Brad Pitt Fury Haircut

10 Variants of the Brad Pitt Fury Haircut that You Must Try in 2022

Being a huge fan of Brad Pitt, I’ve always been inclined to try out his hairstyles. But, very few of the styles have captivated me like the Brad Pitt Fury haircut.

It’s a bit surprising because the movie Fury came out in 2014. It has been many years since then and I am still attracted to Brad Pitt’s hairstyle from that movie. I try out this style quite frequently even now.

However, I don’t always go for the exact same style. Over the years, I have done some experiments with this hairstyle.

I have brought my own twists and tweaks to this style. That way, I have come up with some really striking variants of the Brad Pitt Fury haircut myself.

In this article, I will share with you those variants and everything else I have learned from my experiences with this hairstyle. So, read till the end to know everything that you need to know about the Brad Pitt Fury haircut.

What Is the Brad Pitt Fury Haircut?

What Is The Brad Pitt Fury Haircut

Before I talk about anything else, let me break down what the style exactly is. If I’m being very technical with the names, then I have to call this style a Slick Back Disconnected Undercut. But, what does that actually mean?

The undercut is a style where you have longer hair on the front and top and the hair on the sides and the back is really shortened or even shaved entirely. The hair at the back starts becoming short from the mid-crown area.

A disconnected undercut is where your long hair is completely separated from the shortened sides. There is no transition or gradual shortening. The shortening happens sharply and drastically.

Now, you can style your longer hair in many ways. What Brad Pitt has done in Fury is that he has gone for the slick back look.

All these elements work together and precisely create the Brad Pitt Fury haircut. Keep reading to find out about the variants and what you can do differently.

DIY: How to Get the Brad Pitt Fury Haircut?

The Brad Pitt Fury haircut is not that difficult to get. I have an easy step-by-step process that I follow to get the haircut by myself.

You can always go to a professional and ask for this hairstyle. But if you are a bit dexterous, you can also just follow my method to comfortably have this attractive style at your home and also save a couple of bucks.

Step 1

First, you have to prepare your hair. I usually wash my hair and then pat it dry with a towel. The goal is to keep my hair damp but not wet. I also comb my hair to untangle and straighten it. That makes the rest of the process much easier.

Step 2  

Next, I stand before a three-way mirror. These mirrors are very helpful because I get a proper view of everything. I imagine a line where I’ll start shortening my hair. This is also the moment when I decide how short I want the sides and the back to be. According to that, I attach the appropriate guard to my trimmer.

Step 3

Then, I start trimming my hair. I always take it nice and slow. It’s better to take your time than be sorry later. Also, to make things easier for me I don’t go for gradual fading or shortening. I use the same guard for all the hair on the sides and lower back. When I’m done with the trimming, I neatly blend everything.

Step 4

Finally, I focus on my top hair. I first decide if the front and top hair need some trimming as well. If not, then I’ll get straight to styling it. You can use a hair gel or wax for this part. Personally, I prefer to use hair pomade. I just use a generous amount and then brush back my hair to get that slick look. Then, I just clean up everything.

This is how I get the perfect Brad Pitt Fury haircut every time. You also just need to follow these steps and you’ll get your desired hairstyle.

10 Ways of Styling the Brad Pitt Fury Haircut

From the previous section you have learnt how to precisely get the Brad Pitt Fury haircut. Now, I’m offering you a list of 10 hairstyles where I brought something new to the table. Check out these styles to find out an exciting hairstyle for yourself.

Cropped Short Hair

Cropped Short Hair

One of the central components of the Brad Pitt Fury haircut is the long slick back hair. I was looking for a style where I could have short hair and still retain that sharp look. That’s how I ended up with this particular style.

For this style, my hair at the front and top remain fairly short. I really shorten the hair on the sides and the back. Sometimes, I shave off entirely so that I can have a contrast even with my short hair.

Finally, I go for a really small fringe at the front. I crop the fringe sometimes to emulate the French Crop look. Otherwise, you can just leave it alone and still have quite a dashing hairstyle.

Quiff Undercut

Quiff Undercut

This is another hairstyle where I replace the slick back look with a completely different style. One style that I’ve found works extremely well with the undercut is the quiff.

The basics will still be the same where you have longer hair on top and shortened sides and back. Let me tell you how to create a quiff. It’s a style where your long hair will be brushed up and you will have the longest hair right at the front.

I usually prefer to have the curve which is common in a quiff style. It means your hair length will keep increasing from the top to the front.  So, there is a clear curve that’s visible from the sides.

