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15 Classy Number 1 Fade Haircuts For 21st Century Men

Number 1 Fade haircuts are all the rage among men who care for a voguish appearance! A fine gradient of hair length instantly brings a hint of style and class to the everyday look. This is such a haircut that can enhance your features whether you want to go formal or the hippie.

Although there is a price to pay for this polished hairstyle, the results are definitely worth the effort. You might have to prepare for frequent trips to the barber once you opt for this hairstyle. However, this hairstyle’s subtle & edgy and sharpness will surely make you forget all the pain of maintenance!

There are so many types of faded and tapered hairstyles for you to consider! Let’s check out some of the trendiest of them all!

How Long Is A Number 1 Fade Haircut?

This length of haircut is also known as 1 Fade for convenience. It is achieved with a #1 clipper guard attached to your trimmer and removing the hair from all three sides of your head. The hair length is usually 3 mm (⅛”) so it’s not too short, but comfortable & long enough to be styled in the most fashionable ways.

Most Iconic Number 1 Fade Haircuts You Must Try

In the world of short hairstyles, the Number 1 is the most basic form of cut that can be styled in diverse ways. To keep your look up to date with contemporary fade hairstyles, we offer you some of the smartest & classiest styles you can easily choose from.

Classic Fade With Wavy Top

Classic Fade With Wavy Top

The most classic fade is the one that starts at the temple and ends right at the nape. The length of the gradient makes it more subtle to the look and adds a polished vibe.

Make sure to smoothen the harsh lines as much as possible. Otherwise, half of your head might look extremely under maintained!

With wavy layers at the top, and slightly long bangs at the front, if done right, this number 1 fade haircut can give you the coolest casual look!

Side Design With Textured Curls

Side Design With Textured Curls

This fade hairstyle is a little extra edgy, and an eye-turner in a fun way! Mid-length fade will give you enough canvas for creating designs of your own choice. You can shave simple and cool designs like straight lines, or you can go extra and build a tattoo-like carving on your head!

On the top, textured curls will give you the perfect contrast if you go for uncomplicated designs at the sides. So, go for this dapper hairstyle and make everyone think that you are the dopest football player in town!

Low Temple Fade With Curls

Low Temple Fade With Curls

If you have natural curls that everyone is head-over-heels for, then make them fall for your looks even more with this hairstyle!

Groomed, irregular curls will create such a flawless shape around your head that will look both neat, and crabbed. The fade at the temple will contrast with the curls and make the perfect combination of styles to put together.

So, wear your curls on the top of your head like a crown with this gorgeous 1 fade haircut!

Sharp Temple Fade With Short Wavy Hair

Sharp Temple Fade With Short Wavy Hair

If you want to make your jawline look even more piercing, then this sharp temple fade will be just the look for you! Short and textured wavy hair at the top will give you a mature demeanor.

A slice of temple fade that reaches behind the ears will create a sharp complement to the jawline and accentuate it like never before. And if you have on-fleek eyebrows, try to start the fade from the same height as them to make them shine even more.

Go for this classy hairstyle that will pop up the structures of your face like a Greek god!

Fade With Caesar Haircut

Fade With Caesar Haircut

If you have always thought of getting a Caesar haircut but are unsure of going too bold, this Caesar with fade would be just right for you!

The sharpness of a Caesar cut will be smoothed with fades at the bottom. The extremely short, almost-buzz cut at the top will let everyone focus on the distinct features of your face.

So, if you have particularly sharp features, go confident on your God-given attributes and flaunt them with unyielding fortitude!

Caesar Cut With Sharp Hairline

Caesar Cut With Sharp Hairline

This one is similar to the previous hairstyle, except for an added sharpness to the look. The Caesar itself is extra-edged at the front, along with the temple and the hairline. This fade starts at the temple and joins with the beard at the bottom if preferred.

If you have a less defined jawline, then pairing this haircut with a sharply outlined beard will create just the look for you! Go slay all the ladies’ hearts with those clean, sharp edges!

Subtle Gradient Mohawk

Subtle Gradient Mohawk

Mohawk and fade are one of the best combinations of hairstyles to try if you want to bring a daring aura to your look! A subtle mix of mohawk and fades that gradients on the sides will quench your thirst for hippie while still keeping room for a formal groomed look.

The fade will smoothen the sharp line between the mohawk and the shave, giving you options to explore the bolder sides of hairstyles.

So, have no fear and transform your look with this super kicky fade hairstyle!

Short Mullet Fade

Short Mullet Fade

Wherever there is mullet, there is trimming. And wherever there is trimming, fade opens up countless options. Your mullet will stand out from the rest just by adding a subtle fading at the temple!

Fade haircut with a mullet will instantly build a certain adventurous energy to your hairstyle! Give your mullet some extra textures and volume at the top. Then add your fade from the temple to the ears and your hairstyle is ready to rock n roll!

Medium Mullet With Bangs

Medium Mullet With Bangs

If you have comparatively thinner hair and want to go mullet, then keeping them mid-length will do you justice! With bangs at the front and a mullet that reaches the nape, fading the sides will add a cherry on top!

