Long Hair Fade

26 Long Hair Fade Styling Ideas for Sophisticated Men in 2022

One might think that it’s very restricting to style long hair in different ways, and one would be very wrong to reach that conclusion.

Out of many potential genres, long hair fade is marked as one of the most unorthodox and diverse styling areas for men who are looking for unique designs.

As this concept is able to merge different trendy ideas into one where it places fade alongside long hair, the outcomes are without a doubt – out of the world.

In this article, I’ll guide you on 26 different styling ideas for your long hair that include fades to reinvent your looks under the modern spotlight.

I’m certain that going through these designs will satisfy your taste and generate new ideas in your mind that demand at least one tryout in your lifetime – so why not try it now?

What Does A Long Hair Fade Look Like?

What Does A Long Hair Fade Look Like

The general idea of long hair fade is to contain two distinguishing qualities in one haircut – your hair must be long and there has to be some form of fade applied anywhere on the head.

Fades are usually thrown on the sides or at the back. The longer portion remains on the top portion, with exceptions where the nape area is prioritized for carrying the volume.

This style’s aim is to bring together two contrastive ideas of very short and very long within the same canvas as such opposites create a synthesis of captivating haircut concepts.

These Fades With Long Hair Will Boost Your Game

Let’s explore 26 of the most dominating long hair fade styles to bring your A-game into your everyday styling and allow you to gloat your fancy new look at the public or your beloved ones.

Long & Curly

Long And Curly

There are many ways to merge curly hair with fades. If you have significantly long hair, your styling options will increase drastically.

This style endorses a mullet shadow with curls and fades. The sides are neatly faded at medium length while the top and back remain untrimmed.

Having some volume around the nape should be an added bonus for this look’s styling potential enhancement as it generates a fulfilling effect.

The curls don’t demand to be guided strictly, thus it lands as a low-maintenance haircut. Throw a neatly lined beard into the mix to finalize the charming effect!

Long Up Front

Long Up Front

When you’re looking forward to including a fade to your long hair, you might get all confused between whether to go for a low fade or high.

I’d say, be unique and break all the conventional fade rules by drawing a shaved line at your fading point, around the middle area should be perfect to highlight it further.

On the crown, have all your hair brushed neatly backward with some hair mousse drawing distinction from the front part.

Up front you can show off your hair’s length with a sideways brush that’ll remain loose from the rest of the hair body.

Flat into a Bun

Flat Into A Bun

Maintaining long hair can often be challenging and during hectic days, it becomes a problem for many.

What if I told you, lying your hair flat and tying up everything behind your nape into a small bun would not only solve your problem, but also make you look fashionable?

This is exactly what this style does. It draws medium fades on the sides and tapers around the back for your long hair.

It prevents loose hair from messing up with your ear and keeps the top portion in check so that they don’t interfere with your vision.

Spray over some shining solution to make it look glossier so that you’re deemed as a voguish man at every corner you step foot in!

Stashed Curls on Top

Stashed Curls On Top

From men with curly hair, I’ve learned a great deal about maintenance difficulty if the hair is grown to be quite longer than usual.

This particular style struck me as an alternative way to reduce the obstacles of hair maintenance each day by stashing up everything on top and binding them together with a long band.

With distinct tapers on the sides and a clear contrast with the top, this can inspire boys with curly hair to look cuter than ever!

Additionally, you can grow some stubble and groom them frequently to compliment the thick curls sitting gently on top of your head.

Backward Spike

Backward Spike

Are you looking for a way to create something unique by subverting the norms of hairstyling for men?

Then alter the basic conceptions that I have by shifting your spiked hair from the top to the nape area as an unforeseen design.

It draws ideas from mullet haircuts which is definitely not an ugly mullet, and a high fade on the sides create a stark contrast between varying volumes.

The top part can remain as it is, simply brushed to the side without hampering anything else.

When all of these are put together, the backward spike stands out to create an auspicious look to classify you as a fashionable individual.

