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15 Eye-catching Samurai Top Knot Hairstyles to Try in 2024

Though the Samurai era ended a long ago, their hairstyle is still a thing that people love to adorn on their head. A Samurai Top Knot is now a common scenario in this era. The thing that made it popular is its versatility.

In the modern era, this top knot has evolved in many different types and is not worn only with extremely long hair.

A samurai top knot is often seen to be paired with an undercut or tapers and fades. The long tradition from the ancient Japanese period was seen to be paired with shaved undercut which essentially helped disconnect the volume of hair at the top which eventually became a top knot or a man bun at the crown.

If you would also love to get a haircut like the Samurai, a neat and shaved side part can be used. To neaten the finish along the nape, the sides may also have a fade.

In case, if you don’t know about a top knot, you should know that a top knot consists of a smaller bun of hair that is formed precisely at the top of the head, rather than at the crown.

In the following sections, we will know further about a Samurai top knot and moreover, we will discover fifteen different ideas that you can try on your head.

What You Didn’t Know about Samurai Top Bun

A man with both long or short hair can style up their hair with a Samurai Bun. This hairstyle was actually a traditional haircut known as Japanese men’s chonmage and this is actually where it originated.

It’s a story from the Japanese
Edo period which can be traced back to the Fifteenth century A.D.

If you are getting more and more excited about Samurai Top Knot Hairstyle, Let us unveil some crucial stories regarding the origin of samurai and how it came into Trend being a tradition for a long time in the next section.

Who is a Samurai

We already had been talking a lot about a Samurai top knot. But do you know who the samurai were? Well, they were from a warrior caste from Japan from the Edo period. During that time, they were referred to as the aristocratic warriors also known as Bushi.

They came to power during the twelfth century and they had been ruling the Japanese land till the nineteenth century Meiji restoration.

They used to wear this style so that they could set themselves apart from the ordinary people as a warrior and moreover the most interesting part was that they put a large head bun on the upper portion of the head because it actually helped them to wear their combat helmets.

Samurai are well known as a Japanese warrior caste. The term “samurai” was originally used to refer to the aristocratic warriors (bushi), but it eventually came to refer to all the warriors who rose to power in the 12th century and ruled Japan until the Meiji Restoration in 1868.

This Japanese tradition has been later portrayed in Cartoon characters, books, magazines and also in folktales and stories.

Origin of Samurai Top Knot

Origin of Samurai Top Knot

Image Source

Samurai Top Knots are profoundly known as Chonmage. This was firstly associated with the Samurai from the Edo period and in the later period it got similarities with the hairstyles of the Sumo wrestlers.

It was originally used to keep a samurai kabuto helmet steadily on the head during combat, it later evolved into a status symbol in Japanese society. It was a symbol of status in the later period for the Samurai warriors.

Why They Used to Wear Top Knots on Their Heads

As you know now, those top knots were so famous from the Edo period in Japan and the Samurai or the Warriors had to put such a hairstyle on their head just for leveling a helmet.

So, these were a few that you should’ve known before jumping into putting such a long adorned tradition on your hair and in the upcoming sections, we will be reviewing Top 15 best Samurai Top Knot hairstyle ideas which you will sure be wanting to put on your hair too.

Yes! You heard it right. Samurai shaved off the tops of their heads, gathered the remaining hair into a ponytail, and folded that into a top knot facing forward to stabilize the their kabuto helmets that they wore into battle and soon it became a long adorned status as well as a symbol in the Japanese Society.

15 Best Samurai Hairstyles with Top Knot

The wait is over! We are now going to explore some real-life samurai top knot hairstyle ideas in the upcoming section. Yeah! You got it right.

From the Japanese Edo period till now, the Samurai Top Knot has evolved from a traditional single hairstyle towards a diversity of styles.

Using a Faded Top Knot has been the most popular way of gathering your hair as a bun on the top of your head in recent times. Without any more delay, let’s explore them!

Samurai Top Knot with Fringe

Samurai Top Knot with Fringe

Are you freaking waiting to put a Samurai Top Bun on your Hair? And you will really love to know that you can style your hair as a man bun, ponytail and as a pigtail or a top knot.

Moreover, adding braids or a freestyle shaved design won’t be a bad idea either. And also, you can also bump up your all new hairstyle with zero sides, undercuts, tapers or fades and even different kinds of fringes combined with the top knot.

If you liked the style from the above image, you can easily try this Samurai High Knot for your upcoming hairstyle. Visit a professional Hairdresser and ask him to trim the sides of your mid-length hair making it not so faded at the sides and finally knot the rest of the hair brushing at the back and you are good to go!