Stylize your mullet with hair gel and feather them up for more texture to accentuate the fades even more. You can keep a slightly messy look to pop up the textures of the hair.

So, opt for this hairstyle right now to jazz up your own version of retro fusion!

Fade With A Divider

Fade With A Divider

Designed shaves will instantly turn heads from all the directions right at you! For that, there is no need to go too extra and artsy. Even a single clean line can attract attention just fine.

This fade hairstyle with a clean divider pulls the entire hairstyle together in a seam. The sharp contrast between a heavy, curly top and clean fade at the bottom would look plain and dull had that one line been absent!

Thanks to the divider, your number 1 fade will now look much more fashionable and balanced!

Brushed Back Subtle Pomp

Brushed Back Subtle Pomp

When you are with the good old classic tapered fade hairstyle, styling it differently will give you numerous options every day!

If you have a fresh fade right off the salon, brush the top backward to show those clean gradients off! Make some volume at the front, set them with hair stylers, and you are ready to receive the best behavior from everyone around you!

So, go classy with subtle back-brushed pomp and steal everyone’s heart right from the first glance!

Fade With Korean Two-Block Haircut

Fade With Korean Two Block Haircut

The Korean two-block haircut is all the rage among those who like to keep a little length at the top. It adds a certain softness to your looks and is perfect for those who want to achieve the flower-boy vibe.

With this two-block haircut, add a low tapered fade at the sides, and voila! You will achieve a classy yet edgy ambiance just by combining fades with this hairstyle.

So, stop pondering about how to pull off your favorite Korean hairstyle and go for this cool fade fusion!

Side Fades With Micro Afro

Side Fades With Micro Afro

Make your glorious afro stand out even more with snazzy fades at the sides! A cleanly trimmed and shaped afro will match perfectly with a high fade.

To give it an even cleaner look, shape up the hairline and the temples. It will add a balanced sharpness to the curves of the afro. The only downfall of this hairstyle is that it is extremely high-maintenance.

However, your hairstyle will give off another type of charm when they grow up unmaintained. So, experiment with your afro fade hairstyle and rock on different looks every day!

Medium Length Afro At The Top

Medium Length Afro At The Top

Your slightly grown, medium-length afro calls for this super cool fade combo! A straight and low fade that goes all around the head will accentuate your gorgeous afro at the top.

If you love your afro but wish it didn’t fall on your neck, this hairstyle can be your ultimate solution in summer. A clean neck not only keeps you cool but also looks fresh to the admirers.

So go for this fade for a neat afro look, and to prepare yourself against global warming!

Undercut Fade With Long Hair

Undercut Fade With Long Hair

If you are a man with long, thick hair, sometimes you might want to cut off some of the mass on your head. This undercut fade hairstyle will do just the job for you while being dapper at the same time!

Give yourself an undercut with a low taper fade at the bottom half of your head. Your long hair will give you double the charm when you let them down, and when you pull them up in a bun to show the fades off!

So opt for this two-in-one hairstyle for different looks each day!


Q: What do the numbers of fades mean?

Ans: The numbers of the fades indicate how long the minimum length of the hair would be. Number 1 fade means the shortest hair at the bottom of the gradient would be as short as possible, but not entirely shaved to the skin.

Q: How do I explain the exact fade to my stylist?

Ans: To explain to your stylist properly, you need to know the difference between the types of fades. For example, where do you want your fades to start from, how short do you want your fades to be, in what shape do you want your fades, etc. However, if you want to skip customization of your fade hairstyle, we recommend finding a distinct image of your desired style and showing it to your stylist. It will help them understand what you want as your haircut.

Q: What is the difference between undercut and fade?

Ans: Undercuts go better when you have comparatively longer hair to contrast with. A bold jump from long hair to short hair creates a sharp distinction. On the other hand, fades are more of a smooth transition. The gradient of hair length dismantles any harsh line and creates a well-groomed profile.

Q: How many types of fades are there?

Ans: There are a number of fades that indicate how long the minimum length of the hair would be. Then, there are three primary types of fades: low, medium, and high apart from the countless potentials of customization. The higher your fade starts, the more maintenance it will need in the long run. Low fade hairstyles are more subtle and focus on the neck more. While high fade hairstyles begin at the temple and put focus on the top half of your face.

Q: What is the most popular fade?

Ans: There is no definite answer to this question as trends shift and change continuously. But if you want to check out the most popular ones in 2022, we have the perfect list for you to choose from.

Q: Are fade hairstyles unprofessional?

And: It depends on how bold and extra your hairstyle is. Not only fade, but any hairstyle can also look professional and appropriate for the corporate environment as long as they are kept subtle. There are a lot of fade hairstyles that can go well with a professional demeanor. Check out our list of fade hairstyles that are subtle and appropriate for your workplace!

Final Verdict

Number 1 fade haircuts are popular among men not only because of the sophistication that comes with them but also for their practicality. It can give you a polished demeanor while being unique and stylish at the same time.

Also, this super breezy haircut will keep you cool even on the hottest days of summer. Needless to mention the countless potentials of this haircut being a premium hairstyle. We mean, going almost bald has never been any more versatile than this!

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