Thick & Curly Bun

Thick And Curly Bun

I am reverting back to the bun idea again as it’s an easy-keeping method to control longer hair, especially if your hair is naturally curly.

Draw high fades that reach completely to the top on the sides and all the way around the back.

This not only creates distinction between the sections, but also allows you to travel hassle free with a lower volume of hair without compromising the length up top.

Bring the remaining hair body together to be tied into a thick bun that can hang loose at the back.

Your everyday styling and maintenance is going to receive a huge relief while landing you a ‘dashing’ tag from your friends.

Overflowing Curls

Overflowing Curls

If you’re a smart black boy who’s exploring the most diverse haircuts because none of the regular ones suit your taste, then you must try out this one at least once.

It’s never really a problem to handle your long & curly hair when you know certain tactics to tame those locks.

Instead of tying everything down with a ribbon or a band, go for hair clips at the current age of gender neutrality.

Taper all the way around and even up front to throw in a definite sense to the look and add some character in your overall style!

Ginormous Bun with Fade Design

Ginormous Bun With Fade Design

A bun made out of your long hair can be styled in many different ways, and when you’re trying to hybridize it with faded designs, you’re in for a grand treat!

Long hair fade with natural hair isn’t always easy to get right, but this one is guaranteed to take you places if you only wrap up your top hair into this enormous bun.

To add to the look, draw a shaved line around the back and draw designs of  your choice underneath it.

Ask your barber to create the fades on the lower side of the design and to keep your hair length longer over it – the final outcome is surely going to surprise you!

Long Locks Thrown Back

Long Locks Thrown Back

You may notice a recurring pattern here – all of the ideas that I’m sharing circles around minimal upkeep.

Since letting long hair loose tends to disrupt daily activities, throwing them back into a bun or a short ponytail in a fashionable way without overwhelming yourself.

And when you mix up some fade on the side around the sideburn area, this look invokes some solid ground to be classified as a contemporary design as a whole.

As a footnote, a neat top into a bun and free locks at the back are often complemented by a full beard so you can take that in your consideration as well.

Neat Backbrushed Undercut

Neat Backbrushed Undercut

This style derives its basic concept from the elegant burst fade mohawk styles as it’s almost a mohawk with high & clean fades on the sides.

For fine textured hair, getting this style would be a piece of cake since it only demands you to draw fades on either side of your head and the bottom half of your nape.

The top portion doesn’t require much nurturing either. Apply some hair mousse to solidify the volume so that you can seamlessly brush all of the hair body toward the back.

Since it’s a neatly brushed back long hair fade style, you can easily wear it at your office or any program gathered with many people.

Double Buns with Mid Fade

Double Buns With Mid Fade

There’s a popular saying that goes: “Two is better than one” and it’s certainly the case for this unique haircut.

If you believe your hair is quite voluminous and one bun won’t be able to confine all of it, then go for two on either side of your nape.

This’ll help you keep your neck area clean and free from any hairy interruption. You’ll also be able to show off your low fade at the back.

Enhance it further with a shaved line right between the buns and fade to make a strong styling statement without having to utter a single word.

The Sleek White

The Sleek White

Why only play with designs when you can play with colors as well? While there’s tons of shades to choose from, I personally think that white supersedes any other color for this particular style.

White’s charm, fade with long hair’s attraction and the wavy flow on top creates a picturesque design that’s very unique so to say.

It’s great when your hair is naturally wavy, otherwise you can generate it easily with some blow dryer and hair pomade.

Keep the side colors intact and add a medium fade around your head with a sharp line to seal in the handsome aura!

Brushed over & Lined Side

Brushed Over And Lined Side

The ones who find pompadour to be appealing haircuts, this brush over style is only a casual variation that’ll cater to your taste easily.

You can re-interpret your long hair in a very special way by creating a clear-cut difference between the top portion and the sides.

A high fade can do the trick for you without having to compromise any hair length or volume on top.

Brush your hair toward the back at the crown area and let the rest of it be brushed over toward one side.

For the exposed side, draw a shaved line to participate in the modern hairstyling trend and claim your spot as a fashion icon.