Brushed Back Slick Hair

Brushed Back Slick Hair

This is my go-to Brad Pitt Fury haircut when I don’t care much about the undercut and the slick back look becomes more important for me. You won’t have to shorten the sides and the back for this style. However, the front and top hair still need to be longer.

To get style, I just have to brush back all my hair. I also use a hair pomade to keep my hair closer to the scalp and make it look really slick. I sometimes add a taper as well.

It’s also a preferable style when the weather is chilly and I don’t want to expose my skin. I also choose this variant if I’m attending a very professional and formal event.

Tousled & Textured Top

Tousled And Textured Top

This is the variant I prefer when I would like to have a laid back and chill vibe. This style will give anyone a casual and fun appearance.

For this one, you need to have short to mid-length hair on the front and top and the usual shortened sides and back. As my hair is really straight, I need to apply a ton of hair products to get this tousled and textured look.

If your hair is more naturally textured, especially if you have type 2 wavy hair, then you have much less to worry about. You can then create this unkempt look only by using your fingers and messing up your hair.

Curly Top



As I have mentioned wavy hair, let’s talk about curly hair as well. I’m really jealous of all you men who have curly hair. You get to try out this really cool variant of the Brad Pitt Fury haircut.

I have seen that the undercut is a cool style to show off your curly hair. Also, it’s better to shave off the sides for this one. If you don’t want to shave, I’d suggest designing a straight stripe on the sides from where the shortening will begin.

Your long curly hair will get way more attention if you can contrast it with the shortened or shaved sides.

Side Part Comb Over

Side Part Comb Over

This style is probably the closest to the original Brad Pitt Fury haircut. It still has the elegance and sophistication of the slick back look. It’s just a different way to get that vibe.

To attain this style, I first create a side partition. Then, I sweep all my front hair in the opposite direction of the partition. I also prefer to combine the comb over style with this one.

I can offer you another alternative. If you are not feeling like getting an undercut, a drop fade can work equally well with this style.

Side Shaved Crew Cut



If this hairstyle looks like it’s inspired by the military, that’s because it is. So, I have basically fused two military haircuts to create this style, considering Brad Pitt plays a military officer in Fury.

You need to have short hair for a crew cut. In fact, the ideal length for a crew cut is around ¾ inches to an inch. The sides are usually shortened even more.

Being inspired by Brad Pitt Fury haircut, I once decided to shave off the sides and the back completely. I was surprised because that elevated my crew cut to a new exciting level.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk

This is the edgiest variant of the Brad Pitt Fury haircut on my list. I’m a huge fan of punk music and culture. That’s why I have always loved the Mohawk style.

But, truth be told, that is not always the convenient style to have. That’s why in recent years I have gone for the faux hawk style many times.

A faux hawk is like half a Mohawk, where you only spike up your hair from the front to the top. The sides and the back will obviously be shortened or shaved like an undercut.

Long Pompadour

Long Pompadour

From an edgy style, I would like to move to a style that’s classy and refined. The pompadour is already a pretty solid and dependable hairstyle. An undercut only improves the style.

The pompadour is a style where you brush back your hair and you create a bit of height at the front. Then, you need to shorten the sides and back to add the undercut element.

What I do differently is that I make the pompadour really long. I also sometimes dye a few hair strands with a color that creates a contrast with my natural hair color.

Man Bun Undercut

Man Bun Undercut

I choose this final hairstyle when I grow out my hair. I then look for a style that’s practical and will help me better manage my long hair. Also, I would like to look my best.

That’s when the man bun undercut becomes the most attractive style to me. It’s also super easy to get. I just pick up a trimmer and go for the usual undercut.

Then, I brush back all my hair and tie them up at the back of my head. If my hair is a bit short, I tie them up in a round ball-like shape. I go for a loose bun if my hair is longer.

Final Words

Now that I have shared everything about the Brad Pitt Fury haircut with you, I dub you an expert on this hairstyle as well. But, I’m not done yet and have a few last suggestions for you.

One thing I have already slightly mentioned. I have sensitive skin. If your skin is the same, then you have to be extra careful like me when you shave your hair.

For example, if I shave my hair, I need to use sunscreen when I go out. When the weather is chilly, I have to wear a beanie.

As for the others, never avoid giving your hair the maintenance and care it needs. Always follow the holy trinity of hair maintenance, which are washing, cleaning, and moisturizing.

That’s all I had to say about this iconic hairstyle. I hope that you’d give one of these variants a try and I wish you the best for your next hairstyle.

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