Half Up Top Knot with Undercut Fades

Half Up Top Knot with Undercut Fades

If the previous hairstyle didn’t buy you and you are looking for a more professional and modern stylish version of a Top Knot that the Samurai used to wear, then this hairstyle you are seeing might surely buy you. At least you can give it a try for once and I’m pretty sure you are not going to regret this trendy Sumo Hairstyle.

And if you are already bought to this charming Undercut that is faded to the skin in the same length and distinguishes the brushed hair that eventually ended up being a bun, make sure that you are maintaining the basic nurturing procedures suggested by your hairdresser. As you know, delicate hairstyles require extra grooming at some points.

Long Hair with Samurai Bun

Long Hair Samurai Bun

If you are a real Samurai, at least having a warrior-like personality on you, this hairstyle is specially chosen for you. Look at this amazing Samurai Knot he is wearing on the Top of his head and along with his samurai like modern outfit, he surely clones a past day Samurai.

And if you are waiting for your new Samurai to look like him, there is a small hurdle for you. You have to wait till your hair touches your neck and flows down. And if you already have long hair and if they are already wavy, your hairdresser is going to do the next. We are so excited to see your new year Samurai look!

Professional Samurai Knot with Short Hair

Professional Samurai Knot with Short Hair

The heading says it all! Yes, if you are way too professional regarding your upcoming hairstyle and waiting for a Top notch Knot above your hair, this is the one you surely gonna love. And with these low Tapers at both sides, you are going to get an all-new fresh look!

The best thing that would amaze you is that the Top Bun or Knot you are looking at is way more stylish than the traditional Samurai Bun. You can see that the upper portion of his hair is at first brushed at the back and has a reverse knot Upway and this is what makes the difference.

Shaved Two Sides with Top Bun

Shaved Two Sides with Top Bun

If you have already gone through the whole article from the very first, you already know that the early Samurai from where the long Tradition of Samurai Hairstyle had been emerged, they used to shave at the sides of their heads and the rest were eventually ended up being a ball at the back of the head which helped them to perfectly being armored at the head.

And if you are up to this long tradition wearing at your head too, you can take this photo to your barber and ask him to clone it on your head. But, before giving it a go you must keep in mind that professionals often suggest shaving your heads at the sides if you are having a round or oval head configuration.

High Knot with Taper Fades

High Knot with Taper Fades

Wearing a High Knot over almost any type of long or mid-length hair has become a new trend in this decade. And if the High Knots are of a Samurai style like in this photo with a Taper Fade on the peripheries, you can really give it a go while choosing your all new hairstyle.

If you are sporty, enthusiastic and of athletic personality and moreover if you love to be physically fit, this hairstyle is gonna fit for your new fresh look too. Your barber is going to add taper fades at the sides and brush back the rest of the hair creating a short top knot opened at the up way.

Samurai Hairstyle on Wavy Hair

Samurai Hairstyle on Wavy Hair

Wavy and gravy, silky and stylish, all you need in a hairstyle package for you. Thanks to the evolution of Samurai Top Knot to a trendy stylish Wavy Top Bun. It’s amazing to have such an all in one Samurai Top Bun on your hair with that professional look.

And to create this Samurai evolved, you must consult a hairstylist for cloning this hairdo. Don’t ever forget to ask him to add this must have wavy texture with the hair strings along with the traditional Top knot.

Top Short Knot with Faded Sides

Top Short Knot with Faded Sides

You might be wondering about styling your hair with your long hair. But you might get disappointed that long hair is hard to style and it moreover needs extra care. But you wouldn’t want to miss a top knot on your hair, especially if it’s a samurai one.

If you are already wanting to get this all new modern samurai look with a high knot, you can do it on your own at your home. Ask one of your friends to trim the sides of your head which gradually meets at the brushed back upper hairline. When you are done, you can use a rubber to make a shorty knotty bun at your head facing upwards.

Samurai Knot with Top Brushed Ponytail

Samurai Knot with Top Brushed Ponytail

Remember what we mentioned earlier? You can create a full bun, pigtail, ponytail, top knot, low knot, and other designs that have evolved from the classic Samurai High Knot and have continued to be popular up to the present. And at this point, a ponytail is being displayed as a Samurai knot. Yes, you can accomplish anything with knots.

His hair is worn in a lovely little ponytail at the back of his head and faded to the skin along his sides, which gives this Samurai Top Knot some extra oomph.