Long & Thin Braids

Long And Thin Braids

Whether you prefer thin braids or two strand twists, this haircut becomes an exceptional method to toy with your long and curly hair.

It includes a wide variety of designs and compiles all of it into one sophisticated style that anyone will agree upon.

Loose braids up front, cornrows toward the back and a thin braided ponytail at the nape are the concepts that are merged together here.

On top of that, the sides are faded at medium length with a low fade behind the back. Only a fine beard would be missing from the look if you choose to shave your face clean.

Casually Fancy & a Bun

Casually Fancy And A Bun

This style belongs to the fancy category of haircuts that isn’t strictly guided so that the casual tone reflects itself as the highlighting feature.

There’s significant differences between a taper and a fade as this style commits to a tapered look around all the sides.

The hair remains at a suitable length that can be both worn up or down according to your mood.

It’s all combed backward toward the nape area to be tied into a casual bun. A little front patch is brushed sideways to create a variation from the seamless flow at the back.

Tapered neck, messy bun and a fine stubble generates such a look that any tasteful woman is going to crush on you real hard at any given place!

A Fresh Wave with Fade

A Fresh Wave With Fade

Let’s take combover haircut to an extreme end that looks like a wave on the ocean that’s about to crash but has been frozen right in the middle of it.

You’re going to need some modern engineering to hold your hair in place like that uber-wave flowing over your head.

Just kidding! Simply apply some holding mousse and use your comb to generate the style. Spray over some holding solution and it’ll stick nicely in place.

Mix it with a low fade on the sides or a taper if you should choose to, it’ll create a distinguishing manner for your daily look.

Long Locks over Face

Long Locks Over Face

If you think you’ve explored every possible styling outcome for your long hair, this unique style is going to question that directly.

Instead of working toward the back, it aspires to draw long locks toward the front that covers one side of your face.

With a zero fade on either side of your head, let the longer portion flowing over cover one side of it.

Using your brush, you can swoon the front lock to form a subtle wave so that it lands right underneath your chin.

Grow a beard to enhance the manliness of your style by a few notches!

Pompadour Faux Hawk

Pompadour Faux Hawk

This style belongs to the elegant gradient of long fade hair concepts due to the way the faux hawk is made on the top.

It’s one of those short sides and long top haircuts that doesn’t fall under the general dictionary of casual styling, rather it’s built for special occasions.

High faded sides and a long beard set the premise for this style to be built upon.

For the top portion, the faux hawk is created in the manner a pompadour is produced and rounded combs should generate the distinct textures that draw upon the alluring aspect.

Exotic Scarlet Surges

Exotic Scarlet Surges

You should consider reverse fade ideas to mix with exotic surges that resemble an extreme pompadour.

Adding a bright scarlet color beforehand should strike out your hair from the crowd without any difficulty to the eyes.

Using any holding serum, put your top hair upright in small sections of waves going all the way to the back.

The sides can be partitioned in small fractions with both reverse fade and regular fade sitting adjacent to one another.

Waved Around Undercut

Waved Around Undercut

Why settle for a well-groomed haircut when you can play around it to make it look more eccentric than usual?

This style certainly does that. It applies undercut on the sides which you can replace with any degree of fade that you choose.

The top is laid back and brushed neatly, and up until that part it’ll look like a neat & cool haircut.

Fun begins when you invite free locks from either side to hand loosely over your forehead. Once you take this step, this design is going to take a drastic upgrade!

Kinky Tapered Faux Hawk

Kinky Tapered Faux Hawk

For your thick and kinky hair, know no limits while styling in your interested design because anything is achievable, even with long hair.

It’s a kinky rendition of faux hawk ideas that are pulled forward to cover your forehead and even your eyes to some extent.

Dye it magenta or caramel if you want to, and pamper the sides with a drop fade to turn it into an exquisite style for tasteful men!

Mullet Skin Fade

Mullet Skin Fade

Let’s cash in some inspiration from mohawk mullet haircuts and implement it in our current design as a sibling variant.

