picture has beautiful permed hair right in the middle with a fade haircut down the length. This is a style that will surely win hearts, so try it out right now!

Casual Style

Casual Perm Style

Perms are not something to be carried on red carpets exclusively, rather, you can wear a permed style casually along with your regular bearded face, and everyone’s going to love it. So for all the men out there trying to keep things casual, this hairstyle can be a great pick. It’s casual and fancy at the same time, so there is no need to be hesitant before trying this out!

Permed Mullet

Permed Mullet

We always love a mullet hairstyle because of the uniqueness of this haircut. So lately if you have been thinking of getting a mullet haircut and styling it in a different way, then you can go for a permed mullet. The man in this picture has a beautifully done permed mullet which looks super cool and chic, and this style is a must-try for all the mullet lovers out there!

Curly Perm

Curly Perm

Curly perm is a famous hairstyle among both men and women, and we have seen many men out there trying out this style to adorn their hair. So if you are a fan as well, you can try this spiral perm hairstyle. The curls are everything for us in this gorgeous hairstyle, and we love how it matches his vibe effortlessly!


As we said at the beginning, perms have adjusted themselves to modern demands, and the captivating outcomes are encouraging women out there to try out perms even for once. So with all the hype remaining, there are still some basic questions that beginners want the answers to before going for a permed hair look. So let’s take a look at those!

How much does a perm for short hair cost?

The cost of a perm depends on many factors, starting from the length of your hair to the perming style you are opting for. For those with short hair, the cost ranges between $50 to $100.

How long does a perm last on short hair?

A permed hairstyle will typically last for three to four months on hair that is short. If you already have short permed hair and you opt for trimming or cutting your hair more than once within this time, then you can go for another perming session after the end of these three to four months of time.

What is the difference between alkaline perm and acid perm?

Alkaline perm is considered to be the better option for coarse hair, whereas acid perm is better for hair that is damaged. The active ingredient in alkaline perm is ammonium thioglycolate, and it has a pH balance ranging from 8.2 to 9.6. On the other hand, glyceryl monothioglycolate is the active ingredient in acid perm, and its pH balance ranges from 4.5 to 6.5.

Can I perm colored or bleached hair?

Well, you can actually perm your colored or bleached hair, but remember to wait for at least a week before doing the perm after you have dyed your hair. And when it comes to bleaching, it’s best to wait for half a month.

Final Thoughts

As you now know everything about perming your short hair, it’s your time to decide whether you would like to try out a permed hair look right now. We have repeatedly expressed how beautiful it looks when a hair is permed properly, so we definitely recommend trying out any of the styles mentioned above.

Also, if you have hair that is already permed and you want to go for an upgrade, then you can switch from long or medium hair to short hair and try out a different style this time. We believe you will fall in love with your permed hair in an instant.

Just follow the proper steps to perming your hair, or simply visit the salon if you want professional results. Don’t forget to take proper care of your hair after getting a perm, and flaunt your new style with confidence as you step outside!

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