Top Bun with Side Design

Top Knot with Side Design

Have you seen the award winning animated movie “Moana”? And if you have already, then you must remember the waves of the ocean, right? And if you were looking for a step forward to the modern Samurai Knots, you are looking at the exact image. This ocean wave will surely get you a step ahead to the modern hairstyling sense.

The recipe is so simple! Create High tapers on the peripheries and then brush back your rest of the straight mid length hair at the back and you can either create this seawave design like in the visual or can choose your own. And don’t forget to add this wavy finishing to your Top Knot too.

Casual High Knot with Mullet

Casual High Knot with Mullet

Mullets are not ordinary. Even, a mullet is described as the most casual hairstyle that was seen to be worn by the rock stars from the 90’s. But, did you ever think of combining a mullet along with a top knot?

If you had been thinking of it, we assure you that it’s not going to be a bad idea. To get this elegant look, trim your both sides but not the back a bit and make a top ponytail at the upper – mid portion of the head. You are not going to use any portion of your back hair to create an effect like Mullet with Samurai Top Bun.

Samurai Haircut Over Fades

Samurai Haircut Over Fades

Just opposite to the previous one. Here you are going to get a neat and tidy idea. Not Casual as well as not Formal too. You can call it fashionable. While making the cut, you are also going to do the opposite to the previous style of Samurai Knotted Bun.

You are going to trim up to the skin at your sides and back making your hairline visible to the skin. With the rest of the hair left upward, you are going to knot them at once and create the Top Knot.

Half Up Top Bun with Skin Taper

Half Up Top Bun with Skin Taper

Similar to the previous. But not the way they are styled actually. If you were waiting for a more modern version of a samurai knot, this is going to work for you. You can see the same taper as the previous one alongside the head which is a bit lower and the density of rest if the hair is also more than the style you just saw before.

Though this low skin taper looks cool here, the style of the Top Bun up on his head makes a great difference. It’s an awesome Top Bun which you would surely love to wear as your new hairstyle.

Samurai Knotted Hairstyle with Taper Fades

Samurai Knotted Hairstyle with Taper Fades

One of the most prominent methods for a man to knot his long hair is a samurai bun. This is a very elegant idea of a samurai top knot as it closely resembles the one from the long way back to the fifteenth century. And this haircut in the picture is so well-liked among urban males because it is so straightforward, requiring only a hair tie and a brush.

You can give it a go for your next hairstyle if you are having long hair along with the desire of knotting a Top Bun above your head. At least this neat and clean look is gonna bump up your new year look.

Half Up Top Knot with High Fade

Half Up Top Knot with High Fade

This is the last hairstyle, but not the least. You can try this stunning idea with a skin taper and the tapers are going to go a long way up your hairline. At the top of your crown, where you have the most volume of hair, pull them at the back to create a top knot.

You can keep this concluding hairstyle downloaded on your phone if you are not immediately going to make it happen in your head but surely you will love to put this tidy hairstyle once in your lifetime. You will surely love it as your hairstyle. At least you are not going to regret it.


Ponytails, Man Bun and Top Knots are at the peak of their popularity and are already in the trend for a long time. They can be very neatly styled or brushed back in a casual way. Being messy, elaborate, or just a simple ponytail, this is what a bun is!

Also braiding the top in a style that resembles Ragnar Lodbrok is starting to gain popularity. Let us explore the top most phrases that are being discussed across the globe regarding this Top Knot.

What was the significance of samurai wearing top knots?

Back in the fifteenth century, the Samurai warriors had to wear helmets which they called Kabuto. To stabilize their helmets fitted on their head during the war they faced, they used to shave their head like an undercut. Then they would pull their hair back to create a massive bun to hold the Kabuto.

How was samurai hair styled?

They used to put their hair brushed at the back creating a bun before putting on the kabuto helmet. Actually before going into the war, they used to untie the knot so the helmets perfectly armor with the hair.

Why do samurai trim their hair at the crown?

Samurai as well as other ancient Japanese war people used to wear the chonmage. It is a traditional hairdo of the Samurai warriors. They used to shave their heads because they believed that it makes a Kabuto helmet more comfortable to wear.

Last Words

In the past few years, Samurai Top Bun had been a very demandable hairstyle that men wanted to put on. This hairstyle holds tradition, status, glory and what not. It can totally change your look into a warrior-like personality for sure.

So, what do you think? Did you expect that so many distinct ideas could be pulled out from a single Hairstyle which for long had been a Tradition and came into Trend in the recent years? Let us know in the comment section below if you are going to have any of the styles discussed above.

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