Go for it ONLY if you have very long hair and are willing to chop it off at certain points of your head.

The long lying portion should be left intact at the back. For the top, you’ll need to trim down everything to resemble a short or medium haircut.

Up the front, spike up the patch to pay homage to the mohawk mullet trend and in the end receive an authentic long hair fade outcome!

Fade with a Long Fringe

Fade With A Long Fringe

Long fringes can often turn your look into something different which you can never truly anticipate without trying it out once in your life.

Trust me on this, create high fades all around your head to expose your skin completely.

With your long hair on top, create two different layers with the top one being the shorter and the bottom as the longer.

The longer layer should draw out a fringe to be laid on the faded side and the shorter layer would be simply combed over on the other.

Long Braided Fades

Long Braided Fades

Whether you have fine hair or curly, listen to my voice of reason and braid them up without sacrificing the long & smashing length.

With distinct hair sections, create around four to five braids that’ll lay backward and fall over your shoulders.

Taper the front, sides and the back to add a maintained & neat tone to this handsome haircut!

Short Pony High Fade

Short Pony High Fade

This one is a very contrastive look that has quite a few things going on at the same time which renders it as a demanding haircut for the contemporary fashion industry.

Section out your hair into two groups, the long top and the high faded sides that carry on at the back.

The top portion is to be combed seamlessly backward to be tied up into a short ponytail. A fade and a ponytail ranks highly among men with sensible taste, so seize your chance while it lasts!

Long Fringe over Eyes

Long Fringe Over Eyes

The last hairstyle in our list carries the eBoy haircut concepts because of the way the front hair portion is dealt with.

It’s a very casual and low maintenance hair that relies on varying length, with the top part slightly shorter than the front and a low fade on the sides.

Just laying the long front hair over your forehead after getting done with the fades will finalize this look. See? So easy!

DIY: Long Hair Fade Styling Guide

Although the long hair fade genre contains a wide array of haircut concepts, I’m going to tell you the most basic method using which you’ll be able to apply any of the given styles at your home.

Step 0: Ideate

Before even touching your scissors or clipper, you must have a clear-cut idea of your intended haircut and understand how each of the sections have been styled.

Step 1: Partition

According to the style of your choice, part your long hair and fasten each section with hair clips for your ease of operation.

Step 2: Trim

You have to trim out the unnecessary hair sections that can’t be left untamed. Otherwise it’s going to end up disrupting the style you’re going for.

Step 3: Fade

With your hair clipper, draw out fade on the sides or the back at your preferred length. You can even draw a shaped design or a simple line to enhance the look.

Step 4: Style

Let all your clips loose and style your hair into your initial idea. It could be braids, ponytail, combed over or brushed back – anything that floats your boat.

You can use hair mousse, styling gel, color, hair spray to hold your hair in a certain position or seek refuge in hair bands so that the style of your choice doesn’t stray once you’re outside.

With these four easy steps, you can literally reiterate any of our 26 ideas or even generate authentic ones of your own!


I’ll answer a couple of questions related to long hair fade to clarify certain confusions you might have about this haircut.

Q: Is there a difference between mullet and long hair fade?

A: To answer briefly, a mullet is a type of long hair fade. Because this style includes many different designs other than mullet with a wide variety of synergy and combinations.

Q: Is long hair fade in style right now?

A: Long hair fade is one of the most trending haircuts in popular culture right now. From filmstars to sports icons – numerous individuals are carrying around such styles making it relevant without a single doubt.

Final Thoughts

Our long hair fade journey comes to an end here. The 26 styles that I’ve sported throughout the article have received the highest acclamations from haircut admirers worldwide.

So don’t let anything else hold you back from experimenting with your long hair in any of these styles since they are proven to have landed large success in the styling department.

Also, I’ll encourage you to invent new ideas drawing upon these concepts so that you can leave behind your footprint into the fashion industry.

I hope you’ll experience a grand applause from people you know and people you don’t know with your latest long hair fade style.

I look forward to featuring your unique design in my following articles. Cheers!

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